We All Join In

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: There's a first time for everything and here's the story of mine with my seventh-grade girlfriend, Kim.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   .

When you're a teenager, it's great to be the oldest in a group. I guess when you really are old then maybe it's better to be one of the younger people in a group.

But, I was fourteen and in the eighth grade, the oldest grade in middle school. Next year, I would go back to being in the youngest grade in my high school. So, eighth grade was great.

My best friend, Steve, he and I were each going with seventh grade girls, I was with Kim, he was with Katie. We called them "the two K-girls."

These two were the hottest two girls in their grade, they were cute and they just loved the fact that they were hooked-up with two older guys.

Maybe we had them fooled because Steve and I had no experience at all with girls and sex. I mean, we were willing to learn and we always acted like we were in the know and everything, you just couldn't let the girls think you weren't more experienced than they were. Truth was, we weren't.

Steve and I were virgins as were our two girlfriends. That was soon to change for Kim and me and this is how it all came about.

We had been going with these two girls for several months now and had three or four double dates at Katie's house, I guess her parents thought they would rather have us there than for us to be somewhere else away from them. Who knows with parents, anyway.

The good thing was that Katie's parents were often not even home or they would leave us alone when they were home. They went off to their bedroom or some other part of the house, I'm not sure which, but they never really hung around when we were there.

Now, like any fourteen-year old boys, we, of course, always had great ideas. We were going to use our seductive powers on these two and have wild, naked orgies the likes of which the world had never seen. Well, we did dream, anyway.

These dates were pretty standard, pretty routine. We, all four of us, would start out watching TV in the basement rec room, all of us on a big bed leaning up against pillows along the wall. Steve and Katie would start making out, everything, up to this point, had taken place fully clothed, the girls had, at least so far, kept their clothes on, though we had felt their boobs through their clothes. Well, it was a beginning.

So, we would kiss and I would feel Kim's boobs through her clothes, then, after a while, Kim and I would go into the next room which was a spare bedroom to give Steve and Katie some privacy. And for us to have the same. This, generally, would go on an hour or so, then Steve and Katie would come and get us. It was pretty sexy but I really don't think that Steve or I either knew enough or had the balls enough to push it further.

Then came the night of our 'double-date' when the two girls both wore skirts. This was different from previous times when they had on pants or jeans, so when Kim and I retreated to the bedroom, to be alone, it didn't take long before I had noticed that her skirt had ridden up rather high on her legs and that she had moved one knee over on my legs.

I often rubbed my hand along her butt when we were laying there necking and petting on the bed. This time, my hand slid down her back, across her butt and over the bottom half of her panties and bare leg. Oh, this was better, very nice.

As we continued to kiss, my hand rubbed up and down her butt, each time, pulling her skirt ever higher, exposing more of her panties to my touch. This was heating up our kissing and she was softly moaning at times and squirming a bit as well.

I rubbed up and down some more, mostly along her panties, then as I ran my hand back down her back, I dipped my fingers under the waistband and onto her smooth bare ass. That got an immediate moan and her tongue swirling madly in my mouth.

Now, with my hand up under her panties rubbing on her bare ass, I began pushing her panties down some on each downward sweep of my hand and, before long, her panties were down under her butt cheeks exposing her ass to my caresses.

It was obvious to me that she really liked having her bare butt rubbed, something I've also found in later liaisons, and after a while, I rolled her over onto her back and brought my right knee up between her legs pressing on her pussy as she began rubbing herself up and down against my knee. I was up over her rubbing my hands on her breasts, using one hand to unbutton her blouse and did get it open.

She was tonguing me hotly, rubbing up and down on my knee as I slipped a hand up under her bra cup and, for the first time ever, felt her bare breast. Her nipple was rock-hard. She squirmed around to reach behind her and I felt the bra loosen as I moved it up out of the way and looked down.

Beautiful. Her breasts were stunning. Not real big, but firm and smooth and so, so pretty. The were small, lovely mountains, each topped with swollen, pink nipples that were hard, so hard.

This was much farther than we had ever gone before, I don't know if it was because she wore a skirt, I even wondered if she, and, yes, maybe, Katie, too, planned it that way, intentionally wearing skirts to make it easier for us to get to their panties. Maybe they were ready for more. No matter what, this was farther than ever before and my cock was steel-hard.

Kim and I had been at it for well over the normal amount of time, now about an hour and a half, Steve and Katie usually came and got us after about an hour, maybe they were going a little farther, too. What I didn't realize was that Katie and Steve had quietly come in the room and had been standing there watching us as we made out on the bed with Kim openly naked from the waist up.

Maybe I heard something, anyhow, I sensed that we were not alone and glanced over toward the door and there stood Steve and Katie, watching us, Katie in front of Steve, naked except for her panties, Steve behind her, his hands cupping her breasts, slowly rubbing them. I went back to making out with Kim.

The next thing I knew, Steve was sitting on the bed on the other side of Kim and Katie was sitting next to me, they were on opposite sides of the bed and of us, just watching us.

Then, Katie placed her hand on my butt and started rubbing through my jeans. Steve laid down behind Kim, sideways, on one elbow and watched Kim's breast being sucked by me as I rubbed her other one.

Katie reached around and started pulling my belt buckle open, loosening it, then opening my fly. She then sat up and tugged my jeans off. As she was stripping me from the waist down, Steve had managed to get Kim's blouse and bra off, they were helping us get naked, making me a very happy lad. Kim, she was so wound-up, so sexually excited, I think a tornado could have passed through our room and she wouldn't have noticed.

I lifted off Kim's breast to pull off my shirt as Steve pulled Kim's skirt off, leaving us in just my briefs and Kim only in panties. We were quickly back together hugging, kissing, feeling each other, our mostly naked bodies pressed together. What I didn't realize was that Steve and Katie had also taken their clothes off, all of them, then they each lay back down next to us, Katie behind me, pressed tightly, Steve behind Kim.

They both sat up on the bed and began telling us what to do, directing us in our lovemaking.

"Kim, sit up, okay?" Katie asked, then added, "Now slip your panties off, Howie wants to see all of you," and she did just that as I sat there and watched her pretty pussy be revealed to me for the first time.

My girlfriend sat there naked for the first time as I said, "Oh, Kimmie, you are so gorgeous. Just beautiful," as Katie reached over and placed a hand on each knee and spread Kim's legs, presenting me with her pussy, lightly covered with damp brown curls.

Then, Steve told me, "Howie, take off your Jockeys, let Kim see what you have under there" and, as I felt my face flush slightly, I tugged them off and tossed them aside as I knelt on the bed, my stiff cock pointing at my girlfriend.

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