Three as One: a Poem

by Maxicue

Copyright© 2010 by Maxicue

Poem Sex Story: Margie, a young poet, a character in Palimpsest, creates a poem inspired by her three lovers performing a menage a trois in her presence.

Caution: This Poem Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   .

Cool fall blusters and calms through high steel and glass channels.
Two friends fight the wind and become free of it.
Pale soft unripe cheeks hint ripeness with a glaze of red lifted in smiles.
Two pairs of white plums readying for plucking a ways down the road.

Their hair, flags of different homes tattered into threads but holding
The sense of place and purpose and design, each strand rippling uniquely
In the swift gusts: charred wood blackness and a wheat field beckoning
The many swords of the reaping combine. Two flags shining as if from within.

And two hands grasp into one as their laughs grasp one amusing thought
And legs churn in synch with quick movements of long muscles
And muscles above move delightfully in response in the tighter space
Of hemispheres one pair nearly spherical and the other oblong, egg shaped.

Eyes with coronas of deep water reflecting twilight blue sky surrounding
Perfect small circles black in their shadowy ascent into the head watch
And intake the visions of the ladies' rippled motion against the tight
Woven layer covering nakedness the mind behind the eyes imagines.

Soon in greeting the blue eyed male stretches fingers broad as screwdriver handles
Across the expanse of the ladies' bottoms, grabbing holding and delighting.
The ladies' scolding with a quiver and a chuckle belying their words as does
Their kisses and the warmth between the hemispheres and the churning moisture.

Hurrying inside home, not from the cold wind but to the warm hearth of love,
With light breaths wispy as hummingbird flaps containing whispers of welcome,
Of too long separated despite it being just a couple days and of praise of beauty
And of sighs of love and of murmurs of desire echoing once and twice.

Coats and jackets, shoes and socks, shirts and a blouse and jeans, bras and panties,
A moat of cotton and leather and interweaving chemical substances settle
And encircle the wide length of soft platform on which they fall into each other
And embrace and kiss, breath within breath and skin against skin, contact fulfilling need.

Blind hands reach and find and grasp and twist and rub and engorge through gentle
Handling the distending penis becoming fiercely taught and darkening with blood
Infusing a heartbeat at a time and the breasts buoyant and heavy and the pointing
Expanding thimbles atop individual in length width and shape as the hair on their heads.

Lips greeting lips, male to female, female to female, part for other lands
The thimble nipples and below the pond of wrinkled navel edged by firm soft flesh
Tickling brings titters through the moans. Lips descending to places hands had grasped
And tickled and rubbed and inserted themselves into places from which babies come.

No babies from these ladies yet, only for expulsion of waste and explosion of pleasure
And insertions therein of those fingers and the tongue emerged from lips that sealed
Around the delicate clitoris like a tiny penis engorged and lengthening as the narrow
Crevasse below has its pedaled edges engorge from the same source as penis and clit.

Moans emerge in three part harmony along with descriptions and encouragements
And endearments that swell the heart as much as the friction being applied to needy
Surfaces and orifices, throaty vibrations saturate the room making it thick with love
And nectar overflows the crevasses, mellow springs, perfumes adding density to the air.

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