A Woman Half Her Age

by Uncle Jim

Copyright© 2010 by Uncle Jim

Fantasy Story: This is a fantasy about Uncle Jim's trip to a local mall. It's based on some truth and a lot of imagination. I'll let you decide which is which. While there isn't actually any sex in the story, there is much sex hinted at in the conversations and actions of the participants.

Tags: Ma/ft   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction  

Uncle Jim sat on a bench in a major local mall, outside of a large nationally known woman's lingerie shop. At sixty-eight, he was no longer the fine figure of a man that he had been when younger. His hair was thinner and now gray. He had gained some weight, especially around his middle, and he was a little shorter, also. He didn't have as much lead in his pencil, as he had when he was younger, either.

He had been sitting there relaxing for a while, when a voice behind him demanded, "What are you doing - staring at the young women in the lingerie store, you old pervert?"

Uncle Jim turned to see who had addressed him, and saw two of his old friends, Steve and Lew, standing there behind the row of benches grinning at him.

"No, I'm just waiting for someone," he assured them, calmly.

"We'll join you then, because we DO like watching the young women," Steve told him.

"Sometimes they put on a real show here," Lew added, excitedly.

"And you accused me of being a pervert?" Jim asked with a smile, as it was evident that these two would never change.

"Naw, we just wanted to get your attention," Steve told him. "You looked like you were about to nod-off."

"No, I'm just waiting for someone," Jim told them again, patiently.

"Your OL?" Lew asked.

"No, she would never even go in there. It's someone else. Besides my OL left me a month ago," Jim told them, calmly.

"WHAT?" Steve asked, shocked. "You two have been married for over forty years."

"Yes, forty-two years last summer," Jim admitted.

"How come she left? Where did she go?" Lew asked, also shocked.

"She moved back to her sister's place - you know the one whose husband died a year or so ago," Jim told them, calmly. "It took her a week to pack all of her clothes and a couple of more days to pack the rest of her stuff. Our oldest boy rented a U-haul, and we loaded all of her stuff in it. He drove her up to her sister's. She didn't even want me to go with her.

"I've never seen a person with as many clothes, as she had. The closets at the house are all empty since she left, or they were. She took all of her other things, too: her computer and printer; all of her CDs, and her recording and playback equipment. She did leave me the TV, but she took most of our DVDs. She was the only one that watched them anyway. I spend too much time now writing to watch movies, or at least I did.

"As to why she left, she said that I had become an oversexed pervert in my old age, especially since I began writing and posting those stories on line. Of course, she never would suck my dick, not once in forty-two years did she give me a blowjob. She wasn't into anal, either. She said a lady didn't do either of those. They were only for whores, she said.

"Also, her pussy hadn't been very tight for a long time, not since the kids anyway. Fucking her was like working out in one of the large gyms. It took a while to work up a sweat, and she wouldn't let me eat her either. She thought that was perverted, also.

"Finally the last few years, she didn't want me to touch her. You know how I loved to pat her ass, and there had been a lot more of it to pat in the last few years, too, but she always objected. She didn't want me to massage her tits, either. She has always had great tits, and I loved to cup them and tweak her nipples. Well, now it was hands off," Jim told them, sounding very disappointed.

"Yea, you always have been a tit man, Jim," Steve said. "Sometimes it was embarrassing watching you grab your old lady."

"Well, all of that stopped in the last few years. Hell, she wouldn't even sleep with me or shower with me anymore, either," Jim told them. "And she never knew when to shut up. She was always running over at the mouth about things that I did twenty years ago," he finished in disgust.

"You mean you couldn't even touch her in bed?" Lew asked, shocked.

"Nope. She would sleep out on that sofa that she liked so much instead of in our bed," he told them.

"Damn, Jim, and you put up with all of that!?" Steve asked, mystified.

"Well, I had been married to her for the last forty plus years and I was used to her moods," Jim answered. "Our kids are all pissed at me and won't talk to me either since she left," he added after a minute.

"Damn, what are you doing now? How are you getting along?" Lew wondered.

"Well since she left, I have to do all of the stuff around the house. I have to cut the lawn and do all of the trimming, but I don't know squat about gardening, so her garden has gone all to hell."

"What about the house work, and food and laundry?" Lew wanted to know.

"Oh, I found someone to take care of all of that for me," Jim told them with a grin.

"What do you mean by that?" both men asked. "Can you afford a housekeeper?"

"I found a woman half her age," Uncle Jim replied, still smiling. "You know like Kitty Wells sang about in her 1950's song 'A woman half my age'. In the song the woman wants the man back. My OL didn't want me back, so I kept the woman half her age, when my OL moved out."

"Damn, Jim," Steve exclaimed, "what woman would take up with you at your age?" Then thinking better of it, he asked, "Did you meet this woman before or after your OL left?"

"Actually, I met her before she left. That's one of the reasons that she left me. She caught me with her."

"Caught you with her?? Where? How and when can we meet her?" Lew asked, with a big grin. "We want to see what kind of a dog you got and to warn her to leave you as soon as possible."

"Yes, she caught me in our house with her, but she's hardly a dog, boys, and she likes ALL of the things that my OL didn't," Jim told them, with a grin of his own.

"All?" Steve asked, shocked. "Everything!!"

"Oh, yes," Jim answered, still smiling, "everything: oral, anal, licking, touching, even the long hot showers where I rub soap all over her body for hours at a time."

"Just damn!" Lew exclaimed in shock and awe.

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