Sledding; Or, Going Down Together

by Losgud

Copyright© 2010 by Losgud

Erotica Sex Story: With apologies to Tennyson... In the winter a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of sledding. And why not? Nothing better than a good sledding buddy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

The snow had stuck around, and it was Saturday, so I was thinking about sledding. I figured a bunch of our friends would be thinking like me, heading out to the Hill in the nearby park. I called up Veronica, my girlfriend, thinking she'd be thinking the same thing, too.

"Sorry, baby. It sounds like so much fun. I miss you so much. But we're going over to my aunt and uncle's for lunch, and staying for dinner. But you should go sledding and have fun. But not too much fun! Because, I keep thinking about next Saturday."

Me and Ronnie had been going steady for over a year. Her family liked me, and my family liked her. We'd been having sex since our second date. But that didn't get to happen near enough for either of us. It was hard to get the right place at the right time to coincide.

Next Saturday, her parents would be attending a civic function, one beginning with dinner, and then ending with dancing until midnight. After dinner, I had plans. Mike and Brad were going to pick me up. We were gonna see this cool new movie, then probably get some pizza, hang out for awhile, but definitely I'd be home before midnight. Probably closer to eleven.

It was a perfect storm, a trifecta night for the three of us. They'd pick me up last, and first we'd drop Brad at his girlfriend's house, then I'd be left at Veronica's, while Mike drove on over to Amy's place. We were all guaranteed to get lucky. And then Mike would pick us both up and we'd all be back in our houses before midnight.

I hung up the phone with a hard-on. I waited until it calmed down, then went back into the kitchen. It was close enough to lunch to make a sandwich.

"Who were you on the phone to, Jesse?" Mom asked with a smile.

"Who else?--Ronnie."

"Making big plans for today?" Dad asked, snapping the newspaper out of his line of vision. He'd been sitting there at the kitchen table since breakfast, just waiting for lunch. The man certainly knew how to enjoy his weekends.

"I was thinking about going sledding this afternoon. I'm sure some of our friends will be at the Hill. But Veronica's tied up with family stuff all day."

My sister Joy had walked in the room midway into the conversation, all sleepy-eyed and yawning.

"Didn't get enough sleep, honey?" Mom teased.

"Yea, right," she shook her scruffy head. "I slept too long," she waggled her head cutely, "and I'm having the devil of a time shaking it off."

Then Joy looked at me. "So, Jesse, are you still going sledding?"

"I was thinking about it, yea."

"That might be just the ticket. If you don't mind the company. Make me a sandwich while I go call Brent."

Brent was her boyfriend. He was a really nice guy. It was nice that my younger sister had a boyfriend I liked hanging out with, instead of some loser douche bag I'd want to beat up.

I knew for a fact that they were having sex. There was an afternoon a couple months ago where I was scheduled to stay after school for a couple hours of Track practice, but it got cancelled at the last minute because Coach's wife was going into labor with their latest baby.

I'm a quiet guy, and was well in the house when I heard their sounds. Joy had Brent in her bedroom, and I could hear his every word. I knew I should leave the house and reenter a bit more loudly, but I was mesmerized by the sounds my sister made as she achieved orgasm.

No doubt, I got way hard, and then felt like such a total pervert. I paid my penance by finally doing the come back in the house a lot louder thing.

Joy came back into the kitchen.

"So what's up with Brent?" I made the question cheery.

"Family stuff--must be going around."

She sat down at the table, before a plate bearing a clone of my sandwich. "Thanks!" she answered, biting down, chewing, then asking, "Still feel like sledding?"


Mom and Dad encouraged us, which sealed the deal. It was weird to think of them having sex. But with me and Joy always underfoot, I understood we all shared the same right-place/time dilemma.

But still, they could shoo and scoot us all they wanted, but it took time to get dressed for sledding. They got us out of the house, though we had to pause in the garage. I grabbed Big Bertha. Not only was it the heaviest sled we had, but it was also the only one I wanted to use. Our other sled was an old aluminum saucer so dented it was like going over Niagara Falls in an old beat up metal garbage can. If I wanted to go down the Hill on a saucer, I'd cop a ride on someone else's plastic one.

Joy was the same. She gave it a glance. "Should I bring that?"

"Only if you want to ride it."

We always had plenty of bartering power when we showed up with Big Bertha. It was Dad's old Radio Flyer from when he was a boy, the long-bodied style. He taught us how to keep it in prime shape. We kept the rust off, keeping the runners sharp, and at the end of the season was the ritual of rubbing down the slats with wood oil.

The fucker was like riding lightning you could steer.

I pulled it behind me, with Joy bringing up the rear, until the pulling got a whole lot harder. I looked back, knowing I'd see Joy sitting on the sled. "Pull me, slave," she smiled. Then she got a muddled look. "Where is my whip? I seem to have misplaced my whip."

I pulled her for awhile, but then I dropped the rope and walked back. I stopped and stared at her.


"Time for you to pull me, slave."

And I made her, long enough for her to know I wasn't kidding. We switched again. At the long climb up the backside of the Hill, Joy got off and joined me at the tow rope. Our trudge up was weirdly quiet. Our boots made their crunching noises in the snow, and we talked back and forth, but otherwise all around us there was just a bird in a tree pretty far away singing a solo complaint about how much the cold sucked.

The bird got almost annoying. I remarked, "That's what it sounds like when you're too stupid to build a house with a furnace, and yet too proud to just fly south."

Joy slapped my padded shoulder. "You're funny!"

The really weird thing was when we gained the summit, and found it empty, windswept and utterly forlorn. I could tell by looking at Joy that she was as astonished as me.

"Was everyone else in the world suddenly vaporized about fifteen minutes ago, and we somehow escaped the alien annihilation?"

"Sure looks like it."

I pushed the sled to the lip of the Hill. Veronica had taught me enough about deferring to the ladies. I pointed at Joy, then the sled. "I say you're up first, unless you're scared."

Joy gave me a bright look. "Thanks!" Then she flopped down and pushed off.

It was great watching her go down the Hill; watching her trudge back up it got a bit tedious. But then I finally got to go down myself. Every whistling millisecond was awesome. Joy stood up top hooting and applauding, and then she got to watch me take forever to drag the sled back up.

We took a couple turns, and then Joy declared that it was pretty boring. But my sister had an alternative to propose. "Let's go down together! Big Bertha's big enough."

I nodded, thinking she meant we'd do it sitting, one behind the other, instead of prone. But no, she said I should lie down on the sled as usual, and then she would lie on top of me.

So I lay down on the sled. And then the full weight of my sister was on top of me. "Hope I'm not squishing you," she giggled. Joy didn't weigh enough for the squishing to be anything but disturbingly pleasant. Even with our layers and puffy coats, there was no mistaking the pair of pressure points where her breasts where mashed against my back, her hands gripping my shoulders. She took forever squirming against my butt to get her ankles locked around my shins.

I shoved us off and it went good for awhile, but when we hit the bumpy lower part, Joy was just bumping all up and down on me, loosely tethered. I started getting hard against the sled, but then we wiped out way early. It'd been an exhilarating run, however cut short, so we picked ourselves up and trod back up the Hill, sharing the dragging duties.

"That was great," Joy announced.

"Yea, really," I concurred.

The next time going down together, Joy decided, instead of having her light weight flopping on top of me, I should be on top, weighing her down. So we did it like that, and it worked really well; in fact, too well. Despite all our puffy layers, when we hit the rough area, I was lodged between my sister's cheeks, and I started getting so hard there was no way she couldn't have noticed.

We wiped out early again, though this time by my own subtle hand. Making the climb back up the Hill again, I really didn't want to sled anymore. Another run like that, and my sister would be sure that her brother was some sort of sick pervert. I wanted to be in bed with Veronica. I didn't want to be out in the snow with my sister. Except I sort of did. Because apparently I was a pervert.

Joy decided that the best way to go down together would be for her to lie on her back on the sled, the better for her to hold onto me while I held us fast to the sled. It didn't sound like a very good idea to me, but Joy kept insisting. So I wound up lying on top of my sister in a way I'd never done in my life, except with Veronica. With a lot less clothes involved.

Actually, Joy was absolutely right. We dropped down the steep start like a solid rock. Hitting the rough patch down lower was our downfall. All that banging going on. I was fully erect, and my sister was starting that whimpering I knew from once before. Then we half hit a snow ramp at the bottom. We got some half-cocked air, landing with a big bang, the two of us launched, clutched together as one, tumbling forever in the snow.

By the time we came to rest, I'd shot off in my pants. I had that look, I guess, because Joy finally commented, "Looks like I wasn't the only one."

"What do you mean?" I blushed.

"You know what I mean."

The trudge back up the Hill was very quiet. Joy joined me, but she didn't touch the tow rope. Instead, her hand found my other hand. Our giant jumbo hands. Our gloves were so thick, we could barely bend our fingers. Eventually, she remarked lightly, "Sledding might be even better without all the clothes and snow."

I was privately agreeing with that. We were trying to figure out what would happen next, finally cresting the Hill. And right then, a gaggle of her girlfriends came screaming her name and waving and pulling their plastic saucer sleds. There looked to be about a hundred of them. I handed Big Bertha's tow rope over to Joy. "You're staying, I'm guessing, but I really need to go home and change."

Joy looked me in the face. "Yea, I'm gonna hang out for awhile. Even though the best sledding of the day is already over." My back was to her approaching friends; I could hear they were still a bit away. "So, I guess I'll see you back at the house," she looked at me brightly. Hidden from her friends, she leaned up and gave me a fast peck on my astonished lips.

With a wave I turned and started walking away, back home, and smack into the gang of girlfriends. "Hi Jesse!" they all called, "you're not leaving, are you?" One of them even pulled a full-on pout.

There were only three of them. The screams and waving arms made them look, from a distance, like a hundred. It was like a military trick dating back to the Grecian era.

"Sorry," I shrugged, "I took a big spill and got a load of snow down my pants." Even in their puffy sledding-wear, my sister ran with a group of really cute girls.

"Ohh. C'mon. Stay for a little while longer."

"Do you need any help getting the snow out of your pants?"

Which was pretty funny, and no wonder they all cackled, but if you happened to be the guy who was me, all you could do was blush. These were just these pretty younger girls who would come over to the house one or two at a time to hang out with my sister. In a pack, in the park, amidst a wintry landscape, the circled me like wolves. I wasn't expecting that.

"I appreciate the offer, but it's way too late for that. And I really have to get home, because my pants are soaking wet." My words traveled over the crowd to reach my sister. Joy stood there, on a slight rise, above and well behind her friends. I saw her clearly. She was looking at me with a broad, confident smile.

I got home and was my usual quiet. Mom and Dad had been smart enough to shut their bedroom door, so I kept being quiet. It was weird hearing them having sex, but they deserved their fun, and then I didn't have to listen once I was in my room with the door closed.

There I had to deal with the fact that I'd gone sledding with my sister, and after going down together a couple times, I'd wound up back home pulling down a sperm-soaked pair of underwear. I gathered all new clean clothes, then darted naked down the hall to the bathroom. I took such a long hot shower, to alert my parents, that as I walked dressed back to my room, I heard low grumblings coming from the master bath. I'd ended my shower when the hot water started running out.

I made my bed, and then freshly and fully dressed, I lay down atop the covers, and dozed for about twenty minutes. I woke fully refreshed, and made my way into the conversation kitchen, hearing down the hall my sister talk backwards from hanging with her friends to the tumble that made me have to come early. She started detailing how we'd gone down together, and when Dad interrupted with a question, she answered right back, "The wipe-outs were spectacular."

I chose that moment to step into the room. "Oh, there you are!" she piped up. Then she resumed, "It was the best sledding ever. It was so goofy and stupid and wonderful." She looked back at me for affirmation.

"Absolutely. Nothing like overloading a sled and suffering the tumbling consequences. Even if you're the one who takes a load of snow and has to go home to change and warm back up."

The rest of the day proceeded as usual. The afternoon was waning when Dad decided he wasn't satisfied with my previous day's partial shoveling of the driveway. He wanted it all cleared to the lawn lines. Like all imperious adults, he didn't feel he should be the one to carry out his impetuous wishes. There was no arguing with him when he got like that, so I went and got dressed to play in the snow with a shovel.

"Dinner's going to be ready in an hour," Mom called out after me.

I made a quick note to keep getting great grades in school, so I could eventually escape my life of indentured servitude. Not to mention clashing parental commands.

I was out there, doing the job, when Joy joined me, suited up for the chore, carrying the crappy old battered aluminum snow shovel.

"Oh," I scolded, "you don't have to..."

"Except unless I want to."

Even when I started flagging, my sister kept working her ass off, flinging shovels of snow away like personal insults. We were nearing done, both working at the area where the driveway segued into a two-car garage, when Mom called out that dinner was practically on the table.

"Let's finish it first," Joy challenged me.

I agreed.

Then she bumped hips with me. We were standing that close for it to be accidental. Except Joy lingered it too long to be innocent. "I like shoveling with you. But I think I like sledding even better." I totally didn't know what to do next, except make sure the job was done by the time Mom made her final shouted cry that dinner was on the table.

Dinner was followed by a couple hours of t.v. I got tired of that after awhile, and went to my room. I puttered around forever, then read for an hour. The only encore was to get ready for bed, go brush teeth, strip down and slip into bed, read a few more pages and hope to remember to turn off the bedside lamp.

I forgot about the lamp, so when some noises woke me up, I could clearly see Joy in a robe entering my room. She put her hand on the inside knob, so the latching was very quiet when she shut the door behind her.

"Hey," I croaked, my voice gravelly and then breaking in the one syllable. My vocal chords were still snuggled under the covers.

"Fall asleep with the light on?" she smirked.

"Guess so," I slurred. "What's up? What time is it?"

Joy looked down at me from across the room. "Jesse, you look so cute and sexy, all tousled with sleep." My sister began walking towards me and the bed. "It is a little late, but not too late. I was kind of thinking maybe we could go sledding again."

"O-o-okay," I ventured. "You mean, like tomorrow."

Her face lit up. "I was thinking more like right now. Sledding the way I mentioned earlier." Joy untied her robe, and it looked at first like she wasn't wearing anything underneath. And then I was sure, as she shrugged the robe to the floor. My sister was standing beside my bed, in the nude.

And I thought Veronica was hot. Joy was like an advanced race of absolute total hotness. Maybe it was because, in spite of my accident on the slopes, I'd been horny all day long. But no, it was because my sister truly did have the hottest body I'd ever seen. She reached down and pulled back the upper corner of the covers. "Scoot over," she commanded. Who wouldn't obey such an order?

I was embarrassed, as I preferred to pile on covers instead of wearing pajamas. But then as my bed filled up, I was hardly the only naked body under all the covers.

I didn't want to stop what was starting, but I did worry aloud about Mom and Dad.

"They had their fun this afternoon. And then, I heard them finishing their fun again just now. I waited twenty minutes after before I came in here. They're logs until late afternoon. We have nothing to worry about."

To prove it, Joy was the aggressor, kissing me until I finally sank and kissed her back all the more wildly. Our tongues sliding like sleds, going fast and erratic, slipping all over the place. My hands finally dared to drop from her shoulders to her waist, rising up to finally cup her gorgeous breasts. They weren't as big as Ronnie's, but they were more than a handful, and an illustration in perfection. And once I bent my mouth down to help, the keening sounds she made as I adored her nipples made my cock get even harder.

That fact was not lost on my sister. Joy threaded an arm between us, the hand finding and molding around my stiffness. At the same time, she tossed a leg over mine, making it easy for me to follow. My hand found and pressed into her wetness.

By that point, it didn't matter that I was touching my own sister. Except the fact kind of made the whole thing even more exciting. How could the sledding get any better? I'd been sound asleep. And now I was naked with a girl who happened to be my sister, and we were masturbating one other.

There was that crazy thrill of knowing what a mess my bed would become, what with me finger-fucking my sister while she jacked me off. I kept waiting for what would happen next. Since Joy never bent her head down to take me into her mouth, despite all my telepathic suggestions, I figured what was happening would be what would happen, and what actually happened then would be awesome enough.

Out of nowhere, your hot little sister is jacking you off--like you'll bitch about the soiled wet sheets.

I could feel Joy have a full quiver under my fingers. It obviously wasn't a trophy orgasm, just enough to rev her engine for more. Her hands left the rest of my body so she could wrap her arms around my neck, kissing me constantly like the nipping of an animal.

Meanwhile, not to be a self-centered guy, I was abandoned standing aloft, alone, the poor guy left wondering, "Hello? What happened? Where did all the nice stuff go?"

Those questions were all answered when Joy curled and squirmed against me, her fingers tracing my entire body. "I know of another way we can go down together."

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