Mountain Party

by Chas

Copyright© 2010 by Chas

Erotica Sex Story: My wife, daughter, and I throw a bachelor party for a fraternity brother. It gets a bit out of hand but very enjoyable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Orgy   Interracial   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

"Damn, she cancelled. What am I going to do? I told the guys I would get a girl to wait on us this weekend." I wailed to my wife.

My fraternity brothers and I were heading up to my cabin in the mountains to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Other than me, none of them had yet married. Mike was the lucky guy. He was getting married at the end of the summer to a wonderful woman. I was the "old married" man of the group. My wife Sue and I have been together since we were fourteen. I got her pregnant at age fifteen and we were married at age seventeen. I won't lie and say it wasn't tough being married that young, raising a daughter, and working through college. My fraternity brothers were a lifesaver for Sue, our daughter Karen, and me. They really helped us get through college and were like family to us. Our daughter Karen even calls them her uncles. I don't know what we would have done without their support so we were determined to make it back to them.

So this was my time to help pay back their generosity and it looked like I failed. I was supposed to hire a local dancer named Diamond we knew. Sue was a great help in planning Mike's bachelor party with me. Even our daughter Karen got into helping plan the party. We had the cabin all stocked with food and lots of drinks. I collected a bunch of different porn DVD's and we had arraigned with Diamond to provide entertainment and to wait on the guys as we drank, watched porn, and played cards. My daughter got into suggesting various outfits or lack thereof that Diamond could wear while she served us. It was a bit odd yet somewhat exciting to hear my sixteen year old daughter and my wife discussing how the stripper we hired should go about entertaining the guys.

Well at the last moment Diamond called and said she had tripped and fallen of the stage at work and fractured her tibia. I was devastated when she called. The party was scheduled in just a few days and we had no one to serve and entertain the guys. I did not know what to do and I was really getting annoying to Sue and Karen with all my worrying.

Karen said "Why doesn't Mom and I come up to the cabin and we'll wait on the guys? Uncle Mike really deserves a great party and there's not enough time for you to get a replacement for Diamond."

I was so desperate to host a great bachelor party for Mike that I simply said that would be great without actually thinking through the possible ramifications. Karen squealed in delight, hugged Sue and the two of them quickly left to start their preparations.

Sue and Karen would not tell me what they were planning other than not to worry and told me to concentrate on getting the food and drinks ready.

Friday night came quick and we headed up to the mountains to get the cabin ready. The guys were scheduled to arrive first think in the morning. I still hadn't told them the stripper had cancelled. I was too chicken, and I figured with Sue and Karen here to wait on them that they would eventually be OK with my screw-up. Just then the phone rang and it was Bill. I put it on speaker phone so we all could talk but he was in a hurry and didn't let us get a word in. He basically called to say they would be up by 11:00 and how excited they all were to get together and especially to "see some tit and get blown". I was just about to tell him about the change in plans when he had to hang up. I looked over at Sue and Karen and said to them that we would just be ready with lots of drinks and food and some porn and everything would be fine.

"Karen, tomorrow when the guys put on the porn maybe you could go upstairs and read your book. I think you're too young to be watching it." I said.

"Dad, it's not like I haven't seen it before and besides I hardly get to visit with my uncles and you know how special they all are to me."

"Well I'm still not too sure I like you seeing porn, what do you think Sue?"

Sue replied "Karen, let's go upstairs and discuss this."

They headed upstairs to discuss what I thought was having Karen leave the room when the porn started but as I was to learn later, they were actually discussing how they could entertain the guys. At that point they weren't thinking of giving out blow jobs or parading around naked but rather how they could flirt a bit while waiting on the guys.

Next morning we all worked preparing the food for the day. As it got closer to the guy's arrival time, Sue and Karen headed upstairs to change. Right around 11:00 I heard a car pull up. Mike, the lucky groom, Bill, John, Steve, and Trevor all got out and started bring in their gear. I heard a squeal and Karen and Sue were running out to give the guys big hugs. Sue and Karen were both dressed in short denim pants and almost looked topless until I saw the small tops they were wearing.

"Uncle Mike, I'm so excited to see you all here. The stripper Dad hired got hurt and couldn't come so mom and I got to come instead to wait on you guys!" my daughter excitedly said. Well I had to tell them eventually about the lack of the stripper and coming from my daughter at least they couldn't get too mad at her. I could see Bill looking a little disappointed but he quickly put on his game face and said "Why with two beautiful women here to serve us drinks how could we not love that." The rest of the guys all concurred and I felt a huge relief.

The party got going in earnest and all were having a great time. Sue and Karen were serving the guys just like professional waitresses. As I finally settled down and relaxed I noticed just how skimpy their tops actually were. As I looked closer I realized they were the tops from the Wicked Weasel suits I bought Sue last year for a Caribbean vacation we took. I started to get aroused from thinking back to that vacation and then wondered if they had on the equally skimpy thong bottoms under their denim shorts.

A small noise broke me out of my daydreaming as I saw that Steve had dropped something and my daughter was bending over to pick it up for him. Was it my imagination or did she purposely bend her butt into Trevor crotch? I started admiring her shapely form and especially how her tits swung freely in her small top and started getting aroused until I snapped out of it and admonished myself for thinking like that.

I started wondering if Karen had actually intended to bend her butt in to Trevor's crotch so I started paying closer attention to her and my wife Sue. Sure enough they were both subtlety flirting with the guys. There were lots of light touches, a few hugs and some more picking up dropped items. I could feel the sexual tension already building in the room and started wondering if we needed to add any more with the porn DVDs we were planning on watching later on. Maybe a swim in the cool pond would help.

Our cabin had a small spring fed pond I had dug a few years back. The water was fairly cool but it was very clear and had a rocky bottom. I built a small dock for lounging and jumping in. I suggested we go for a swim and all agreed. Sue and Karen peeled off their shorts and did indeed have on the Wicked Weasel thong bottoms. Maybe swimming wasn't so great an idea. It got worse when both Trevor and Bill said they had forgotten their suits. My wife replied that they should just go in their underwear and that she and Karen would not look while holding her hand with spread fingers over her eyes.

With that all the guys decided to just strip down and jump in with just their underwear on. Besides my wife and daughter in their micro bikinis I was the only one still wearing clothes. Sue said "John, don't be a whoosh, get out of your pants and jump in." I was not too keen to strip down in front of my daughter especially since I realized I was partially erect but I figured I could quickly jump in the cold water and that would cure my arousal. My underwear when wet was a bit transparent.

For the next couple of hours we all splashed around in the pond. The guys mostly stayed waist deep but with the clear water you could clearly make out quite a few erections. At one point we all got into a game of horse fights with all of us taking turns with Sue and Karen on our shoulders. When it was my turn to have my daughter on my shoulders, when she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and her legs brushed up along my partially erect cock. I wonder if that happened when she was on the other guy's shoulders. Sue was on Mike's shoulders for this round. The girls immediately got into quite the horse fight. Karen grabbed Sue behind the head and almost brought her down. Unbeknownst to me, Sue retaliated by grabbing onto Karen's string top causing it to become loose. I heard Karen yell "Mom" but I didn't think too much of it at the time. We continued the horse fight and the girls got increasingly wild. Just then I felt something sting my eye. It was the string from Karen's bikini top. When I twisted around to see what hit my eye I saw that my daughter's top was loose and probably had been for a while since she yelled "Mom" a while back. Now it made sense why the guys suddenly seemed to get very interested in this game.

"Karen", I said, "Your top is loose, tie it back up. Sue, did you see it was loose?"

"Oh John, don't be so uptight. I'm the one who untied it while we were playing. Karen's not upset so why should you be?"

"Yea Dad, I'm cool if Mike gets a few peeks of my boobs, he is getting married in a few weeks."

With that I just grunted and said I was getting hungry and let's get the grill fired up. As we were getting out I noticed all the guys were at least partially erect from the display of my daughter's tits. Hell, I was even a bit aroused just thinking about her flashing the guys.

I went out back and got the grill all setup When I got back into the house I heard a bunch of laughter and talks about doing shots, specifically body shots. Just then Sue got up on the bar and laid on her back. She was still in her bikini and looked extremely hot with her flat stomach and breasts jutting up. John grabbed a bottle of Jack and poured a shot directly into my wife's belly button, bent down and sucked it up. Sue giggled and said it tickled. She was wearing a dangling belly ring and I couldn't see it but I'm sure John must have licked that as well. Sue is a very oral person both giving and receiving so I was starting to wonder where this might lead to. Bill and then Steve went next each spending a little more time licking Sue's belly than was absolutely necessary to drink the shot. When it was Trevor's turn he approached Sue from between her legs, gently spread them and moved forward with his body between them. He smiled and said "This is just a nicer variation of the body shot position."

Sue was slightly propped up on her elbows when Trevor began pouring the shot. Instead of pouring directly into her belly button he started pouring up between her breasts and letting the liquor run down across her belly and pool in her belly button. Some of the liquor splashed down to the top of her bikini. Trevor then bent down low and rested his chin on Sue's belly as he proceeded to lick his way down from her gorgeous breasts. He paused a while at her belly button and I could see him twirling Sue's belly ring between his teeth. Trevor then said there was still more Jack to get and started working his way lower. It looked like his chin was resting directly on Sue's mound as he started downward. Fortunately he stopped at the top of Sue's bikini but I could see his tongue working its way under and then his teeth gently pulling up the bikini bottoms giving Sue a nice camel toe.

"So Mike, that's how a belly shot is supposed to be done." Trevor exclaimed.

All Mike could say was "wow" and Sue seemed a little flush and was breathing faster than normal.

Karen chimed in and said "Uncle Mike, do me, do me. That looked fun".

Just as I was about to step in and say no way, Sue climbed off the bar and was helping Karen down. Oh well, I thought, if Sue is OK with this I'll just chill out a bit and try to enjoy it.

Mike approached Karen just like Trevor had done with my wife Sue between her legs. I had to admit Karen looked every bit as sexy as Sue did with her flat belly, prominent breasts and very hard nipples showing through. Karen also wore a dangling belly ring like my wife. As I gazed lower it looked like her bottoms were getting translucent where she was getting excited. Mike grabbed a bottle of Bailey's saying he wasn't up for Jack at the moment. He started pouring the liquor from above her breasts down between those lovely mounds. Karen's top was stretched tight so the Bailey's ran underneath the bikini strings and towards her belly button. From there it overflowed and ran into her bottoms making them even wetter before Mike stopped pouring. Mike then leaned in between Karen's legs and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before liking off the liquor.

"Honey, it looks like you cleaning me off after you came on my chest." Sue giggled.

I turned a few shades of red and wondered is Sue had started drinking already to loosen up her tongue like that. If fact I did have a bit of a cum fetish and was finding the scene before me very exciting.

Mike continued to clean the area between Karen's breasts and even slipped his tongue under her small top almost to her very hard nipples. He worked his way downward playing with her belly ring for a while and then started heading further south. Karen's bottoms were soaked from a combination of the Bailey's and her own juices. Mike did like Trevor had done and bit on to the bottoms both sucking on them and pulling on them. Karen was squirming on the bar and looked very excited.

"Hm, this Bailey's has a sweeter taste than I remember" Mike announced.

Just then he stopped and got up. I swear if he kept at it a few minutes more Karen would have cum right in front of us.

"Wow, Uncle Mike that was awesome. Dad, you haven't had a turn yet."

"Yea John, loosen up and have a shot" my wife exclaimed.

Sue then proceeded to pour a very generous amount of Bailey's over my daughter' prone body.

"Be sure to get it all" she giggled.

I've learned that when Sue says something that I'm eventually going to do it so I moved in between Karen's legs. Her bottoms were still in a tight camel toe from the previous shot with Mike and I could make out the outline of her enlarged clitoris. My own cock was sticking out obscenely in my swim trunks. Sue looked down at it, smiled and winked at me. What was that about I thought? Here I am about to lick my own nearly naked daughter and I'm standing her totally hard and my wife is winking at me. Like Mike before me I worked my way down through her delightful breasts making sure to get the liquor under her small top. I think I even reached a nipple at one point. I lovingly tongued her belly button and even chewed on the top of her bottoms until I heard a few sharp intakes of her breath and decided I better stop.

Karen sat up and said "wow Dad that was great. I guess you enjoyed it as well." She said while looking at my jutting erection.

Before I could think of a smart comeback Sue grabbed Trevor by the shoulders and started pushing him down on the bar saying it was her turn for a shot. Now all of us are in good shape but Trevor is in awesome shape with one of those washboard stomachs we all long for. Sue told him to take off his shirt and to lie down. Sue then poured a generous amount of liquor over Trevor's chest including his nipples and let it pool down in his belly button. Just then I saw Karen laughing and pour a small amount of liquor directly on Trevor's prominent cock.

She said "Mom, I added some more for you to get."

Oh boy, let's see how this goes I thought.

Sue climbed between Trevor's legs and started liking his chest concentrating on his nipples. I looked down and could see his cock now straining in his swim suit. Karen was lightly biting his nipples as she worked his chest. She often would do this to me in bed. Just then I saw her reach down between her legs and start to rub herself before she suddenly stopped. I'm guessing that she forgot where she was for a second. She then worked her way to his belly button while leaning her hands directly on his chest and playing with his nipples. As she started to get up, Karen said "Wait Mom you missed a spot." Sue gave Karen an odd smile and moved lower. The liquor Karen had poured was directly over Trevor's cock head. Sue bend down, made her lips into the shape of an O and sucked his suit right over his cock head.

"Damn woman, I'll give you an hour to stop that." Trevor groaned.

Mike laughed and said "Looks like just a few minutes to me.

With that Sue got up and I thought we were finished with this.

Sue said "Oh Karen, I think it's your turn to do a shot."

"Sue, are you sure that's a good idea." I questioned.

"John, she's almost seventeen and has had wine at dinner before and these are really just partial shots."

It wasn't the liquor I was thinking about. Oh well, as I mentioned whenever Sue gets something in her mind I've learned to just go with the flow.

Sue then poured more liquor over Trevor's body including a generous amount over his swim suit barely containing his erect cock. If fact I could just see the head peeking out of the top. Karen climbed between Trevor's legs and started liking his chest. Apparently Sue did not this she was doing it correctly so she bent down and started showing Karen how to lightly work her teeth over his nipples. I was hoping she would not expand this lesson to his cock. Sue is always reading Cosmos and prides herself on being an excellent cock sucker. Karen continued working Trevor's nipples and I watched as his cock seemed to grow even larger and was now fully sticking out of his suit. I wondered what Karen would do when she saw that. At this point I was getting worked up myself and almost didn't care that my daughter was going to see my best friend's cock.

Karen continued down to licking his stomach while putting her hands on Trevor's chest. Her back was slightly arched and her butt was pointed up. I caught Mike staring at her thong covered but while absently rubbing himself. I moved over to his position and could see that the thong was barely covering her little rose bud. Karen started to get up but he mother gently placed her hand on Karen's shoulder and said "You forgot a spot" while slowly pushing her back down. Now there has always been a competitive streak between my wife and daughter and this was not going to me the exception.

"OK Mom, if you insist". Karen then started licking Trevor's exposed cock head while gently cupping his balls with her hand. I saw a large drop of pre cum appear that Karen greedily licked up. Just when I thought she was going to really blow him she stopped and said "Well how was that Mom?"

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