Thanks, Big Bro

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I'll never forget the time I first had sex. My brother won't forget, either, it was with his girlfriend. He got to watch as I got to do it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Having an older brother has been a mixed blessing. Sometimes, I get razzed until I want to kill him, sometimes, he's my best friend. The three year difference in our ages, Paul's sixteen, I'm thirteen, are a lot when you're a teenager. It means he's in high school, I'm in middle school. That's a big difference right there.

He's got a girlfriend, I've got my right hand. Yeah, a guy's best friend.

He's been dating Mara, she's also sixteen, for a couple of years now and I must say, she's really pretty. Sandy brown hair, long almost to her waist, taller than I am by a few inches, nice boobs, I don't know all the sizes, you know, C-cup, B-cup, all I know is that she fills out her bikini. She's nice.

Anyway, I had gotten back from a Boy Scout hike on this particular Saturday night and was really tired so I had turned in shortly after I got home. My parents were away at a coin collectors convention, my dad is big into collecting, so it was just me and Paul at home this weekend.

I awoke to some noises about eleven and had to go take a piss. I heard muffled sounds coming from Paul's room down at the end of the hall, so I tiptoed down and saw a line of light where the door was open just a bit. I did just what you would do, I looked in.

Oh, wow. I had been pretty sure that Paul was screwing Mara and now I saw it with my own wide eyes. She was sprawled out on his bed, her legs hanging off each side of the bed as he fucked her repeatedly in and out.

She was beautiful. I had never seen a naked girl or woman before, yes, magazines and on the computer, but not right there in front of me and she was stunning. Her breasts looked larger naked and her skin was so pretty and smooth. Wow, is she a fox. And is my brother a lucky guy.

I watched as his cock went in and out of her as she writhed under him, her hands on his hips pulling him into her, wanting him deep inside her. My hand was down rubbing my cock as they both had orgasms, she did first and was it wild. She was jerking around in the bed, thrashing, moaning, humping, just out of it.

When Paul cummed, he reared up and drove his hips forward jamming his dick into her with all the force he could muster. Then, he slumped down on her as he continued to push into her. Wow. How lucky can you be to be sixteen and be able to do that, I thought, as I started to go back down the hall to my bedroom to jack-off.

"Todd! Todd! Come here!" my brother yelled as I turned and saw him standing in the hall, holding a towel in front of him. I walked back toward his room as he asked, "Just what did you see, Todd? How much did you see?"

Oh, he was pissed-off.

"Well, look, I heard something and, you know, your door wasn't closed all the way. So, um, yeah, I saw you two, you know, doing, uh, fucking each other. I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened, okay?"

"So you weren't spying on us?" he asked as Mara joined us in the hall, wearing a long teeshirt that barely covered her pussy. I felt my face go warm as I realized that all I was wearing was a pair of white briefs.

Mara put her arm around me and pulled me sideways into her as she said to Paul, "Come on, Paul, don't be so hard on Todd. He didn't mean anything. Quit yelling at him." She put her hand on my bare chest as her breast rubbed up against my arm, I thought I would shoot my load right there in the hallway.

Mara looked down, yes, the obvious was obvious and laughed, "Oh, look, look," as she reached down and placed her hand on my bulging briefs.

"Paul, would you mind if I took care of this for your brother?"

My brother, of course, knew just how horny a thirteen-year old boy can be, he was one just three years ago.

"You're serious, Mara? Really?" he asked.

"Sure, why not. Todd's your own brother and, look, just look at him, poor Todd," as she pulled her hand away.

Paul laughed and said, "Sure, why not, Todd couldn't have a better girl for his first than you, Mara. As long as I get to watch."

I know that my heart really didn't stop right then but it sure felt like it did.

"Let's go to your room, Todd," as Mara held my hand, leading me down the hall, my heart pounding hard, hoping that they weren't just teasing me.

Chapter 2

Then, inside my room, Mara reached across and pulled her teeshirt off and dropped it on the floor. Man, she wasn't kidding. She stood there, beautifully naked, then bent down and pulled my briefs to the floor.

I was shaking slightly, I was so nervous, I just didn't know what to do, then, she reached forward and took hold of my dick and began licking around the end with her tongue. A shiver of ecstasy ran through my body as she then took the tip of my cock into her mouth and began to suck. The feeling was incredible, so soft and smooth, just sending waves of intense pleasure across my body.

In a minute, she got back up and said, "I really want you to have your first cum inside me, Todd," as she got onto my bed and splayed her legs out as I got up between them. As I neared her, she reached down and led my dick right up to her pussy as Paul watched sitting on the floor next to my bed.

She reached down to hold my hips and pulled me into her as I also pushed. I was looking down as my cock disappeared into her, then I began what just seems so natural, running my dick in and out of her. I slid into her easily, she was filled with her juices and my brother's cum already, I just went directly in. I knew my cock was smaller than my brother's, mine is about five, maybe five and a half inches, but, right at the moment, it was sure feeling good, and Mara didn't seem to be disinterested.

"Mmm, you're catching on pretty quickly, Todd. Is this nice?"

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