Libyan Bully Triumphant

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Story: Sequel to Libyan Girl Bully's Slave. A student reports Shakira to her French teacher, nor realizing she is Shakira's slave.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Mind Control   Lesbian   Humiliation   Oral Sex   .


At 3PM Aisha walked along the empty hallway in the secondary school building then she saw her classmate Shakira, and Shakira saw her. Oh no, Aisha thought, but before Aisha could run, Shakira caught up with her and pinned her against the wall.

"So little girl where is my money?" Shakira asked.

"You can't continue to bully us forever," Aisha replied trying to be defiant. Shakira was a head taller than Aisha and hit her hard on the shoulder. Aisha cried in pain, "Ouch."

"Do you want me to break your arm? If you tell this to anyone I will fuck you up," Shakira threatened her.

"I ... I won't tell anyone," Aisha nodded in fear.

"You better pay up like the rest of the girls. You are beginning to annoy me, you know that?" Shakira asked and then spit in Aisha's face. Shakira let go of Aisha and said,

"You have till tomorrow." As Aisha watched Shakira walking away from her, she began to walk until she came to a classroom where a teacher was inside, Isabelle Fontaine. She was at her desk marking papers but Isabelle stopped writing as she noticed Aisha by the doorway.

"Oh hello Aisha, how are you?" Isabelle asked. Isabelle then saw the 'spit' on Aisha's face.

"Oh my God, did someone spit on you?" Isabelle asked and sounded concerned.

"I don't want to talk about it," Aisha replied, scared of Shakira hearing her.

"Can you come closer?" Isabelle asked her. Aisha entered the classroom and approached the French teacher.

"Look, can I tell you when we are out of this school?" Aisha begged.

"Tell you what, how about if I drive you home? Are your parents picking you up?" Isabelle asked.

"I take the bus home," Aisha replied.

"Well, tell me where you live then," Isabelle said. Isabelle stood 5 foot 9, was slim and sexy at the age of 30, had 40D sized breasts, was quite tanned, with short brown hair, crystal blue eyes and a round face. Aisha replied

"You live in the same condominium as I do." Isabelle was surprised. Aisha nodded, giggling.

"I must give you a lift home then. I insist in fact. Tell you what, come to my apartment and I'll make you a nice hot tea. How does that sound?" Isabelle kindly offered."

Very, very nice," Aisha said.

At 4, Isabelle and Aisha entered Isabelle's apartment.

"Why don't you sit down on the sofa while I make you tea and biscuits," Isabelle offered. Aisha went to the sofa and sat down. She began looking all around Isabelle's lounge. There was a wooden coffee table in front of her, a bookshelf with books, and a map of France on the wall. A television set of course, a PC sat on a desk, presumably with internet connections. Isabelle finally returned with Aisha's tea and a plate of biscuits, placing them on the coffee table before Aisha.

"Thank you Miss Fontaine," Aisha was grateful. Isabelle took out a cigarette and sat down next to Aisha, saying,

"You don't mind if I smoke do you?"

"No go ahead Miss Fontaine," Aisha said. Isabelle smiled, took out a lighter and lit her cigarette. She puffed away, blowing the smoke in Aisha's direction.

"Now tell me what happened earlier," Isabelle insisted.

Aisha decided to tell Isabelle about her bully and tormentor Shakira.

"Its Shakira miss," Aisha sighed in fear. She looked at Isabelle's necklace and started telling her everything.


It had been a good day and Shakira was in her usual classes. But she neither bullied nor harassed Aisha that day and Aisha thought that Miss Fontaine had gone straight to the principal and told the principal everything. She was hoping that Shakira was going to get expelled forever. After 3, she met up with Isabelle on the car park as Isabelle told her that she was going to give her a lift back home on Wednesday afternoon. Once Aisha and Isabelle were inside the car, Isabelle drove them home. When they arrived at the apartments Isabelle insisted that Aisha come up to her apartment first. They got out of the car, and took the lift up and Isabelle led them to her apartment. Once they were inside, Isabelle made tea and gave Aisha some cake. After eating the cake, Aisha felt she had a bad stomach,

"I have to use your toilet Miss Fontaine. Please excuse me," Aisha rushed for the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. In Aisha's mind she was happy because she thought that Miss Fontaine had did something about Shakira, but as Aisha was inside the bathroom, Isabelle took out her cell phone. She pressed a certain button and inside Isabelle's bedroom the closet door slowly opened. As the water was running inside the bathroom, Aisha had no way of knowing that she and Isabelle weren't alone in the apartment.

Aisha finally got out of the bathroom.

"I'm sorry that I took so long," Aisha cried. She was sure that it was Isabelle's cake that has caused the problem but did not want to point a finger at her.

"Aisha why don't you come and join me in the living room," Isabelle said. Aisha was surprised, why did Miss Fontaine's voice sound so robotic she wondered. Aisha went back to the lounge and as she joined her idol, she gasped in horror.

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