by Tim Merrigan

Copyright© 2010 by Tim Merrigan

Mystery Sex Story: John wakes up to his sister Nicky sucking his cock, as has become normal, but things are not as the seem. (There is some off stage rape and snuff.)

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Rape   Hypnosis   Fiction   Mystery   Paranormal   Ghost   Incest   Brother   Sister   Snuff   Water Sports   .

John woke up with his 12-year-old sister's mouth on his cock.

"Good morning Nicky," he said, holding the back of her head.

She nodded in reply with a muffled "'ornin' 'ro."

Once he came he realized the time, "I'd better get back to my own room before Dad catches us, I'll clean up in here later."

Gathering his clothes, and checking that the hallway was clear, he went across to his room, got under the covers just long enough so that it would look slept in, got clean clothes and went down the hall to the bathroom for a shower and shave. When he got there Nicky was waiting for Dad to finish.

A few minutes later he came out and mumbled, "Mornin' John, how's Nicky doing this morning?" and shuffled back to his own room, with his robe hanging open, while rubbing his left arm. "I think I'll make an appointment with the doctor this afternoon; my arm is sore and there's a stiffness in my chest."

"That's a silly question; she's standing right there waiting her turn in the bathroom. And close your robe; you want your preteen daughter to see your junk!?

"What was that about the doctor?"

"Nothing she hasn't seen before, I'm sure," he said, shaking his head, and with a note of sadness in his voice as he continued up the hall to the bedroom he'd shared with his wife of 20 years until she'd been murdered by a gang of home invasion rapists 20 years earlier.

Once George closed his bedroom door John shooed Nicky into the bathroom, where he lowered the toilet seat, which his father had left up, muttering about his lack of consideration, "He should know better, there has been at least one woman or girl in the house for 40 years, first Mom, and then Nicky."

"Don't worry about it Bro, you're always here to take care of me," as she settled onto the toilet for her morning piss, "now get over here and rinse my coochi."

John stepped in front of her and aimed his piss stream between her legs, aiming for her clit.

"Oh! That's wonderful; I'll give you all day to stop. AAAHHHH!" she screamed as she came.

He leaned forward, putting his cockhead in her mouth, "Shhh, Dad will hear!" as he finished, pissing down her throat.

Nicky wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, "No he won't, he hasn't even acknowledged my presence since Mom died."

John's thoughts flashed back to that terrible day.

He and Nicky were in the Grapeville Woods, out behind the house, fucking like mad minks when a group of boys from the GCBA broke into the house demanding their "Association Dues." Since Dad was at work, and Mom didn't have any cash, they took them in "service" and small valuables.

By the time John and Nicky got back to the house, it had been ransacked and Mom was naked on the living room floor, bruised and bloody, leaking blood and semen from her mouth, vagina, and anus.

John called 911, but the EMTs took over an hour to get there, it seemed that some Association boys had gotten some cuts and bruises whose treatment took priority, and Mom had bled to death before they got there.

Then he had another flash. Coach keeping him after practice? A party in the locker room with the middle school cheerleaders? Nicky on the floor, next to Mom?

NO! That couldn't be! He was in the woods with Nicky, and now she was sitting on the toilet 20 years later licking the last few drops of piss off his cock, his beautiful, sexy, 12-year-old sister. He had a momentary thought, '20 years later and she's still 12, he was 38 now, but she's still 12', but he let it drop out of his mind.

He finished and, taking his razor and shaving cream, got into the shower, Nicky scooting around him so she could get in too. While he adjusted the water temperature, she took his cock and balls in hand, tickling and fondling them. While he shaved she took his cock in her mouth gently licking and sucking, feeling almost like warm water running over it. When he finished shaving he put his hand to the back of her head and she started sucking in earnest as he guided her movements. He had a brief image of his hand rather then her mouth on his cock, but it didn't last. As usual, she backed off just before he came, and he sprayed the shower wall.

He finished washing and got out of the shower. Looking around he was disgusted at the mess around the toilet, why couldn't his father aim better? 'I mean, really, urine on the wall over the tank, come on.' He got out the mop and a couple old towels and cleaned up the mess, dumping the towels in the laundry basket. "Nicky, maybe you should drink Dad's piss, like you do mine," he joked. Nicky didn't respond. When he looked she wasn't there, 'She must have gone back to her room, ' he thought. He finished, drying himself with clean towels, taking a couple to his bedroom with him. He got dressed and straightened his bed, then went to Nicky's room and remade her bed, tossing the semen soiled sheets in the laundry along with the used towels. He noted that her school uniform wasn't in her closet.

When John got to the kitchen/dining area, he saw that George was eating a plate of bacon and eggs with toast and coffee, and Nicky had a bowl of cereal and they were both in their uniforms, George as an orderly at Grape County General Hospital and Nicky as a student at Grapeville Middle School, John was a teacher at Grapeville Elementary School (one of the few who wasn't a registered pedophile).

John fixed himself a bowl of cereal, then said, "OK, missy, let's inspect that uniform, see that it's within code."

Nicky giggled and walked over to her brother's chair.

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