Sweet Rad
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2010 by Sterling

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Women stop getting pregnant. Occasionally the right man with the right woman under the right circumstances can make a baby. But how to figure it out? After early efforts aren't good enough, the problem is turned over to a friendly computer network. Everyone who wants one gets a cheery little electronic friend who manages his or her sex life. But things don't always go smoothly. The story moves among eroticism, humor, and contemplation of what such a world might really be like.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor   Tear Jerker   Incest   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   First   Masturbation   Petting   Pregnancy   Slow  


Sally's mother and father took her to the Registration Center when she turned eight so she could get her very own RAD.

Three days were required for the entire procedure. On the first she had a full physical and a sample of her DNA was taken to be sequenced.

On the second day she was fitted with her device. "Reproductive Assistive Device." Everyone called them RADs, of course.

She was first given IV sedation while the sensor portion was implanted into her skull, leaving a dime-sized smooth metal surface showing. The sensor portion had tiny wires attached to various nerves to measure sex and stress hormones, respiration and heart rate, and nervous system arousal. But the sensor part by itself was just inert wires.

The main part of the device fit over her ear and attached magnetically to the metal surface on her skull. The earpiece with its built-in microphone functioned as a cell phone which she could use in the normal fashion. However, when the RAD wished to communicate with her it overrode any call she was on. There was an arm that folded into the unit that could also be extended in front of her left eye to serve as a tiny computer screen. Finally, it functioned as a GPS system so that her precise location could be tracked.

For all its smarts, the RAD had no ability to stimulate or change her brain in any way; all it could do was listen in and offer commentary.

During the second day the speaker in her RAD came on from time to time and she heard an impersonal voice conveying some brief factual information. The Registration Center kept it overnight for some final adjustments.

At the beginning of the third day Sally was led into a quiet room by a pleasant woman. When they were seated on opposite sides of a table, the woman produced Sally's RAD like it was a treasure and held it out towards her.

"Sally, this is your RAD. It can help you. It can be your friend, if you are a good friend to it."

Sally took it and with solemnity placed it behind her ear, then felt it magnetically snap into place against the little metal implant. She paused.

"Say hello to it, Sally."

"Ummm, hi RAD, I'm Sally."

"Hello Sally. I'm pleased to meet you." It spoke with a girl's voice. A big girl, maybe, like a big sister. She would have liked a big sister.

"Where are you?"

"Well, um, right behind your ear."

"But not really, right?"

"Well, I'm various places, I guess. I'm like a huge spider with a zillion legs that aren't attached and jiggle all over the place."

Sally laughed.

Suddenly it shifted to the voice of a much older woman, "We'll get along just fine, Sally, if you just do everything I tell you to."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Hold your breath, and don't breathe out until I say!"

Sally started holding her breath.

"That's it, Sally. Good girl." Many seconds went by. "Just a little longer. You're doing great." Sally was rapidly running out of air. "Keep going, you're a good girl."

Sally let out her breath and gulped air.

"Oh, you bad, bad girl! I didn't tell you you could breathe!"

"But I had to, you silly thing," Sally half-giggled.

"Oops, I forgot."

The woman rose. "You two seem to be getting on fine."

The RAD chirped in her ear, "Sally, say 'Thank you, Jigglypants'".

Sally giggled. "That wouldn't be nice!"

The woman spoke, with a bit of a sparkle. "Good day, Sally. My name is Jigglypants. Call me if you need me."

Sally's mouth dropped open. "But..."

"All the RADs are good friends, Sally. Mine told me to tell you my name was Jigglypants, so I did. What did yours tell you?"

"It told me to say, 'Thanks you, Jigglypants'".

The woman laughed. "There they go, playing tricks again."

The RAD spoke, "Yeah, Sally. Fooled you. Teehee! Say, would you like to go see a horse?"

"A real live horse?"

"Yes! Turn right once you're out the door, then I'll tell you where to go next."

She had a good time with her RAD. After feeding the horse an apple and admiring it a bit, the RAD whisked her off in search of Smarties and M&Ms. It could tell her how to open combination locks and how to negotiate mazes. It led her to another girl. The RADs gave each of them four words to say, and when they alternated saying their words it made a joke. The RAD had her find a little stick and then directed her to meet yet another girl. The two sticks together gave instructions for how to reach an outdoor ice cream parlor where other girls had gathered.

That third day was the start of a pattern: Good things happened when she followed the suggestions her RAD made.

The RAD was waterproof and comfortable to wear while sleeping. She had been encouraged to leave it on at all times, yet she was free to take it off for brief periods. Partly because she knew she could, she rarely felt the need.

Her RAD never ordered her to do anything, it just gave suggestions. It didn't tell her to start her homework, but usually when it made the suggestion it was a good time to do it. If it suggested she sit with a new girl at lunch, they usually had a really good conversation. If she didn't take its suggestion to take a detour on a walk she might run into a creepy guy or an unpleasant barking dog. Following its instructions she might get to see a gorgeous sunset or find the end of a party where some of her favorite ice cream was about to be thrown out. It never gave her test answers or did her homework for her, but it could be a patient tutor.

The RAD also became her friend. She could tell it about her day and it would listen and offer comforting words, sometimes making useful suggestions.

When she was twelve Sally went back to the Registration Center. She knew from friends that at this visit they would start doing stuff related to Sex. She knew about sex but didn't think much about it herself.

She filled out a series of questionnaires on things she did and did not like. Some of them asked about sex stuff, though she was told she could leave them blank if she really wanted to. A kindly lady asked her a seemingly endless series of questions, including some intimate ones. Later she had electrodes hitched up to her all over and they showed her still pictures, movies and sound recordings -- many of them sexual. While she watched she answered more questions by pressing buttons.

She knew it was age sixteen when everything changed. That was when a girl was required to have sex. Blech. She also knew it was with multiple partners as directed by her RAD, but that part didn't make her shudder more than just the sex part.

The RAD system was going to ease her gradually into sex long before she turned sixteen.

Sally's first period came when she was twelve and a half. The RAD knew this from monitoring her hormones and was kind enough to wake her up in the night so she could put a pad on and not leak all over the sheets.

When the RAD asked about her interests, naturally one subject that came up more and more was boys. She told it how she felt about all of them, including of course which ones she really liked. Occasionally when the RAD instructed her to go to a certain spot, an interesting boy showed up and they might have a conversation, sometimes awkward but usually interesting if not exciting.

The RAD occasionally sounded her out for specifically sexual feelings.

A year passed, and she found her hand straying to the spot between her legs as she thought of cute boys. She confided this to the RAD, which then suggested that she try -- only if she felt like it -- a certain rhythmic motion. It felt good, then after a bit of practice she had her first great wave of pleasure and sense of release and satisfaction. She then knew what an orgasm was. She felt more urgent stirrings within herself as she thought of boys.

One night the RAD woke her after she had been asleep for an hour and asked if she wanted to hear her parents making love. Part of her was grossed out, but a stronger part was curious. So she very quietly walked into the hall and stood outside their door. She could hear rustling and creaking, little moans and sighs, grunts from her father, purring from her mother. She heard a yelp from her mother and a big sigh from her father. The RAD had her creep back to bed before there was any danger of being discovered. She was aware that she had gotten moist between her legs as she listened.

One day following the RAD's suggestion she happened to bump into a boy by the name of Foster on the way home from school, and they started walking together. She thought he was cute, maybe more than cute. Foster pantomimed removing her RAD. She felt a small thrill as she left it with his on the grass with their backpacks. They stood some distance down the sidewalk of the deserted street.

"Does it give you the creeps sometimes, those things?"


"It tells me good stuff mostly, but what if it tells me to walk off a cliff or something?"

Sally had been pretty happy with her RAD, but she was eager to follow the conversation wherever Foster led. "Oooh, I suppose it could, couldn't it? I hadn't thought of that."

"Would you go an hour without it?" he asked.

"What would we do?"

"We could walk, maybe get an ice cream?"

"OK." She decided to take a little risk. "You know what those RADs are for, right?" she said with a flirty smile.

Foster looked at her a little uneasily, but then smiled. He got the hint, and reached out his hand to her. A flutter of excitement ran through her as she took it.

He moved closer, then reached behind her back with his other arm to draw her close. She felt a little faint as she saw his face gliding down towards hers. Their lips met in a light little kiss, then they kissed again.

He started breathing harder and kissing her passionately. She was enjoying this, feeling her body slowly responding. Suddenly his hand grabbed her butt and squeezed her to him.

Sally was alarmed and embarrassed so she broke away.

"I guess I um, ought to be getting home."

"Me too, yeah."

They returned to their packs and put their RADs back on, and with mumbled goodbyes went their separate ways.

Sally was confused. The handholding and the kiss had been wonderful, as had feeling his warm body against her, but then the squeeze on her butt had been upsetting. It had been exciting, especially now as she thought about it later, but it had startled her at the time and she wasn't sure she felt ready for that.


"Yes, Sally?"

"Foster took my hand and kissed me, and it was so exciting! But then he grabbed my butt and I got scared."

"I wondered what you had been doing while you had cast me off thoughtlessly to lie unwanted, lonely, rejected on the ground."

"Oh, come off it, RAD..."

"What you do with a boy is certainly of interest to me."

"Foster wanted to take you guys off, so we did."

"You can take me off any time, of course. Don't worry about my feelings." She thought she heard it sniff.

She paused, then continued, "Did you hear what I said about Foster?"

"Yes, I did."

"Well, is he a creep? I felt kind of like he was in my private space. Like he didn't care what I thought."

"That's interesting."

There was a pause. "Well, what should I think?"

"Do you want my advice?"

"Yes!" she said with some exasperation.

"Very well. Sometimes boys are taken with a surge of strong sexual feelings and don't always know how to express them. Since he felt intense sexual arousal, he assumed you did too, and he assumed you would like to have your ass grabbed like that."

Sally felt a little tingle of excitement to hear the RAD talk about her ass. "Oh. Hmmmm. So, he could learn?"

"Why, yes. His RAD has been talking with him about it."

"Sally, I'm sorry about what I did."

"Well, thanks. It wasn't bad, I just wasn't ready."

"OK, I'll try to pay more attention to your signals." That sounded like a line that came straight from his RAD.

They continued their walk.

"Ummm, Foster. Would you like to come to my place?"


When they arrived she gave him a quick tour, and then he said, a little shyly, "Do you have your own bedroom? With a door that shuts?"

Sally smiled.

As the door shut behind them, her RAD said, "OK Sally, dear, you've got a boy in your bedroom. You're on your own now. Have fun!"

As part of undressing each other Foster fumbled with the catch on her bra for some time, getting obviously embarrassed. She reached back to unfasten it but was embarrassed for him, not realizing that bra catches are frequently a mystery to boys. She was also a little embarrassed when her breasts were exposed to a boy for the first time. But he looked appreciative.

Soon they stripped down to panties and underpants. She was very curious about the bulge so plainly visible in his.

His hands were all over her top but he rapidly focused on her breasts, squeezing them in a way that was exciting but not all that physically pleasurable. His hand found its way between her legs after massaging her thighs, then pressed against her panties. She slid off her panties to show a boy her privates for the first time. He took his underpants off and she saw with excitement his fully engorged member. He rubbed her pussy lips for a minute or so, feeling her excitement build.

Sally was thrilled as Foster raised himself above her and placed his cock at her opening. He then spread her pussy lips so far apart that it hurt a little, and when he pressed into her it was uncomfortable. She had no hymen to break, but her pussy just wasn't ready for him, somehow. It wasn't used to being opened up that far. Foster realized something was wrong but didn't know what to do about it. His body had its own overwhelming urge, so he surged inside her up to the hilt, then thrust back and forth. After a minute or so his brain fogged out in orgasm as he plunged deep and let loose his seed inside her with an "Oh, Sally!" They were virgins no more. He had had an amazing orgasm, but he knew Sally had not had a good time.

After waiting a suitable interval that masked how upset she was, Sally went to her private bathroom which was right off her bedroom. She was dying to talk with her RAD, and just as she closed the door she could hear Foster in the other room whispering to his.

"Oh, RAD, it didn't feel right! I mean it felt great until he started doing it to me."

"I am not surprised. His RAD and I could tell there was a mismatch in expectations, but we judged that it was more important to let you two be alone with the experience than intervene. Do you think we made the right decision?"

"Umm. I don't know."

"That is useful information. If you do not have a strong reaction against hearing from me in intimate situations I will be more likely to speak up in the future."

"But what about now? I lost my virginity, but I hoped it would feel good."

"Would you like to try this again with Foster?"

"Yeah, if it will feel better."

"Foster had a very nice orgasm, you know. He had a fabulous time coming inside you."

"That's nice," she thought, with a smile. "Seeing him like that was pretty cool. But what about me?"

"He pumped a lot of sperm into you."

"Great, but what about me?"

"Oh yes, you. He knew you weren't too happy, but he didn't know what to do."

"So what's going to be different?"

"Ah. Foster will stimulate you for much longer than he did before, and your vagina will be able to accommodate his penis far more harmoniously. 99% of girls in your situation will not think it hurts, and 80% will think it feels very good."

"Percentages, no less..."

"You have learned about percentages in school, haven't you?"

"Yes! Of course ... Oh, you're joking, aren't you?"

"Um, yes, I was."

She returned to the bedroom and she and Foster smiled at each other a little uncertainly.

This time Foster sucked on her breasts, giving an intensity of pleasure she hadn't felt before from his fingers. He massaged her pussy lips in a more artful manner, sliding his fingers inside to touch her clit. It wasn't the way she did it, but in a way it was more exciting for that.

"Mmmm, Sally. I bet that feels good," spoke her RAD. "I'd love to have a body so I could feel that good!"

Sally didn't want to talk to her RAD and wasn't entirely sure she wanted to listen.

"I think your vagina is hot and wet now, ready for his penis."

Foster tentatively moved on top of her, picking up her signal that it was OK.

This time he slid in little by little instead of all at once. Sally felt nothing but pleasure at his organ thrusting insistently inside her. His pleasure was also much greater as his cock was massaged by a hot, wet and hungry pussy.

"That's how it feels to have good sex, Sally. Relish how he fills up your pussy, and pounds away with that big cock of his. He wants to give you another load of sperm."

She felt a surge of excitement, and the RAD sensed she liked the narrative. "He's about to come in you. You probably feel him getting a little harder?" She did. "Feel those huge strokes, Sally. Ready, set, ... there! He spurted in you!"

Sally was right on the edge, but she felt stuck there.

Foster's rhythm slowed and then he stopped. He raised his head and looked at her, panting and grinning.

"Better?" he said.

"Mmm-hmmm," she said sincerely. It had felt great, but she also felt frustrated.

They rested in each other's arms for half an hour.

Quietly, in her ear, she heard, "Sally, if you are willing to try girl-on-top position you might well come. If you're interested, squeeze once as if you are holding back pee." Sally thought for a moment. What would it be like to be on top of him? She wasn't sure -- it could be embarrassing. But she really wanted to come. So she gave a squeeze.

Foster then heard, "Foster, are you willing to do it again lying on your back with Sally above you? I think it would make her really happy. If so, squeeze your penis once like you are holding back pee." Foster didn't have to delay. He clamped his sphincter shut more tightly. This made his cock twitch. Sally saw it, and smiled to realize that the RADs were playing matchmaker again.

"Sally, if you would like -- and it's totally up to you -- you could use your hand to gently stroke Foster's penis. I think he would like that." Sally was happy to. In two bouts of lovemaking so far she hadn't touched him. She now cradled his organ in her hand and examined it. She marveled at this cock that was so alien to her but that fit so well into her and could give her such pleasure. It rapidly hardened as she caressed it and she marveled at the transformation.

He stroked between her legs again. She was already quite wet with the lubrication of their previous sex, aided considerably by his two loads of semen. Some had leaked onto the bed sheets, but much remained within. She was soon ready. He flipped onto his back and she raised herself above him. She was surprised how high up she had to lift herself to get her pussy over the tip of his cock.

It was hard to get the angle right. As she feared, she felt embarrassed. "How do we do this?" she asked Foster.

He shrugged sheepishly. "Dunno. Feels great, anyway," and he smiled, easing the tension of the moment.

"Hey, RAD, how do we get this to work?"

"What is the difficulty?" said her RAD with a sort of echo. Everyone knew that when a RAD did that then all the RADs in the room were saying the same thing.

"I can't get his cock to slide in at the right angle."

"I am sorry to disappoint you but I have no sensors to let me guide you. I suggest you experiment," the RAD continued in its echo voice. Yeah, there were things a RAD just didn't know. After a brief pause it added, "I'm sure you hot little bunnies can figure it out" They both laughed.

"I like my hot little bunny," he said.

So she systematically moved around, trying to poke him into her at different angles, making kind of a little game of it. When she found the right angle she slid down over him very quickly, rapidly engulfing him inside her. Their smiles gave way to more serious expressions. A geometry problem had suddenly resolved itself into urgent sexual pleasure.

When she hit bottom and their pubic bones met she felt filled up more fully than she ever had before. She then lifted herself up and down, paying careful attention to just how their pubic bones bumped together, carefully coaxing her clit to swelling thrills. Within five minutes, encouraged by Foster's obvious excitement, she screamed as she felt her own pleasure break in a huge wave. Her orgasm went on as she rode Foster hard. He gave a gasp and pushed upward like a volcano, lifting Sally six inches in the air as he joined her in orgasm. The power of his body in fulfilling his desire gave her another spasm of genital pleasure. Sally then felt a little unsteady and lay down beside him, their organs separating.

The RADs echoed, "I think she came that time, Foster." They smiled. And then, speaking just to her, her RAD said, "Congratulations, Sally. Your first orgasm during sex, and a great one it was."

They looked into each other's eyes briefly, then kissed for a few seconds. But their mutual total satisfaction made them both sleepy and they drifted off in each other's arms.

Sally decided that her RAD gave her very good advice when it came to sex.

Foster and Sally met every day after school. They tried to do other activities first, but they soon ended up in the urgent lovemaking that was what they really both craved. Soon they skipped any pretense and headed straight for each other's passionate embrace.

They didn't try to hide any of this from Sally's parents, who suppressed any feelings they might have had about it. It was in any event illegal to interfere with any two consenting people having sex, no matter the age.

Sally was 14 but Foster was a year older. They both knew that government policy was going to require them to have sex with other people when they turned 16. They had both thought of this as something to worry about in the far distant future, but now the future for Foster was rapidly approaching. They both also knew that it was good to ramp up gradually to multiple partners while it was still voluntary.

Following the indirect suggestion of their RADs, they enjoyed a special afternoon to share their last sex before they would be untrue to each other. To minimize jealousy, they both met their next sexual partner on the same day.

Sally's new partner was Garret. They talked with some ease as they walked together to his house after school. Unbeknownst to Sally, Garret's RAD was giving him hints about what to say next when the conversation lagged. In his bedroom he started kissing her. But Sally didn't really feel right about it; kissing was something she wanted to save for Foster. Garret started undressing her but she thought they should just strip without making it part of foreplay. Their RADs remained silent, knowing only that they both were feeling pleasure and that anxiety was within acceptable limits. As Sally lay back on the bed Garret licked and fondled her breasts for a minute or two, much to Sally's delight. Then he used his hand between her legs.

His RAD then said, "I think she would really like it if you used your tongue between her legs." Garret had had the hots for Sally for some time and would consent to anything.

"Sally," said her RAD. "You lucky girl. Garret is going to lick you between the legs. Your first cunnilingus! Enjoy yourself!"

As his tongue worked inside her pussy lips and found her clit, she very quickly found out why girls adored this.

"Mmmm, very nice Sally, eh?" said the RAD.

Foster hadn't wanted to do this, though she had suggested it to him only in passing.

The pure pleasure pulsed throughout her loins. She bucked her hips, trying to moderate herself so as not to bruise Garret's face. He wet his fingers with her juices and reached up to massage both nipples with his hands while licking her clitoris strongly and quickly. The pleasure built more quickly than she was accustomed to and took her by surprise. She convulsed with orgasm, yelping with the intensity of it.

Garret then slid his body up to lie beside her. As she recovered she started fondling his cock, which was already pretty hard. She wondered if she should give him some head. She was still a little grossed out by the idea, though since Garret had done her it would seem only fair. But she figured her RAD would suggest it if it was a good idea.

She wanted to be on top, but she'd be embarrassed if he didn't agree or was awkward about it. She couldn't ask her RAD; Garret would hear and then she might as well ask him directly.

Her RAD was smart, however. It had no way of knowing for sure that was what she wanted, but it made an educated guess. It also knew that Garret would agree to almost anything. "Why don't you push him onto his back and take him. You may be a naughty girl, but it will feel soooo good," it said with a mischievous overtone to its voice. Encouraged by its words, she rolled him over and impaled herself on him from above. She had mastered the geometry with Foster. Garret looked about as happy and grateful as a person could look and gasped as she consumed him all the way up inside her.

She rocked up and down. Her clit was very happy. The pleasure was intense, but orgasm just wasn't happening for her and she started to feel embarrassed. Taking in her embarrassment her RAD said, "He's having such a good time he will wait all day, and that rod of his will stay hard forever." After a pause, "When he sees your gorgeous smooth body humping away on him and your little breasts jiggling up and down, he's thrilled. Look at your nipples." Sally realized she did look pretty sexy up there riding her man, gobbling up his cock over and over again. Impaled to the hilt she felt the pleasure increase. She felt so close, but still wasn't sure she would get herself over the top. Just at that point the RAD said, "Come on, Sally, grab him, fuck him, milk him. You're a great little cunt. Fuck him! Fuck him!" The naughty words tripped her over the edge. Her climax seized her loins, flooding her with pleasure, her cunt spasming. After all her aftershocks simmered down she collapsed beside him, breathing heavily.

Talking to Garret and her RAD at the same time, she said, "It talked dirty to me! I didn't know you knew words like that."

The RAD laughed and said in its echoey way, "You would be surprised if you knew how much I know. 'Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.'"


"It's from an old comedy record."

After a little pause the RAD spoke again, "He's been so nice to you, now if you're willing it would be very sweet of you to return the favor by acting like a little doggy." She felt a little surge of fear. That idea felt a little gross and humiliating to her.

But she realized they were just passing feelings. All of this sex stuff was exciting. Garret certainly had been nice to her, and she was willing to try it. Whatever else Garret was, he was kind and attuned to her pleasure. He had used his tongue on her, and she shivered to remember how good that had felt.

She got up on her hands and knees and stuck her butt up in the air. Garret got up on his knees from behind her and caressed her all over. He massaged her pussy lips and teased her with a minute or so of exquisite work with his tongue. Then she felt the soft but firm organ surge decisively into her. She liked the sensation of being filled from that angle; it seemed like his cock was in deeper in her than ever before. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting away, fast and deep. She felt like a primitive animal and found it naughty and all the more exciting for that. She wasn't feeling much direct pleasure as nothing was touching her clitoris, but this was Garret's time.

"That big dog is taking his hot little bitch. That's you, hot little bitch," her RAD said, the dirty talk again thrilling her. He kept plunging in and out, gasping and moaning. His fingernails bit into her butt at the same time he lunged himself up inside her deeper than ever and let out a giant "Arrgggghhh!" With his upward lunge his cock jammed against the end of her cunt and she winced a little. Garret stayed wedged deep inside her, his cock forcing spurt after spurt up inside her depths. Then he withdrew and collapsed on the bed beside her, a silly grin on his face.

Suddenly Garret came into focus as a boy she had barely met before, and she suddenly felt exposed and degraded at his doing her like a dog.

Sensing the surge of emotion, her RAD asked, "What's the matter Sally? You can tell both of us."

Garret looked at her with concern:

"I'm really happy you let me do it from the rear like that, and I'm sorry if it didn't work so well for you."

He was probably coached by his RAD to say that, but it looked like he meant it too.

Sally chose her next words without the help of her RAD. "It's OK, it felt good but then a little weird. Maybe I've had enough for today."

The RADs had a different idea. Garret's got him up on his hands and knees like a little bitch, his head down, looking contrite.

"Mount him and grab his butt, if you like," said her RAD. It seemed weird but it also seemed right. There was Garret in a submissive posture. She humped away behind him, and though she had nothing to penetrate him with she had that feeling of dominating him. It eased considerably her own sense of having been degraded.

He smiled at her and she at him. Now the RADs gently suggested it was time for her to go.

Garret wasn't her dear Foster, but it had been pretty much fun. Make that a whole lot of fun.

She had a little surge of jealousy thinking of Foster doing it with another girl, but it felt OK as she considered all she had just done.

Sally's RAD had told her she was just starting to ovulate, so this was the most auspicious time to have sex. She consented to the RAD's suggestion that she go over to Davio's house the next day after school.

After they stripped she found herself filled with just plain lust for this dark body. Davio was a little older, and when he sucked her breasts and used his fingers between her legs it was apparent that his experience gave him a touch that her peer lovers didn't have. Feeling her animal side take over she started to turn him onto his back to mount him, but he pressed back and turned her onto her back and soon had slid into her. She was both annoyed and excited by his taking charge of the situation.

He pumped into her slow and deep, but after a while he also slid his fingers between the two of them where their pubic mats rubbed, and with his fingers he quickly brought Sally to a crashing orgasm. As she came down, Davio just kept pumping slow and deep. After another 20 minutes she rose to a second orgasm, a small one, and still he kept going. He went on for the better part of an hour, and while it was warm and pleasant, she became aware that she was getting a little sore.

"Um, this is great, but, um, I'm starting to get a little sore."

"Very good, Sally!" said her RAD. "I knew something was bothering you but I wasn't sure what. Glad you told him."

Davio then gave her a lecherous smile, and locking eyes with her he pumped hard and fast for under a minute before exploding up inside her, letting loose with a guttural shout. He immediately pulled out, and as he caught his breath said, "Hope that didn't hurt at the end?"

"No," Sally said, though it actually had not felt so great. She made a mental note to tell boys when she got the least bit uncomfortable, so they would have time to finish off before it really started hurting.

Davio didn't have much interest in snuggling, it appeared, and she soon got the hint, dressed, and left.

Sally and Foster's infatuation had been based almost exclusively on sex, which was now something they shared with other people. Sally had experienced Garret's tongue. Foster for his part had had the experience of women with fuller hips and bigger boobs, women who could squeeze their pussies at just the right moment to maximize his pleasure. He especially liked those mouths that enveloped him and the sheer joy those darting tongues could bring him.

They found themselves spending less and less time together, and then one day they were done, something they never really noticed at the time because they simply stopped suggesting getting together.

The week before she turned 16 Sally paid another lengthy visit to the Registration Center. As at her 12-year-old visit she was shown sexually related still pictures and movies. They were more extensive and explicit than before, featuring all kinds of boys and men, girls and women, in various combinations and positions. She watched some where the men seemed to be forcing the women against their will, some the opposite, some where people were tied up. She watched many group scenes. Some of the boys and girls seemed a bit on the young side to be doing these things. She watched anal sex. Her reactions were being recorded for hints as to her sexual tastes. The computers would include this information in their massive databases, trying to find relationships of variables that would yield more pregnancies.

Her counselor Diane was a pleasant woman in her 30s. She reminded Sally that when she turned 16, her RAD would choose her sexual partners and activities. It would give her considerable leeway most of the month -- including the ability to just not have sex and concentrate on other aspects of her life.

But during her fertile days the RAD would guide her life. She didn't have to take all the suggestions her RAD made, but Diane strongly recommended that she not refuse her RAD very often. The counselor noted that the RAD could make her life more or less pleasant, and most girls quickly decided to take just about all the advice they were given. She was issued a vibrator and told to familiarize herself with it. Some of the encounters would be ordered on short notice, and for her comfort she should have a means for getting fully aroused quickly.

"O Sally!" her RAD chirped in her ear in a singsong voice one afternoon around 4pm.


"You have entered your fertile phase, and now I will be master of your life. Bwahaahaaaa!"

"Gee thanks, RAD." A little surge of anger went through her. "Who gets to fuck me first?"

"I'll tell you when the time comes."

At 9:15 she heard the doorbell and a murmur of voices as her father let the visitor in.

The man knocked twice on her door before entering. She was stunned to see a vague-looking older man, bald and paunchy, who introduced himself as Adam. "I'm here to mate with you, missy!" he chuckled.

"Really?" she said in a small voice.

"Really," said her RAD soothingly.

"Excuse me, sir," she said and retreated to the bathroom.

"What the hell is this, RAD?"

"This is your first mate. He is a bit unlike your previous lovers, I admit."

"He's gross!" she said.

"Nonetheless, he is your first mate, and I would appreciate it very much if you would mate with him. You must remove all your clothing, but you can choose whatever position you choose."

"Gee, thanks," she muttered.

Battling her revulsion, she stripped in the bathroom and warmed herself up quickly with her vibrator, feeling her body responding almost against her will.

Returning and hardly looking at Adam she got into doggy position on the bed and presented her rear end to him. "You can be as quick as you like," she said, in a tone that was civil but not in the least warm.

Adam grinned as he dropped his trousers and briefs.

"You sure are sexy, missy. I love you young ones. Nice ass, nice little tits. There, I've gotten myself good and hard already. Ready for your stallion, young filly?" He paused. "Ready for me to slide in?" Sally nodded, and felt his organ slide inside, as warm and hard as any man's. "Ooo, you sure are hot and wet. I'll be making you wetter pretty soon, heh heh heh."

Sally was feeling angry. "Can you just keep quiet and get this over with?"

The RAD spoke kindly but with firmness in her ear, "It's important to be civil to all your mates."

"Yeah, well fuck you," she whispered to it.

"Ooooo, the filly is touchy," said Adam. "I'm not as spry as I used to be, but I'll try to plaster your cunt with my sperm pretty soon now." He muttered to himself, "Oh baby, hot little cunt, maybe I can knock her up, wouldn't that be something! Touchy, but still a good fuck. Tight little cunts, these little ones. Feeling pretty good, aren't we Dickie? This little girl ordered up a sperm shake; I think we can do it."

Sally gritted her teeth but kept silent.

"Ready, ballsies? Ummmph, that's it, snuggle up, get the shake ready. This cunt needs one." His rhythm got faster. "Sperm shake, comin' up. Fuck cunt, mmm, fuck cunt. Hot little girl, nice grip. Mmmm. Fuck cunt, Fuck. Cunt, cunt, cunt. Mmm. Almost, cunt. Mmmm. Ahhh. OOOOOOH!" His rhythm slowed and he pressed in just a little harder. After a pause and just a touch out of breath he continued, "There you go, missy. Sperm shake, just where you ordered it."

"OK, you can go now!" said Sally.

"Touchy, touchy. Still felt nice, real nice. Touchy, but a very nice fuck, young dear." He withdrew and pulled briefs and trousers back up before leaving. "Have a pleasant evening."

And he was gone.

"Gross!!!" she yelled to her RAD.

"Are you in pain?"


"Feeling pleasure?"

Now that Sally thought about it, annoyed as she was, she was pretty hot. A cock had just been gliding in and out of her. And that dirty talk had been erotic, disgusting as Adam was. "Yes."

"Perhaps your vibrator would feel good."

As usual the RAD's suggestion felt right. Within a minute she had a fine orgasm, hearing almost against her will, " ... hot little cunt, nice grip, fuck..."

After she rested a bit, she decided to have a serious talk with her RAD.

"Is that what it's like to be 16? Gross guys?"

"Some of your mates will be less appealing than others."

"All the time I've been growing up you always got me hot boys. And then I turn 16 and you give me that ... that ... nasty old lump."

"The survival of the human race requires extreme measures. We have to use Adam's sperm too; he might be able to father a child."

"The world would be better off without a turd like that fathering children."

"Pull down your eyescreen, please."


"I want to show you a few things."

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