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Sex Story: This is an Indian love story. How I met a lovely Indian girl she was a student and I was her lecturer. She was forced into an arranged marriage and i lost touch with her. Then three years later when I went to india I found she had been widowed and we became lovers

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I first met Becca when I was teaching in England. At the time she was seventeen and I was 23. She was a very pretty, and very friendly girl and had a lovely personality, but she was not the most intelligent girl in the group by a long way, but she worked hard. My first contact with her was through teaching her and then in time she would come to me to get papers signed for instance for me to sign the form for her to renew her passport. Later she came and she was quite upset when she told me that her parents had arranged a marriage for her back in India. She was not very happy about it and she wanted me o help her find a husband in England, but this request was beyond my abilities so, when I lost contact with her I presumed that she had gone back to India to get married.

Three years later I decided to take up a teaching post in India myself and I was lucky to get an appointment teaching at a college in Nagpur. It was at a small leaving party held in the college that one of our Indian teachers told me that Becca now lived in Nagpur, and she had been married to an army man who had died in a clash with some rebels in Kashmir just after they had been married for 6 months. She told me that Becca was virtually penniless, and was relying on help from her family in England. She also told me that she often asked about me when they talked on the telephone. She said she remembered how helpful I had been when she was a student with me.

Her friend must had written to her and suggested that while I was teaching in Nagpur that I should stay with her, as she knew me, and the money I would pay her for lodging with her would help her financially. I got a message the day before I left England from her friend giving me her address in Nagpur and saying that I could stay with her if I wished, and that Becca was looking forward to meeting me again. Being single one of my reasons for moving to India was because I liked Indian girls. I found them very pretty and very easy to get on with and as a teacher I found that they were keen to study. I had hoped that one day I would meet an Indian lady who would become my wife.

To my delight Becca was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived with a big welcoming smile. She gave me a hug and put up her cheek for a kiss. She looked absolutely lovely, much lovelier than I remembered her, and so I decided to take up the offer to stay at Becca's house as I knew her, and I was very conscious that it would be helpful financially for her too. I was also very conscious that it would be nicer to stay with someone I knew rather than in a hotel or boarding house where I would be a stranger. When I arrived at her home, she took me to a bedroom where I would sleep. I unpacked and settled in the room while Becca brought some snacks for me. While eating them, she told me that she was very happy to have me in her home. She was very friendly and also I thought she was even prettier and had matured a lot from when I had last met her in England.

We talked a lot about the college back in England and my reasons for my coming to India and I said to her that I was absolutely delighted to see her again. Talking to her brought back to me just how nice a girl she really was, and I also thought that she had matured quite a bit since we last met. She was still only 20. Her figure was good, with a gorgeous bust, lovely eyes and she had a nice complexion and quite quickly I became quite besotted with her. That day she had met me at the airport she had been wearing a lovely yellow Sari with matching blouse which showed her figure off to the best advantage. That night I went to bed thinking about Becca, and for the very first time I was thinking seriously that she would make a good wife for me, but obviously I had to get to know her much better first, and she also had to agree.

The next day I was free, after first letting the college know that I had arrived and giving them my address, and as I had a few days before I had to start at the college I decided to get to know the city so that I could find my way around. I got myself ready, and invited Becca to join me. She agreed and soon she was ready and we headed out. We walked around sight seeing for 2-3 hours, stopping occasionally for refreshments and gradually we became much closer and not so much like casual acquaintances. We talked, and laughed together a lot before we turned back towards her home.

While we were walking Becca became intrigued by a ladies market and told me that she wanted to buy some things from there. We entered the market and she headed to a big lingerie shop. I was a little surprised and little embarrassed to be in a ladies shop with all the female assistants looking at me, but I was also interested in seeing what sort of lingerie she wore. She selected several sexy bra panty sets and asked my opinion on them all before buying them. I pointed towards a black bra panty set and one nightdress and I told her I thought she would look lovely in them.

She bought the sets and we came back home. I went into my bedroom and I reflected that increasingly Becca was beginning to behave towards me in many ways as though I was her husband. I didn't know where this was going, but I was quite pleased that she was. I decided however, that the next move must be up to her. To my surprise when I went out for dinner I found she was wearing the black nightdress she had bought when she called to me.

She asked me "Do you think that this looks as beautiful on me as you thought when you chose it. I admired it and said "Its not just the nightdress Becca it's the lady inside it that makes it beautiful. Becca blushed and went very quiet for the rest of the meal.

We ate our dinner and before going to bed, I asked her, "Does the other lingerie look just as nice on you as well." She blushed again but did not reply. However I was getting the message that having me in the house was beginning to cause her some problems, which I could well appreciate. I knew that she had been a widow for some months, and must be feeling the need for male company at times.

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