Persian Conquest

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: The last story of the trilogy as the Persians continue their domination.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Anal Sex   .

It all had started with the cartoons published in Denmark as all across the Middle East, and Iran in particular; there had been a great uproar. One thing had led to another and Iranian Muslims and their Danish hosts started fighting over this matter. But eventually, the Iranians found a way to get their vengeance for the insults they had to harbor for all those years, be it about being Muslim or being told to go back to their countries, by Westerners. In Denmark, an Iranian-American student named Darius, had put his Danish-American teacher under MC and made her his slave. She had said nasty things about Iran, about how women were being abused there and that it was a lousy sexist country that belonged back in the Dark Ages, not the modern world. Darius used black magic to get what he wanted as he made her his whore and eventually sold her off to an angry Iranian Canadian, but not before having her property signed over to him. Then, a bunch of Iranian students with mutant mind control powers had put the entire Scandinavian nation under their control. Iranian soldiers were allowed to enter the country, a country that was an enemy of theirs and an ally of the United States of America. Men were castrated and made eunuchs and forced to watch as their wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters and sisters were fucked right before their eyes. No matter how much they wanted to fight their new situation, their minds were programmed to obey the Persian men and women, who spit at them and bragged of their conquest of Denmark. The women were fucked on a daily basis, while the men were made to do degrading things, like cleaning the streets with their tongues, having sex with animals or being used as target practice, although not with lethal weapons. The Persian boys would walk in the streets with their hands on their Blonde Danish female slaves, squeezing their breasts and nipples. For a long time, Iranians had no success in getting these cold Blonde women, but now thanks to a bunch of high school mutants they got to live paradise on Earth, and not wait to see their 72 virgins after they died.

But it was not just Denmark. The Iranian mutants bragged about the invasion of the Rest of the West. The Iranian high schooler, who led the mutants in the takeover of the entire country, had announced on live television, that he was going to invade the United States and Europe. But this was just a ploy as the invasion was already happening inside all these countries, and not from the external threats that they were all expecting. The Iranian youth had announced all this as the former Prime Minister and his son were groveling on their knees and licking the dirt from his foot, while he spat his Persian saliva on their Nordic Blond hair. At the same time, the Prime Minister's Blonde wife and Blonde daughter were forced, naked, to kiss his neck while he happily fondled their breasts and fresh Danish nipples.


All across the European continent, other Iranian mutants and those that practiced black magic slowly took over their host countries. The psychics could put most people under Mind Control and those that survived these 'psychic attacks' were found and they were tied up and had Persian necklaces, like the one Darius had used on Eva, placed around their necks and they too became slaves. The original inhabitants of Europe were now chattel to their Persian masters and what happened in Denmark, happened in all Europe. If someone was in the Eiffel tower, they could see Persians, and their Arab and North African Muslim allies, walking around with naked European men, being led with dog leashes that were around their necks. They even make them eat their food off the floor. French women were getting their petite Brunette asses fucked, while bent over their Porsches by those North African youths from the Paris 2005 December riots.

In Britain, many of the porn actresses and prostitutes had to cover their bodies with large black hijabs. Buckingham's Palace was turned into a mosque and the Azhan was heard everywhere

In Italy, the Vatican was being run by Muslim radicals and Italian men, as well as women, were locked up in cages, many of them having been purchased by a Bosnian millionaire, who was angry with western countries for not helping Bosnia during the Bosnian war, and of course it was Serbs getting fucked now.

The Netherlands was suffering the same fate. Dutch women were getting raped, spread eagled, in the streets of Amsterdam by their potential masters, as their owners sat near the river and watched the whole thing.

But Europe was not alone in this problem.


The USA was defeated by combined internal as well as external attacks. American men were sent to camps and military veterans, who had participated in the Iraq and Afghanistan war, were castrated and sold off as eunuchs. The White House was now occupied by the supreme heir of not just Iran, but the entire Islamic world now. Democracy was defeated by terrorism and fear. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat in the Oval Office, the desk removed so the TV cameras that were focused on him could see his lap, was announcing to Iran and the rest of the Middle East, the complete victory over The Great Satan, whom they now owned and were about to fuck. As he was announcing to the world how Allah had given America to him and the Persians, a naked Nicole Kidman and a naked Angelina Jolie, two famous Hollywood actresses and sex symbols, were on their knees lapping away at his Persian cock, while he was holding the chains attached to the manacles around their necks. Freedom was gone, thanks to Umar's Condition, where Muslims had the right to own Non Muslim slaves. The American Constitution was now a thing of the past.

According to the AMENDMENT XIII:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation (Adopted in 1865).

This law was now replaced by Umar's Condition. The average American, whether they were black or white, Hispanic or Asian, were now slaves to their Muslim neighbors, especially the Persians, who had seized power.

At one point, a Chinese delegate, Lu Xan Bao, was invited by his Iranian American friend, to come and visit the United States. He flew there and the plane ticket was paid for by the CIA, controlled by the Iranian Uztahs. When he visited Southern California, he could now see how the great and mighty America had fallen; Iranians were walking around with Americans next to them, dressed like Middle Eastern servants and maids.

Lu Xan Bao was staying over at his friend's house and this friend was Mohammed X, who had invited him to stay in the US for a week. Lu Xan Bao, a movie director, said that he would do a documentary on the New Persian dominated United States. Lu Xan Bao, with a Moslem camera crew, accompanied his son's friend to school. That day many of the students, and even teachers, were being auctioned off, as slaves. This time it was for real, not a reenactment of slavery days of the past. Many American boys and girls were made to stand straight, on the high school football field, while a radical Iranian American Muslim youth auctioned them off.

Puya, the son of Mohammed X, was an excitable, horny young man, who was never able to go out on dates with any of the Blonde Scandinavian American female students, because they had rejected him more than a thousand times. Puya was looking eagerly at the students being auctioned off. The student auctioneer was shouting in Persian, about the bids and about who wanted to buy whom. The Persian high school students were all shouting and all the buyers were young men, not a single female. The Muslim world is a sexist world, isn't it? Puya finally saw something, or someone he liked. Her name was Sarah Goodman and she was of Dutch and Norwegian descent. In the auction she was still dressed in her cheerleader outfit and was two inches taller than Puya, not to mention was more fit and even better built. Puya won the bid for Sarah and was excited about finally getting the "girl of his dreams".

Sarah Goodman was pulled harshly by the neck as one of the auctioneers assistants led her over to Puya and handed the end of the leash to him. Puya eagerly pulled it and smiled wickedly at Sarah.

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