Hardon Family 01: Seducing the Twins

by Marc Tremaine

Copyright© 2010 by Marc Tremaine

Erotica Sex Story: John was getting hard again. He'd just dildo and cock fucked Mario, his married pussy fuck buddy bottom slut, but relaxing in the tub he began jacking to memories of the late night orgy in the park toilet earlier, and the hot teen boy cunt he'd plowed. Only to realize in a brief flash of light that it was one of his students! But as he came again, better than with Mario, he thought what a pervert teen fucker he was. Hell, next thing you knew he'd be seducing the twins.

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John lowered himself into the hot, steamy tub. Mario had just left the house and John needed to clean his sticky, cum- and ass-juice covered cock. And the rest of him wasn't much cleaner.

Mario was one hot stud! He was a big-dicked Italian, mar­ried, with four kids, and a mistress, but what he really craved was having stiff cock rammed up his butthole—the harder the bet­ter! And he wasn't any passive fuck, either. He loved starting out the fuck on his hands and knees, with his glowing brown butt and dark, black-brown asshole twitching up in the air, waiting to be plugged. And once he had the dick up his man-hole, he went fucking crazy. He bucked and reared and shoved his buttcheeks against his fucker, trying to cram even more meat into his shit­ter.

And then he liked getting on his back and spreading his legs in a wide vee-shape while his stud-fucker mounted him and began doing fucking pushups, before finally dropping his legs on the guy's shoulders and pumping his meat and moaning and whipping his head back and forth, and then when he felt the first globs of the other guy's cum shooting up his butt, he began to cum himself, and shout and moan, before he finally collapsed in a whimpering daze.

They usually got together every couple of weeks. John's sons—the thirteen-year-old twins, Rick and Michael, and the ten-year-old, Donny—would be at school, so the house was safe. John smiled as he leaned back in the tub. Today had been an unusually good fuck since they hadn't screwed for almost a month. Mario had been in a frenzy. He'd gotten to John's house early, and let himself in with his key, and when John got home, Mario was on John's bed, fucking his hole with the John Stryker dildo that John sometimes used with his tricks as a warmup for the real thing. Mario was in his middle twenties, with a muscular, almost hairless body, except for the thick hair under his arms and around his fat prick. John had been half-hard already, squeezing his dick in its tight jock as he drove home, and the sight of that big dildo sliding effortlessly in and out of Mario's stretched hole was enough to complete the job.

Mario sat up on the edge of the bed, sitting on the dildo crammed all the way up his hole, with his heavy, muscular thighs spread wide, while one hand played with his tits and the other slowly beat his meat while he watched John strip off. It didn't take long! John was too horny. In seconds he was kneeling in front of the bed, gulping down the hot prick, his massive hands pinching Mario's tits, and then sliding down Mario's back to grip his butt and edge him off the bed.

Mario had moaned, and leaned back on his hands, enjoying the blow job, and enjoying it even more when John began pulling the dildo out of his ass and plunging it back in again. The fact that Mario was ready to take the full Stryker dick in one rapid, full-length shove after another up his shithole told John that he was warmed up enough for John's dick.

John had deep-throated Mario then, and immediately yanked the dildo out! Mario had only whimpered. John lifted his head, and still kneeling, took hold of Mario's waist and began slowly lowering Mario's eager shittube onto John's enormous prick. Mario began fisting his dick, but he was too hot to wait! With a gasp of mixed pain and pleasure—after all, even if the Stryker dildo was a duplicate of the real thing, John's prick was fatter and several inches longer!—Mario impaled himself!

There was nothing gentle about the fuck after that. Mario was a fucking animal, and John fucked his hole into hot, mushy ecstasy. Mario had straddled John, or squatted over him, or been fucked dogstyle, or fucked standing up in front of the full-length mirror so he could enjoy the sight of eleven fat inches of incredible meat plunging in and out of his hole, while he beat off frantically, but as usual, he finished up with his legs over John's shoulders, screaming a wordless cry of lust as John pumped a load of cum into his hole, and he began shooting himself, spraying his chest and John's with shiny white gobs of cum.

Also as usual, Mario refused the offer of a shower. The offer and refusal had become something of a game with them, ever since Mario, in one of their few moments together not devoted to lust, had told John that the reason he didn't clean up right afterwards was so that he could head to a john out in the park with his asshole clamped tight on the cumload. Once there, he would go into one of the doorless stalls, drop his pants and open his shirt, and then squat over the toilet and slowly let John's cum, mingled with Mario's sweat and assjuices, drop into his waiting hands. Hopefully, somebody would be watching as he licked up part of the cum from his palm, and then used the rest of it to grease up his dick so he could beat off another load. If he was really lucky, the other guy or guys would beat off in the stall with him, so that his chest was splattered not only with his own cum but other gism as well. Then he would wipe him­self off, and head to the gym for a workout and shower.

John opened his eyes, and not to his surprise, found that his monster rod was alive and eager again. It was poking up through the suds. John sighed, grasped his dick and began strok­ing. He knew if he didn't get off a second time, he'd never be able to stuff himself back into the jockstrap he wore under his suit pants. He tried to hurry, but although he was horny, his dick wasn't cooperating. It stayed hard, but fantasizing about Mario in the park toilet didn't get him close to cumming, nor did remembering the just-completed fuck.

More and more often, lately, he'd found himself sort of dis­satisfied after sex. He'd never had any trouble finding a good looking man to fuck, or one who was eager to try to deep-throat John's huge meat. A six-foot-four hunk like John never did, especially when his two hundred pounds of muscled body were com­bined with such a long, fat cock. He'd even tried the same park toilet Mario went to, despite the risks—especially with a straight, fag-hating older brother who was not only a cop, but on the vice squad as well.

Come to think of it, though, that fuck had worked out just fine!

When he got there about midnight there was a mini-orgy going on. One guy was getting fucked and sucked at the same time, two more couples were buttfucking in the toilet stalls, and there was a blow job going on right by the door. When John walked in there was the usual moment of panic-freeze—oh Christ! the cops!—and then instant relaxation when everyone's "radar" picked up on the fact that John was there for the same reason they were. The men continued what they were doing, but at a slower pace, watching the newcomer to see what he had to offer.

John's offer was, of course, spectacular. He walked toward one side of the room, where he was partially in the shadows, but where his meat and hand could be seen from the moonlight coming through the skylight, as he dropped his pants and began jacking off. John leaned back against the wall. It was almost like hav­ing a spotlight on his long, long dick and it wasn't long before there was a general migration of horny men in his direction. Two of them were soon giving him a tongue bath, and working on his tits, while he frigged their cocks, and a third one—a tall black guy who had been on top in one of the stall fuck actions—had walked over with his slimy prick gleaming, and promptly turned around, bent over and guided John's dry dick into his hole. It was tight and wet and John was turned on by the sight of his white meat sliding in and out of the black butt.

He let go of the guys' dicks and grabbed the black guy by the waist to begin a good ride. He was horny, but all he wanted was a quick fuck to get his rocks off, so he could go home. He already knew that this wasn't going to really work either, even though he was probably going to have a decent cum—black ass usu­ally did that for him. The black guy was getting a blow job now, and the cocksucker was getting his own butt fucked, while several men beat their meat while they writhed against John, eager to shoot their cum all over him and the man he was fucking. John began plowing in earnest.

And the door opened.

Another frozen moment until everyone realized it was just another horny male, eager to get his prick into a willing hole, or have one of his holes stuffed—or both! John focused again on getting his rocks off, so he didn't pay much attention while the most recent newcomer came to join the group around him. He began paying attention though, when he felt a somewhat small, soft hand begin feeling up his nuts and playing with his dick as it plunged in and out of the eager black butt. John glanced at the newcomer just as the clouds let a shaft of moonlight cross the newcomer's face for just a second—it was one of John's students!

John stopped in mid-stroke, his huge prick half in and half out of the butt in front of him. He didn't know what to do. But the sixteen-year-old kid did. Still sliding one hand up and down John's sticky shaft, the boy moved John's left hand down to the randy young prick the boy had just released from his jeans. It wasn't anywhere near as big as the mandicks John had been playing with earlier, but it was incredibly hard, and incredibly hot, and incredibly soft—all at the same time. In spite of himself, John began stroking the boymeat. The kid dropped his pants to his ankles, and began squeezing John's hard-muscled ass with his right hand, while his left massaged John's dick.

The black dude getting fucked was impatient with all this shit. He shoved his butt back hard and sucked every fucking inch of John's meat up into his asshole. The room was almost com­pletely dark now and the sex action began speeding up. All the men could somehow sense that John was now really turned on, and his lust infected the rest of them. It didn't matter whether their dicks were in their own hands or someone else's, or in an asshole, or whether a dick was plugging a mouth or a butt, the frenzied lust was all the same as the stroking became faster and faster.

This was suddenly not an ordinary fuck for John. His senses had tightened down so that all he could feel was the hot hot boy­prick whose steady stream of precum had greased up John's palm and fingers so that the kid was effectively fucking John's hand, and the hot hot asshole John's meat was pumping—all the while he was unconsciously pretending it was tender young boybutt he was ravaging. Then the kid was hanging onto John's massive, hairy chest, whimpering and moaning as he began spurting load after load of boiling hot boycum into John's hand and on John's thigh and the black guy's butt—and John went crazy. The feel of that warm boy gism sent him so far over the edge he was ramming all eleven inches in the black asshole with every long hard stroke, not caring whether the guy could take it or not.

John lifted his sticky left hand to his face and sniffed the sweet cum smell and rammed his prick harder and licked the cum and rammed it harder still and then he was shooting his own load of cum, like some fucking water main that was broken and pumping hundreds of gallons per second. His savage cry as he plunged his dick into the welcoming hole sent a tidal wave of lust around the room that brought everyone to a peak so that hands and butts and mouths were pumped full of every flavor of cum.

John sagged back against the wall, pulling his slowly wilt­ing prick out of the hole, bringing with it long sticky dribbles of cum and assjuice that dripped down the guy's butt and the back of his thighs. But the kid was already on his knees, waiting to plant his mouth firmly over the slimy asshole, cramming his ton­gue as far inside as he could get it, sucking and licking until he got every bit of John's cum. Still kneeling, he turned, and lifted John's almost soft dick and shoved it in his mouth. John could feel his own warm cum swirling around his dickhead in the boy's moist mouth. He started getting hard again.

He knew it was wrong. He shouldn't be fucking around with a teenager, espe­cially one of his own students, but he couldn't remember a cum like the one he'd just had, and all he had been doing was beating off the boy's meat! And now he was getting a blow job from a sixteen-year-old. It was fucking perverted; it was child molesting—but it also had him as hard as if he hadn't cum at all. John began pumping gently in and out of the kid's mouth, knowing the kid couldn't take all of it without choking to death, although the boy was trying hard! And then the boy was licking and slurping and dropping spit over the whole shaft.

He couldn't be! But he was. The boy got every one of the eleven inches of John's meat wet and slimy with cum and the black guy's assjuice and warm boyspit, and then the boy stood up and turned around, reaching behind him to guide the tip of John's prick to the boy's tight asspucker. "Fuck me, mister," the boy whispered. And was it only his imagination, or had the boy added "Harris"—John's last name—to the end of that sentence? At this point, John couldn't have cared less. Tenderly, carefully, he began inserting his huge dickhead into the tight, horny boy­hole. The kid took it without any problems. John was sure he'd never be able to get all the way in, but once the cock head was past the tight assring, the boy began pumping his own meat, relaxed his asshole, and John just slid in.

And even though he had cum just a few minutes before, that one stroke was enough. His traitor cock and balls began blasting a second, even larger load up the boy's shitter. The kid quiv­ered and moaned and beat his own prick while he reveled in the sensation of the streams of cum pumping up his gut and then he, too, was spraying another load of cum everywhere.

John bent over and wrapped his massive arms around the boy, cradling him and gentling pumping the kid's warm, slick asshole with a still half-hard dick. Slowly he pulled his prick out, and then it was his turn to drop to his knees and suck cum, his own cum, out of an asshole, a hot, sweaty, funky-smelling boyhole. Once he got a full mouth-load he was about to swallow it when he decided he might as well go all the way, since it was just this one time. He turned the boy around, brought him to his knees, and then kissed the boy! For a moment, the boy kept his lips clamped shut, and then when he realized what John wanted he eagerly opened his soft, moist mouth and John's tongue invaded, along with most of John's load of cum. They deep-tongued each other, and exchanged spit and cum and swallowed both, and then slowly broke apart.

All around them there were rustles as the men in the room began pulling on their pants, checking to make sure wallets or keys hadn't fallen onto the floor—sometimes scrambling in the dark to try to find them. Nervous now, John quickly stood up himself and pulled up his pants, shoving his sticky dick inside. Car keys in hand, he was turning toward the door when his knuckles brushed something hard—the kid's horny prick. It was like a magnet. John couldn't help getting on his knees and tak­ing in the full length of the hot boyprick into his mouth, knead­ing the kid's asscheeks, and then fingerfucking the boy. The kid came again quickly, puffing out John's cheeks with a load of cum that seemed no smaller than the two earlier ones.

John gulped and swallowed every drop, and then before he could do anything more, he practically ran out the door. That had been a month ago. At school, he'd watched very carefully for any sign that the boy knew it was his teacher who had had the fuck scene with him in the park toilet. There wasn't any. And John didn't let on that his dick ached every time he saw the kid.

John had started with remembering the fuck scene in the park, and then had gone on to fantasizing about sucking and fuck­ing the young boy in daylight so he could see the kid go crazy with lust, and he could ... John stopped stroking, even though he could tell he was near to a fantastic cum. He suddenly real­ized that although he'd had a great cum from fucking Mario, the cum he was about to experience while fantasizing about the teen­ager was going to be not only better, but satisfying as well. He began pumping his meat again.

Christ! I am a fucking pervert! The next thing you know, I'll be going after Rick and Michael!

And with that thought, a fountain of cum began erupting from his dick. John kept his hand going until he was thoroughly drained and thoroughly satisfied, and then cleaned up. By then he'd made his mind up.

He was going to seduce his twin sons!

Seducing the twins turned out to be a not very difficult job.

He started paying close attention to their habits, and when they'd use the exercise room out by the pool, and when they'd swim, and when they'd use the shower area out there. He watched their daily routine, and began noticing the fact that in the morning they almost always used the bathroom together and seemed to be in there longer than the usual shit, piss and shower combi­nation would call for. He also noticed that one of their beds or the other almost always had a fake "slept in" look when they left for junior high.

So John arranged to get rid of the twin beds one weekend while they were visiting their cousin Dan, and their uncle Paul, the fag-hating cop, and substitute a queen-sized bed. He installed a king-sized bed in his own room the same day. He also put a large mirror on the wall next to the boys' new bed. It was a very special mirror. The wall was a common one with John's bedroom, and John made it a two-way mirror, hiding his side of it with an equally large painting.

When the boys got home from their cousins' house, John told them he was tired and was going to lie down for a while before starting dinner. He headed upstairs immediately, locked his bed­room door, dimmed the lights and removed the painting. He'd left one of the lights on in their room, so he could see everything clearly, including the amazement on their faces when they came in to find the changes that had been made.

The changes clearly met with their approval! With a glance that didn't need words, Rick locked their bedroom door, turned on the rest of the lights, and then hurried over to stand in front of the mirror, and catch up with Michael's strip. Seated in a comfortable chair on the other side of the wall, his fully hard prick being massaged by one massive hand, John could hardly con­tain his pleasure. The boys were tall and slender, but until he saw them naked like this, John hadn't really realized how firmly muscular their young bodies were, and how well developed they were for their age.

Of course, that was common in their family. The men matured early. After all, John himself had gotten their mother pregnant when he was only fifteen, and they'd had to get married. Each boy was almost hairless, except for the start of a lush growth around the good-sized dicks standing at attention from their crotches. The boys began jacking each other off while standing side by side in front of the mirror, and John stroked his own randy meat in time with them.

They were clearly horny, and got themselves good and worked up, with glistening streams of precum dripping from their pricks. Rick stopped beating off his brother. "You think Dad knows?"

Michael started his brother's hand moving again, without losing a beat of his own. "Nah. You know him—he gets an idea and he just goes ahead with it. Like the pool and the exercise room."

"I guess you're right." Their free hands were caressing each other, and Rick leaned over to kiss Michael gently. John couldn't believe all the action he'd been missing! He watched intently as the boys moved over to the bed, and Michael started going down on his brother. John almost shot his wad at that sight! And then when Rick's cock was wet and slimy, Michael lay down on his stomach so that Rick could mount him.

They had done this more than once! Rick slid in smoothly and John moaned under his breath at the view of those beautiful slender asscheeks clenching and unclenching as Rick buttfucked his equally beautiful brother. The brothers were eager to inau­gurate their new bed, since they didn't know how long it was going to be before their dad called them down for dinner. Rick began plunging his meat in and out rapidly while Michael squirmed underneath him, reaching under his own belly to jack his horny young dick. And then both boys were clearly cumming! Rick had his dick jammed all the way up his brother's butt, his cheeks clenched tight, his body shuddering with pleasure while Michael writhed and moaned and then blasted his own wad of cum into his hand. Just like their dad was doing right then!

Rick pulled his rod out of his brother's butt and knelt beside Michael, who turned over and lifted a sticky hand for him to lick clean. Just like their dad was licking his own hand clean of cum!

The three temporarily sated males wiped themselves clean and got dressed again. This time, though, John was only wearing a tight pair of faded jeans. His chest and feet were bare, and he really got off on the looks the twins gave him when they saw him coming downstairs a little while later, his massive rod clearly visible down his left thigh. Once they were seated at the dinner table, John made sure he had plenty of opportunities to stand up, knowing that his enormous basket was right at the boys' eye level. They gulped and tried desperately not to stare, but they couldn't keep their eager eyes off their dad's meat! And they weren't even conscious of the fact that they both had one hand down under the table, squeezing and massaging their dicks.

Over the next few days, John beat off repeatedly while watching his sons fuck and suck through the two-way mirror. He also knew he was making them very horny by wearing tight jeans—something he hadn't done before—even though they weren't ready to admit that it was the sight of their own father's muscular, naked, hairy chest, and massive arms, and firm butt, and huge dick that made them feel so randy all the time around the house. And then he stepped up the pace. On the fourth morning he waited until they were downstairs, starting to fix breakfast, before he hurriedly showered, and then walked into the kitchen stark naked, toweling his wet hair. It was difficult, but he managed to do it without getting hard. It was still an impressive sight to the three boys, although the youngest didn't seem to be paying too much attention.

That wasn't true with the twins. They'd never gotten a really good look at their dad before when he was bareassed—and it was a fucking magnificent sight! Even soft, his dick was close to six inches long and very fat, hanging down over huge balls, amid a jungle of dark, curly crotch hair. The thick mat of hair on his chest was damp, too, and it seemed to steam with sexual energy. Rick and Michael just gaped, open-mouthed, until John reached over to close their lips with his forefingers. John draped the towel around his shoulders.

"Sorry I'm late, guys. Overslept. What'll you have?" He turned toward the cabinets, partially to get some cereal, but mostly to give them a good look at his big, hard butt. Rick and Michael got a good look, indeed, and found themselves with roar­ing hardons from watching their naked dad! They were too embar­rassed to stick around. They blushed, stammered some excuses, and got the hell out. John finished making cereal for Donny, and as he leaned over the table to set it down, his cock and balls swung forward and brushed the side of the boy's head.

John started to get a hardon, so he sat down quickly to hide his rising prick. Going after sons who were already out was one thing, but he wasn't going to start with a ten-year-old! Besides, with John having a straight older brother and a straight younger brother, the odds were Donny wasn't interested in male sex—or he wouldn't be when he got old enough to start getting interested.

That afternoon, after they were all home from school, John increased the pressure on the twins again. "Look, guys, I've been thinking. Since it's just the four of us around the house, there's no point in wearing clothes if we don't want to. It's all in the family, and we don't have anything to hide from each other, do we?" There was really nothing they could say. "Now, you don't have to do it, but if you feel like it, you can. But this first time, I think we all ought to try it, just to see how it feels. Okay?" Rick and Michael tried desperately to think of a reason not to, but their minds just went blank.

"Well, c'mon, don't just sit there!" Rick and Michael looked up from their confusion to find Donny and their dad almost naked. Pretty soon Donny pulled off his briefs. He was sporting a little boy's hardon! The twins looked at each other and then reluctantly began pulling off the t-shirts they had worn to school, all the while watching their dad out of the corners of their eyes. John was down to his usual jockstrap by the time the twins were ready to start on their jeans.

Once more they got a look at his firm, masculine buns as he bent over to lay his slacks on the couch. And just like that morning, instant hardons! John straightened up, turned around, and watched their confusion with an amused smile. Donny had got­ten bored already, his dick drooping into softness, and he'd gone off to watch television in his room. That left John and the twins alone in the family room. The boys had their jeans off and were holding them in front of their crotches.

John just stared at them until they dropped their jeans on the floor. All they were wearing now were tight briefs, and their randy pricks were clearly outlined against the fabric. In spite of his attempts at control, John felt his own prick surge in the jockstrap. "All the way, guys. We'll do it at the same time. On three." John counted slowly, and then with his eyes boring holes into his sons, he snagged his jock with his thumbs and peeled it off, releasing his magnificent meat.

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