Pam and Annie

by pj

Copyright© 2010 by pj

Romantic Sex Story: Teen cousins learn the ways of life and love, on the farm. Yeah.. I know. Groundbreaking precept. NOTE: This is an excerpt from 'Windfall', which is 'In Progress' and will be included in that story.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Cousins   First   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   .

This is an excerpt from an unposted story, 'Windfall'

Pam learns early

Pam went on to describe to me, in detail, her childhood awareness of sex and her early fascination with it. She was fortunate that she grew up in a close-knit household with a great extended family and parents that were stern but doted on her.

But she had discovered when she was about six that playing with herself brought on the greatest pleasures she had ever experienced, and she was masturbating from that time on.

Further she became interested in boys when she was 10, and she saw dogs and livestock mating, while visiting her uncle's farm and, unaware of any proprieties about discussing sex, asked her cousin about it.

Her cousin, Annie — only a year older than Pam, had giggled and told her that those animals were fucking. Annie, like Pam, was sexually precocious and had also been masturbating since about the age of six.

Which led them to steal away nearly every day to the woods behind the house and play 'doctor' with each other. Which turned into touching each other's pussy and clitty, which felt even better than if they were doing it for themselves and it was while they were playacting animal mating that Annie and Pam discovered the magic touch of another ... Pam was pretending to be a dog or a bull sniffing at Annie's pussy and accidently bumped her nose on Annie's little clit which caused Annie to jerk her hips and press her pussy into Pam's face ... at the same time emitting a loud groan.

Pam was fascinated, she licked at Annie's pussy, with even more spectacular results. And it only took Annie a few minutes to come to a spectacular crescendo, while holding Pam's head so tightly to her crotch that Pam felt she was almost suffocating.

When Annie had caught her breath, Pam insisted on turnabout and, though she felt she was much quieter about it, discovered the source of Annie's ecstasy. It was far far better when someone else was doing the tickling and licking of your private parts.

Annie and Pam discussed their new-found pleasure often from that time on. They talked about how much fun it was and how it made them feel, even down to how they tasted. Pam and Annie agreed that the taste was okay but not the best thing they'd ever tasted. However it was worth it for the reaction of their partner. And to get the same in return.

They wondered if it would be the same with a boy doing the licking and sucking, and they wondered how to go about finding out without risking the boy telling everyone he knew about it.

"I wish you had a brother!" Annie told Pam.

"And I wish YOU had a brother." Pam retorted with a laugh.

Because both girls were pretty smart, they knew instinctively that sex was a secret thing. And they also knew that boys were sometimes the 'enemy'. That they bragged about anything they could which would raise the esteem they held in their 'pack'.

And they already knew from experience that boys told all their friends if they so much as saw a bit of girls' titty. So they began to scheme about how to find some boy who also had a reason to keep secrets and also was not a total loser jerk ... or too ugly.

And the answer was not far off - Johnny, a cousin of Annie on her mother's side, lived on the adjoining farm. He was a year older than Pam and Annie but he was as cute as any of the boys in the area and he played nice when they were together without the constant teasing and hair-pulling that other boys subjected them to.

They told Johnny that they had found a 'secret place' in the woods and asked him if he'd like to join their secret club. Of course, Johnny accepted and when they were at the little cave, asked what they did there that was such a secret.

Both girls were nervous, more so than they thought they'd be.

"We talk about things." Pam piped.

"What things?"

"Just things."

"That sounds boring, do you talk about baseball?"

The girls giggled. "No."

Johnny didn't understand that, Annie was as good a baseball player as he was but, then, he knew Pam wasn't and didn't even play softball.



"Then you talk about boys, don't you!" Johnny already knew from the playground that most girls when they gathered in their little cliques talked about boys.

"That's boring. I don't want to talk about boys."

"Johnny, don't tell me boys don't talk about girls!" Annie transfixed him with a stare.

"Well ... not much."

"But they DO, don't they!"

Johnny colored. He was getting uncomfortable, he certainly didn't want to talk about 'girls' either. Not with girls.


"What do they say about girls?" Pam caught the drift of what Annie was doing, pin the boy into a corner.

Johnny blushed again.

"Just things..."

"They talk about fucking girls don't they!" Annie was boring in, feeling at the same time, triumphant because she was winning the game, and sorry for Johnny because he was obviously miserable.

"Just tell the truth, Johnny ... we wont get mad." Pam thought it was time for her to display a little compassion.

"Well ... the older boys do, sometimes..."

"Who does?"


Annie guffawed. Wilbur was the LAST boy she'd expect to be fucking any girl. He was almost fat, and smelly, and not cute at all.

"Who did he say?"

"um..." Johnny flushed yet again. "Wendy Conroy."

"But we all think he's lying!" Johnny was feeling he had to be on the 'girls' side', at least this time.

Annie nodded. Wendy was the daughter of the biggest farmer around and Wilbur the son of her dad's tenant and hired hand.

"Who else?"

Well, when Wilbur said that, Jack Adams said he'd fucked a girl, too."

"Who?" That was a little different. Jack WAS cute and a good ballplayer, too.

"err ... you."

Annie didn't know whether to piss herself or roll on the ground laughing.

"Hah! All he ever did was grab at my tittie, and only once. I beat the shit out of him."

Pam, picturing that, started to laugh and Johnny did too, after thinking about it.

"He didn't say anything about that!" Johnny said between gasps of laughter.

Johnny was now beginning to feel at ease. There might be something to this 'secret girls' club' thing. It was fun.

"How about you girls? Do you talk about fucking boys?"

Pam and Annie exchanged looks. "You mean us ... or all the girls?"

"All the girls. I know they talk about boys..."

"Nope, they never talk about fucking."

"Oh." Johnny was disappointed. He had hoped that he wouldn't feel so strange about thinking so much about what sex might be like.

Then he caught the nuance.

"They don't ... does that mean you two do?"


"What's 'sort of' mean?" Now Johnny felt he was kind of equal here.

"We do things." Pam looked at Annie, she felt uncomfortable about this.

She motioned Annie to follow her outside the cave.

"Are you sure you want to tell him, Annie? How do you know he won't be like all the others?"

"Don't be silly, Pam ... if we let him go now, he might just figure it out and tell the other boys that I talk about fucking all the time."


"If we let him play with us, he can't tell! Haven't you ever heard of 'inbreeding?"

"No, what's that?"

"It's when a brother and sister or cousins make a baby ... it's against the rules."

"But, if it's against the rules..."

"Geez, Pam! We aren't going to let him fuck us ... it's just like we're playing doctor, only better."

"Then why wouldn't he tell ... if he doesn't really fuck us..."

"Just wait and see!"

They went back to Johnny.

"How about it ... do you want to join our club?"

Johnny had changed his mind while they were out. It was exciting to talk about this stuff with girls. In fact his dick had gotten hard while he was thinking about it.

"What do I have to do?"

Annie now took command.

"You have to show us your thingy."

Johnny thought about it. Some girls played tricks on boys, and then he'd heard they laughed about it.

"Then what?"

Annie, even at ten was a good reader of human nature. She knew what was going through his head.

"Then YOU have to ask."

"If I show you my dick, I want to see both your pussies."

Pam didn't like Annie running the whole show. "Okay."

"At the same time."

"No! You first." Annie was a little irritated.

"Why not?"

"Because it's an initiation, dummy."

Johnny thought about it, for about ten seconds. He figured that there was a reason for the girls to tell him about their club. If they just wanted to humiliate him, they could have done that in the barn or anywhere else.

Johnny stood up and unzipped his jeans and started to pull it out.

"No, pants down!" Annie wanted to see the whole thing. She noted he already had a hard-on.

After a little hesitation, Johnny complied, his cock sprang free and the girls exclaimed in unison:


Johnny wasn't huge but his pecker was at least five inches long, and from the looks of it stiff as a spring.

Pam marveled. She immediately had one thought.

"Can I touch it?"

"No, you both have to show me yours, first." Johnny truly wanted them to touch it, but he didn't want to pass up the chance, if they were playing a trick.

The girls complied with just a touch of nerves. They both dropped their jeans and panties to their knees.

"I can't see anything. You have to turn around and bend over a little, don't you?"

The girls looked at each other but complied.

"More ... bend over more."

Johnny still couldn't see anything he hadn't seen before. The girls' butts were tightly clenched and there was only a hint of a cleft in the shadowy light available. He couldn't even see their bungholes.

"Is that all?" Johnny, from his tone of voice was disappointed.

Pam was first to answer:

"No, but you have to take off your jeans and shorts and then we'll lay down on our backs and spread our legs. Then you can look as close as you want." The thought of Johnny seeing her pussy was as exciting as touching his cock. Pam wondered why.

Annie apparently felt the same because this time she didn't protest.

Both girls shucked down their jeans and panties, leaving them only on one leg ... then lay on their backs with the knees apart and spread out. Johnny knelt at their feet and peered at them closely. It was exciting as he'd thought it would be. He felt his pecker throb.

"No," protested Annie. "You have to get between us so we can look at your wiener at the same time."

"The OTHER direction dummy ... we cant reach it from here."

Johnny wasn't thinking of anything else now. He didn't hesitate to turn and get between them. He reached out to touch Pam's pussy cleft.

"Hey!" Annie interjected. "Are your fingers clean? Lick the fingers before you touch us there."

Johnny complied without even thinking. The girls loved the feel of his hard penis and the softness of his ball sac. And they loved his finger tracing gently through their pussy clefts and gently probing their little holes.

This went on for a few minutes until, they were startled by the sound of Annie's mom ringing the dinner bell.

They hurriedly dressed and the girls kissed Johnny on the cheek and took off for the house.

"Uh-oh!" Annie said when they were halfway there.


"We forgot to tell him not to say anything."

"What would he say?"

"umm ... I don't know..."

"It's a SECRET club, with his own cousins, after all!" Pam giggled. "And if he's going to tell anyone, better he do it now"

But Johnny didn't tell, he was ecstatic at his luck; though he wondered if it was really right to do sexy things with his cousins, he figured it was okay as long as they didn't actually DO it. Being a farm boy he understood the reasoning behind the taboo.

He could hardly wait until the next time ... he only hoped it would be before Pam went back to the city. The girls were even more anxious. They called Johnny two days later, despite they'd decided to wait 3 days to keep him from thinking they enjoyed it too much...

This time they'd prepared a little better, including swearing a blood oath of secrecy, with the obligatory pricked finger and shared blood.

And this time they let ... or, rather, asked Johnny to rub their titties. He wasn't very good at it.

But he'd been thinking about ways to tickle their pussies, and that made up for it. In turn, they learned how to jack him off. The emission startled and delighted them.

"So THAT'S what baby seed looks like!" Pam exclaimed.

Johnny was proud. "It was runny before ... now it's thicker and cloudy."

"It's a lot thicker than a dog's cum." Annie said.

The other two looked at her.

"What?!!! I only jacked him, nothing else."

They had hours to play and they took advantage ... The girls didn't cum, but they got to feel good, a lot. Johnny got to cum twice more and, once he couldn't get it up anymore, showed them his treasure.

"What are those?"

"Rubbers ... I got them at the Kwicki Mart."

"What are you going to do with them?"

"Err ... I thought..."

"Johnny! We talked about this, you aint gonna fuck us!" Annie was more than a little pissed off.

Johnny looked sheepish. "I didn't MEAN that ... I thought you would want to see one and how they work."

Four Years Later

"You're kidding!" Annie grabbed Pam's arm as they were walking back to their secret spot to meet Johnny.

"No ... I've been thinking about it a lot ... I want Johnny to fuck me."

"But we made a pact."

"Think about it ... we've been playing with Johnny for 4 years." She turned and looked Annie in the eyes. "Tell me you haven't thought about it."

Annie blushed. "Well..."

Pam grinned "Exactly!"

It HAD been a little more than four years since the cousins began exploring each other. Johnny had made several half hearted attempts to stick his cock into each of them but all it took was a mild rebuke and he stopped his appeals. Meanwhile he'd had his fingers inside them and his tongue up their pussies countless times.

Both the girls, in turn, had learned to take his cock, now an impressive 6 and a half inches, deep into their throats and swallowing his cum was de rigeur in finishing up their trysts.

"But I thought you wanted to keep your cherry till you got married." Annie whined. She was a little put out. She too wanted to fuck Johnny but hadn't dared broach the subject before. Now she was caught unprepared, she knew she'd have to psyche herself up to cross the line and that would take a while.

"I do. And I plan to..."

"Then how..."

"I have more than one hole, Annie..." Pam started walking again.

"NO!" Annie couldn't believe her ears. To be sure, she'd also fantasized Johnny's cock up her back hole, but she couldn't believe Pam would actually do it.

She scurried to catch up with Pam.

"He has a rubber, and I have this..." Pam took a small bottle of lotion from her pocket.

"But his cock is so big. All we've done is have his finger up there"

"It's no bigger than a regular banana, and I've had a lot of big bananas up my ass since last year."

Annie first visualized the banana up Pam's butt, which made her tingly ... then up her own, which made her shudder involuntarily.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"It did at first ... then it started feeling good ... really good. I see why queer guys like it up there."

"Damn! The least you could have done is told me you were..."

"How? On the phone ... on a post card ... in a letter?" Pam started laughing..."I can hear it now, if your mom or dad had read it or picked up the extension to hear me telling you I was fucking my ass with a banana."

They were soon at the cave, where Johnny was waiting for them. Pam put her fingers to her lips, Annie nodded.

Johnny greeted both with a kiss on the lips, and the excitement of knowing what Pam had planned quickly got the girls wet; Pam for obvious reasons, Annie because she couldn't wait to see Johnny's big cock disappear into Pam's poop chute.

The three quickly peeled off their t-shirts, jeans and underwear ... they had only a couple hours to play and they'd long since dispensed with any coyness. The girls knelt in front of Johnny and took turns sucking his cock; though that also wasn't necessary, he having been hard, just in anticipation, since he'd arrived at the cave.

Pam was first to lie back on the old quilt and tug Johnny down to her, he looked at her quizzically. She spread her thighs far apart. "Put a rubber on and rub your cock on my pussy."

Johnny had practiced putting rubbers on for years, he had it on in a flash. And he couldn't help wondering if this was the day. He laid over her, propped with knees and hands and bent so that his cock was nestled along her entire slit.

"Oh J, that feels so good, I've really missed this." Pam exclaimed as she humped at him in a slow dry-fuck. Annie knelt below their feet and watched as his glistening cock sweep through Pam's tiny cunt slit. It only took a few minutes until Pam began to breath in gasps, then slammed her hips up to grind her clitty against his pelvic bone.

She screeched in pleasure, then fell back. Just in time as far as Johnny was concerned, he was almost ready to pop from the delicious friction.

But Annie only allowed him about 30 seconds before she pulled him to her, and ground against him.

"Johnny, please suck my pussy ... and finger my asshole." She pleaded.

He didn't waste any time, he had grown to love the taste of his cousins' pussy juices. Hell, he loved ALL girl's pussy taste ... and he'd had opportunity to find out since he'd cajoled the first girl at school to let him in her pants. Once that happened and the girl told her girlfriend, then that girl told others, Johnny had been in much demand for

'after school math tutoring' which, of course always ended about the time the girls' parents got home. He had asked Annie's advice on whether he should press the case to go further and Annie had counseled that he shouldn't, why ruin a good thing. She'd heard the talk, and the girls mainly let him lick them and teach them how to suck cock because they felt they could trust him.

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