Crashing the Wrong Party

by Vidi Veni

Copyright© 2010 by Vidi Veni

Erotica Sex Story: Life was never easy for the only two Goth girls in a small town, but it got a whole lot harder when they decided to crash the birthday party of a mundane classmate. This story was written at the request of a reader and is a substantial departure from those I've posted before. Please take note of the tags.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   First   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Before leaving for school, Terri took a final look in the mirror. The thickly applied white foundation rendered her face flawless and pale to the point that it almost glowed. The heavy eyeliner and mascara contrasted perfectly with the deep, ruby-red lipstick. Her hair, a glossy raven black that could only be achieved with dye, hung straight to the middle of her back.

She smoothed out her ankle length black dress and admired the way that the lace bodice teasingly revealed the creamy inner curves of her large, pillowy breasts. She lowered a heavy silver ankh around her neck to call further attention to that area. After arranging the nearly transparent sleeves of her outfit just so, she went downstairs.

Her father, dressed in the coverall he wore to work as a mechanic, was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. He smiled when he saw her. Unlike her mother, who did her best to pretend that her daughter wasn't any different from anyone else's kids, he was amused by what he thought of as her 'Goth phase.' All in all, though, she had to admit that he was pretty cool about it, only rarely questioning or belittling her lifestyle choices.

"G'morning, Dad," she said as she leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. She grinned mischievously as she disengaged, hoping that he wouldn't notice the perfect red lip prints she had left behind until after he got to work.

"Good morning, Terri," he replied, giving her a quick hug. "Just so you know, the Bensons are hosting card club tonight, so your mother and I can walk. The car's all yours if you want it."

"Thanks, Dad!" she replied, leaning down to give him another kiss on the cheek. Grabbing an apple from a bowl on the counter, she headed towards the door.

"Hey!" he yelled at her retreating back. "You need more than that for breakfast. Have a seat, and I'll cook you something."

"Can't, Dad," she called over her shoulder. "Ann's probably already waiting for me and we'll be late if we don't hurry. See you later!"

His response was lost as she closed the door behind her.

Ann, her lifelong best friend and neighbor, was indeed waiting for her at the end of the walk, leaning against a fence post as she took a drag from a cigarette. Physically, she was almost the opposite of Terri. At a fraction of an inch over five feet tall, Ann was a good six inches shorter than her friend. Where Terri was voluptuously curvy, Ann was thin, almost waifish, with tiny breasts that didn't require a bra. She wore her dark red hair in a pixie cut, carefully arranged to look disheveled.

Like Terri, she was dressed all in black, but her skirt stopped just above her knees, revealing the fishnet stockings she wore beneath. Her makeup was far more subtle, but her complexion was so fair that the end result was nearly the same.

As Terri approached, Ann looked her friend up and down. "Well, look at you," she said with a smile that was warm enough to take the sting from her sarcastic tone. "All you need is a beehive and you'd look just like Elvira."

Terri snickered and did a pirouette. "Like it?"

"Well, you usually look like a reject from 'The Crow, ' so it's an improvement," Ann replied with a chuckle of her own as she passed over the cigarette.

Terri stuck out her tongue in response to the comment, but accepted the smoke, inhaling deeply and exhaling with a blissful sigh.

Slinging backpacks over shoulders, they started walking in the direction of the high school. They ignored the looks they received from neighbors leaving for work as they had every day for the four years since they had entered the world of Gothdom.

They had been introduced to the culture by a young woman who had briefly rented a room from a family across the street. They had both fallen in love with the look and attitude at first sight, quickly deciding that the arrival of the woman, whose name was Daphne, was the greatest thing that had ever had ever happened to their small Kansas town. They had taken great delight in the way she had politely but firmly refused all offers to join any of the town's numerous church groups, and the shock she had caused by asking in return if there were any other Wiccans in the area.

When the girls had shyly approached her and told her what they thought, she had laughed uproariously. "Well, well, well," she had said, tapping a finger along the side of her nose, "who would have thought that I would find a couple of baby bats here in Hicksville, U.S.A.?"

Over the next few months - and much to the dismay of the girls' parents - Daphne introduced them to bands such as Fields of Nephilium, Bauhaus, The Smiths and The Cure, and taught them how to dance and apply makeup. Following Daphne's example, both girls also quickly developed open minds and a fierce independence.

When the company Daphne worked for had transferred her after less than a year, the girls had been heartbroken, but continued to fully embrace all that they had been taught even in their mentor's absence.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Ann asked in a voice that was a little too innocent, "Notice anything different about me?"

Terri looked her friend over and then mentally reviewed their conversation. Her eyes widened with sudden understanding. "You're talking kinda mushy!" she gushed. "You got it done! Let me see it!"

Smiling broadly, Ann stuck out her swollen tongue and wiggled it around. Almost dead center was a barbell shaped piercing, tipped on the ends with bright red balls that matched the one on her eyebrow ring.

"Looks awesome! Did it hurt?"

"Like you wouldn't believe."

"How long before the swelling goes down and you stop talking like one of those short bus riders?"

"It's going to take about three weeks to heal, and it's going to be a pain in the ass until it does. I have to wash my mouth out four or five times a day with salt water. I'm also not supposed to smoke, have dairy products or suck any cock."

Passing the cigarette back with a snicker, Terri said, "You always were lousy at following simple instructions."

"Yep," Ann said agreeably after she took a drag.

"How did your parents take it?"

Ann rolled her eyes. "About how you'd expect. Mom went into hysterics and Dad went into a diatribe about how I must have been spawned by the postman."

Terri wrapped a sympathetic arm around her friend's shoulders. "Look on the bright side: It's only three months until graduation and then we'll be out of this backwards shithole of a town."

Ann started skipping joyfully at the thought. "I can't believe we both got into UCLA! No more teachers trying to teach us intelligent design! No more close-minded hicks telling us that we're going to burn in hell! Clubs! I don't know if I can wait three more months, well six including summer break. No offense, but I'm kinda sick of yours being the only other pasty face in sight."

"Right back at ya, sister!"

When they approached the school, they saw that the jock and cheerleader clique was, as always, gathered by the front door. To prepare for the daily gauntlet of threats and insults, the girls squared their shoulders and fixed grim expressions on their faces, a process that Daphne had jokingly referred to as 'going doom cookie.'

The first rank of jocks, mostly sophomores and less-talented juniors, jumped out of the girls' path as if they were carrying a contagious disease. From all sides, they heard their classmates muttering, "freaks" and "losers," in overly loud whispers that were obviously meant to be heard. Despite the insults, both girls could feel the weight of the leering stares that the boys in the group directed at their asses.

Finally, the only obstacles that remained were Brad Garner, quarterback and captain of the school's football team, and Jennifer Pullman, head cheerleader and Brad's longtime girlfriend. Brad was tall and good-looking with a body hardened by years of work on the farm and, more recently, hours spent each day in the school gym. Jenny was roughly Terri's height and bore more than a passing resemblance to a young Reese Witherspoon.

Blocking the doors with a burly arm, Brad turned to Jenny and said, "I think that their main problem is that they're sexually frustrated. If we could find someone willing to get close enough, I bet the freakiness could be fucked right out of them."

As Jenny tittered, Terri looked Brad up and down disdainfully. "I might be willing to let you try," she said in a sweet voice, "but I wouldn't want Bessy, your favorite cow, to get jealous." She held a finger to her lips as if thinking deeply. "Or Jimmy for that matter. I've heard that he bends over in front of you in places other than on the football field." Jimmy was the team's grossly obese center.

Brad sneered and chose to seize upon the first part of Terri's statement while ignoring the rest. "I wouldn't give you the pleasure, freak."

Holding a thumb and finger about an inch and a half apart, Terri replied sadly, "So I've heard. Do you want to discuss your shortcomings in depth, or are you going to let us by?"

With a quick glance toward a teacher who stood just inside the building talking to a group of students, Brad grudgingly moved aside.

As Ann was opening the door, Jenny said, "You know, if the two of you weren't such bitches, people might like you more."

Ann fixed her with an icy stare. "Conversely, if you didn't spend so much time on your knees, they would certainly like you less."

Terri practically shoved her friend inside while a red-faced Jenny was still struggling to come up with a retort.

As they walked quickly down the hall, a fuming Ann muttered, "They piss me off so much. Every time I see Jenny, all I can think of is the Samuel Butler quote, 'She was born stupid, and greatly increased her birthright.'"

Chortling, Terri replied, "I know what you mean, although the quote I always think of when I see any of them is, 'Sharp as a sack full of wet mice.'"

"Who said that?"

"Foghorn Leghorn."

When they reached their lockers, they found that flyers had been thickly plastered everywhere. Taking one down, Terri read aloud, "Brad's Birthday Bash. All upperclassmen are invited to join in the celebration of our state-championship quarterback's eighteenth birthday beginning at 7 p.m. on March 12, 2010 at the Garner ranch. BYOB!"

"Brad's Birthday Bash," Ann repeated sourly. "You would think that even idiots like them could come up with something better than a three word alliteration. Let's see: Brad's Banal Birthday Bash. Bring brewskis before bareback backdoor boffing begins."

With a grin, Terri added, "Bountiful brindle bovine bottoms breached briskly by barn! Banzai!"

Ann raised an eyebrow. "First you quote a cartoon chicken and now you're making insinuations of bestiality for the second time in less than twenty minutes. This town's rubbing off on you."

Giggling, the pair made their way to their separate home rooms. They met up again for first period advanced placement physics. They moved with more confidence here with the so- called geeks and nerds. Among this group, grade point average counted more for social status than how you dressed or what music you listened to, which placed the two of them at the front of the pack.

They had barely seated themselves when Adam, a skinny, bespectacled youth with acne scars on his cheeks, turned around in his chair at the table in front of them.

His eyes darting everywhere but Terri's face, he stammered, "Are you g-g-going to Brad's p-p-party tonight, T-t-terri? I hear that everyone's g-g-going. I c-c-could drive you if you want." His face colored as he came as close as he ever had to asking a girl out.

Ignoring Ann's choked-off guffaw, Terri replied kindly, "I appreciate the offer, but I don't think so. You know what Brad and his friends think of Ann and me. It would get ugly in a hurry. Maybe some other time."

Crestfallen but still excited by the prospect of 'some other time, ' Adam nodded and turned back around.

Ann leaned over and whispered mockingly, "I've been thinking, T-t-t-terri. Maybe we should go to Brad's party. With or without your new boyfriend." The last was said with a nod toward Adam's back.

"Be nice," Terri admonished. "I would like some of whatever it is you're smoking that could possibly make you think that's a good idea. Besides, my parents are going out to play cards tonight, and I got hold of a special treat for us."

Despite Ann's merciless pestering throughout the day, Terri refused to reveal just what that special treat might be.

When the school day came to an end, Brad, Jenny and their clique were again holding court by the entrance, but the flood of students exiting the building allowed the girls to slip by without any further abuse being directed at them.

As soon as they were clear, Ann spun around and waved. "See you at your party tonight, Brad!"

Conversation among the clique stopped as all eyes turned to her. "Yeah, I hope to see you there," Brad replied in a voice dripping with sarcasm. "It wouldn't be the same without you."

After making their way to Terri's house, the pair listened to music and danced in Terri's room until her parents departed.

As soon as they heard the door close, Ann asked plaintively, "Now will you tell me what the surprise is?"

Grinning widely, Terri opened her underwear drawer and rooted around, coming up with a bottle of tequila.

Laughing, Ann asked, "How did you manage to get your grubby little mitts on that?"

"I told pervy Larry down the street that I would show him my tits if he bought it for me."

Ann's eyes widened in shock. "Did you?"

"Of course. A deal's a deal."

"You slut!" Ann squealed while laughing hysterically.

"Maybe, but I plan on being a drunk slut."

Several hours later, half the bottle was gone, and the pair were weaving drunkenly to a Sol Invictus song. They leaned into each other for support, their bodies rubbing together. Both began to feel a heat that could not be directly explained by the friction of their nubile flesh. Gazing into each other's eyes, their lips drew near.

"I've been thinking," Ann said suddenly.

"Uh oh," Terri replied, shaking her head in an attempt to dispel the lust that coursed through her.

"Maybe we should go to the party. We'll be out of here soon, and this could be our last chance to tell the mundanes what we really think of them." She snickered evilly. "Give them something to talk about for the rest of their dreary lives."

Despite the tequila, Terri wasn't certain that was a good idea at all. She seized upon the most convenient excuse. "How would we get there? My dad would kill me if he found out I had driven drunk. Not to mention that a DUI would probably result in UCLA cancelling my acceptance."

"Call your boyfriend!" Ann replied gleefully.

Terri remained unconvinced, but Ann continued to cajole and beg, slowly eroding away her friend's resistance.

"Okay! I'll call him," Terri said in surrender. "But if he can't come, that's the end of it. Agreed?"

Grinning widely in victory, Ann nodded her head.

As it turned out, Adam was more than willing to come get them. Terri was resigned as they awaited his arrival on the front porch. Ann was smugly exuberant.

As they shared a cigarette and passed the bottle of tequila back and forth for courage, Ann commented, "While just getting away from this town will be great, I think the thing I'm looking forward to the most when we go to college is losing my damn cherry."

Terri snickered. Although this was far from the first conversation they'd had on this topic, she couldn't resist teasing Ann a little. "You lost that when your parents sent you to that dude ranch summer camp a few years back to get you away from my bad influence."

"My hymen tore while I was riding a horse, which you know is not what I'm talking about at all. I want to get fucked, laid, screwed. I want to form the beast with two backs. Don't you dare deny that you want it, too."

Terri simply nodded. It was true. She was almost perpetually horny, and her hand - the only relief available - provided an extremely temporary respite. Their small, rural school only had two cliques: the jocks and the geeks. The jocks hated them, and the geeks were intimidated by them, which left them without any options. Well, except maybe Adam or pervy Larry, but she couldn't bring herself to give either of them her virginity.

Her reverie was interrupted when an ancient Toyota pulled into the driveway with a loud backfire. As they staggered down the sidewalk, Adam exited the vehicle and ran around to open the passenger door with an awkward flourish. Ann climbed in back with Adam's friend Jeff, a pudgy boy who was nearly as pasty white as the girls.

"I'm g-g-glad you decided to come, T-t-terri," Adam stuttered once they were on the road. With more than a little amusement, Terri noticed his trembling hand moving closer to hers.

Taking pity on the boy, she reached out to grasp his hand in hers. His palm was sweaty. "Thanks for giving us a ride, Adam. We appreciate it."

Bravely, he gave her hand a squeeze. "N-n-no p-p-problem, T-t-terri."

She held his hand as they drove out of town into the rolling hills in which the area's dairy farmers made their homes. As time went on, the tequila they had consumed took a firmer hold, easing her fears, blurring her vision, and numbing her face.

The Garner farmhouse and nearby barn were brightly lit, and a banner wishing Brad a happy birthday was strung across the front porch. Adam shut the car off with a final backfire, and they opened the doors. A twangy country song could be heard blaring from inside the barn.

The barn had been cleaned out for the party, the cows that usually occupied it taken elsewhere. The rough hewn wooden floor had been shoveled and swept clean before being covered with a thin layer of fresh straw. A line of mismatched tables, holding snacks, a stereo and several coolers, occupied the end of the single large room opposite the doors. The rest of the place, including the hayloft, was filled with dancing, talking, drinking teenagers.

Conversation came to an abrupt halt as Ann and Terri entered the barn, and hostile glares were turned upon them. Terri came to a stop, while Adam and Jeff shied backwards with wide, fearful eyes. Ann, however, strode forward confidently, the effect only slightly ruined by a drunken stagger.

"Listen up you backwards-ass hicks, 'cause I have something to say," she shouted loudly enough to be heard over the music, her words slurred. "For years you've treated Terri and me like shit just because we dress different and can't stand the inane shit that you call music. You call us freaks because we aren't stupid enough to believe in your invisible wizard in the sky. I've got news for you: there's a big world out there, and outside stupid, little one-horse towns like this one it's close-minded, ignorant fucks like you who are the freaks. I can't wait..."

Ann cut off uncertainly as Jenny appeared at the front of the crowd of people that had formed a muttering circle around her. There was a look of pure fury on the cheerleader's face.

"How dare you cunts come here and talk shit?" she shouted as she stepped forward to stand nose-to-nose with Ann. "It's bad enough that we have to see you freaks at school..."

Ann delivered a backhanded slap to Jenny's face that nearly spun the taller girl around. With an incoherent shout of rage, Jenny lashed out with a fist that struck Ann in the stomach, doubling her over. As Terri rushed forward to pull Ann back, others, including Brad, were doing the same with Jenny.

"Just get the fuck out," Brad said disgustedly.

Things might have ended there if it hadn't been for the tequila. As Ann tried to straighten back up, she let out a gagging sound. Recognizing the signs, Terri tried to spin her friend around to hustle her outside, but it was too late.

"God dammit!" Brad shouted as Ann spewed vomit over his shirt and pants. He chugged the rest of his beer, crushed the can and threw it aside. Holding his hands out from the mess, he yelled, "These jeans are brand-fucking-new, and now I'll never be able to get the smell out of them."

The look that he turned upon Ann was so full of rage that Terri was taken aback. "I guess we need to teach these freaks a lesson," he said ominously.

"I think we should test your theory," Jenny quickly added in a voice dripping with venom.

When Brad looked at her blankly, she elaborated, "I think we should find out if the freak can be fucked out of them."

Brad's lips pursed in surprise. He stared at Jenny silently, as if waiting for a punch line, but finally realized that she was serious. A lopsided, drunken smile spread from ear to ear.

He reached out and grabbed Ann by the hair, easily tearing her from Terri's grasp. Ann tried to punch him, but he caught her wrists and held them in his other hand. As he dragged the struggling girl across the room, he directed, "Someone clear one of those tables off. We're going to be serving up steaming helpings of freak pussy."

Bowls of chips and a cooler were quickly cleared away. Ann squealed as Brad slammed her face down on the table and held her in place by the back of the neck. Terri tried to go to her friend's aid, but was quickly restrained. To her shock, some of the hands that grabbed her groped at her tits, ass and crotch.

"Stop it!" she cried out, trying to slap the hands away until her arms were seized from behind and immobilized.

She struggled hard, but there were just too many boys holding her, each of them much stronger than she was. She felt someone take hold of the back of her dress and pull sharply. There was a loud tear as the fabric gave way, leaving her in her bra, panties, and combat boots. Looking down, she saw the tattered remains of her favorite dress discarded like garbage on the floor.

As Terri was pulled toward the table, most of the girls and a few of the guys at the party decided that they didn't want to be a part of what was obviously about to happen and hurried toward the doors. Adam and Jeff wavered at the edge of the pack, not wanting to abandon the girls, but not able to do anything to stop the impending violation.

As Terri was being forced down next to her friend, Brad flipped Ann's skirt up over her back, revealing her thong panties and the garter belt that held up her fishnet stockings.

"Sexy," Brad commented as he ran his fingers over the creamy white globes of Ann's bottom. He hooked a finger under the strap of her thong and ran his knuckle down the crack of her ass to her lightly furred pussy.

"Hold this bitch down," he told his friends. Hands quickly reached out to pin down Ann's shoulders and hold her arms. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his knife and folded it open. Ann's eyes widened in shock when he cut her panties off of her and threw the bits of cloth in front of her face.

Ever since she had thrown up, her head had been clearing, even though she fervently wished that it wouldn't. The harsh reality of her predicament was too much to face sober. When she had fantasized about losing her virginity, it had always involved taking a guy she thought was hot and cool back to her dorm room after a night of dancing and talking. Being gang raped on a rough wooden table by a bunch of rednecks was too horrible a fate for even her darkest nightmares.

She couldn't let it happen. She strained mightily, trying to pull her wrists from the hands that held them, but they were too strong. She kicked back, hoping to hit Brad in the knee or, even better, the crotch, but he avoided her easily. With the hope that they might loosen their grip if they thought she had given up, she played possum, forcing her body to go limp. A hand immediately pushed between her legs.

"Well, looky here, guys," Brad said mockingly as he tugged on her dark red pubic hair, "the carpet matches the drapes." He turned his attention toward Terri. "Let's see what color that bitch's hair really is."

As hands reached for her panties, Terri finally overcame her shock enough to cry out, "Stop this now and let us go, or we'll call the cops! You'll all go to prison!"

Brad and his friends laughed loudly. "The sheriff is a good friend of my pa. Who's he going to believe: a couple of freaky sluts who claim they were raped or forty or so people who all say that you came to this party to pull train as a birthday present? Get those panties off of her."

Terri squeezed her eyes shut as she felt hands taking hold of the waistband of her panties, hoping that this was all a nightmare from which she would soon wake, safe and sound in her own bed. She heard intakes of breath from all around her as her undies were pulled down to the tops of her thighs.

"Damn, that is one fine ass," one of the boys stripping her said in a low throaty growl.

As murmurs of agreement rose all around her, a hand rubbed over one of the round, firm globes before giving it a rough squeeze. Then the panties were pulled lower. Raucous laughter and wolf whistles broke out as her pussy was revealed.

"Awww," Brad said with a chuckle. "She shaves it. I guess we'll never know what color her hair is. Looks like a mighty fine cunt, though. Who's going to fuck it first? I got dibs on this little filly." He emphasized the last statement by bringing his hand down hard on Ann's ass, eliciting a squeal.

An argument immediately broke out among the boys surrounding Terri. "They're deciding who's going to take my virginity, and I have no say in the matter," Terri thought with dismay. "They don't see me as a person at all, only as a piece of meat." She was shocked by the wave of heat that passed through her at the idea.

Even as the boys surrounding Terri argued, hands continued to fondle, squeeze and pinch her ass. Fingers grazed over the smooth, bare skin of her pussy before prying the inner labia wide open. She whimpered as a thick, calloused finger was forced painfully inside.

Next to her, Ann grunted in pain as Brad stabbed his finger deep into her cunt, his rough- skinned digit tearing at her delicate folds. Tears formed in Ann's eyes as she wondered how much more it would hurt when he used something substantially bigger.

"I don't think this bitch likes me," Brad commented teasingly. "Her pussy's dry as hell."

"So's this slut's," said the boy behind Terri, who apparently was the owner of the finger that continued to wriggle inside her.

"Someone take a look in one of the cabinets along the wall," Brad directed. "I think there might be some of that greasy shit we put on the cows' udders to keep the milking machines from chafing them."

Before anyone could act on this directive, Jenny's voice, malicious and vindictive, piped up from the fringes of the crowd. "Don't use lube! Make them lick each other's pussies. That should get the lesbo sluts' juices flowing."

The group closest to the helpless girls went silent as they considered the suggestion.

"Yeah," Brad said slowly, "That could be really hot."

Instantly, hands grabbed Terri's shoulders, pulling her upright before throwing her to the floor on her back. Her bra vanished as if by magic, and then hands pulled her arms above her head and spread her legs wide. Moments later, Brad lowered a screaming, flailing Ann on top of her. Terri winced in sympathy as she saw that Brad was carrying her friend by nothing but a handful of hair and the finger he still had shoved in her pussy.

Terri stared in mortification at the hindquarters that filled most of her field of vision. Over the gentle curve of Ann's rump, she saw Jenny lower herself to her knees next to them.

Jenny leaned down to whisper viciously in Ann's ear, "Don't be shy, bitch. We all know you're a muff-diver, so get diving." Gripping the back of Ann's head, she then forced the smaller girl's face down, mashing it into Terri's sex.

Karen, a statuesque brunette who was on Jenny's cheerleading squad, knelt by Terri's head. In a voice that was almost reasonable, she said, "Look, Terri. Obviously, you and your little friend are about to get fucked. A lot. The wetter you are, the less it'll hurt. So, if you care about your friend at all, you'll do a good job."

"Please stop this. Don't let them ra ... do this to us," Terri whimpered, struggling feebly against the hands that still held her arms above her head.

The other girl reached in to pat Terri's cheek gently. "Even if I could stop this, I wouldn't. The two of you think you're so much better than the rest of us. I'm looking forward to watching you get fucked down a peg or three."

Despite the circumstances, Terri was both taken aback and angered by this statement. "We don't think we're better than you," she hissed. "You and your friends have ostracized and ridiculed us for years. What? We were just supposed to lie down and take it?"

Karen sighed deeply, her stern expression fading slightly. "Maybe you're right, but there's still nothing I can do to stop this. Now, unless you want your friend to be in a lot of pain, I suggest you start trying really hard to make her wet."

Squirming in discomfort as Ann's mouth and nose were rubbed forcefully over her own sex, Terri focused on the fur lined slit of her best friend's center. While she and Ann had flirted with the idea of fooling around with each other more than a few times over the years, they had never gone any further than 'practice kissing.' No matter how much the idea might appeal to her on some level, however, she had no desire to put on a show for the assholes who were waiting to rape them. Still, Karen had made a very good point. How could she let her friend suffer needlessly?

Letting out a cross between a sigh of resignation and a whimper, she extended her tongue and raised her head.

Ann had her eyes squeezed shut, and her face was burning with the humiliation of having Jenny press her face into Terri's pussy while taunts and insults were hurled at them from the crowd of onlookers. Suddenly, she felt a wet, warm tongue lapping gently at the puffy mounds of her outer lips before delving between them. Her eyes opened wide in shock even as her nose was forced into Terri's slit.

She hunched her hips up to escape the tongue that was making her quiver and pulse inside, not wanting to get aroused in front of the crowd. Hands, presumably Karen's based on their size and soft skin, forced her back down. Terri's wriggling tongue pushed its way between her inner labia, teasing and caressing her hole. Involuntarily, she moaned. As her lips parted, she felt the upper one brush over Terri's clit, leaving the small bundle of nerve endings centered in front of her mouth. Her nose, still shoved deeply into her friend's quim, began to detect the unmistakable aroma of feminine excitement.

How could Terri be enjoying this? What was she thinking? Why would she give these sick fucks what they wanted? But she had heard Karen and knew that Terri was doing this for her. Could she do any different?

Tentatively, she stuck out her swollen tongue and swirled it gently around Terri's clit. Sensing Ann's surrender, Jenny released her head with a cruel laugh.

"I knew the two of you had to be lesbians," Jenny crooned triumphantly. "Eat that pussy, whore!"

Ann ignored her, giving herself over fully to the task of getting her friend as aroused as possible in the short time they likely had before the violations began. Snaking her tongue between Terri's thick, meaty labia, she lapped at the juices she found there. While subtly different in flavor than the moisture she had licked off her fingers after pleasuring herself, she discovered that she liked the musky taste. She pushed in deeper to get more.

Terri was breathing heavily as she sucked lightly on Ann's clit. To her dismay, she found herself enjoying the sight of the other's girl's creamy white buttocks heaving and clenching in pleasure. More than anything she wanted to run her hands over those small, round globes, but the boys holding her arms above her head wouldn't let go.

Glancing to her sides, Terri saw that many in the audience had taken out cell phones and cameras to take pictures and videos of the scene. The flashes created a surreal strobe light effect. The flow of taunts had come to a stop, replaced by excited whispers.

"Damn, look at them go!"

"This is so fucking hot!"

"I can't wait to fuck them!"

One of the guys fell to his knees and inched forward to run his hands over Ann's undulating ass. As if his actions had opened a flood gate, others immediately crowded around to get a feel. Terri groaned in a mix of pain, humiliation and lust as fingers stroked, squeezed and pinched every part of her. Hands forced their way between the two writhing bodies to grope at her breasts and pinch her nipples. Others stroked her stomach, squirmed beneath her to feel her ass and probed her pussy around Ann's busy mouth.

She heard a tear of cloth and then Ann's blouse went flying past. She moaned in disappointment when Ann's pussy was pulled from her lips as the other girl's hips were raised high enough to allow her skirt to be ripped down her legs. Now both girls were naked except for the garter and fishnets that Ann wore. As soon as Ann was dropped back into place, Terri eagerly returned her mouth to her friend's clit, sucking on it gently.

A hand forced its way in next to her face, and Terri went slightly cross-eyed to watch as a finger was pushed fully into Ann's pussy. An instant later, she gasped as someone else pressed a finger, or maybe two, into her. Over the next few minutes, everyone fought and jostled each other to get close. Finger after finger pushed into both pussies, pumping a few times before being replaced by another.

"Fuck it!" Brad said, breaking a silence marked only by heavy, lustful breathing, "They're wet enough. Let me in there."

He reached down to pull Ann's rear up the proper level and eased forward into position.

Terri gasped in shock as his cock appeared directly in front of her face. A little over six- inches long, thick and circumcised, it was the first one she had ever seen outside of the pictures and movies she had downloaded. She didn't get much time to examine it in detail as Brad immediately centered it between Ann's labia and pushed hard, driving himself balls deep with a single, brutal thrust.

Ann screamed into Terri's pussy as her channel was forced fully and painfully open. She started to sob loudly when it began to saw back and forth in her depths without giving her any chance to adjust. Her virginity had just been stolen from her by a guy she detested, and there was nothing she could do to get it back.

"Jesus Christ," Jenny said in disgust. "Would someone please stick a dick in her mouth to shut her the hell up?"

There was no lack of volunteers. After a few moments of pushing and shoving, someone - Ann couldn't tell who - took his place in front of her. Pulling her head up by the hair, he smacked her face with a cock that looked a good bit smaller than the one in her pussy felt.

"Suck it, bitch," he commanded impatiently with a lustful growl.

Ann held her mouth stubbornly shut, tears flowing down her face and her lower jaw trembling. Jenny was there immediately, digging her fingers painfully into the hinge of Ann's jaw.

"You heard him, bitch," Jenny growled. "Open your mouth and suck it. Oh, and if you even think about biting him, I'll rip that cheap, shitty ring right out of your eyebrow before I knock out all your teeth."

The second Ann's lips parted, the boy lunged forward, pushing into her mouth until his balls smacked against her chin. She squirmed and gagged, trying to dislodge him, but he held her in place by the hair.

"What the fuck?" he muttered excitedly as he abruptly whipped himself free. Bending low, he twisted her face up to peer into her mouth. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "This slut has a pierced tongue!"

A chorus of cat calls rose from all around.

"No fucking way!"

"What a slut!"

"I've heard that makes blowjobs feel even better. Dibs on making her suck my cock next!"

The boy quickly straightened back up, and Ann was again pierced from both ends. Grabbing handfuls of her hair, the boy fucked her face furiously, ignoring her gags and grunts of protest.

Terri watched in morbid fascination as Brad drove his cock, now glistening with Ann's juices and his own lubricating fluids, in and out so vigorously that droplets of moisture rained continuously down on Terri's face. Ann's thin and delicate labia clung tightly to his shaft each time he withdrew, only to vanish from sight when he reversed direction. Ann's body rocked violently back and forth on top of her as the slight girl was buffeted from both ends. Although she could feel her friend's muscles tensing and trembling with pain, she found to her shame that part of her was jealous because Ann had two cocks while she didn't have any.

Jenny forced her way through the crowd to Brad's side. Wrapping her arms around him, she kissed him deeply as he continued to fuck the red-head.

"How does that freak's pussy feel?" she asked when their lips parted.

"Really fucking tight and hot," Brad gasped out.

She leaned down to peer between the 'v' of Ann's ass cheeks at her boyfriend's plunging cock. Her eyes remained glued on the lewd sight as she reached around his hips with one arm to encourage him to pump even faster.

"She's just lying there," Jenny observed after a time. "What a lame fuck. I think she needs to show some appreciation for the nice cock she's getting and fuck you back." A wide smile spread across her face. "I guess that I'll just have to give her a hand."

Straightening back up, she brought her palm down hard on Ann's backside, making the girl squeal around the dick in her mouth.

"Roll that ass, bitch!" Jenny shouted, sounding like a drill sergeant from a Marine recruit's worst nightmares. "Up and down. Side to side. Do it! Do it!" She punctuated each word with another spank.

"Dammmmn," Brad groaned. "Every time you smack her, her pussy clamps down on my cock. Do it some more!"

Grinning widely, Jenny complied with great enthusiasm, bringing her hand down on Ann's helplessly clenching buttocks again and again. Ann did her best not to flinch at each blow, hating the fact that her rapist got pleasure each time she did, but Jenny was simply spanking her too hard not to. The hot ache of her abused bottom soon blended in with the raw soreness radiating from her no-longer-virgin pussy.

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