Kissing the Pink
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by Jay Lloyd

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young male student is seduced by an older married couple.

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The late afternoon summer sun was beating down on the Minifle's spacious back garden, spreading its rays over my naked body, wrapping me in its warmth, adding to the existing heat I was feeling, and I was extremely hot, almost burning. Mrs Minifle, Carol, was bent over a picnic table, her big round bare butt cheeks were thrust out proudly, with me behind her, my hands holding her wide hips firmly and my big cock ramming her asshole mercilessly, balls deep on each and every rapid stroke.

Mr Minifle, George, was in turn standing behind me; the forefinger and thumb of each of his hands lightly pinching and playing with my nipples and his rock hard cock was rampaging in my newly non-virgin tight little puckered ass-bud.

How on earth did I find myself in this situation? There I was, a 19 year-old student, just trying to earn some much needed summer vacation spending money, being used as the personal fuck toy of an over-sexed middle-aged married couple, being almost raped in the scenic surrounds of a spacious English country garden.

My name's Greg, and at that time, nearing 20 years ago (shit that flew by!), I had just recently returned back home to my parent's house in Cornwall after my first year away at university in London studying History. It was late June and I was flat broke and desperately looking to earn some much needed cash so I could go on a Spanish holiday with some friends planned for late August.

There was not much temporary work around at that time. I got two shifts over the weekends working at the local pub, but that was not enough for my needs. The previous summer I had worked for a couple of months for a guy called Rick, who ran a small gardening services company. I didn't like it then, largely because Rick was an asshole. He looked to employ three or four young guys on low wages to do all the actual work while he spent most of his time sat around drinking cans of beer, reading car magazines and moaning about lazy young people. Also, he could be a total pain when it came to paying the wages on time. Still, beggars couldn't be choosers, and I ended up contacting and working for him again, not because he liked me, but because most of the locals wouldn't work for the mean motherfucker.

I spent the first week working on the grounds at a large local municipal park. It was good, the weather was set fair, and Rick was rarely around. Most of the days I either drove the grass cutting vehicle, watered the flower beds or chatted with the girls working on the ice-cream stand. One was a cute dark haired Welsh girl called Fion. I really fancied sticking a flake into one of her strawberry flavoured cones, but somehow I never quite managed to talk her into that.

Sadly, or so I thought at the time, Rick gave me a different job to do the following Monday, working with him unfortunately. He drove us to a spacious property, located in countryside about five miles from the local town. It was a big place, a traditional English Georgian country house, partially covered in vines and climbing roses, with some landscaped garden out the front and much more at the back.

The front was quite tidy but the back was looking surprisingly ragged. Apparently, the regular gardener had been off work with a bad back, so there was plenty needed doing. The owners weren't there, and Rick did his usual trick or working for about two hours then semi-permanently disappearing to the truck parked out the front, apparently to do some paperwork!

There was plenty of hard manual toil to undertake, so I had guessed he would split. I started off trimming the hedges. The sun was out early, and pretty soon, as I was on my own, I stripped down to just my shorts and work boots. I'd been playing lots of rugby at university, and had taken to drinking high protein milkshakes, lifting weights and working out a lot. My 6 feet 4 inch frame had filled out with plenty of muscle, and I enjoyed freeing it in the open air, which, frankly, was not going to happen much in England, unless you wanted frostbite!

It soon got very warm, and I was glad I'd remembered to bring plenty of water to drink. Nature taking its course, soon I needed to pee. I pulled my shorts down and was just letting go with a powerful stream up against a tree, when, shit!

Rick, and a man and woman, presumably the owners, suddenly appeared around the side of a hedge, about 10 feet away from where I was standing. I was literally caught with my pants down and my cock in my hand.

Rick's jaw dropped and his mouth opened wide, giving him a gormless, shocked look, like a gargoyle. It suited his personality. The man looked away and emitted a short cough, but the woman blatantly stared at my cock and laughed, clearly finding it very amusing.

"You idiot, what the hell are you doing?" Rick shouted, obviously annoyed.

"Well," the woman replied for me, "it's pretty obvious isn't it, surely?" She was chuckling to herself.

"Look, I'm sorry," I managed to stutter out, rapidly pulling up my shorts and shoving my big cock away. "I thought there was no-one around."

"Look, Mr and Mrs Minifle, I can remove him and get someone else to work here ok?" Rick said to them, showing what a bastard he was.

"No, not at all, don't be stupid," Mr Minifle interjected. "The young man was merely answering a cause of nature. There is no offence caused."

Well, feeling red faced and embarrassed, to say the least, I took this as my leave and moved away quite rapidly and went back to the hedge cutting. Rick made a big show of starting up a lawn mower and the Minifle's walked into their house. Rick naturally took this as a cue to slink back to the truck, leaving me with a patronising, "You can take this as a warning Greg, any more screwing up and you're sacked."

I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but the thought of the vacation money I needed stopped me. About an hour later, around lunch time, Mr Minifle beckoned me over to a patio area in front of some bay widows. He invited me to join him and his wife in some cold lemonade and sandwiches. This was very sporting, I thought, as most of the wealthy people I had come across living in big houses tended to treat those working for them quite dismissively, sadly.

I put my shirt back on and joined them. They introduced themselves as "George" and "Carol." We chatted a while and they seemed genuinely interested in me, my studies etc. I was never very good at judging ages, but I would have put George at an in-shape early to mid-fifties, and Carol maybe a few years younger. George was about average height and build, tanned, with sandy coloured hair, just beginning to thin and turn grey.

Carol was a big woman, very tall and pretty heavily built. She was wearing a light looking floral summer dress. She had English Rose milky white skin, quite piercing big blue eyes; her hair was dark, her face cute and full-lipped, and from what I could see of her legs, they were smooth and strong. Her hips were wide, her butt big and her breasts huge. They looked massive.

To my surprise, I found her very attractive. I'd only ever dated girls about my own age in those days, although I had noticed in the last year or so, particularly as my physique filled out considerably with muscle, that I was getting looks, and sometimes attention, from women who were quite a bit older than me. It was almost becoming routine. It seemed I was actually more attractive to older women than to girls around my age.

One semi-drunken woman, a big assed and big bobbed (both of which I was increasingly becoming to admire) mature student of about forty, called Sarah, had literally grabbed my ass at a student bar, and whispered in my ear, "You're built like a fucking truck. I've been checking out your jeans and I reckon you've got a nice big young cock and massive balls like a bull," she half slurred. "Want to come and give momma some good loving?"

I was embarrassed at the time, especially as a couple of my friend's overheard her, and later took great delight in teasing and reminding me of it. As Sarah was on my course, I gently told her I had a girlfriend and was flattered but not interested. She told me it was an "open offer." I was really getting into the thought of sex with 'big girls, ' if not the actuality.

It wasn't an offer I took her up on (although I did about a year later), although I must admit the thought did cross my mind, more than once, sometimes even when I was fucking or 69ing with my on-off girlfriend Tanya's tight pretty pink pussy. Tanya was a cute blond, although a bit too feisty and unpredictable to ever really feel relaxed around. She was very slim with small boobs.

George and Carol were very friendly people and easy to chat with. They had two children, a girl my age, currently on an overseas trip and an older son in the army. George was apparently a chemist, who owned six dispensary shops. I guess that was where the money for the big property had come from. Carol was a painter and part-time art teacher at local colleges.

I mentioned to her that I occasionally did some pencil sketches and watercolour paintings. I wasn't particularly good at either but did find the act of painting or drawing very relaxing. She was interested and told me to bring some in tomorrow for her to look at. I said I would. Then, not wanting to overstay their hospitality, I returned to work.

The next morning Rick drove us in the truck back to the Minifle's property. I worked at some flowerbeds for a couple of hours while he sat on a garden bench, smoking and checking the horse racing form in his newspaper, before leaving. "I'll be back later in the afternoon," he said. "Don't hurry," I whispered under my breath.

It was hot again and so it was back to just the jeans shorts, socks and work boots for me. Shortly afterwards, Carol appeared from the rear of the house and approached me. She was barefoot and wearing a pair of smallish white shorts, a T-shirt and a floppy sun hat. I was digging holes in the soil with a spade, prior to planting some newly purchased shrubs, which were still in their pots. When I saw her up close I narrowly avoided chopping into my foot.

Bloody hell, was she a site for my eyes. Carol must have been close to 6 feet tall. The way she was built? Well, it was almost as though her really huge boobs and big round ass were too big for her; like they were almost busting out of her flesh. She had a little bit of a tummy on her, although her long legs were surprisingly smooth and toned looking. My cock and balls felt as though they were swelling slightly inside my tight shorts.

She greeted me with a charming smile. "Hello Greg, did you remember to bring your art work in?" I had, and retrieved a couple of A4 pads from a rucksack I had brought with me. "Bring them inside," she told me, "you've earned a break and a coffee." I made to pick up my shirt. "Oh leave that, it's hot everywhere today, you'll be more comfortable bare."

There was a type of conservatory, or summer house, as an extension at the side of the main property. I removed my boots at the door, and sat on a comfortable leather sofa while Carol made the coffee. When she returned she sat next to me and meandered through my efforts slowly with a rather intense look on her face. I was trying to look down her T-shirt; her cleavage was valley deep.

"They're really very good Greg. You've got some talent there; your drawings are especially fine." I thanked her, although I would imagine she was being more polite than realistic. I asked Carol about her work, and she said she would show me some. I followed her inside the house, upstairs and into a room made into a biggish studio, which had very large windows on two sides, giving plenty of light. There were various paintings around, some finished and others in different stages of completion. Most were portraits of people, some nudes. They were very good. There were also a few 'abstract' or weird ones.

"Do you sell them?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, "mostly, although a few I keep and hang around the house and some I give away as presents. I'm pretty disorganised to be honest, hence so many half finished canvasses that I may even get around to finishing eventually," she laughed.

There was one very big framed picture standing alone in the corner that caught my eye. It seemed out of place with the others. Its background was purple and in its centre was a kind of small, slightly crinkled hole, from which various stripes and stars of different vivid colours spread outwards. It was very striking.

"What is the theme of that?" I asked.

"Well," Carol explained carefully, actually in a rather deadpan school teacher way: "The aperture at the centre is one of my model's arsehole. I worked on the painting from a photograph. George had given it to him; you know what I mean Greg, you may say fucked him up the arse. Then George pulled out and I took the snap just then, while there was some arse gape. The human arsehole can be actually very beautiful. The lights and shapes spreading outwards in the painting represent a kind of splendour and energy flowing and sharing from wonder's epicentre."

'What the fuck!' I thought, totally stunned and confused. Her husband fucks a man in the arse, withdraws, and then she photographs the spread hole and creates a painting from this! It seemed insane.

I must have looked bewildered.

"Oh Greg, don't look so shocked," Carol said, still in school teacher mode. "Surely you've painted nudes before?"

"Yes I have."

"Well Greg, don't be judgemental, the painting, it's just a form of extension from that. You know that us artists (and she raised her eyes to mine and gave me a devilish straight look as she said the 'us') often veer from conventional societal norms in our work, and that is a creative freedom and indeed almost a life enhancing boon. Surely you realise this?"

I actually didn't understand much of what she was talking about, but managed a weak, "Yes."

"Now then, there is something I meant to ask you earlier. How much is that creepy man, Rick, paying you?"

I told her, and it was pretty much the minimum anyone would get out of bed for in the morning.

"Is that all," she said. "Well, the regular young male model I use isn't available currently, and if you like you can earn some extra cash by posing for me. I'll pay you money in hand personally in addition to what we are paying for the gardening."

I thought about it for a second. "Well," I replied, attempting to be humorous. "Sure, that sounds good, no worries, as long as you don't expect me to let your husband butt fuck me."

This made her laugh. "No, that's not mandatory, merely voluntary," she chuckled. Well Greg, there's no time like the present, forget the gardening, we can start now if that's ok?"

It was, and although I was dubious about this, I was also in truth a little turned-on, plus I wanted the extra cash. Carol explained that she liked to create a painting using live sittings and also working from photographs. She firstly got a camera and took various snaps with me in turn standing up, sitting and laying down, then did a few extremely rapid pencil sketches. "You're a big, strong young man, very mesomorphic (whatever that meant?). How tall are you Greg, and what is your weight?

"The last time I checked I was 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and about 238 pounds, or 17 stone," I told her. She was really eyeing me up intently, more so than in just an 'artistic' way, or at least it appeared so to me.

"Yes, I guessed you were about that size. You have a superb physique Greg; you must work-out a lot." I nodded. "Most impressive," Carol commented. "Now take your socks, jeans and underwear off please."

I slipped them off, feeling my face redden a touch. I felt my cock begin to twitch a touch, but sort of willed the erection away, although when I glanced down, I saw I was almost at the point of a semi-erection. Carol asked me to: "Stand and face me please." She got the camera again and clicked away while she moved about, getting shots from various angles and distances. "Well, you're a very good looking young man; you must be very popular with the girls, or is it guys, at your university."

"It's girls," I told her, probably unnecessarily firmly.

"Yes, of course, I thought that," she laughed. You have a nice big penis and very large set of testicles too," she added. "Now can you turn around and bend over the side of that chair." I did as she asked. "Now stick you buttocks out and spread your legs." This was now becoming more comical and sexy than embarrassing.

"Nice arse," Carol said. "Now pull your butt cheeks wide so I can see your boy pussy properly Greg."

Boy pussy! 'What the fuck, ' I thought. Carol knelt close behind me and I could hear the camera clicking away. "That's very pretty one Greg. Now wet your finger and rub it on around the hole, glisten it up a bit." I did as she told me. "Mmmm, that is very, very cute, gorgeous, and your balls look really huge and attractive from this angle." A few more clicks, then Carol patted my cheeks lightly a couple of times. "Ok, you can stand up now Greg."

I went to retrieve my shorts, boots and what was left of my dignity, thinking that Carol was finished. "No, don't put them on yet Greg, there are just a few more shots I'd like to take, it that's ok?"

"No worries," I said. "You're paying Carol, so you're the boss."

"Ha ha, yes, I suppose I am." Maybe I should have guessed the next thing, although I didn't. "What I want Greg, is for you to pump that big penis to it's absolute maximum, so it is high, hard and proud, that will be a great shot, and probably an inspiration for my work."

I was more than half-way to being fully erect anyway at this point. "Oh, there is no need to look reluctant Greg; this is all natural; the human body is so beautiful in all its manifestations." I wasn't aware of looking at all reluctant; I was well past that point, and Carol in saying that was just playing verbal games.

"Ok Greg, well, I could imagine that as a young man standing naked in front of an older woman you could feel embarrassed. Perhaps it would make things easier for you if I, in turn, was also naked?" So that was her game, I thought. Good!

Before I could to reply, Carol was reaching behind her back unbuttoning her dress and flicking off her sun hat. Very quickly she was stood, clad only in a black bra and panties. She was glorious, a total BBW, a big beautiful woman.

I was almost transfixed, and was looking straight at her hungrily. Her smooth, flawless milky white skin was beguiling. Carol's fine full-lipped mouth curled into a girlish smile as she unclipped the bra. Her natural breasts dropped a bit, unsurprisingly as they were massive. They were round and beautiful, the nipples huge and thrust out proudly in erection. My cock was now pulsing and almost vertical, past my tummy button.

She turned, facing away from me, bent and pulled her panties off in one smooth movement, exposing two magnificent, opulent, edible looking big round firm butt-cheeks. Carol then turned, showing a close trimmed dark bush, and sat back on a soft leather sofa. She was staring directly into my eyes, challengingly. Her voice had turned girlish: "You've shown me yours so I'll show you mine, that's only fair, isn't it Greg?"

"Ok, yeah," I stammered out.

With that Carol drew her knees up and spread her legs wide open, exposing a really full-lipped pretty pink pussy. It appeared a touch moist, and was long in length, top to bottom, almost delicate, rose-petal like it its beauty, and was topped by a surprisingly big visible clit, which Carol now rubbed around with slow, languid finger-tip strokes.

"There's no need for you to pump that cock now Greg," she said, as she played with herself. I looked down and my cock was at its absolute max, the big head now leaking shiny clear pre-cum. "As I inferred to you before about that painting Greg, the human body is so beautiful, so why be judgemental, just enjoy things for what they are, ok?"

"Too right." I replied.

"Good boy. Now what do you think of this?" Carol asked, as she quickly flipped her position on the sofa, so her lovely big buns were thrust out proudly. She spread her own cheeks exposing a cute, puckered asshole. Analingus was my immediate thought.

"It's a beauty Carol. Can I have a taste?"

"Mmmm," she almost purred like a cat. "Please do." I lapped around it with my tongue, savouring the clean, fresh, yet vaguely acrid taste. I wet a finger and slid it inside her pliable, rubbery opening, moistening the ring. Then I spread the ring slightly with my thumbs and slipped my tongue into her cavernous ass, lapping her like a hungry animal.

I removed my fingers while keeping my tongue inside. I put my hands onto her massive hanging breasts, and pulled, actually quite firmly, on those huge, erect hard nipples, and tugged them, almost as though I was milking her. Carol must have had sensitive boobs; she loved this, literally moaning as I manhandled her, all the time with my tongue in her ass and her fingers playing a slow tune on her clit and big pussy lips. She was in total heat. I could smell the fine aroma of her sex scents.

Quite shortly, Carol's breathing became rapid and shallow as she emitted feline sounds from her throat. She came in spasms; her fine big body was shuddering. Delicious woman juice seeped down to her asshole, assaulting my tongue deliciously. I pulled my tongue from her butt and moved my hands from her breasts, and wiped them on her soaking pussy, coating them with moisture. Then I licked the sweet sticky fluid from my palms and fingers. Great taste!

Carol then sat back on the sofa, and her somewhat ragged breathing regained its normal rhythm. She beckoned me to sit next to her, and slowly and lengthily kissed my mouth, tasting her own cum no doubt. Her lips were full and soft, and her tongue probing. Carol then put one hand on my cock, rubbing gently around the head and opening, and the other underneath my balls, cupping them and squeezing them tenderly.

When she broke the kiss Carol strode naked and proud inside the house. Her big bare butt cheeks rolled seductively. She appeared again a couple of minutes later with a tray containing what looked like a small bottle of baby oil, a bottle of cold beer for me and a can of diet Coke for herself. It was hot in the summer house and I gulped a fair bit of the beer down rapidly. Then she took the beer bottle away and sat next to me again, and brushed her fingers over my almost bursting cock.

"It's only fair to help you out now Greg." Carol pulled my mouth onto an enormous firm nipple. As I sucked on it hungrily, she poured some oil into her palms, and then worked it on my cock. She gripped the base semi-firmly and slowly pumped her hand up and down on it, while slipping the other hand underneath my buttocks and first lubed my asshole before slipping one and then two fingers into its tightness and began finger fucking me at the same time as masturbating me. It was heavenly.

Naturally, soon I was reading to shoot a big load from my big fat balls. Carol sensed this, moved back and dropped to her knees, sticking my cock into her mouth. She gamely swallowed much of the cum, with just a little bit of it seeping out of the sides of her mouth. Then she pulled the cock out, looked at it almost as thought she were examining it, and licked it clean of any liquid remains.

"What a magnificent cock you have Greg. Thank-you for being so kind as to share it with me." She looked at a small gold watch on her left wrist. "Damn, we could have so much more fun today, but I really have to get back to the summer school I am teaching at. I'll see you tomorrow I hope Greg."

"I certainly hope so," I replied, and we went our separate ways, she off to her car, me to a quiet corner of the garden, where I idly coppiced some young tree stems. Tomorrow was to prove to be another eventful day.

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