I Have My Dad to Thank

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2010 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: A naive young teen seeks out her father's assistance -- she's looking for an exercise routine to improve her butt. He has a few ideas.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Humor   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Anal Sex   .

Yes, it's probably true that I have the nicest ass in my high school. I figure that's pretty good for a fifteen-year-old freshman, and I know some of the older girls are jealous of it, and of the attention it gets me from boys. Especially the older girls on my cheerleading team — they're practically green when they hear boys talking about my ass!

But I have to work at it. The important stuff never comes easy, Dad says. Like learning my cheer routines. Or memorizing where Japan is for Geography class (it's in Asia, which is near South America, I think). Or getting my bottom into proper shape. Of course, for that I have my Dad to thank.

It was AGES ago, when I was just starting seventh grade at Collinsville Middle School (Go Tigers!), and I had just turned thirteen. We had moved to Collinsville from the boondocks, and I was getting to know my new school. It seemed like everyone was so grown-up! Like the boys were going crazy about the girls, and talking out loud in the hallways about who's boobs were growing, or how great so-and-so's ass was, and things like that. I was really scared that there might be something wrong with my butt. What if boys never said those things about me? I'd never have a boyfriend, never get married, and never be a mommy!

Like I said, I was just a kid then, thirteen years old. I'm more sophisticated now. I know that even without Dad helping me get into shape, some guys would like me. But as it is, all the boys like me, and I like that tons more.

Anyway, I was starting to get real worried about it. I asked my Mom if there was any way to make my rear end grow up sexy, but she just got mad and shushed me, and told me not to even think about stuff like that. I tried to forget about it, but the next day Tommy Howard made some crack about me having a boy's butt as I passed his locker and all the guys hanging around him laughed. I had to do something.

I knew better than to ask Mom again, though.

Dad had turned the bonus room above the garage in our new house into an exercise and workout area. He was (and is) in great shape, so I figured he'd be able to tell me what to do. The problem was, I was SOOOO embarrassed to ask him. But I did, while he was laying back on one of his machines pushing the weights.

"Dad, can I ask your help with something?"

"Sure, Sweetheart, what is it?"

"I was wondering if you could teach me an exercise..."

"An exercise? Sure, there are lots of exercises a girl your age could do. No time like the present to start some good workout habits."

"Well, um, Dad, I wonder if you know of a particular exercise."

"Try me, Tammy," he said, sitting up on the bench thing.

"Well, um, is there anything I can do to make my butt better?"

"What's wrong with your butt, Tam?"

"Well, it's a kid's butt. Somebody said it's a boy's butt. I want to look more like a woman. A sexy woman." I could feel my face burning.

Dad kind of laughed, then said, "I wouldn't worry too much about that, honey; it will happen. But, tell you what, let me look at it."

I didn't know for sure what he meant, so I just pushed my shorts down and turned around so he could see it. I realized then that I was wearing my old Minnie Mouse underwear. How embarrassing! I wished I was wearing something more grown up, considering we were talking about how to make my bottom look sexier. But Dad didn't say anything about that.

"Um, Tammy, I think I can help you... ," he said. His voice sounded a little funny, like he had to clear his throat. I pulled up my shorts and turned around again.

"Really, Dad? That would be so awesome!"

"Well, um, first things first. Your Mom would not approve, you know."

"I know, Daddy. She doesn't want me even thinking about stuff like that. We don't have to tell her, do we?"

He smiled. I felt so much more relaxed with the whole conversation when I saw that smile!

"No, we don't have to tell her. To be honest with you, I'd never hear the end of it if she knew I was working on helping you develop a sexy bottom. Listen, this time of year your mother works until six. I usually go to the gym from four until about that time, but I suppose for the time being I can work out here. Tell you what — we'll work on your exercise every afternoon during the week before Mom gets home."

"Gee Dad, that is SOOO cool! You'd do that for me?"

"Well, I'm willing to do it as long as you are really trying. If you don't take it seriously, then we'll just call the whole thing off."

"Of course I'll take it seriously!"

"That's what you said about ballet, you know. Don't worry, I wouldn't even be considering it if I didn't feel you were now old enough to accomplish something grown-up like this. Like I said, I think your Mother is wrong about you being too young."

"Great, and you won't be sorry, Daddy! What should we do?"

"Well, by the time I get home tomorrow I'll have worked out the regimen. We'll start then. And remember, not a word to Mom."

The next day I almost bailed out, because the exercise was SOOO embarrassing. And since Dad had to help me, I had to do it right in front of him!

Luckily, he had expected me to be shy about it, so he had a solution.

"Tammy, I know this is a little unusual, but remember, I am your father. It's nothing I haven't seen before. I thought you were grown-up enough to try this ... okay, okay, there is something that might help. Put this blindfold on, it should make things easier."

And you know what? It was easier once I put the blindfold on. It slipped at first, but then Dad adjusted it tight and I could see a thing, not even any light. Before I knew it I was in the exercise position and hardly embarrassed at all. My forearms were flat against the mat and my face, turned to one side, lay between them. I was also up on my knees, and Dad told me to arch my back, like a cat, and try to get my shoulders flat down to the floor. He said I did that part real good.

But if you think that the position was bad, think about this: I had to be naked from the waist down! Thank goodness I had that blindfold on, because otherwise I don't think I could have held the position with my butthole and cunny spread out right in front of my Dad! But you know what? He was right about it being silly of me to be embarrassed. He even didn't laugh; in fact, he didn't say anything about it at all, other than to get down to business. I realized then that I was being so childish for being so embarrassed.

"Listen up, Tam," he said, his voice again sounding like he had to cough or something. "Your rump is muscle, and as such, it can be exercised, developed, and toned. The most important musculature axis is the clutching aspect of your rectum. I want you to just try to clench your butt, like you are trying not to 'go'".

I tried it. He just sort of grunted in reaction — I didn't know if he liked my effort or not. Then he told me to push, like I was trying to 'go'. He meant like I was trying to poop. I did that and he sort of grunted again. It didn't sound like it looked too good to him.

"Okay, Tammy, you have the motion down, but it's like my research predicted. You're going to need some equipment to make this effective. Hold your position; I have to use my finger right now to get your size."

I didn't know what he was talking about, and was about to ask what he meant when I felt something cold touch me right on my butthole! I tried to squirm away from the sensation, but Dad told me to shush, and then, what I soon realized was his finger coated with some kind of lotion, pushed all the way into my butt!

It felt funny at first, but not bad, and pretty soon Dad had me doing the exercise — squeezing and releasing his finger. I did it fast, at first, but Dad said it was better if I just did it slowly, like to build up endurance.

After about ten minutes of this, Dad said I had done enough for one day. He told me to get dressed and be ready for a tougher workout tomorrow. When I walked out of the exercise room, Dad shut and latched the door behind me and stayed in there for a while.

The next day it went easier. I took off my shorts and underwear and then Dad put my blindfold on me. I took the exercise position on the mat, with my butt in the air, and Dad pushed his slicked-up finger right into the hole. He had me do the exercise for a while, and then he told me he was going to use the first piece of equipment. He told me it was a plastic rod, slightly thicker than his finger, and when he put it in, it felt cold and hard. I had to do my exercise on that for a while, and then Dad said I was done. After I took the blindfold off but before I could get dressed, he handed me a tissue.

"You might need this, 'cause some of the lubricating jelly we have to use may kind of leak a little." He was right, so I wiped and then got dressed. Before I left, I asked to see the piece of 'equipment' we had used. Dad looked like he didn't want to, but then he reached into a gym bag and showed me a smooth, solid white cylinder, really skinny, and kind of roundy-pointed at one end. Then he shooed me out and locked himself in the room by himself for a while, same as before.

Every day that week we did the exercise, and by that Friday we started with the finger, moved through the first tube reps, and then on to a second, slightly thicker one. Dad said we were working up to the right size.

When we were done, Dad made a big deal out of showing me the second rod we'd used, which was funny, because I hadn't asked to see one since that first time. So I looked, and it was gross! There was a little brown stain on it, near its rounded tip. I said I never wanted to look at the exercise rods again, and asked Dad if he'd always hide them before my blindfold came off. He laughed, and agreed. It was almost like he expected me to ask that!

We weren't going to exercise on the weekends, but when Mom left for an afternoon of shopping on Sunday, Dad called me up to the bonus room. I was actually kind of happy, not just because I wanted the exercises to work and give me a nice rump, but also because I was starting to like the feeling it gave me. Of course, I couldn't tell him this, but usually when I was doing the exercise, I'd start to feel funny in my belly. I mean funny besides the funny of doing butthole exercises around a plastic rod my Dad had poked in there. I mean funny in my pussy.

When Dad handed me the tissue after the workout, I had to wipe my pussy area with it, too. It was all wet and gooey. And when Dad shut the door behind me, I scampered to my bedroom and shut my own door. I must have played with myself for like two hours after that. How gross, I know!

About a week later, after working up two more sizes with the rods, Dad said he had a new type of exercise tool for me to try. He first worked me up with the finger, then through rod sizes one, two, three and four. Then he inserted something he called a "plug device", which was weird, because as he pushed it in it got wider and wider, and all of a sudden it got skinny and my butt clamped down around it all on its own. When Dad took his hands away, it stayed there!

He told me to do my exercise, and I did, slowly squeezing, and then releasing. I could feel the effects in my buns, so I knew it was working on building me a nice ass. But it also felt good inside. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and couldn't help but think about playing with it after my exercises were all done.

Because the plug thing stayed in me on its own, Dad didn't have to be right next to me for me to do my routine. I wasn't sure what he was doing instead, but I figured he was doing some of his own workout, because I could really hear him breathing hard, along with other noises I didn't recognize.

I assumed he was distracted, so I did something really stupid and embarrassing. Well, it didn't turn out that way, but still! I slipped one of my hands back between my legs and started rubbing my pussy to relieve some of the itching that was building up.

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