Lust Connection

by Stephen J. Salinger

Copyright© 2010 by Stephen J. Salinger

Flash Sex Story: A pre-op transwoman pornstar learns her daughter from a past life is coming to live with her.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   TransGender   Humor   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

"Ready to fuck?" Sasha sauntered into her study, a camcorder in one hand and wrenching her banana-like cock methodically with the other. She paused behind Yolanda at the computer desk, turning the camera on the back of her head. Sasha lowered the camcorder and leaned over Yolanda's shoulder, squinting at the flat panel illuminating the darkness. "Letter writing is a lost art."

"Email is quicker." Yolanda clicked out the browser.

Turning her chair, Yolanda's eyes locked onto Sasha's aroused t-girl cock. It'd only been four months since they 'worked' together, but her dick looked more magnificent. Her cock curved at a delectable 9½ inches, same as Yolanda's, and was impressively thick.

Yolanda fucked women for pleasure or paycheck. When she dealt with dick that wasn't her own—she had eyes only for Sasha's masterpiece—if the numerals were correct. And it was correct enough to coax her out of retirement for another last hurrah. The duo were slated to fuck some eighteen year old slut for Wanton Hustle's web exclusive series: 'SISTAHSCREWBITCHES'.

Sasha raised the camera and squinted at Yolanda through its lens. Smirking, she said, "Send another love letter to an adoring fan? Don't they know I'm the production's face now? The much prettier face now?"

"I'm always gonna be head bitch," Yolanda said, turning on the lamp beside the computer monitor. "One: You ain't never gonna be prettier. Two: I was emailing my daughter. She's going through shit with her mother and is running here to live with me until she gets her own place."

"She don't know how you living now, right?"

Yolanda exhaled then shook her head. "Her mom is too embarrassed and I never had the heart. Can't tell her no since the email was dated yesterday. I'm just now seeing it."

"She know where you live?"

"Yeah." Yolanda nodded. "Before she showed me how email worked—we kept in touch via the 'lost arts'. I replied to her email: 'Welcome to Morley. I'll take care of you.' She said she'd leave Irvine asap. She's been at odds with her mother since she hit puberty. Amazing how a tramp-stamp can fuck everything up."

"What you mean?" Sasha asked, lowering the camera again and raising an eyebrow.

Yolanda noticed Sasha had stopped stroking her cock and that it was almost flaccid. She'd confront her daughter later. Right now she had dick to suck and pussy to fuck.

Yolanda pointed at the camcorder. "What bitch you drag off the street for this?"

"Met her at a motel last night. Her pussy is scrumptious and she can suck a mean dick."

"When she coming?"

Sasha stared at the time on the computer screen: 10:28PM. "Soonish."

"Never seen her outside diapers," Yolanda said, sweeping her palms across her face and sighing.

Sasha turned when she heard knocking. "No pictures?" she asked as moved to answer the door.

Yolanda stood and followed. Rolling her eyes, she scoffed, "Camera Shy."

"Probably ugly," Sasha said as she peered through the peephole. In the hallway stood a curvaceous, caramel-coated beauty in a half-zipped pink fleece and faded denim. Sasha slid the deadbolt and opened the door. "Lisa Luscious?"

The girl looked from her Blackberry at Sasha. Her freckled cheeks dimpling, she said with her grin, "Decided upon 'Sinful Sinclair'."

"How sinful can you be?" Sasha inquired with a grin of her own. Grabbing Sinclair's wrist, she escorted her into the study, spinning her so they stood face-to-face. "You down for 'Three's Company', sexy?"

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