A Boys Education

by CharleeBrown

Copyright© 2010 by CharleeBrown

Erotica Sex Story: A teacher shows a schoolboy the difference between men and boys.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Coercion   Gay   True Story   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Size   Teacher/Student   .

I remember when I was at school at the tender age of 13 or so we had this teacher Mr Cook who was known for fancying boys. I guess he was in his late fifties at the time. We had him for drama class. He was very fat, bald and had a volatile temper. We were all a bit scared of him. One time we were doing a show for the school and I had ended up with one of the main roles. Mr Cook did all the casting.

During the late stages of rehearsals we got a bit behind and so he asked the main characters to do some extra practise at his home, like learning lines and reading our parts etc. He lived alone.

The first time we went there we had a fun time and all went fine. But on the second visit two days later, two of the other characters never showed up for the meeting so it ended up being just the two of us. Mr Cook was nice enough and gave me something to eat and made me welcome. I was very innocent at that age and was already quite comfortable there as it was the second visit, so I thought nothing of being alone with a strange man at his house. He was my teacher after all. We practised reading through the script for about an hour. Then at one point he went over to a cabinet, took out a bottle of whiskey and made himself a drink. Always curious, I asked him what drink it was and he said "would you like to try it?"

Well, half an hour and 3 large drinks later we were both laughing and joking, the script all but forgotten about. He was asking me if I had ever had a girlfriend, sex etc. I went along with it and he began to ask even more personal questions like had my balls dropped yet and did I masturbate? He spoke in a very matter of fact way, almost as if he was a doctor performing a routine examination. I said I wasn't sure about the first question and blushed at the second. Which teenager didn't masturbate? He said my balls would drop eventually, when my parts became a bit more developed like his. I asked what he meant innocently, but knowing something was a bit strange about the way the conversation was going. He poured more whisky for me.

He then asked me if I could keep a secret and not tell anyone that he was helping me to learn about growing up and stuff. I told him "of course" very sincerely. He said that mens and boys parts were different. Would I like to see how? Now pretty drunk, I said ok why not, a strange and intense feeling of arousal now came over me and I felt my cock stir in my pants. He said he would show me his first but then I had to show mine to him. OK? "Ok" I said. He stood up and slowly slid down his trousers showing his very big belly and huge fat hairy legs in the process. But what really drew my eyes were his tight white briefs with an obscene bulging mass packed inside them. I could clearly see veins on the bulge showing through the material. He said "are you ready to look at a man's thingy?" Yes I said shakily. He said "maybe you can slide my pants down yourself, just so you see a bit better", his breath becoming rapid and laboured, and he moved over to stand in front of me where I was sitting on the couch. His pants were at the level of my face and I didn't know what else to do, so I reached out with both hands took hold of the side straps and started to slide his briefs down. A big bush of grey brown pubic hair came into view as, with some difficulty I slid his pants down. Something was making it difficult to slide them down. As I went further the top part of his penis came into view. It was incredibly thick and muscular looking I couldn't believe it. It must have been thicker than a cucumber. My own breath was now becoming heavy with incredible excitement. I knew this was not really a normal activity for a boy my age but I couldn't and didn't really want to stop now. As I pulled Mr Cook's pants slowly down, more of his fat shaft revealed itself and my mouth started watering. Suddenly the rest of his enormous penis flopped out heavily and there it was. Only inches from my face hung Mr Cook's impossibly wide 9 or 10 inch shaft, topped with a huge purple head, shiny, glistening and about the size of a large nectarine. The monster head was kind of flared out, the ridge wider than the shaft by some way, and the slit was open and had a single drop of clear liquid in it. Thick purple veins ran down the sides of his meaty shaft and I could only stare and try not to drool.

He said "what do you think of my penis?" I said "its really nice Mr Cook" very weakly, riveted on his perfect, swollen penis as it slowly rose and swelled up even more until it pointed skywards and I could really gauge the huge size of his whole shaft. Wow it was so long and fat with pulsing veins and a rich manly odour came from his crotch that filled my young nostrils. His plum sized balls hung low like two eggs in a hairy sac, not like my own small hairless ones. I resisted a sudden urge to reach out and touch his gorgeously rugged shaft. Mr Cook must have read my mind, "So you see how much bigger a man's penis can get?" I nodded, dumbstruck. "Perhaps you would like to hold it, so you can compare mine against yours" he offered. "I shouldn't really Mr Cook..." I began lamely but he just steamrollered over me "Go on why not, you will really learn something if you do. You will know a lot more about sex than other boys your age" So I reached out and wrapped the fingers of one hand around it. It was so hot in my hand and my fingers wouldn't fit around its fatness. As if by instinct my hand started to slide up its length moving the foreskin up towards the intimidating looking glans marvelling the feel of it, and then pulling it back down again towards the rugged base. My hand sank into his thick bush and my wrist came into contact with his sticky ball sac. I should have been disgusted but somehow I wasnt. I could have played with it for hours and I wanted something more but I wasn't sure what.

I released the shaft and tentatively took hold of the huge knobhead gently in the palm of my hand, all five of my fingers closing in to feel the ridge of his helmet. He groaned softly. It was truly massive and it had a unique rubbery feel to it, firm but kind of spongy, and full and hot with blood. Clear liquid was oozing out of the open slit on the end into my hand. "What's that stuff Mr Cook?". He replied, "That's my nectar, son. It comes out when I am happy and is very precious, healthy and sweet tasting."

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