The Elevator

by Marc Tremaine

Copyright© 2010 by Marc Tremaine

Erotica Sex Story: I'm not a fag. So why was I hard from that hand playing with my ass in the crowded elevator? And who hacked my email at work to ask if I'd had a hardon? He told me not to wear underwear the next day. Bullshit. I always wore briefs. But I didn't. And he played with me again. And now he says I have to go to a video arcade at lunch, and wait for his dick to come through the hole. Bullshit. I won't. Will I?

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I am not a fag. I don't want anything to do with queers, the sick fucking perverts. So why do they keep following me around?

I work in a big office building, and a few days ago when I was riding in the elevator on the way up to the 60th floor ... a long ride in a big crowd ... I felt something sort of stroke across my ass. Well, it was crowded, so I didn't think much of it. But then it happened again. Only it wasn't just a stroking like someone accidentally touched my ass, it was the back of someone's hand! I thought maybe someone was just shifting position, but the hand stayed where it was, one knuckle pressing into the top of the crack of my ass. This made me pretty nervous, but we weren't very far up, and people were getting on and off the elevator, and I didn't want to make a scene ... I don't like public scenes. A few floors later, and the hand was gone. I kind of sighed with relief.

Except a couple of floors later it was back again, only this time the palm was toward my ass, the fingers pointing down to the floor, and one finger was softly rubbing my crack, and then the hand moved down, and started groping and caressing my butt cheeks. I felt my face flush with embarrassment. The hand squeezed one cheek gently and then the other. And I could feel my dick get hard!

Of course. Some woman was turned on by me and she was just being forward! What a turn-on! I could see her in my mind's eye ... a really hot blonde and she had the hots for me, I could feel my dick growing hard in my pants. This was going to be a fun ride, fantasizing about what she wanted to do to me, how she wanted to use me for her pleasure. The fantasy vanished, though, when the hand moved away and I felt a body move closer to me when several people got on and the elevator got really crowded. I could already sense her hot hard nipples against my back ... except that what I felt was this huge bulge at my ass ... and since I had the same kind of bulge in my own front, I knew what it was. Some man's hard dick. Some fag! And I couldn't do a goddamned thing about it without humiliating myself in public.

I just stood there while this fag prick kind of squirmed against my butt. I didn't understand why my own cock wasn't getting soft and why I was having difficulty breathing, until I realized it was just the embarrassment. I quickly held my briefcase in front of me. And then it was my floor. I stepped out hurriedly, and turned to see if I could figure out who the sick pervert was who was playing with my ass, but the doors shut too quickly, and there were people shifting around, all men, so no way.

Well, at least that experience was over. Thank God.

Only it wasn't. That afternoon, my computer signaled I had email, so I logged on and the message came on the screen: "Did your dick get hard and throbbing on the way up in the elevator today?" It wasn't signed.

Fuck! The pervert knew who I was and how to get into my email account.

Somehow I managed to get through the end of the day, and there were no more messages. I stayed a little later, but finally had to ride the elevator down. The elevator was reasonably crowded with other men who had stayed late, but nothing happened on the way down.

The next morning I changed my time for coming in. I checked the elevator pretty carefully and could tell there weren't any fags in the group. I gave a sigh of relief inwardly as the elevator started to move, and then froze. Oh, shit! I swore under my breath. The hand was back again, caressing, playing with my butt cheeks, squeezing them, a finger rubbing up and down my ass crack and pressing the cloth of my pants up to my hole. My dick got immediately hard! This was fucking perverted shit and my dick was hard! Well, it was just because I hadn't been laid for a while. That was it. And jacking off wasn't really satisfying lately. So it was just general horniness. Nothing more. The elevator wasn't quite as full as yesterday, but even when a space opened up so I could have stepped forward, I stayed where I was. I didn't understand it, but the idea of that anonymous hand playing with me was a real turn-on. My breathing got harder too.

I got off the elevator on my floor, guarding my raging hardon and throbbing balls with my briefcase. I deliberately didn't look back. I also could hardly concentrate on my work. I kept checking email, but nothing was there. Fucking bastard, whoever he was. Teasing me, taunting me. Well, the hell with this shit. I was gonna show him, so I picked up the phone to call my girlfriend. I was just horny since we hadn't fucked in a few days, that was all. And then my email signal came on. I slammed the phone down just as she answered and grabbed the mouse and clicked a couple of times and the message came on: "You had a hardon this morning. I KNOW you did. You liked the feel of my hand on your ass. And you know that's true, or you would have moved away when you had the chance. Tomorrow morning, I don't want you wearing any underwear."

This sick faggot queer had to be kidding. I always wore underwear. And besides, if I got a hardon, it would really be visible. I mean, I'm not the biggest stud in the world, but seven and a half pretty thick inches isn't too bad. No fucking way. This was over as of now.

But the next morning I was on the elevator feeling really strange. I'd never gone without underwear in my life. And my pants were kind of tight. And nothing happened! All the way up the goddamned building and nothing happened. I was humiliated. I was embarrassed. I was furious. A goddamn fool, that's what I was. And then just before we got to my floor, the hand stroked across my ass, feeling me up just briefly and it was gone.

My hardon was instant and worse/better than I'd ever had before. I spent most of my morning with my prick hard. I even closed the door to my office and told my secretary to hold my calls. I called my girlfriend like we had a couple of times, for a phone jackoff session. I could tell I was getting her all hot and horny by what I was saying, but I had to pretend I was hard. I wasn't. She had a great cum, or several, and I just played along like I shot everywhere. I don't think she quite believed me.

I waited all day for another email. To tell me ... shit ... to tell me something, anything, goddamnit! I was a wreck the whole fucking day. And still nothing happened. And then, just as I was just about ready to turn off my computer, there was another email message: "When you take lunch tomorrow, and you WILL take lunch tomorrow, tell them you may be a little late getting back. Go to that adult bookstore you pass, get tokens for the video arcade and go into the third booth. Lock the door. Don't put any coins in until you see my prick come through the hole from the next booth. I will tell you what to do next, and you WILL do it."

I was breathing so hard I could hardly stand it. The idea of being in a queer bookstore, with some stranger's rock hard prick coming through a hole got me so horny, I closed my door again. I'd never done anything with a man. Oh sure, kid stuff, but nothing with another man, feeling his prick, having him feel mine, getting my cock sucked. Shit! I had to get a load off. I dropped my pants to the floor, and began to beat my hard meat furiously, while I read and re-read the message, no, the orders on the screen. I was getting really close to cumming when there was another signal I had email. It couldn't be! No, it was just someone writing late, I needed to cum, but what if it was him? I continued stroking faster and faster but that blinking icon kept drawing my eyes to it. I couldn't help myself. I brought the message on the screen. It was real short. One word. "NO."

How the fuck... ? But obediently, I put my throbbing prick back in my pants, still leaking precum and undoubtedly it was going to stain my pants, but I zipped up. Somehow I knew that my orders were not to jack off at all, not just to stop at that moment.

The next day I told my boss I had some errands to run, and I was going to take a long lunch. He said okay, but he looked at me kind of funny. Maybe it was the fact my prick was half-hard in my pants since I didn't have underwear on, and it was kind of visible. I left right away. The bookstore I was going to ... no, the bookstore I had been ordered to go to, was only a few blocks away, and I was panting so hard by the time I got there it was like I'd run the damned mile in less than four minutes. It was ... kind of sleazy, you know? Out in the front it was kind of garish and tasteless with all of these advertisements for gross fuck films of men doing disgusting things to each other ... my breath got a little faster ... the same kind of disgusting things that were going to happen to me real soon. My hands were shaking when I pulled out the wad of bills. I didn't know how much to get, so I got ten dollars. Forty fucking quarters.

I headed, shit, practically ran, back through the archway into the dim corridors, lit by ultraviolet-type fluorescent lights. I could barely see, but my eyes adjusted. One. Two. Three. There. I put my hand on the doorknob ... and it was locked! Some goddamn pervert cocksucker was in my booth! Shit. I didn't know what to do. Maybe whoever was doing this to me was already in his booth, or maybe he wouldn't go in until I did. On an impulse, probably a really stupid move, I tried the handle of the door to the right of my booth, and I'd barely moved the knob when this very quiet voice says, "No." Fuck, I nearly panicked. It was his voice, I knew it, and now he'd be pissed, and, and...

So I just waited. And waited. And waited. I wanted to leave. This was just a place for filthy perverts to get their dicks sucked; only creeps and losers came to places like this. But ... I waited. And my dick stayed hard in my pants. Men kept walking by but I ignored them, concentrating on the door to the third booth, and finally, finally! it turned. The fucking creep weirdo was finally getting out of my booth.

My mouth dropped open when the "creep weirdo" walked out. Christ! He was at least 6'3" tall, broad-shouldered, blond, blue-eyed, sexy smile that said he'd just cum and really good. I stood aside to let him by but not so anyone could get past me and into the booth, and then he blew my mind! He stopped, tilted my head up with one hand, bent down and kissed me! A fucking fag kissing me on the mouth! It was fucking disgusting, especially when his tongue parted my lips and opened my mouth and then began probing me, and hesitantly I responded. It was an experience like nothing I'd ever had before. By the time he stopped kissing me I was gasping and nearly sagging in his arms. Still with his lips close to mine, he said very softly, "He told me to do this." And then he was gone.

I was confused as hell, but not so confused I didn't get in the booth. I locked the door and just stood there, trembling. It was like ... I guess like what I'd expected, only I hadn't expected to see this absolutely huge hole in the wall separating this one from the booth I had tried. And then I noticed there was a hole in the other wall, too. And they were big enough that if I bent down I could look through and see this guy who was tormenting me and making my life a fucking hell. I started to bend over, but once again there was that soft, incredibly sexy voice, this time saying, "Don't even think about it. Stand up." The voice filled my booth but somehow I knew no one else could hear him.

"Take off your clothes."

"Wh ... what? Here?"

"Take off your clothes. Now. And don't speak again."

Shit! Piss! Fuck! My mind was raging and screaming but I was already kicking out of my loafers, and peeling my socks off, putting them carefully inside the shoes, and then I was standing barefoot, the floor ... gritty and dirty and very sticky. I knew it was cum. Desperately, I looked around but there wasn't anything to hang my clothes on. I was almost whimpering, but I took my jacket off, folded it and laid it on top of my shoes. Shirt, tie, pants followed. I stood naked and trembling in the video booth, lit only by the video screen with the burned-in instructions on how to use it.

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