Cruel Intentions

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Sex Story: Kimberly gains control of 4 super heroines

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Superhero   Oral Sex   .

It was an island somewhere out there, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, between the Philippines and Hawaii. The island was called Lankawi. It was populated by Polynesians, but like Hawaii, became a commercialized place. There are three hotel resorts on the island and many tourists from the West tended to go there. One such tourist was Kimberly a 5'4 Blonde. Many guys lusted after her, but it wasn't guys she was interested in. She looked like the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and surprisingly, Sarah Michelle Gellar played a girl, who had the same characteristics as Kimberly. They were both Blonde, attractive, and filthy rich. But their worst traits are that they used people, set them up, were extremely cunning, kinky and they always got what they want. Kimberly can be said to be spoiled, if she does not get things her way, she would use other means of getting it ... Kimberly's dad bought a house, in Lankawi, but he himself rarely used it. He had so many houses worldwide. As Kimberly finished college, she now had all the time in the world. She had gone to an all-girls boarding school. It was boring, but Kimberly had a great time. As to why she had a great time, was because she had sex with some of the girls. Kimberly had sex with boys as well. She used her sex as a means of getting them to do with what she wanted them to do. In public, she always tried giving teachers and other people the impression that she was a good Catholic girl, but deep down, she thought most people were too stupid, and not really worth it.

In her island mansion, she had no servants, as she wanted more privacy to herself. She had her internet laptop. She also had her expensive Lamborghini. She even had her own private pool. She also had television. But Kimberly spent many of her time, watching television. The world was a much bigger and exciting place. What got most of her attention, was the amounts of super heroines that are reported in the media. As she was a short Blonde, she lusted after tall Caucasian women with tanned skin, black hair, and blue eyes. Many super heroines looked like this. Lucky for Kimberly, many of these heroines have left whatever group they were a member of, so they could go solo. Kimberly reckoned that maybe they had fell out with their team members.

One evening, as Kimberly was walking on the side of a nearby beach, she spotted something on the sand. She ran for it. She thought it looked like a ring or something. Kimberly finally reached the spot and found it. It was a small ring. It had a strange ruby with it. Kimberly put it on. Kimberly said to it, "You are a thing of beauty, aren't you". From behind her, she heard a voice,

"Take it off your hand. We have to destroy it". Kimberly turned around. Now, she was really excited. Four tall tanned raven-haired, blue eyed super heroines with sexy, fit bodies were walking towards her direction. They were Voodoo, Ms Americana, Sersi and Power Princess. Power Princes told Kimberly,

"We came all the way to this island, just to find that thing and destroy it". Kimberly now tried playing the role of the innocent girl, which always fools everyone. Kimberly softly said,

"I'm sorry. Why?" Voodoo idiotically said,

"It is one of the rings of the Mandarin. He lost that ring on sea and it landed here. Our sensors traced it to this island."Kimberly tried taking the ring out, but couldn't. It wasn't because she couldn't but that she wanted them to indirectly tell her as to why the ring posed such a threat.

"I can't take it out. Is this going to kill me? What does it do?" murmured Kimberly. Power Princess had heard of the Mandarin. She was also aware as to which ring did what. Ms Americana said,

"That ring won't kill you. But it did put UN leaders under its control before." Kimberly now knew that it was a 'mind control' ring. She then smiled wickedly and pointed it to the four coming super heroines, who were taken by surprise. She thought it to work and it did. All four super heroines stood there mobilized. The ring made them now into Kimberly's slave. They would now do and be whatever Kimberly tells them to be, or whatever personality Kimberly wants to impart on them. They were now like over grown dolls. Their legs were straight and their hands were by the sides of their body.

Kimberly walked towards them. Kimberly told them all, "From now on, you will do whatever I tell you to do, got that?" All four super heroines said in unison,

"Yes mistress, we will do as you command". Kimberly laughed cruelly. She could do cruel things to people. This was what she always dreamed of, putting beautiful super heroines whom she admired under her power.

"I want you all to follow me", ordered Kimberly. The four super heroines walked behind Kimberly and followed her to her mansion, where all five of them were going to be alone. Once inside the mansion, Kimberly was sat on her sofa, while the four enslaved super heroines stood before her. Kimberly looked at them, got up from her sofa and walked around them, as if she were inspecting goods.

Voodoo wore a costume that looked like a one piece swimsuit, but was a purple spandex. She had yellow furry boots on, purple gloves and she had long straight black hair and blue eyes. She had long legs and big breasts.

Power Princess had wavier black hair and blue eyes. She kind of looked like the actress Jessica Alba. She wore a white spandex, with a white cape to go with it.

Ms Americana also had wavier black hair and blue eyes. She had an American flag costume consisting of a bra with one cup being red and white stripes and one cup blue with white stars. Her bottom was a matching thong. She wore a blue mask. She also had red gloves and boots on too.

Sersi had long straight black hair and blue eyes. She had long legs and wore a green spandex costume. She also had green boots and green gloves on.

After finish inspecting their bodies, Kimberly asked them questions about themselves and obediently, they told her everything.

Kimberly wanted to have fun with her new enslaved super heroines. Kimberly told them all to keep on standing straight while she went to the kitchen to get herself a drink. Kimberly came back with a beer. This was to make her think as to what she always wanted to do with super heroines she lusted after. She ordered them,

"From now on, you will lust only after me. You will no longer lust after the opposite sex."All four tall, tanned raven haired super heroines replied in unison,

"Yes mistress. We will only fall for you." Kimberly smiled wickedly,

"Good. That is what I want to hear".

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