The Pregnant Babysitter

by Little Preggo

Copyright© 2010 by Little Preggo

Erotica Sex Story: Ava is my next door neighbors kid and babysits for my twin boys frequently. When she comes crying to me after her boyfriend breaks up with her for getting pregnant... well, there is not much else to do.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Pregnancy   Babysitter   .

Ava was my next-door neighbors kid. I use the term "kid" loosely, because at 16 she definitely had the body of a woman. With her perky tits, long legs and round hips Ava never ceased to turn me on. At 33 I was a divorced dad, with sole custody of my twin boys. Guess who their favorite babysitter was? And honestly, who could blame them? I had to admit, she as mine too. I didn't need a babysitter often since I worked from home, but I sometimes hired Ava to come over at night if I had pressing deadline to meet. Unfortunately I would shut myself in the office so I would not be disturbed, however that did not mean that I didn't come out to discreetly gaze over Ava's body every once in awhile. It was probably for the best, if we were in close quarters for too long who knows what I could do!

The thing that I loved the most about Ava was her innocence. She was a great kid. Not like most spoiled 16 year olds. She was respectful, polite and she really cared about my kids. She was always willing to go the extra mile to help me out.

I tried to not to get too involved in her personal life, yet she seemed to have no problem opening up to me. One night after the boys were in bed, she knocked on my office door and peeked her head in.

"Cody and Braden are asleep Mr. Charles. I'm going to head home now."

I smiled at her. "Thanks so much Ava. Were they good for you?"

"Oh! Absolutely! They are so much fun! They make me want to have my own!"

"Don't rush it," I said with a laugh. "There is plenty of time."

"Of course there is! But, I am looking forward to it. I love coming over here to babysit and it just makes me think about you know ... being pregnant and then being a mom someday." She gave me a sweet and innocent smile.

Images of Ava's pretty little body swollen with child filled my head and I quickly shook them away and cleared my throat. "Let me get you your money really quick."

"Thanks. Can I ask you a question, Mr. Charles?"

"Sure," I answered handing her thirty bucks. "Ask me anything."

"Well, how come you never date? I mean, you're always here when I come over. Don't you get lonely?"

Her question took me aback and I mulled over it for a second before answering. "Sometimes. Things were really hard with the boys mom and it makes it hard to think about being in a relationship again." She was 16 and old enough to hear the truth.

Ava nodded. "I can understand that. I'm sorry it was so horrible. I bet there is some woman out there who is going to be perfect for you though!"

"I sure hope so, Ava."

She smiled at me and turned to leave, but changed her mind stood in the doorway to my office for a moment longer as if she had something to ask me.

I raised an eyebrow. "Something else?"

"Well sorta," her checks were starting to grow red. This could be interesting.

I moved an empty office chair over to her. "Sit down, you know you can ask me anything."

She sat on the edge of the chair and took a deep breath. "Well, I just started ... you know ... having sex with my boyfriend." Yes this could be very interesting. "And I mean, he always wants it. His penis is always hard and he always wants to get in my pants. I was just wondering if that was hard for you. Going all that time with sex and then not having it at all. It's hard for my boyfriend, Mike to go one day much less a year."

I titled my head back and laughed.

"You're not mad I asked that?"

"Not at all Ava. It's a legitimate question. And the answer is yes. It is hard to go so long without sex. But, there have been a few woman and I always have this." I held up my hand and wiggled my fingers which caused Ava to blush even more. "Now my I ask you a question?"

She nodded.

"Are you and Mike having safe sex?"

"I am not on the pill, but he wears condoms ... except for that one time. We didn't have one and he didn't want to pull out..." Her voice trailed off.

"Mmmm, I see. Most guys don't really like to."

Ava nodded. "Yeah Mike hates it. He hates a condom too actually, but doesn't want me to be pregnant."

My cock was starting to stir now as this beautiful girl sat across from me telling stories about sex with her boyfriend. She was so sweet, she probably had no idea what she was doing to me. "That's wise of him."

Ava sighed, "I guess. I mean I really want to be pregnant. Someday."

Her words sent my cock into overdrive and I knew it was time to send Ava on her way. "It will happen when you are ready. Mike is probably not the guy you are going to spend the rest of your life with though. Just remember that. It's getting late though. I don't want your parents to think I am holding you captive."

She stood with a smile on her face. "Thanks for the talk. I will see ya later, Mr. Charles."

"Have a good night, Ava."

That was the first night I beat off with thoughts of Ava's mouth on my dick. From that night on I looked for many more opportunities to have her come over and babysit. She never opened up another conversation like that one though and I refused to push her.

One night a month later, I came out of my office to find Ava sitting with the boys on the couch and watching a movie. I planned on walking right past and into the kitchen when I noticed that she seemed to be crying. "Ava, is everything okay?"

She shook her head and wiped the tears away.

"Come into the kitchen with me."

"I told Mike that I am pregnant," she blurted out as soon as the boys were out of earshot.

I looked at her stunned. "Wh- wh- what did he say?"

The tears started fresh. "He broke up with me!"

I didn't know what else to do, so I moved forward to hold Ava while she sobbed. She grabbed onto me in response capturing fistfuls of my shirt in her hands and her ripe breasts pressed into my ribcage. I laid my hands on her back and gently rubbed to soothe her. After a few minutes she calmed down and her sobs turned into tiny gasping breathes.

"Ava, I am so sorry." I said into her hair. "You deserve so much better than Mike. He made a very bad decision."

She looked up at me with her glistening eyes and tear stained cheeks. "I wanted to be pregnant, Brad. I wanted it. I didn't want his baby. But I didn't know what else to do."

Her words didn't surprise me. I gently rubbed her back some more and the fact that she had used my first name didn't escape me. Ava never had called me Brad before. "I know, sweetheart. I know."

She shook her head. "No, you don't. Brad," her voice lowered to a whisper. "I wanted it to be your baby."

I froze, wondering if I had heard her right. Ava wanted to have my child? She started breathing more heavily after her confession, causing her tits to move against me. My grip had tightened subconsciously on her. "Ava, did you just say what I think you did."

She hung her head and nodded. "Do you hate me?"

"No, not at all! Quite the opposite in fact."

"You don't?"

"No Ava. I just wish you had said something sooner."

"I thought you would think I was just some silly little kid. Oooooh, if I could take everything back I would!" She buried her head into my chest and began to sob again.

"Ava, shhhhhh," I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away from me so I could see her face. "Don't do this to yourself. I am the one who should feel terrible. The way I feel about you is wrong in so many ways! You are a beautiful, wonderful woman who did nothing wrong."

Ava reached a hand up to my face. "Brad, you are the most amazing man ever. I never knew you felt that way."

My body overtook my rational thoughts and I leaned down to kiss her bee stung pink lips. She hungrily kissed me back with expertise causing all my senses to come alive. As her tongue found her way past my lips and to my own tongue I remembered the twins only a few feet away in the living room. "Ava," I gasped pulling away. "Let me put the boys to sleep and we can continue this."

I never had put my boys to be so quickly and I was back down in the kitchen with Ava in minutes. I was ready to pick right back up where we left off, but even though she was only 16 she was just like any other woman. She wanted to talk.

"I can't believe this Brad," she gushed. "All this time I have been babysitting the boys and you haven't said anything to me. Why?"

"Ava, this is so very wrong, that's why. No one can know about this."

She nodded. "I mean, of course it is. But, Brad, seriously..." She placed her hand on her stomach. "This could be your child. I wasted so much time fucking Mike and pretending he was you. That's the only way I would be able to let him touch me otherwise it was horrible. He was so rough with me. I just hated it and I knew you would be more loving and gentle."

She had my dick's full attention now. "Oh Ava, baby. I would be." I leaned down to resume kissing her, but she continued to speak.

"Are you completely grossed out that Mike's baby is inside me?"

"No baby, not at all. I find it incredibly sexy."

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