My Family Fucks Up

by biman4321

Copyright© 2010 by biman4321

Erotica Sex Story: Accidentally fucks daughter while wife is out finding a lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Father   Daughter   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Just recently I had to attend a weeklong training seminar in New York. I left Raleigh on Sunday and was to return on Saturday. So my wife, daughter aged 16, and son, aged 15 all made their plans accordingly. Well, we were exactly on schedule as of Wednesday morning but the instructor decided we were not going to cover some material and that we would probably finish by Friday Noon. He cautioned us not to change our travel plans yet since this was tentative based on his quick appraisal of the remaining material to be covered. It all sounded good to me because I missed my family and particularly my sexy nymphomaniac wife. This was I could get some good sex on Friday night if I could make flight arrangements. So the instructor pursued his new plan and informed us late Thursday that we would definitely finish by Friday noon. I still didn't call home because I had a lot of trouble finding a flight out on Friday. In fact I didn't confirm a flight until Friday afternoon that would allow me to be home by midnight Friday. I decided to surprise them.

The flight and trip home was right on schedule and I got to my home just after midnight. I entered the house very quietly so I didn't wake anyone up and basically snuck into my bedroom, undressed very quietly, and got into bed with a raging harden. My wife was laying with her back to my side so I slipped right up against her back pushing my very hard dick between her legs and reached my arms around her and started rubbing those beautiful, pear shaped tits of hers. Oh they were very firm and she just started moaning a little bit as I rubbed her and pushed my dick between her somewhat closed legs. Wow, she had no panties on and her top was the almost non-existent little silk top that neither hid nor blocked any movements so she was ready to be fucked, even though she had not expected it. She felt so good and I was so horny. She never really woke up completely while I massaged those nipples and she clamped her legs tightly around my dick. I pushed a little bit and she moved slightly so that was suddenly hitting her cunt lips with my dick. I could tell how wet she was and with just a little more push, I was in there. She seemed to be awake now and fully responding by the moaning I could hear so I began to thrust in and out while she pushed her ass and body back against me. She sort of bent forward with her upper body to get more leverage in the pussy area, and we were really into it now. After just a few minutes I could feel her reaching an orgasm as well as I felt my getting ready to cum. We almost hit it right on the button together as I shot a huge load into her, and, lordy, was she tight that night. She tightened her whole body as I felt her climax and we just pushed as hard as we could against each other,.

We rested a brief minute before she turned and started kissing me. Boy was she hot!!! She turned her body while we were kissing and then she decided she wanted to clean me and who was I to stop her. She almost never did this and I loved it as she moved her head down to my dick and took it into her mouth. She cleaned that guy wonderfully as I began to rise to the occasion. I could feel more cum building as she vacuumed that dick. She never swallowed so I got ready to move the now primed dick into her pussy but she didn't move as I got closer and closer. Then I blew it out right into her mouth and she kept sucking hard and I realized she definitely was swallowing my cum which made me shoot even more. Unbelievable sex!!!. As I subsided my hotness for a short while, she moved back up to kiss me and I immediately knew she still had some of my cum on her mouth which she moved into my mouth. I was swallowing my own cum. Wow, we had never done any of this but it was fantastic. I decided to return the favor and moved down where I could get at her well-used cunt now and proceeded to use my tongue over her whole clit area. This began driving her crazy and it wasn't long before she started cumming all over the place. She really lost it then. Oh this was the greatest sex we had had since we were married so I was very happy I had come home early. All this had taken about 2 hours and we were both exhausted so I just pulled her close to me and hugged her tight while relaxing so we could sleep some. Then I heard, thank you, Daddy.

What? I yelled, and quickly turned on the lamp and looked right into the beautiful blue eyes of my 16 year old daughter, Cindy. Cindy, What are you doing here? Well, Daddy, Momma went over to Grammy's house because she wasn't feeling well and she spent the night there. Also Johnny, my 15 year old son spent the night at his friend, Bill, house. You guys had a TV in here so I watched some late TV and just fell asleep here. Oh my god, I said. What have I done? I have just fucked my daughter. "But Daddy, it was fantastic and I loved every bit of it." She said. "But you are my daughter," I uttered. 'It's wrong to fuck your daughter". 'I don't see where it is so wrong if we both loved it and had a great time." She replied. "But its wrong," I kept saying. "Did you enjoy it," she asked? "That 's not the point. I thought I was fucking your mother." I again replied. "Well, you might as well get over it Dad, because you did fuck me and I did love it and want more. " Cindy said. "Cindy, I don't know what to say. I have got to think about this." I croaked out. " Okay so think about it tomorrow but in the meantime, could you fuck me one more time?" she said as she took my now very soft dick in her hand. "No". I said "I can't do it again. It is wrong." "Well, Your dick seems to disagree with you" as she fondled it. And she was right. My dick was getting hard again. 'Please don't touch it," I said to her. "But I want it and I am going to kiss it again" as she bent down and put her lips around the head. Oh God, I couldn't help it. I was responding and my head and my dick told me, what's one more time tonight? I mean, you have already done it for several hours. I just couldn't stop so I pulled her up and proceeded to push my dick into her really tight pussy. And she responded. For some reason the sex this time was even hotter and I pounded Cindy with my dick. She responded the d same way and we both came very hard again. We then fell asleep in each other's arms.

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