A Little Story for Laura

by Vidi Veni

Copyright© 2010 by Vidi Veni

Erotica Sex Story: I recently exchanged some emails with a woman who has an incredibly sexy imagination. To the best of my ability, this is her fantasy. (Although she would never want it to actually happen).

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Spanking   First   Anal Sex   .

Laura blinked drowsily as she came awake. She yawned and stretched, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her supple body. She loved the Cavanaughs' pool and stately house, a house so big that it was almost a mansion. When Mrs. Cavanaugh had asked Laura to stay there for the weekend to watch over her son, Bobby, while she went with her husband on a business trip, Laura had readily agreed.

The doorbell chimed, barely audible out by the pool. She wondered if that had been what had woken her up.

"Bobby, could you get the door, please?" she yelled.

A few seconds later the doorbell again sounded from within the house. Grumbling in annoyance, she wrapped a sarong around her bikini, brushed her long, blond hair back from her face and entered through the back door. The bell rang again.

"I'm coming, just a second!" she hollered, picking up the pace.

She wondered where Bobby was. The last time she had seen him he had been peeking out at her from his bedroom window. Although she would never admit it out loud, she liked the way he looked at her, like he was devouring her with his eyes. And sometimes, just sometimes, she would give him a little show, bending over deeply to give him a nice long look at either her round, full breasts, barely contained by her bikini top, or her heart-shaped ass, teasingly revealed by her tiny bikini bottoms. Her cheeks colored as she thought about how she teased the young boy, but she just wasn't able to help herself.

When she reached the front door, she cracked it open and peeked outside. She recognized the tall, burly man who stood outside impatiently as one of the gardeners who worked at most of the houses in the neighborhood. She frowned prettily as she recalled catching him and his Hispanic helper leering at her on other occasions when she had watched Bobby.

"I'm sorry, but the Cavanaughs aren't home," she said perfunctorily.

"Oh, I know that, lil' lady," he replied.

"Then what can... ," she cut off as she noticed a reflection in the glass of one of the windows; a shadow approaching her from behind. Before she could scream or turn around, one of her arms was seized and put in a hammerlock behind her back and a hand was clamped over her mouth.

Smiling broadly, the man outside slipped in through the door and closed it behind him.

"Forgive the intrusion, miss," he said sarcastically, "but we saw you napping out by the pool, and, since we knew the owners of the place are gone for the weekend, we decided that we just had to see if your pussy was as good as we imagined."

Laura bit into the hand on her mouth and screamed as it was pulled away. The men merely laughed. "Screaming won't do you any good. We've already taken care of the boy, and none of the neighbors are close enough to hear. We've been here for a while now, but we couldn't just grab you out by the pool where anyone might see."

His smile broadened as he said, "My name's Harry, and the guy you just bit is my friend, Miguel. We'll be the ones fucking you until you're too sore to walk."

Laura struggled fiercely and kept on screaming, but the man holding her was just too strong and no one came to her aid. With Harry leading the way, they marched her up the stairs to the master bedroom. To her horror, Bobby was tied to a chair a few feet from foot of the king- sized bed.

"What did you do to him? Let him go! Let us go!" she yelled.

"You're so pretty when you're angry," Harry said with a laugh. "And we're not going to hurt the kid. Or you, for that matter, unless you count a sore pussy. At least we won't if you cooperate. We see how you tease the kid. We figured he would like to see you get what you deserve."

Pulling her away from Miguel, Harry dragged her over until she was between Bobby and the bed. "Ready for this, kid?" he asked brightly.

Bobby shook his head angrily.

"C'mon, boy," Harry said. "Don't even try to tell me that you don't want to see this teasing bitch naked. We've seen you staring at her when she's lying out by the pool in that little bikini, undressing her with your eyes. There's nothing wrong with wanting to see your hot babysitter's body. Hell, we do." He tore the sarong from Laura's body, leaving her clad only in the tiny swimsuit he had been talking about.

Bobby shook his head mutely, his cheeks turning red. Despite his denial, Laura could see, could almost feel, him staring at her chest which was heaving with every deep, frightened breath she took.

Harry sat down on the foot of the bed right in front of Bobby and pulled Laura into his lap. She squirmed violently, trying to get free, but he only laughed and held her tighter, grinding his groin into her ass. She winced as she felt his hard cock pressing into her, separated from her bare skin only by her thin bikini bottom and his jeans. They're going to rape me, and they're going to do it right in front of Bobby, she thought. She was ashamed by the raw lust the idea inspired.

"Please don't do this," she wailed. "At least take Bobby out of the room. He's so young..."

Harry laughed again. "But he wants to see his tease of a babysitter stripped naked and fucked hard. Don't you, boy?"

Bobby again shook his head, but his eyes followed Harry's hand as it slid up Laura's hard, flat stomach to squeeze one of her tits through the top of her bikini.

Laura could feel Harry's hot breath on her shoulder as he leaned forward to watch her breast jiggle as he groped it. "Ready to see these tits, Bobby boy?" Without waiting for an answer he snaked a finger under her top and jerked it down, revealing her nipple for just an instant before he allowed the elastic material to snap back into place.

"Did you see how hard her nipple was? Like a typical tease, she likes having you see little bits of her body."

Laura protested, "No! Please stop this!" She had seen how Bobby's eyes had widened at the sight of her breast. Harry was right: Bobby did like looking at her body. But he was so young, and she was his babysitter! He shouldn't see her like this! As ashamed as she was at being exposed to the boy she was supposed to be watching, she could feel her pussy getting wet.

Harry licked the side of her face. "What's the matter, baby?" he whispered in her ear. "I thought you'd like teasing him with just little glimpses of your hot body. Isn't that what you've been doing to him and us all summer?"

Laura shook her head in denial, even though she knew that, on some level at least, it was true. Then, to her mortification, Harry took a firm grip on her top and tore it from her body. His hands immediately returned to cup her breasts, shaking them up and down.

"Oh, yeah!" Harry shouted exuberantly. "These are some great titties! Watch 'em bounce, boy!" For the next few minutes, he jiggled and lightly slapped her breasts, making them sway, heave and shake. He and Miguel laughed and cheered, entertained by the display. Bobby simply stared, his eyes wide and jaw slack. Dropping her eyes with the shame of having her bare breasts so crudely exposed, Laura was shocked to see the erection tenting Bobby's swim trunks.

"Would you like to touch them, Bobby boy?" Harry asked. After a short pause he broke out in laughter. "Oh, I almost forgot! You're all tied up! Well, your dear ol' uncle Harry will just have to help you out."

Laura grimaced as Harry grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to force her to her feet. He pushed her a few inches forward until her toes were almost touching Bobby's and leaned her forward.

"Stop! What are you doing?" Laura yelled. She then squealed as Harry's hand smacked her ass hard and stayed there to give it a little squeeze through her bikini bottoms.

"Shush, slut," he murmured. "All I'm doing is giving the boy a little taste of the titties you've teased him with so often."

Grinding his cock into her ass, Harry continued to lean her down until Bobby's face was between her tits. He then jerked her from side to side, rubbing those round, firm breasts all over Bobby's face. Laura whimpered with embarrassment as she felt her nipples get even harder as they traced back and forth across the young boy's lips.

Harry's voice, deep and amused, came from behind her, "What do you think, Bobby? That's some really soft skin on those big, firm titties, isn't it? Go ahead and suck on 'em a little. She won't mind at all." He smacked her ass again. "Will you, slut?"

"Please, don... ," Laura started to whimper when she was cut off by another hard slap on her ass.

"I said: will you, slut?" Harry repeated, punctuating the question with another smack.

Laura sobbed, but gave the answer he wanted. "No, I don't mind," she mumbled, her voice thick with shame. "Suck my tits, Bobby."

She forced herself to look down into Bobby's face. His expression was a muddle of confusion, fear, worry and lust. She gasped and squeezed her eyes shut as the young boy, a boy who shouldn't even be seeing her bare breasts, took one of her nipples between his lips. His tongue tentatively flicked across the tip. Laura felt more than heard his small moan as he lost all control, sucking her entire areola into his mouth and feasting on her breast. Tears ran down her cheeks even as hot jolts of electricity seemed to shoot through her body.

"Yeah! Suck that tit good, kid," Harry snickered, holding her motionless while Bobby suckled.

After a few moments, Harry shifted her over to let Bobby work on the other breast for a while. She squealed and whimpered as his hand came down on her ass again and again, groping and squeezing her cheeks after each impact. She squirmed and tried futilely to wiggle free when his fingers strayed to the crack of her ass and then moved lower to rub the lips of her pussy through the crotch of her bikini. He chuckled as he felt the rapidly spreading patch of moisture.

"You must be doing a damn good job, kid. Your slut of a babysitter's pussy is dripping wet. What do you say we take a look at that sloppy pussy?" He jerked her backwards so she was standing upright. In the instant before he twisted her around, she could see the look of disappointment mixed with anticipation on Bobby's face. Sitting at an angle along the edge of the bed, Harry pulled her down across his lap so that her butt was facing Bobby.

"Can I play a little, boss?" Miguel asked suddenly, speaking for the first time. At Harry's nod, he knelt down next to her hips, careful not to obstruct Bobby's view, and reached out to take hold of the waistband of Laura's bikini bottoms.

Knowing what was coming, Laura renewed her struggles to break free. They had already looked and played with her tits and made Bobby suck them. How could she stand the shame of having them all look at her ass and pussy, especially when she knew how wet she was?

Laughing and jeering, the men each used one arm to hold her down while spanking her with the other. Both cheeks were stinging and hot before she finally went limp with exhaustion.

Still chuckling, Miguel again took hold of the waistband and quickly pulled the back of her suit down to the top of her thighs. Just as quickly, he jerked it back into place. He repeated this over and over again, shouting playfully, "Now you see it, now you don't!"

Laura buried her face in the bed's comforter, knowing that all three of the men were staring at her ass each time it was revealed. Miguel finally stopped, leaving her bottom exposed to their eyes.

"The puta has a fine ass," he said admiringly as he brushed his fingers all over the reddened cheeks.

He then pushed her bikini bottoms lower. Laura gasped and shivered as her pussy came into view. She knew they all could see how engorged and wet the lips were.

Continuing to rub her ass, Miguel added, "And a fine pussy, too. Do you see how she shaves it, kid? So pretty. I bet she did it just for you, hoping you would get to see her shaved little snatch." A set of groping fingers left her bottom for a moment before returning with a sharp spank. It stung even more without the thin layer of cloth protecting her. "Didn't you, puta?"

"No!" Laura cried out.

Harry and Miguel both resumed spanking her bare bottom. "Look at the way those sweet cheeks jiggle when they're smacked," Harry commented lightly.

After ten or so strokes, they stopped. "What did you say, Puta? I don't think I heard you right," Miguel asked.

"Yes, yes!" she whimpered. "I shaved it for him."

Crack! - his hand came down again. "For who?"

"For Bobby," she gasped.


Laura stayed stubbornly silent, not wanting to say the rest of the shameful statement he wanted. Palms rained down on her bottom, leaving her trembling. Surrendering, her face burning almost as badly with embarrassment as her bottom did from the men's abuse, she choked out, "Because I wanted him to see it."

Fresh tears welled up in her eyes. How could they possibly humiliate her any worse? Miguel immediately answered the question as he used one hand to spread the cheeks of her ass wide apart while circling her anus with a finger from the other.

"Look at her asshole, Bobby," he said, his voice thick with desire. "So pink. So cute. So tight. I bet you've always dreamed of seeing it. In fact, I bet you imagine fucking it every night when you jerk off."

Laura twisted her head around and immediately wished she hadn't. She had seen the truth in Bobby's eyes, eyes that were locked on her tiny asshole: he did fantasize about fucking her in the ass when he pleasured himself. Why would he want to do such a filthy, depraved thing to her? The surge of heat she felt in her loins was almost as humiliating as the unwanted knowledge.

Miguel's fingers started to move lower, and she cried out, "Please stop and let us go. You've seen me naked, made Bobby look at tits and ass and spanked me. Why can't you just leave us alone?"

Miguel and Harry both laughed, but it was Harry who answered, "We can't leave yet, my slutty little babysitter. We've barely gotten started."

Fingers - Laura didn't know whose they were - brushed over her labia, twirled around her clit and returned. She sucked in a deep breath as they spread her pussy lips wide apart.

"Take a look at that, Bobby," Harry whispered. "Look way up inside her. See how wet that tight, pink pussy is?"

Laura groaned as a finger was pushed deep inside her and, just as abruptly, pulled out. Looking back over her upraised bottom, she saw Harry wave the glistening digit under Bobby's nose.

"Smell that, boy? That's the scent of a pussy in heat. A pussy that wants and needs to get fucked." Still holding her pussy lips open with one hand, Harry reached down to rub her clit with the same finger he had pushed inside her moments before. "And this confirms it!" Harry said excitedly. "Any time you see a clit peeking out of its hood like that, you know that pussy is just begging to be fucked. What do you say, boy? You ready to watch us give it what it wants?"

Bobby shook his head rapidly from side to side, but Laura could see the desire in his eyes. He, or at least part of him, wanted to watch them rape her! She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to force the shameful, horrible thought from her head, but all she could think about was Bobby watching as they fucked her - raped her - staring as their cocks were pushed into her pussy and her mouth ... and - she hated to even think it - maybe even her ass. Even as this degrading thought was going through her mind, Harry's fingers found her clit again. She moaned as she started to cum.

She heard Harry and Miguel's sharp intakes of breath and murmurs of surprise. They then started to snicker, and she felt her pussy being opened even wider than it was before. She felt so ashamed, but orgasm after orgasm kept exploding through her body.

"See how her hole's opening and closing, Bobby?" Harry said in an excited whisper. "See how much more wet that pussy got all of a sudden? She's cumming, and she's cumming hard. Did you ever think you would get to see your babysitter's pussy spasm in orgasm?"

Laura burrowed her face down into bed, moaning into the soft pillow-top mattress. In her mind's eye, though, she could still picture Bobby's eyes, wide and excited, locked on her overheated and contracting pussy.

Her body was still trembling when Harry, who remained seated, pulled her to her feet. He positioned her in front of him, straddling his thighs while facing Bobby. She looked down into the young boy's face, but he didn't meet her eyes, instead staring intently at a point far lower. She flushed as she realized that he was getting his first look at her smoothly shaved and widely spread pussy from the front. Instinctively, she tried to cover herself with her hands, but Miguel slapped them away.

Harry's hands took hold of her hips and forced her down. Lost in shame and the aftershocks of her orgasms, she didn't understand what was happening until she felt the spongy- soft head of Harry's cock prodding at the dripping lips of her sex. She gasped as her labia enveloped the tip of his member, and he pushed slowly inside.

"Please, no," she panted. "Not in front of Bobby."

"Yes, right in front of him. He's going to see his hot babysitter get fucked," Harry replied with a moan.

Keeping his grip on her waist, he forced her to ride him fast enough that her breasts heaved wildly up and down. Through half-closed eyes she could see Bobby and Miguel both staring avidly as she bounced on Harry's cock, as she raped herself on his dick. In this position, she knew that they could see everything perfectly: her completely exposed pussy, her widely stretched labia gripping Harry's cock as she raised herself on trembling thighs and vanishing from sight when she took him deep back inside her, and her jiggling, bouncing tits.

As the minutes rolled on, rivulets of sweat started to trickle down her face, chest and back. Little droplets formed on the tips of her incredibly hard nipples before dripping down to her straining thighs. Against her fervent wishes, she could feel another orgasm rising. Harry's cock filled her so completely, the tip smacking softly against the very deepest part of her each time she took him in all the way. She was being raped, and it shamed her how good it felt.

Harry's loud moans were now blending with the sloshing, slurping sounds emanating from their centers. His hands slid up to her tits, cupping and squeezing them as he leaned back, taking her with him. With his knees, he made sure that her legs stayed spread, keeping her pussy and the cock that filled it exposed lewdly to the others.

"Arrghh, I'm cumming, baby!" Harry grunted. "Can you feel me shooting my cum deep inside your sweet, wet pussy?"

Laura squeezed her eyes shut in dismay. She could feel it: his cock throbbing and pulsing within her and the spreading warmth caused by his hot seed splashing inside her. Although she was on the pill, they had never asked. They didn't care if they got her pregnant, probably hoped that they would. She felt so degraded, so humiliated, so hot. As Harry's climax ended, her orgasm began.

He squeezed her tits roughly as the last of his cum trickled out inside her. He then rolled her off of him, discarding her now that he was done using her. She was lying panting and exhausted on her stomach when Miguel ran up and forced her thighs and then her labia open.

"See that, Bobby?" he asked maliciously as he pushed a finger in and out of her pussy, making Harry's semen seep out and run down along her clit. "That's what your sexy babysitter's pussy looks like when it's full of a rapist's cum. And now we're going to add another load."

He stood, and Laura could hear him undoing his belt and pants. Taking her by the hair, he pulled her upright and marched her over next to Bobby. He grinned down at the boy for a moment and then used a toe to topple the chair he was tied to over backwards, leaving Bobby on his back, the breath knocked out of him. Leading Laura, Miguel stepped around the chair and pushed her down to kneel next to Bobby's head. With a rough shove, he then forced her to all fours, placing Bobby's head beneath her quivering, sweaty belly.

Miguel shoved his cock the whole way into her with a single, brutal thrust and immediately started to fuck her fast and hard. Laura's eyes widened as she considered the view that Bobby must have of the Hispanic gardener's long, brown cock sawing in and out of her pussy. She was still dripping wet from her last orgasm. Could little drops of her juices be raining down on his face as he watched her get raped from mere inches away?

Before she had time to fully contemplate the horrible, exciting thought, Harry grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head up. His half-hard cock, still drenched with her juices and smeared with his seed, was directly in front of her face.

"Suck it," he commanded, brushing the head back and forth across her lips.

Holding her mouth tightly closed, she looked up at him with pleading eyes. Why would he do this to her? Wasn't it enough that he had already raped her pussy, like his friend was doing at that moment? Wasn't it enough that they had made Bobby watch, and watch closely, as they raped her?

He yanked her hair hard enough to make her squeal with pain. Before she could close her mouth, he pushed his hardening member past her lips. He thrust hard, making her gag as her mouth was suddenly filled with a cock that tasted of his salty seed and her own sweet, musky juices.

It quickly became obvious that he didn't want a true blowjob. Instead, he wanted to use her mouth just as he had her pussy a few minutes before. To him, it was just another hole to be filled, to be raped. He humped her face furiously, making her gag and choke each time it brushed the back of her throat.

Her body rocked back and forth between the cocks that were piercing her from both ends. Beneath her, she could feel Bobby's nose rubbing across her belly as he turned his head from side to side, looking back and forth between the hard brown cock plunging into her helpless pussy from behind and her swaying, sweaty breasts.

Miguel spanked her ass a few times before leaning forward over her back. He then reached down to slide the chair and Bobby a few inches forward. "Go ahead and suck on those fine titties some more, kid," he said, his voice kindly, like he was offering candy to a favored nephew.

To Laura's shock and dismay, Bobby did as he was told, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking on it hard. So hard, in fact, that her nipple was painfully stretched each time one of Miguel's hard thrusts rocked her forward.

Having Bobby, the young boy she was supposed to be babysitting - the boy who shouldn't even see her naked - sucking on her breasts while she was raped simultaneously in both her mouth and her pussy was just too shameful, just too much. She moaned around the cock in her mouth as she came again.

Her pulsating and contracting pussy proved to be too much for Miguel. Grinding his pelvis against the cheeks of her bottom to embed himself as deeply inside her as he could, he erupted. Even as Laura felt his cock throbbing within her, she heard him cry out, "I'm cumming in your babysitter's pussy, kid! She has such a nice, tight pussy!"

Even after Miguel pulled out of her and wiped his slimy cock partially clean on the cheeks of her bottom, Bobby continued to chew lightly on her nipple. Harry stopped thrusting his hips and stood motionless as he tried to regain his breath. Her face burning with shame, Laura found herself bobbing her head up and down his length while pressing her tongue against the underside of his shaft.

Harry reached down and ran his fingers almost affectionately through her hair. "Your babysitter is just one hot little slut, kid," he said lightly. He then chuckled. "From the size of that tent in your pants, though, I guess you already knew that."

Miguel came up to stand next to his partner, and Laura could hear them whispering back and forth above her, although she couldn't make out the words. The conversation ended in harsh, vindictive laughter. Harry pulled his cock from between her lips at the same time that Miguel slid Bobby out from beneath her.

Laura didn't bother resisting as she was dragged over to the foot of the bed and draped face down across it. Numb with humiliation, she barely managed to muster a whimper when fingers again plunged into her pussy. She roused, though, when the fingers pulled out of her and smeared the mixture of her pussy juices and the men's seed over her anus.

"No! No!" she wailed. "Not there! I couldn't take the shame of having Bobby see me get raped there!"

"Oh, yes, yes," Harry replied with a laugh, "and Bobby's going to be doing a lot more than watching."

"Please, I'll do anything else you want, but not that."

"Baby, you're going to do anything we want no matter what. You don't have any choice."

He held her down as she struggled and sobbed, the fingers of one of his hands continuing to pull the mixed juices from her pussy and press them ever deeper into her ass. When he was able to bury a finger to the knuckle in her bowels and slide it in and out, he decided she was ready.

When Laura was forced to stand, she saw that they had stripped Bobby from the waist down and laid him on the bed with his hips even with the edge. His ankles were tied together and his hands bound behind his head. His erection stood straight up.

She looked up at his face. His expression was a complex mix of sympathy, fear, embarrassment and arousal. Too shamed to meet each other's eyes, they both turned away.

"Sit on his dick," Harry commanded brusquely.

With a sigh of resignation, Laura straddled Bobby's legs and reach down between her own to take a gentle hold on his shaft. Wondering if the boy was looking at her butt as she lowered herself on top of him, she guided the head to the opening of her sex.

Harry reached out to stop her. "Not there, my lovely little babysitter. Put it in your ass."

Laura's eyes went wide with horror, although she realized that she should have suspected their intent. "He's just a boy," she whined pitifully. "You can't really want us to do such a depraved thing."

Harry took hold of one of her nipples in each hand and twisted just hard enough to hint at what was possible. "We can and we do," he replied ominously. "No one has gotten hurt yet, but that can change in a hurry if you don't do exactly what we want."

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