Ride the Whirlwind

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2010 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: Don's young life takes a drastic turn when circumstances make it necessary to move in with his natural father, the redeeming factor is meeting his sister Jordon. A strong bond develops between them. As usual a very touching love story. Enjoy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

The dreary day is a mirror of my personal feelings. Life as I knew it for the last fifteen years violently ended three days ago. Sitting in the backseat of my natural father's car my life from the prior three weeks flashes by. The tears slowly ebb down my cheeks as I travel to the unknown.

Life in Minnesota with mom and dad is great. One of the best things in my existence is Lucy my new girlfriend. She is just about at the point of letting me take down her panties. We have been close for the last two months. Last night she let me undo her slacks zipper and slip my hand into her panties. There hasn't been anything in my life that can compare to the acceleration that ran though my body touching Lucy between her legs. Fantasying for years I finally get to feel a real pussy. My finger slips into her wet slit so easily. When she starts to rub my raging hard on I feel there can't be anything better than this. That night I avoid washing my special finger so I could smell her essence while masturbating.

My name is Don Parson. At fifteen my life revolves around sports, girls and getting a passing grade in that order. However after last night with Lucy the order may change. I live with my mom and step-dad. Both he and mom had been married before dad has three children all much older then me living in all parts of the country. My real dad lives in Oregon with his new family. The three of us live in a rambling farmhouse on the edge of Moorestown. To me life couldn't be better.

My talent for hockey has me on the wanted list for a number of young girls at school. If it weren't for that I would be a wallflower like many other guys as my looks are nothing to scream about. We have a game on Friday night. Lucy stops me in the hall and tells me we are going out after the game. My cock responds with the news. That night in bed visions of Lucy without her panties flash constantly in my dreams.

Finally Friday comes with a rush. The game is hellishly rough. The only thing good about it is we win four to three. Looking at the bruises on my body would make people think I am the purple people eater. After the game I gingerly shower and am teased because of my hard on. Of course the more the guys mention it the harder it is too will it down.

"Lucy is going to love that tonight. She will have too it is the only place on your body that isn't bruised."

That is Jack my so-called best friend. The rest of the team keep it up till I am finally dressed. We do the team cheer and leave the dressing room. One of the benefits of having Lucy as a girlfriend is she is sixteen and her dad gives her his car for our dates. It is one of those older sedans with the large back seat. When I leave the arena she is out front waiting for me.

"Don, are you hurt? You took so heavy body checks tonight."

"I'm bruised but I'm looking forward to being with you."

Lucy leans over and kisses me. Her perfume fills the car with a haunting sexy scent. It is only the thought of seeing the unknown that keeps me from feeling my hurting body. Lucy is wearing a short black skirt and a pullover sweater that is moulded to her breasts. I am hoping that will be removed tonight as well. Noting with appreciation her white net stay-ups means no battle with pantyhose. My mind is wondering what type of panties she is wearing.

"You look so beautiful tonight. I love your stockings. Are they new?"

"Yes they are. I have seen them in the fashion magazines. I think they are sexy."

"You make them sexy Lucy."

She moves close kissing me. She touches my thigh causing me to wince. I really took a severe slash.

"Don, where on your body, don't you hurt?"

She blushes when I smile.

It isn't long before she pulls off the road to a well-known parking area. There are a number of turns off the main trail to park with reasonable privacy. She is a vision. Lucy gingerly hugs me. Placing one hand around her the other is on the top of her new stockings feeling the warm skin of her thigh. She just pulls me closer as my hand edges upward. When she finally ends the kiss she moves my face between her warm soft titties. My thoughts of the pain disappear as I enjoy the feeling of her ample breasts. Her nipples are quite evident through her sweater. Mouthing on one then the other I feel her lift the barrier. Even in the soft light I can see her lacy blue bra filled to capacity. Then I realize my hand is on the crotch of her panties. The heat and dampness confirm Lucy is as excited as I am. Lucy's hand is on my tent. The sound of my zipper being lowered is music to my ears. Her soft cool hand grasps and pulls my tool out into the open. This is the first time anyone other than myself has touched me there for many years. Lucy's hand feels so good. Realizing that Lucy is willing I take the biggest step of my life. Grasping her panty waistband I pull down. She lifts her bum and they are at her knees. She releases me and allows me to remove them. Putting them to my nose I am filled with her sexual scent and her perfume. What a combination. Lifting her skirt I am able to see a tuft of hair and the top of her slit. This is the first real pussy I have seen. I need to get a closer look.

"Lucy let's get into the back seat."

When she climbs over the seat I get the best view of her full beaver. It is a view that comes back to me so many times in my life in my later years. Lucy's pussy is sight to behold. With my cock bobbing I quickly follow her. She is sitting in the corner with one leg on the seat the other on the floor. Kneeling on the floor I lift up her skirt. Her luv lips are very thick and puffy. Even in the half-light I can see her dew forming on her outer lips. I wish I had a flashlight. Lucy takes my head and pulls my face against her cunt. Her moistness covers my lower face. The scent is overwhelming. Guys in the dressing room talk about eating and kissing pussy but I thought it was all talk. Being faced with Lucy's pussy I want to kiss her. Pulling back a bit I kiss her luv lips. I am reward with a surge of her secretions and the sound of her moaning. Tasting the juice I'm surprised that doesn't taste bad. With my lips covering her opening I suck like a vacuum cleaner. Lucy's ample secretions run down my throat. Then my little brain kicks in. All the articles I read tell me to concentrate on a girl's clit that is supposed to be at the top of her slit. I let my tongue do the walking. I am surprised at the size of it. The nub is protruding from the top of her slit nearly a half-inch long the size of a pencil. My lips grasp it and suck. Lucy hands are on the back of my head pulling me closer as she uses her thighs to clasp my head. A dumb thought runs through my mind, it is a good thing I am not wearing glasses. Ya, I know it is an old joke.

Lucy's body starts to tremble panicking me. What is going on? Then I realize she is cumming. I keep sucking. Her body stiffens and she lets out a tremendous breath of air then relaxes. Her fingers are running through my hair as breathing becomes regular. My tongue tries to keep pace with the continuous flow of her juice.

To say I'm excited is an understatement. My hard on is rigid needing some TLC.

"Don, that was wonderful. Girls talk about guys eating them but I thought how dirty it must be for a guy to do that. After what you did I can see why they like it? I have never felt anything like it. I really hope you liked it. I would like you do it again."

Up to the challenge I lick and suck. Lucy keeps running her fingers in my hair. Moving back I explore the beauty of her pussy. The outer lips are so thick and puffy. The moist inner ones are soft, moist and so tasty. Her opening is large enough to stick my tongue in about half an inch to a barrier. Her juice flows freely which I continue to lap up during my investigation. She is sitting/laying is such a way I can see her tight anal opening. The aperture is so smooth and inviting. Can I touch it? I look at Lucy she is comatose from the numerous climaxes so I take the chance. It feels so tight. Lucy just moans. With all the moisture seeping from her pussy it has run down over her anal aperture. A little pressure and wiggling of my finger sees the tip of my finger disappear up to my first knuckle. It is tight and warm. Lucy grunts a little as I push deeper. Soon my complete finger is deep inside her asshole. Kissing her open luv lips I start licking and sucking her clit while slowly pumping my finger in and out of her bum. Lucy's body stiffens and her body explodes with climax.

"Don you have your finger in my ass. Oh did that climax feel super. It was the most exciting so far tonight. I like your finger there."

So do I, agreeing silently never stopping my slow pumping. So of the guys mentioned their girlfriends wouldn't let them do there pussies but they did let them do them in the asshole. I wonder. My cock is hurting; my balls are about to explode.

Lucy moves her body and my finger slips out of its warm opening. She motions for me to sit on the seat. Her warm fingers are around my cock. It feels good. I watch as she plays with my foreskin moving it up and down.

"Do all boys have this?"

"No, I am the only one on the hockey team that has a foreskin. Mom told me dad had one and didn't want them to cut mine off. He apparently had a real argument with the delivering doctor. He must of won I still have it."

"It is cute. I like the way it slides up and down on your cock."

Her hand manipulations make me feel so good. If she keeps it up she will be in for another messy surprise.

"Lucy if you keep doing that I am going to cum. You know what that means?"

"Yes you will squirt. We girls talk about sex too you know. Are you going to squirt?"

"It won't be long. Do you have some Kleenex?"

"Yes right here."

I close my eyes and enjoy. Then she stops. As my eyes open and I am about to say don't stop her warm mouth engulfs the head and she sucks. My comment about feeling pussy being the ultimate is before the feeling of being sucked. Masturbation pales to this experience. My body is overjoyed and my hips slowly start fucking Lucy's mouth.

"Lucy I am so close."

Sting after string of hot cum enters Lucy's throat. I hear her choke and gag then she starts swallowing. It seems like forever before I quit pumping but it was likely a matter of seconds. Lucy is still sucking as my cock is reduced to a stub.

"I hope you like doing that Lucy. You made me feel so good. Your mouth is so warm on my cock."

"It wasn't as bad as some of the girls said. Most of them said they spit it out but I like the taste, salty and tangy."

"Well you can have your fill every time we are alone. You make me feel so wonderful. I wish we didn't have to go home."

During the next couple of weeks Lucy did give me six blow jobs. She really does like to suck cock. We nearly get caught in the stock room at school. We both had spares and had made arrangements to be excused at the same time. We met at the stock room and were hidden by large boxes of tissues in one corner when we heard the door open. My cock is in Lucy's mouth and she is sucking in earnest. I look down at her and we wait. Lucy's tongue keeps licking the top of my cock in her mouth. Finally the door closes and all is silent.

"That was close. Let me finish Don."

Finish she does. I have a hard climax and reward her with gobs of cum. Then she stands up and lifts up her skirt. She has no panties or hose on. I kneel and enjoy her scent. Spreading her luv lips I indulge in my favourite sport other then hockey, eating Lucy's pussy.

During lunch break Lucy surprises me with a new topic. In a whisper she says.

"Don when are you going to fuck me?"

Instant hard on; I hope no one is watching, as the blush has to be noticeable.

"Any time you like. I've been dreaming about going to bed with you since you let me feel your pussy. You have no idea how much I want to fuck you Lucy."

Lucy's parents are going to a conference on Saturday and she will be home alone. Our date is for Friday night at seven. We are going to a movie then parking. As far as I am concerned we can forget about the movie. I want to be between Lucy legs. During the movies my hands are on her thigh caressing up and down. Numerous times I touch her panty covered luv lips. She is cuddled in my arms. Finally the movie ends and we quickly leave and drive to our parking area. There is not conversation as we both climb into the back seat. I watch as Lucy slides her panties off and sits back. I am kneeling on the floor between her legs. When I lift her skirt the scent hits me. My mouth is on her luv lips licking and kissing. She is so wet. Lucy wants this as much as I do. Her body trembles as she cums.

"Don do you want to put it in me?"

"Oh I want too Lucy but I wish we were in your bed."

"We will be tomorrow. I just want to feel it in me."

My spear is ready. We manoeuvre to get in position for me to enter her. The head of my cock is against her opening. Nothing prepares me for the feeling. I push and feel resistance. Lucy is gasping as I bounce off her maidenhead. The heat on the head of my cock is fantastic. I relax enjoying the feeling. Lucy arms are around my neck. This feels so good.

"I want the first time that I fuck you to be in a bed. I can't wait to see you naked Lucy. I wish it was Saturday right now."

"So do I. How early can you be at my place?"

"Right after dinner I have a shower, dress and will be at your door as quick as possible."

"Good. We can order a pizza. Dad has given me plenty of cash to order in. I told him we were going to be dating. I just didn't tell him it would be in my bedroom."

Lucy gives me a blowjob before we leave. That night my dreams are of Lucy and her bedroom.

I can't make Saturday go fast enough. Fortunately we have an early dinner as mom and dad are driving over to see my grandmother. That means they will be home late. Everything is falling into place. I hit the shower right after dinner. Sporting a proud boner I am ready. Lucy lives about a half hour walk from me. Tonight my legs don't feel a thing. Ringing the bell Lucy quickly opens the door. She is wearing a robe fasten by a tie in the middle. What is under it?

"Oh Don I am glad you are early. Come on to my bedroom."

After she locks the door I follow her soft swinging bum. Her perfume and shampoo swamp me. I'm glad purchased a three pack of condoms. Tonight will be a night of firsts.

Her bedroom shouts girl. There are dolls hanging all over the place. Her bed is large and inviting. I slowly undress as she watches. Standing before her naked she gets up and lets her robe fall to the floor. Lucy looks ravishing. I can't take my eyes off her naked breasts and the tuff of hair just above her pussy. She beckons for me to sit on the bed. We both fall back rubbing our bodies together. After what seems like an eternity we lay side by side. This is my first opportunity to actually see a girl naked without being rushed. Watching her breasts rise and fall as Lucy breathes is mesmerizing. Her skin is so smooth and flawless. Lucy's bellybutton looks so kissable. I can't believe I am actually here in her bedroom. I am so curious about seeing her pussy close up. I really want to study it without being obvious. Lucy is watching me and must have read my mind. She brings up her knees and spreads her legs. Moving to my side between her legs with my head supported by my arm I just stare at her beauty. Her outer luv lips are large and puffy. Her swollen inner lips are a dark pink and show signs of moisture accumulating. Her sexual scent has my erection at its limit. Below her beautiful pussy her tight asshole seems to be winking at me. It too looks so inviting. I want to kiss Lucy all over.

Kissing her pussy is one of the wonders of my life. Nothing can prepare a guy for the sexual lift doing it. I'm rewarded by Lucy's flow of luv juice. Not only does she look so alluring she tastes superb as well. As I get my fill of her flow her body tightens as she climaxes. Soon I feel her hands guiding my head to where she wants me to concentrate. Her openings are so inviting. My tongue is savouring her essences. After four climaxing seizures she releases my head. My tongue finds her anal opening. Hey it doesn't taste bad at all. Her bum cheeks tighten as I bring Lucy to heaven once more. Enticing her to roll on her tummy I really concentrate on her tight aperture. Spreading her cheeks as wide as possible her cavity opens allowing the tip of my tongue to tantalize her. Lucy body shutters with another climax. She finally rolls over and drags to her side.

"Oh Don you are a lover. I never felt so good in my life. But now you have to fuck me. I think I'm the only girl in my class that still has her cherry. All the girls talk about it. I want to feel it."

Her hand is on my erection. I know if she handles it to much it will shoot all over her soft bed. As she caresses me I hump her leg. It feels so good. Lucy grabs my cock and pulls it and me on top of her. She guides to her swollen opening. The tip enters heaven. Lucy wraps her arm around me and pulls me down. Her force surprises me and I thrust forward feeling slight resistance and then burying my cock in her willing body. Have I died and gone to heaven? The heat of her cavity sends an astonishing sensation through my body.

"Oh Don, Oh Don."

Lucy is rocking her body sideways. The pressure on my spears is fantastic. Nothing can compare to this feeling. This I don't want this to end. Taking charge I start to pump. I can't believe the sensation. My body takes over from my mind and everything is on autopilot. My mind is in wonderland as my body continues working towards its goal. Every down ward thrust is as deep as possible. My full six inches is extending a foot, at least it feels that way. Lucy's hard upward thrusts keep her on the edge. I feel her body tremble as she cums. Finally my body explodes and I feel surge after surge of cum finding is way deep into Lucy's being. Coming down from that plateau is priceless. Still joined at the hips I mellow in the feeling. Then it hits me no condom. My very active sperm is now searching her cervix looking for an egg to fertilize. It is too late to do anything about it now.

Lucy doesn't seem to be aware of what happened or is just ignoring it. My expired spear slips out of her soft pussy coated with cum and a reddish tinge reminding me Lucy had been a virgin. With tissues I clean myself, then the opening of Lucy's now very reddish pussy lips. She still looks so beautiful.

"Oh Don, that was really something. Wow. When can you do it again?"

"As soon as I get hard. That shouldn't be too long."

Lucy looks at me defeated hero and surprises me by taking it in her mouth and sucking. The hydraulics work quickly. I am stiff as a broom handle. She rolls onto her back and spreads her legs with her arms up beckoning me. Back in the saddle we repeat the first performance. No longer worried about condoms; Lucy is full of my sperm already. We repeat this performance four times before I go home.

My hand is on Lucy's breast as we drive to my place. I am in love. My mind is on how fast I can get between Lucy's legs again. Then I notice the flashing lights in front of my house. There is a police cruiser in the driveway. The first thing I think of is we have been robbed. When I get out officer approaches me.

"Are you Don Parson?"

Now the really bad news, my parents are dead. On their way back from grandmothers a truck lost it brakes on a steep hill and hit my parent's car head-on. They were both killed instantaneously. I'm in deep shock. That was three days ago. The funeral was this morning. After I'm in the back seat of my natural father's car being taken to the unknown. He is really nice but the last time I seen him was three years ago and that was at the funeral of my mom's sister. It seems every time I see my dad it is the result of a funeral.

My dad tries to comfort me as we head to my new home in Oregon. Dad tells me of me I have a brother James twelve and a sister Jordon nearly ten. His home, now my home is ten miles from the closest town. It is a farm that has three hundred head of cattle roaming the vast pastures. A bus takes us to school in Abbotsville. It is very late when we arrive. My new mother welcomes me with a kiss on the cheek and it isn't long before I am in my new room. It takes a long time before sleep overtakes me. My dreams are all mixed up but when I wake I have a hard-on because I remember Lucy. I will miss her very much.

It is Saturday morning. There is a knock on my door.

"Don it is eleven o'clock. I have your breakfast ready. Come and meet your brother and sister."

It is my new Mom. Our meeting last night is the first time I have ever seen my dad's new wife. She is blond and smells nice. That was my first impression last night. Today is the first day of my new life. I feel uneasy but realize that I have to face the fact that my life will drastically change. I notice my suitcase and personal items I brought with me are neatly stacked at the foot of the bed. Dad must have carried them up while I was sleeping. The sun is bright shining through the window. When I look out I can see range for miles. The rolling hills seem to go on forever. Getting dressed I wander down stairs.

All my new family is at the table in a very large kitchen. This appears to be the meeting room. Alison my new mom is very attractive. Her blond hair is in ponytail. She reminds me of Lucy.

"Don I want you to meet James and Jordon. They will show you around later if you like."

We exchange hellos and I sit down. Mom puts a plate of pancakes in front of me and then the realization kicks in I am famished. I haven't eaten much since the incident. James is a typical twelve-ear old. He seems very nice. He too is eating a large pile of pancakes. Jordon is a surprise. I know her age but she is very attractive. Her reddish hair is in pigtails. She has full pouty lips with a naturally dark color. Her looks are very feminine. Her movements are so soft and flowing. I can see her breasts are starting to develop. Her smile is very disarming.

"Welcome to your new home Don. I know it will be difficult but we are happy to have you hear. I have heard Dad talk about you many times. Now we get to meet you. I hope you like it here."

"Same from me."

That is James talking with his mouth full of pancakes.

"After breakfast I will drive you to your new school Don. The bus picks everyone up at seven each morning and brings you and Jordon back at three. James usually stays with his friend Tom and I pick him up at six thirty. Your mom and I work in town."

The day moves fast. The school isn't as large as the one I went too in Moorestown but it is one of the largest in the area. Today there is no movement but Monday it will be a hive of activity. Dad shows me Jordon's school just down the road. I inquire about hockey. James tells me that they have a very active team. They are currently in third place in the standings.

That night my dad tells me that my parents had left me everything in their wills. They had very large insurance policies with double indemnity for accidental death. The money will be put in a trust account as per the instructions of their will. I will be paid a weekly allowance and can draw on the fund for anything related to education. I get full control when I turn eighteen. That isn't what I wanted to hear but I know that things like that happen when someone dies.

On Sunday during dinner dad tells me about chores. Everybody contributes because everyone is working or going to school. My job will be to split wood for the day and make sure the fire is going in the stoves in the family room and kitchen when I get home from school. There will be some nights when I don't do; it will fall on James shoulders. I am to make sure Jordon is fed and does her homework.

For the next three weeks it is a learning cycle. School is better than I thought it would be. I'm accepted as a new student with a number of people going out of their way to welcome me. The hockey team is not the greatest but I ask the coach if I can tryout. He seems impressed with my talent. The next game is two weeks Friday. Fortunately the courses being taught are close to the ones at my old school I only have two that I really have to catch up on.

I get into a routine at night. Jordon and I get off the bus. I change and split wood and fill the woodbin near the back door. It doesn't take long to realize this is an old house and hard to heat. After dinner Jordon and I usually go to the family room complete our homework and then watch television. We usually lay on the floor on a large comforter in front of the massive iron stove.

She is very nice girl as a sister. Her body is developing adequately. Her breasts are just starting to bud. Her nipples are obvious as she often showers after doing homework and is in her nighty when we are on the floor. What I do find is she likes to cuddle close to me to keep warm. Her body always smells so fresh after her shower. Our bathroom isn't the warmest place so she is often shivering wanting to get the heat of my body. Having her close to me, reminds me of Lucy. I wonder how she is. I love to be in her bed between her legs. Often when Jordon is this close to me my erection is very obvious pushing into her soft body. Either Jordon doesn't notice or really doesn't mind. This becomes a nightly ritual I really look forward too. Jordon is so soft and feminine.

Jordon and I are the first one's home four out of the five days after school. We hone our jobs down to a fine art. I do get to play hockey bringing Jordon to our practices and taking a late bus home. Because the school as staggered classes it allows for the late bus. On those nights mom and dad are home before us. Jordon and I become close confidents. She tells me about her feelings and how she is doing at school. I tell her about how much I miss Lucy. Jordon is very sympatric and often tries to comfort me.

"I wish I was older then maybe I could make you forget about Lucy."

I don't think she realizes what she is saying. When I look at her and attempt to add six years to her age I envision a beautiful appealing woman. She has everything now it just hasn't matured. I send a lot of time with her rubbing against me riding the bus.

One night it was exceptionally cold. When the wind is howling it causes the house to feel even cooler than usual. Chopping wood makes my body really heat up. After filling the bin and ensuring both stoves are burning well I go for my shower.

"Oh Don hurry up. I am so cold. I need you to warm me up."

Jordon is cuddle in front of the stove in the family room in the large comforter. The wind is howling outside. It has started to snow. The bathroom is very cold. When I step out of the cold shower I can feel the coolness on my body. My proud erection is now a stub. After drying I change into my robe and shorts.

"Hurry up Don I am freezing."

Lying down beside her and she opens the comforter for me. Once beside her she pushes her cold body against me for my body heat. I hug her to me.

"Oh Don that feel so good. I love cuddling up to you. You are always so warm. Would you rub my back please?"

I reach down to do as requested and am surprised to find bare skin. I move my hand up and down just above her bum cheeks. She is so soft. Memories of rubbing Lucy flash in my mind.

"Don, go lower."

Lower means her bum cheeks. My hand is shaking as I rub her cheeks feeling her tight crack. I cup each cheek and hear her moan. I want to use my finger to split her cheeks and feel her asshole but I don't have the nerve.

"That really feels good Don. Don't stop."

I don't. Jordon feels so good. I bury my face in her hair and enjoy the fragrance of her shampoo. The phone rings. It is mom and dad. They will be later than usual, as the wind is making driving real treacherous producing some snow drifts. After informing Jordon of the conversation with mom, she wants to continue with the massage. I work on her bum cheeks wanting to feel between them. Jordon wiggles and moans. Later Jordon has to go to bed. When she gets up to leave she gives me a visual treat. I get so see her bare bottom. Her cheeks look so kissable. I wish I could put my face between them and enjoy her. Her nighty falls covering her bottom. She turns looks at me and smiles.

"Thanks Don it feels so good when you use your hands on me. We can do it again okay."

She walks up to me and kisses me on the lips, her small tongue tries to enter my lips. Usually she just gives me a peck on the cheek like a brother and sister kiss. This time it is different. I must have a shocked look on my face as she leaves to go to bed. She stares at me and gives me a smile. My cock is hurting. I look at her wanting to do more than just kiss. She is so sexy for one so young.

For the next couple of days I stay late for hockey practice. There is a game on Friday. Jordon asks mom if she can stay and watch. They approve. It will mean a trip for them to come and pick us up after the game. During the game I get body checked a number of times and get roughed up. I give back in kind. But my body feels the pain. When I come out of the dressing room Jordon is waiting.

"Don it was a rough game. Are you all right?"

"Well I am a bit bruised."

"Well I can rub you with liniment when we get home. Dad always uses it after working hard on the range with the cattle especially in the spring looking for calves."

Both mom and dad are waiting for us when we come out of the arena.

"I will be glad when next month rolls around and you can get your driver's license Don."

That takes me by surprise. I had driven with my step dad but have never driven to school. The family has two vehicles one car and a pickup truck.

"On the days you play hockey you will be able to take the truck to school."

That night after my shower Jordon is there with a bottle of liniment. She rubs my shoulders and upper arms. The heat feels good but not as good as her some warm hands. Rolling over on my back I know my cock is standing proud. Jordon notices but doesn't say anything. I wish she would massage me there.

Three weeks later I have my license and am driving the pickup. Jordon thinks it is cool that she has a ride every time there is a hockey practice and game. The bonding between Jordon and I is nurtured by Mom and Dad. We are as close as a brother and sister can be.

Although there are many very good looking girls my age at school and some actually have made overtones to me about going out I always find myself thinking of Jordon. If she wasn't my sister and so young I would say I am in love with her. She certainly has my attention every time we are in the same room.

Most Saturday nights the family spends time together in the family room watching a movie dad has rented. With all the lights low it is very cozy. Jordon and I usually end up on the floor in front of the stove cuddled together in the comforter. Mom and dad really think it is cute, that Jordon and I have become so close. She has always been cold. They tease her about it.

One Saturday evening the movie isn't the best. I can tell Jordon doesn't like it by the ways she is fidgeting. She is on her back looking at me. I am leaning on my elbow looking at the screen and her beautiful face. Her lips are so mesmerizing. I really want to kiss my young preteen sister. I am surprised when she takes my hand and puts it on her nighty-covered pussy. I look at her in shock. Mom and dad are watching the screen I am watching the look on Jordon's face. When I move my hand away she looks at me in disgust and replaces it on her pussy. I can feel the softness of her small luv lips. The heat her pussy is generating is penetrating my fingers. I carefully move my finger up and down her slit. I haven't felt a pussy since I had been with Lucy. Jordon's is smaller and tighter but just as intriguing. She surprises me further when she pulls her nighty up and my hand is on bare pussy. I look at her and she just smiles back at me. My finger runs up and down her slit feeling the moisture that is gathering. I want to lick my finger but don't think it would be right. The movie ends.

"It is time to go to bed Jordon. I noticed you fidgeting. Didn't you like the movie?"

"Oh yes but I was feeling a bit tired. I was moving to keep a wake."

She is looking me right in the eyes as she said that. She squeezes my hand and leans over to me and whispers.

"I hope you think of me when you masturbate tonight. Yes I know you do it. I can hear you."

She quickly runs up stairs before I can do anything. I watch her shapely legs wanting to be between them. I want to see my preteen sister naked and taste her. That is all I can think of.

In bed I realize that her bedroom wall abuts mine. She is actually lying in her bed not four feet from me. How do I make the wall disappear? There is a door in the wall that is locked. I never thought anything about it. That night I make an extra bit of noise when I cum in a tissue just for Jordon. Her face is on my mind as I cum.

On the ride to school and back Jordon never lets on what she did or said Saturday night. I haven't thought of anything else. The mailbox has a surprise for me. It is a large envelope from a legal firm in Moorestown. After chores I open it at the kitchen table. Jordon is doing her homework. There is a check for eight hundred dollars. The estate my mom and dad left is vast. The house is still mine and has been rented by the trustee. They suggest I keep it till I am eighteen and decide what I want to do with it then. There is a request that I get a bank account and forward them a void check so they can deposit my allowance in it directly. Jordon is impressed with the check.

"That is a lot of money Don. What are you going to do with it?"

"Well tomorrow I will open a bank account and deposit it. It says I will be getting an allowance every week till I am eighteen."

"How much?"

"One hundred a week."

"Wow. I wish I had an allowance that big. I would buy clothes."

"What do you need?"

"Some nice stuff."

"What nice stuff?"

"You know what girls wear. Some of the nice stuff I see in the magazines."

That night after Jordon goes to bed I go through the dirty clothes hamper. Jordon panties and a training bra are there. Noting the sizes I replace them not before I inhale her scent from her panties. Why hadn't I thought of this before?"

The next day my schedule gives me two spares after lunch. I ask and receive permission to go to the bank during my lunch hour and if need be I can use the extra time of my spares. The bank staff is very nice and it takes very little time to arrange an account. I deposit six hundred dollars into my account. They give me a few temporary checks until my personalized ones come in. Abbotsville has many stores in the downtown core as well three large malls. It is the shopping hub for a vast area. Saturdays are shopping days for the farm communities.

Looking down the street I notice a ladies fashion shop Chez Hélène. I have never been in one of them before. Standing at the counter a young lady comes forward.

"Can I help you?"

I am very uncomfortable.

"I am looking for a gift for my sister for her birthday. She wants some fancy things."

I hope the clerk realizes what fancy things I am talking about. She smiles.

"What size is your sister?"

"Well her panties are small and she is in a training bra the label said thirty."

"I think I have what she would like."

The clerk shows me three different combinations. I am surprised at the different panties styles some of them don't appear to have much cloth to them. The bras all match the panties. I can only envision what they would look like on Jordon.

"How much are the three sets?"

Leaving the store I asked her for a used shopping bag from a local grocery store. I don't think I would have been able to walk back to school with a "Chez Hélène" shopping bag without someone noticing.

Before go to the bus I put the sack in my school bag. For the amount of money I paid it didn't seem like much. Jordon talks about her day again refraining from what I really want to hear. The weather changes as we ride home. The wind comes up again. It will be another cold night.

Once my chores are done I join Jordon at the kitchen table doing homework. She looks at me knowingly but again doesn't say anything. I look at her with yearning in my heart. I have a great desire my preteen sister. She turns ten on Thursday.

"So are you having a having a birthday party on Thursday?"

"Nothing really, maybe some of my friend will come over Saturday during the day. It depends on the weather. Why?"

"Just curious. I was thinking of getting you a nice doll for you birthday."

The look on her face is priceless. Jordon doesn't have a doll to her name. She reads a lot when she is not teasing me. She purses her lips and scowls at me.

"Save your money. I don't want any dolls. The last doll I go was when I was seven. I don't like playing with dolls."

"No you like teasing your brother."


She looks me right in the eye. I want to lean over and kiss her. Her small breasts and nipples are pushing against her sweater. She looks so sexy too me. She notices me staring and pushes out her chest. Her eyes are saying would you like to touch me? I look away and finish my homework. The phone rings. It is mom.

"We are going to be late. We have a meeting with James's teacher at eight thirty. We have to go as he isn't doing well in history."

I pass on the comment to Jordon. I wasn't aware James was having trouble at school but he is so busy with his friends we hardly ever see him at supper. I help Jordon with the dishes after dinner and she leaves for her shower. I watch her climb the stairs. She puts a lot into her wiggle and turns and smile. She is a witch. She knows what she is doing to me.

Taking her gifts out of my bag, I select a bright red thong with a matching bra. Oh how I would love to see her wearing this set. I can hear the water running. I go to the door of the bathroom and wait. When the water quits I allow her go get out of the shower and then knock.

"What do you want Don?"

Her voice is so sexy. She knows exactly what I would like. I envision her standing nude looking at the door pondering what I would do if I seen her naked. I want to kiss her all over.

"I have your birthday gift. If you want it, open the door. I don't think you want James or mom and dad to see it. I know how you like dollies."

"If it is a doll I will kill you Don."

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