Wonder Woman vs the School Bullies

by Mike S

Copyright© 2010 by Mike S

Fantasy Sex Story: Wonder Woman attempts to stop school bullies but falls under their spell and those she sought to protect turn on her.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Superhero   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   .

Wonder Woman was on a routine patrol when she saw trouble down in a school yard. Three boys had a girl up against the schoolhouse wall and 2 of them had her arms, holding her prisoner. She quickly flew down and assumed her hands on hip, me superior to you, stance.

"Release that girl you hooligans," she declared. The leader of the trio spun around to see who had the audacity to challenge him. He and his 3 buddies ran Central High, they beat up any boys who didn't instantly do anything they told them and enjoyed having girl's do strip teases for them in the boy's bathrooms. The principal was the only male teacher at the school and a severe beating had frightened him out of trying to do anything to stop them and a female teacher, who had tried to defend a girl they were harassing, was raped in the school hallway by all 4 while other teachers and the students just watched. No one had bothered them over anything they did this whole school year. This girl was new in school and had refused to go into the bathroom, so they had brought her outside and planned on stripping her in front of everyone when they all left school in a few minutes. Now, suddenly someone was challenging them? Who was that foolish? Then he saw Wonder Woman standing there, and everything changed in an instant.

"Why should we release her?" he asked. "I'm John Jones, and with my buddies, Pete and Tim there, we do what we want. This new bitch was told to go into the boy's bathroom and do a strip tease for us. She refused and so now she'll be stripped in front of the whole school here in a minute." Just then the school doors opened and students poured out coming to a stop as they saw Wonder Woman confronting John, Pete & Tim. Finally, their reign of terror would be put to an end. They quickly formed a semi-circle around the antagonists.

"I said release that girl and I will not say it again, I'll just thrash the 3 of you." Wonder Woman said. Unnoticed by anyone, Mike, the 4th gang member worked his way to just behind Wonder Woman. He had been inside the school doors informing the crowd of the entertainment waiting outside. He carefully stepped forward, and unclipped Wonder Woman's magic lasso as John distracted her by feigning an attack on her. Mike quickly draped a loop around Wonder Woman's shoulders and pulled tight.

"Stand still," Mike ordered. Wonder Woman relaxed, she had no choice, the magic lasso forced her to obey him. John stepped in front of her and sunk his right fist into her stomach, and as she bent over from the force of the blow, his right knee rose up to meet her face, driving her head back up. She then slumped to her knees as she gasped to replace the breath that had been driven from her. John stepped around her to address the crowd.

"Some of you probably hoped Wonder Bitch here was going to take us down and free you all from our tyranny. That will never happen and now you'll get a special show this afternoon. Wonder Woman; strip your bustier off so we can all see these huge tits of yours." Wonder Woman continued to kneel on the ground as she tried to breather, but made no move to obey. Mike, not John, had her under control so she could resist his commands. In her mind she knew it was fruitless as Mike would turn control over to John or order her to strip and her famous red bustier with gold eagle would be lying on the ground. Her star studded blue shorts and matching thong would probably soon join it there. Then her beautiful 40 DD's and pretty shaved pussy would be on display for everyone's viewing pleasure. She briefly wondered if her pussy and mouth would be put to use but no, they wouldn't dare rape her.

"Wonder Woman, stand up, face the crowd and take off your top," Mike said. "I think everyone wants a good look at those world famous tits." Several boys in the crowd cheered and Wonder Woman realized that the very people she had tried to help wanted to see her body as well. She slowly stood and followed the commands. She turned to face the crowd and slowly pushed her bustier down, exposing her breasts to everyone. She then unfastened it in back and released it. The magic lasso, now around her stomach held it in place until Mike ordered her to pull it up out of the lasso and to drop it. Everyone stared at her tits as she hung her head in shame. At least 100 high school students and several teachers all marveled at their size, the color of her aureole, and the length of her nipples, which were extended from the cool air on them.

John looked at Pete & Tim and told them to remove Cindy's, the girl they were restraining, clothes. Cindy couldn't believe what was happening. On her first day at the new school, these 4 boys had pulled her out of her classroom and told her to enter the boy's bathroom as they wanted her to do a striptease and her teacher hadn't said a word. She had refused to do that and so here she was, outside, about to be stripped in public in front of all these people, and the relief she had felt upon seeing Wonder Woman turned to despair at Wonder Woman's captivity. The 2 boys quickly grabbed her blouse with their free hand and each pulled in their direction causing all the buttons to pop off. Her clothes would be destroyed by this and she would have to go home naked if she didn't do something.

"Okay, I'll strip for you; just release my arms so that I can." Cindy finally said. John motioned for her to be freed and she took what was left of her blouse off, revealing a navy blue bra. She unfastened the button at her waist band, unzipped her skirt and let it fall, revealing matching navy blue string bikini panties. She stepped forward, out of the pool of her skirt and away from the wall so she could reach behind and unfasten her bra. She slowly pulled the straps down but when they were off her arms, she held her bra cups in place over her tits. John stepped up and tore the bra out of her hands, she quickly covered her breasts with her hands. She looked at John with pleading in her eyes, not to have to continue, to retain some sense of modesty and he laughed at her.

"If you don't drop your hands and show off your tits, we'll have to restrain you again and hold your arms wide while I rip those panties off you, bitch" Cindy dropped her hands to her side, allowing everyone their first look at her naked 36C breasts. She hooked her thumbs in her panties, meaning to pull them down, when John stopped her.

"You've caught up with Wonder Bitch in loss of clothes so I think she should show the way. Mike, get her bottoms off." Mike quickly complied, telling Wonder Woman to remove her bottoms. When she had removed it and the bullies saw the thong coming out the crack of her ass, Mike had her bend down so they could see the string all the way though her ass crack. Mike then ordered her to straighten up and remove the thong. It joined her other clothes on the ground. Mike had wanted to move up and replace John as leader and suddenly he knew how to get Pete & Tim to back his leadership.

"Wonder Slut," Mike said, "Go ahead and sit down and spread your legs." When Wonder Woman had complied, he continued, "Now use your hands and play with your tits for the crowd here. Consider it as part of your public service appearances at the schools. Show all the girls here how to properly massage their tits and play with their nipples." Wonder Woman had no choice; the magic lasso was still ensuring her compliance. She slowly started rubbing her breasts, kneading them just like she enjoyed doing at night in the privacy of her own bed. Her nipples quickly extended to maximum length and she commenced to stretch them, placing her thumb and forefinger on them and pulling. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and following the crack of her ass to the ground. The tit massage was getting her horny and as she drifted into a sexual awakening, one hand left her breasts and drifted down her body. She spread her labia and encircled her hooded clitoris between 2 fingers and the exposing the head. She dropped her other hand down and started rubbing, circling the clit with a finger tip as she lay back. She was flat on her back, legs spread, feet flat on the ground as both hands worked on her clit. Then she slid 2 fingers into her pussy and started ramming them in and out as the feelings continued to grow inside her. She lifted her ass off the ground and started wildly rotating it as a third finger entered her love tunnel.

"That's it, show everyone what a slut you are. Cum for everyone, Wonder Slut." Mike said. Then it happened

"Oh Great Hera!! I'M CUMMMMINNNG!! It feels so good!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as her ass moved faster, humping her invisible lover, and sliding the fourth finger in. She continued violently shoving all 4 fingers in until her orgasm finally subsided and her ass came back to ground, but Mike wasn't done with his slave yet.

"Lick those fingers off. Clean them of your juices, one by one." Mike commanded. Obediently she stuck her first finger in her mouth, sucking it like a cock. It was followed by middle, ring and then little finger. While that was going on, Mike had taken her other hand and rubbed it around in her crotch so she could lick it clean after the fingers. He also grabbed her thong from the ground and finished cleaning her juices up, and then stuck it in her mouth to suck on. He also had other ideas of how to become popular and replace John.

"Cindy, you stay where you are. Wonder Whore, you will crawl to her and using your teeth, you will finish stripping her of the panties." Again Wonder Woman obeyed and crawl to the girl. She sat up on her heels and took the string over her right hip and pulled it down. She then went to the left and continued alternating until the panties were at her ankles. Cindy then lifted one foot and the other as Wonder Woman removed them from her completely. As they were putting on this show, Mike had whispered something to Tim, who took off on the run. When Cindy's panties were completely removed, Mike ordered her to spread her legs and turned to the crowd.

"You all thought that this slut was going to free you? Do you see how I control her? We have all heard that she comes from a race of Amazons that live on Paradise Island. We have all heard that men are not allowed on the island. I therefore think that Wonder Slut knows how to, and enjoys, eating pussy. After all, with no men available, Amazons must be lesbians. Cindy, reach down, spread your pussy lips and show your clit. I bet Wonder Whore here will lick your cunt for you. You get to help show what a slut she really is and to cum all over her face. Pete and John, you pull out your cocks and get on either side of her. I'm willing to bet that she gives you both hand jobs as she licks Cindy's cunt and lets you cum all over those bodacious tits of hers, and you can remove the thong from your mouth now Wonder Slut."

Pete and John quickly stepped forward and complied. Pete was happy to get a chance to get off by Wonder Woman's hand. John was thinking that Mike was suddenly giving the orders, but he couldn't complain. Even if he lost leadership of the gang, he had enjoyed Wonder Woman's humiliation so far, and wouldn't have thought of all this himself. Cindy spread her pussy as ordered; Wonder Woman grabbed a cock in each hand and started jerking and then shoved her face into Cindy crotch as her tongue came out and started slurping on the offered pussy. Yes, Amazons did practice lesbianism, so this was nothing new. She had often been captured by villains and raped, so jerking cocks was nothing new. Doing all this in front of a crowd of this size was new. The control of the magic lasso made her eventually forget the crowd as she tried to satisfy all 3 teenagers at once. Her hands flew up and down ramrod stiff cocks as the tip of her tongue went up the vaginal canal as far as possible and wriggled and licked at the walls, attempting to get the dam to break and the floodwaters of Cindy's orgasm to rush to her eager mouth. John cock had spurted 1 rope of sperm on her cheek so she pulled back, turned her head right, and engulfed his cock within her mouth as the 2nd rope flew from the cock. She eagerly sucked and pumped as his cock gradually lost its load and started to soften. She was turning back to Cindy's offering when she felt Tim's cock pulse in her hand and got it into her mouth as he delivered his load. Her right hand had left John's cock as she sucked on it and was now burying 3 fingers inside Cindy's pussy to keep it aflame. With Tim done, she could now return to Cindy and give her the full attention of her mouth. That resulted in the floodwaters that she had desired and she swallowed over and over as the juices poured from Cindy's cunt. When Cindy had finally came of her high, Mike had Wonder Woman face the crowd and lick her face clean, using a finger to gather up John's rope, and sucking it clean. Mike then saw Tim signal him from the edge of the crowd.

"Okay everyone, listen up. You thought she would free you but instead you've seen what a slut she is. Any of you other girls want to step up here, strip for us all, and have Wonder Slut suck your pussies to orgasm?" Mike looked at the crowd but none of the girls were raising their hand or stepping forward. "Okay, girls are out. Any of you boys want to step up here and get a hand job that culminates in a blowjob as Wonder Slut swallows your cum?" Again, he had no takers. No one wanted to expose themselves in front of the crowd. If it was in private, every male there would take Mike up on his offer and half of the girls would have also. Finally he gave up, leaned down to his slave's ear and whispered a command. Wonder Woman looked at him with fear in her eyes as she realized what was going to happen ad that she had no way to stop it or avoid doing it. She slowly opened her mouth to speak,

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