Gypsy Style Vengeance

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: A university student breaks up with his girlfriend because of her gypsy background and ends up paying the price.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mind Control   Light Bond   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

"What do you mean; you're breaking up with me??" Fairuza cried. Fairuza was an attractive, slim and physically fit green-eyed Brunette who stood 5'11. Her complexion tended to shift from pale to tanned, at the moment she was more tanned, and many people have commented how she resembled that famous Afghan girl on that particular National Geographic cover. She had even been mistaken for a Caucasian North Indian, a Slavic East European or a Pashtu. She was dressed in her Goth attire, meaning in all-black.

"I am breaking up with you because of your bitchy attitude. You're bossy, mean to the other students and make fun of my friends. You curse and swear all the time, always want things done your way and everything has to go your way. You have no respect for the law or for other people. I don't know if it is because of your gypsy background but I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. I don't want to see you or go out with you," Brian said. Brian was a heavy-shouldered, muscular jock-type with pale blue-eyes Blond hair and stood 6'4, betraying some Norwegian Viking ancestry, be it from the early Viking raiders or from the Normans. He was dressed in a football fan jersey, as he supported Manchester United or England during the World Cup or Euro Cup.

"I'm tired of you disliking anyone who isn't of gypsy descent," Brian said. They had been going out together but now Brain had decided that he was no longer comfortable with her, did not love her and that he had the balls to tell her that he wanted to break up. They were alone in the hallway of one of the campus buildings where the only things near them were some empty classrooms. Fairuza looked as if she was about to cry.

"Brian I love you. Please don't break up with me. Look I'll change," Fairuza begged.

"Fairuza this is already the second time you've said that and I gave you your chance the first time. You had your chance but you blew it. Please don't call me anymore and if you have any stuff at my place, I would be more than happy to bring it to you, but that is as far as I go," he sighed.

"If any of your stuff is at my place you better come and pick it up yourself, you asshole," she shouted at him. She started crying, covering her face for she was ashamed to be breaking down like this.

"I'm so sorry Brian. I didn't mean to shout," she cried. Brian felt guilty. She then let go of her covered face and cried,

"Is it because I'm a gypsy? Is it because you found out and I never told you? That's it isn't it, you think I am not just a bitch but I am the way I am because of my background. I am only part gypsy. Brian for fuck's sake I still love you." Fairuza was trying every tactic to convince him not to get through this. Brian had heard stories and read reports about gypsies and in Britain as well as the rest of Europe everything he heard and read was negative, like they were dirty thieves who stole from gadjes, who are non gypsies, and committed other sorts of crimes.

"No, I can see it in your eyes. You think I'm evil don't you? That I can't be trusted and I am just a gypsy bitch that you want to avoid." Fairuza turned and slowly walked away from him. Brian realized that he was starting to feel scared of Fairuza. The way she walked and spoke to him made it clear that he was going to regret this and that from now on he'd better watch his back. He then shouted, because he did not want her getting back at him,

"Look if you have anything that is still at my place, just call me, and I'll be more than happy to bring it to you." She didn't reply, which he took as a real bad sign.


Brian was in his bedroom watching you tube videos on his laptop. He lived in a student accommodation with some other university students. There was a knock on his door.

"Come in," Brian shouted. The door opened and he saw Sharon, his Chinese housemate. "Hey Sharon what's up?"

"You have a visitor," Sharon said as she moved away from the door to allow the visitor in to the bedroom.

"Hey Tom what's up?" Brian asked. Tom was a good friend of Brian although they didn't take the same courses. Tom was a short, pale and skinny guy with dark hair and dark eyes.

"I stopped by because, listen I don't mean to be a dick, but I remembered I lent you my DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean Two and I was wanting to watch it again. Could I have it back?" Tom asked. Brian realized that he did have it, but not here. He had watched it with Fairuza when they were still going out and that it was in her DVD player.

"Tom, I just realized something and I think I left it at my ex's," Brian sounded as if he had made a careless mistake.

"Well could you get it back. No rush, take your time," Tom sounded uncomfortable.

"Let's go over to her place now because I am sure she would be more than happy to give it to us since it would remind her of me," Brian suggested.

"You mean Fairuza? Did you know that she was a gypsy? I didn't know that they allowed them in our universities. Well, anyways you go ahead, she gives me the creeps," Tom said as he headed off.

"Chicken," Brian thought. He knew that Tom was intimidated, like some other students, by Fairuza's gaze. After Tom left, Brian checked the time on his PC and saw it was just after 8PM. He didn't live far from Fairuza as her house was only a half-hour walk so He got changed then headed out and walked over to her place. Brian rang the doorbell and was glad he hadn't called her, since he didn't think she would answer since their break-up. Two minutes later someone came and opened the front door, a Goth Blonde with a pierced eyebrow.

"Hey Cassie, is Fairuza in? I need to see her." Brian knew all of her housemates and they were all female Goths. He suspected that Fairuza had told the rest of the housemates about their break-up as Cassie continued to give him a cold look.

"Wait out here while I tell her that you are here to see her," Cassie slammed the front door. Brian felt as if he had just been slapped in the face. Three minutes later the front door opened and Cassie smiled at him,

"You can go upstairs." She said as she allowed him through the door.

"Thanks," Brian smiled. He climbed up the stairs until he was on the upper floor. Fairuza's bedroom was on the end and he walked to it, seeing that her bedroom door was open. He reached the entrance to her bedroom and knocked on the door. Fairuza sat by her desk, dressed all in Goth black.

"You could have called. Afraid that I was going to hang up on you?" Fairuza laughed.

"Well yeah, kind of, how are you?" Brian asked.

"I'm fine Brian. Why are you here?" she was being straightforward and to the point.

"Tom was at my place and wanted his DVD back but I remembered that I had left it here," Brian said. She pointed to a small table that was stacked with DVDs.

"Feel free to come in and check for yourself. I think some are also yours," she said. Brian walked into her bedroom and over to the table. He was checking and he found not just Tom's DVD but some that were his. He heard Fairuza walk to one of her lamps and switch it on. He felt her hand on his hair, fondling it lovingly.

"She remembers that we broke up, right?" He asked himself. She turns off her normal lights and the bedroom now had just a red light from the lamp. She then slams the door as Brian picked up the DVDs that were his and Tom's and was puzzled over what she was up to. He turned around and saw her standing at the door.

"Hey what gives?" Brian asked.

"Nothing. It's not like I see my ex every day, or rather night, Brian it is good to see you again," Fairuza began walking towards him. He didn't feel comfortable and sensed that she was up to something, he actually felt scared of her.

"Fairuza, it's late. Perhaps we should hook up some other time," Brian said, wanting to get out of there. He noticed that she was holding onto a pendant around her neck. As she moved closer to him, he saw that it looked like a pentagram and He also saw that she held some locks of his yellow hair in her hand. She pressed the yellow hair locks against the pentagram and began chanting the words,

"Now is the time, make him mine. Now is the time, make him mine." Brian dropped the DVDs and realized that he could not speak nor move. She had cast a spell on him.

"Brian this is payback for dumping someone who is madly in love with you because she's a gypsy. That's right, this is a gypsy curse and now you are mine." Fairuza's eyes looked wicked.

"I am giving you permission to speak," Fairuza said as she put her arms around his neck.

"What ... what have you done to me?" he cried.

"Would you really want to know Brian? Your mind and soul are now mine. You are under my power, my control. You belong to me now, you are my slave," she sounded emotional. This was her revenge for their break-up. She let go of him.

"From now on you shall address me as mistress. We are not equals Brian, I am your Gypsy mistress and you are just my Blond Viking slave. Now I want you to go down on all fours," she ordered him.

"Yes ... Mistress," Brian dropped to his knees and then he went down on all fours, like a dog. She then climbed on his back.

"I love having my own dog. Now bark doggy," Fairuza ordered, purposely humiliating him.

"Yes Mistress. Arf, Arf," he complied. Fairuza laughed at Brian, got off him and went back to sit on her desk chair. She didn't have any shoes on, just her bare feet as she picked up her cell phone.

"Slave come here," she commanded him.

"Yes Mistress," Brian began crawling to her and looked up at her. She saw the fear in his eyes as he saw arrogance and pride in hers.

"I remember when you had conversations with your friends about what a strong heritage you have. That you have Viking heritage and that the Vikings had the best genes and that is why they ruled England, France, Russia and how they shaped the world. Do you remember that I had a conversation with some of the other girls once about how I looked like I could come from Afghanistan and looked like the Pashtu's living there and how the Pashtu's were so feared by all who came to fight them whether it was Alexander or Genghis Khan? That one should never ever mess with a Pashtu. Do you remember that?" she asked him. He nodded as he answered,

"Yes, mistress.

"Do you know that some scholars believe that the Gypsy is of the same stock as the Pashtu, and that is why we are so feared by Europeans? Are you familiar with that idea?" she asked him.

"I think I have ... Mistress," he nodded. The Pashtu's had become a hot topic in Britain because of the War on Terror and with British troops, along with other NATO troops, being stationed over there to fight the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the drug trade affecting the west.

"Now my slave, I am going to prove to those that I might send this video to, which is truly stronger. We Gypsies or you Vikings," she teased him cruelly. She turned her cell phone video recorder on.

"Now lick my feet," she commanded him.

"Yes mistress," Brian started lapping her right foot. "You have just demonstrated that we Gypsies can beat you Vikings. Not so strong now are you? You are scared of us just like everybody else, and now that I come to think of it, we have been looked down on by all Europeans while you are looked up to. This video will be a slap in all your fucking faces," Fairuza was getting carried away with her humiliation of him and started making fun of his ordeal. He just licked her right foot until she said to him,

"Don't forget my left one." He continued licking as she recorded it all so she could send the video to people. Brian wished that this night never happened. He was scared and upset that she was humiliating him like this, as part of her revenge. She reminded him of Fairuza Balk's character in the teenage horror film, The Craft. He was starting his life as her slave and she was laughing at him.

"Your days as a free person are over. Welcome to slavery," he heard her say.

That night Brian slept on his mistress's bed tied naked and spread-eagled on his face with his wrists and ankles tied to the four bed posts. The red light was still on and his mouth had a ball-gag on it to prevent him from screaming loud and only allowing him to make moaning sounds and breathe. He was in agony from the candle wax his mistress had dropped into his asshole. His moaning and body helplessly trying to free itself, was amusing to Fairuza. His buttocks were really red and bruised as tears flowed from his blue eyes.

"That was so much fun," Fairuza giggled. She opened one of her drawers and took out a strap-on dildo. She was already naked and put the dildo on and climbed on the bed, positioning her body over his.

"You're not going to enjoy this slave. I am going to make you wish you never even thought of breaking up with me," she said hysterically. With one thrust she buried the strap-on in his ass. Brian's body shook, his moaning grew louder and more tears flowed from his Norwegian-descended blue eyes. He wanted to beg her to stop as she was really hurting him, but the ball gag prevented that. She kept on hammering his asshole with the strap-on dildo as the candle wax drippings made his ass sensitive to physical buggery.

"You like that huh? I said you like that," Fairuza said, as she abused her Blond male slave. She finally left the strap-on deep in his ass and started biting, hard and aggressively, on his back. Brian made a very painful moan, with his head shaking frantically back and forth as Fairuza sent him to a mental state of Hell.


"Wake up sleepy head." Fairuza said as she wakes Brian by whacking his ass really hard with a ruler. Brian slowly blinks his eyes and realizes that last night did happen and was not some nightmare.

"You missed your classes I think. It's one in the afternoon," Fairuza said as she was untying his ankles. She had just returned from the university, she didn't miss her classes. When she finished untying him, she ordered him,

"I want you to continue to lay face down slave."

"Yes ... Mistress," Brian stammered in fear. Fairuza opened her closet and looked for something. She saw what she wanted and tossed it on the bed,

"Slave, go and put these on," she laughed. Brian turned around and saw what she wanted him to wear and his heart sank. This was going to be really embarrassing but he still had to put it on, saying,

"Yes ... Mistress."

"And don't forget to put your underwear on. Don't want any of the girls to see my man's big cock," she giggled. When Brian finished dressing he looked a joke. He had on nothing but black panties and other large sized lingerie. He realized she had been planning this for a long time because the lingerie was too large for his Mistress. She giggled

"You look like a male whore. Hey wait, I think I want to make some more adjustments, on your knees," she pointed her finger down.

"Yes Mistress," Brian dropped down to his knees. She went to her drawer and took out a dog collar. She walked up to him and placed it around his neck and then took a leash and placed it on his manacle.

"There, you look lovely. Now let's go and have some brunch." She led him by the dog leash and he started to stand.

"No slave. Crawl on all fours because you don't have the right of a human being," she yelled at him. He dropped down on all fours and she smirked seeing how upset and humiliated he looked. She led him down the stairs and into the lounge where her three housemates were sitting, watching television.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" Cassie smirked. The other two female Goth housemates were also smirking.

"My slave and I are joining you ladies but we won't be here for long," Fairuza said walking to the sofa. She pointed to the side,

"Slave, stay put there."

"Yes ... Mistress," he answered meekly. The girls all laughed as they had hated him from when they first went out, and given that they must have known that he broke up with her, they found his predicament something to poke fun at and hurt him with.

"I am gonna make us something to eat. Don't you bitches feed my dog, ya hear?" she walked away.

"Oh we hear," said all three girls, breaking up with cruel chuckles. She cooked something for her and her slave-dog to eat. When she returned, she put her plate on the table.

"Don't worry, I'll bring you food too," she assured him as she patted him on his Blond head. She went back into the kitchen and returned, placing a plate on the floor, below Brian's face. Brian saw the raw meat and wanted to puke, this was below his dignity.

"What's the matter honey? You don't like it?" she asked and then picked up the plate, spits on it and placed it back on the floor.

"Now shut up, don't try complaining and eat your food," she told him, pulling hard on his Blond hair.

"Yes ... Mistress," he replied meekly, slowly eating his food like a dog.

"Wow! You have become a very cruel dominatrix," Cassie said.

"He wanted to get back with me last night, said he was sorry that he broke up with me. I told him I would take him back, but as my slave, and if he wanted to prove how he wants to atone for what he has done, he must endure humiliation and be my personal slave," Fairuza lied. The other girls laughed, making fun of Brian. As Brian ate he wanted to cry for the type of treatment he was getting. Fairuza turned to her food, asking the rest,

"So what are you watching?"

In mid-afternoon Fairuza and Brian took the bus to the city centre and went to a mall that had a tattoo shop. Inside the mall Fairuza led Brian by holding his hand. He was not to call her Mistress but by Fairuza or honey or darling in public and he was wearing his normal clothes. They finally entered the tattoo shop.

"Hey Fairuza, long time no see." A pale, shaven-haired guy with pierced eyebrow and striking blue eyes came to greet Fairuza.

"Nice to see you too, Bill," Fairuza hugged him and they let go and Bill saw Brian.

"So who is this?" he asked her. She whispered in Billy's ear and then Billy looked at Brian, laughing.

"Ok ok. I'll see what I can do," he nodded. They all went to a room within the shop and Brian was made to lie down on an operating table while Billy started tattooing him. Fairuza stood by and watched the whole procedure. When the procedure was over, Brian was forced to stand up and turn around in a 360 Degree circle for his Gypsy Mistress.

"Not bad Billy. That is one heck of a good job," Fairuza complimented, as she admired the tattoos on Brian's body. On Brian's chest, down to his six-pack tummy were words, inscribed in runic style, saying "I AM THE PROPERTY OF FAIRUZA. On his upper right arm was a Pentagram. On his upper left arm was numbering, like the ones the Nazis gave their gypsy prisoners, and of course Jewish prisoners, during the Second World War. On the back of his neck in bold italics were the words ROMA RULES, which is what Gypsies refer to themselves as. On his upper back was a hissing snake and just above his ass were the words FOR GYPSY ABUSE ONLY.

"Hey Billy I want him to see his tattoos. Do you have a mirror?" Fairuza asked. Billy led her and Brian to the part of the room that had walled mirrors, like the ones used in gyms. Brian was forced to turn around and see all his tattoos. His heart sank.

"Go put your clothes on and pay the man," Fairuza ordered Brian.

"Yes Fairuza," he said, got dressed and paid Billy.

"Hey Brian. I really like your tattoos." Fairuza said, holding his hand and teasing him. "Now what would your racist friends say if they saw you with that tattoo? Maybe we should go meet your Pro-Viking friends and show them your tattoo. Or how about the cell phone recording from last night?" she asked, knowing how this was hurting him.

"Let's go window shopping and later we can get out of here. I know a nice Hindustani restaurant not far from here and they play nice Roma music." She was pushing closer to Brian, putting an arm around his waist and having his placed around her shoulder. They went to the Indian Restaurant later on and then they went back home to Fairuza's.

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