The Flowering

by Tarakin

Copyright© 2010 by Tarakin

Sex Story: A young woman is left alone with bikers

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Group Sex   First   .

Eighteen year old Ashley Chester nervously smoothed her white shirt. So this was the biker's spring festival? Freddy had dreamed of coming here? It was horrible! All the noise and the smell of beer and exhaust fumes!

Ashley put a strand of her short mouse-brown hair behind her ear. Freddy Mason, her boyfriend, had been so excited. He had finally talked his rich father into buying him a Harley Davidson. He had been so cute, like a boy opening a long awaited Christmas present. And now he wanted to show off his newest plaything. And maybe he had wanted to show off his girlfriend too, Ashley added to herself, sobering quickly. As if there was anything to be shown off with a girl as plain as she was.

Ashley sighed. Freddy had been her only boyfriend, indeed the only boy who had ever shown any interest whatsoever in her. She was grateful for that, and he was cute, so when he had wanted to go with her to a biker festival she had given in. She could learn for her Spanish exam later. But had it to be this place, in this remote forest?

There were about seventy men and women around a large fire in the clearing. They had started consuming beer, and worse, long before the sun even started to set. Massive speakers on a makeshift stage were pumping out loud rock music and about twenty people were dancing to the hard rhythms. Two bikes were cruising around the dancers, and to Ashley's shock they both had half naked girls on the back. What had she gotten herself into?

Freddy had no clue what to do either, it seemed, he just sat on his shiny new toy grinning and obviously hoping that the admirers would crowd around him. Which no one was doing. Ashley got off of the back of the Harley before someone noticed her. She wished her brother was here with her, but he ended up having a wedding to go to, so he had had to cancel this trip -- and leave her alone at the noisy biker's festival. Ashley wished she could hide under the earth like a seedling did. She straightened her blue jeans and white shirt yet again and put her hair behind her ears in a nervous gesture. She really should be studying for the Spanish exam in two days and not here where girls went around half naked! Ashley pointedly looked away from those shameless people -- and right at one of the approaching bikers.

His skin was white, but except for that, the only color she saw was black -- black hair, black eyes, black moustache and black biker clothes just partly hiding his bulging muscles. Only his white-toothed grin was a sharp contrast to all the black, but it was hungry, even predatory, and directed at her. She gulped, and his grin widened even more. The biker suddenly turned toward Freddy, and Ashley noticed that five of his friends had followed their leader, all dressed in the same garb, down to the silver lined black wolf on the shoulder of their jackets. They turned to her boyfriend, after grinning in Ashley's direction. Ashley felt as if they had a secret she wasn't in on, and it made her uncomfortable. Freddy didn't seem notice the smiles directed toward his girlfriend; he was just happy that someone was finally paying attention to him. He was oblivious to the feigned friendliness in the leader's voice as the man finally turned toward him and shoved a clear bottle with a lightning bolt on its side into his hand.

"I'm Brett, and this is my Wolfpack." The leader of the bikers had an oily voice that grated on Ashley's nerves, but didn't seem to bother Freddy. "Have a drink. You're new, right? A hog, huh? How loud is she? Do you have her adjusted?"

Freddy answered the questions enthusiastically, embellishing whatever he thought he could get away with and making up answers to questions he didn't know. Ashley sighed at having to hear him once again repeat how great the bike was and managed to only slightly roll her eyes as she listened to him bump the numbers up from what he had told her before. But Brett simply nodded and clapped Freddy's shoulder in congratulations. He took the bottle back, drank a slug himself and then passed the bottle on -- to Ashley. She took the glass bottle in surprise, wishing she had gone farther away, but she hadn't wanted to leave the side of the only man she knew in this crowd.

Reluctantly Ashley sniffed at the bottle, which drew a laugh from the gang, and then looked toward Freddy. He frowned slightly and gave her a sign to drink, not wanting her to make the wrong impression on his newfound "friends". Ashley sighed and took a sip, then coughed. God, what was that? It burned all the way down her throat and made her eyes water. She had had very little alcohol in her life, the last on her eighteenth birthday a few months ago, but never anything as potent as that. The gang laughed again, and Freddy's face turned red. Embarrassed herself and not wanting her boyfriend to look like a fool Ashley took another sip, and this time she was able to avoid coughing, if barely. How had anyone managed to bottle liquid fire? What could possibly be in this killer stuff? She considered emptying the bottle on the ground, but of course didn't. What kind of seedling would grow if watered by this?

Brett took the unlabeled jug again, clapped Ashley's shoulder, and smiled at her. She could barely see him through the tears in her eyes. Quickly she blinked them away and smiled back at the gang leader. Her throat felt rough, so she didn't dare to say anything, and luckily it wasn't necessary. Brett smiled at her once more, then passed the bottle toward one of his gang. He turned back toward Freddy and resumed talking about the 'additions' he had made to his Harley. Freddy was happy to be the center of attention again and readily bragged some more.

Ashley took a deep breath and gulped the fire in her throat away. Just as she thought she would be able to breathe freely again, she was handed the bottle once more. Apparently it had completed its round through the pack already and it was her turn again. Or was it a fresh bottle? It still had roughly the same level as when she had gotten rid of it. Ashley sighed inwardly, but feeling everyone watching her she closed her eyes and took another sip. This time she could stomach it a bit better. You can get used to anything in time, she thought, quickly getting rid of the bottle by passing it on. After just three sips she felt a bit lightheaded. Devilish stuff!

The talk between Freddy and the pack had turned toward a test drive of the new Harley. Of course her boyfriend had agreed to it, grinning like a happy schoolboy. Ashley loved it when Freddy was in this mood; he looked so cute when his eyes were sparkling. And she was relieved that this test drive would get her out of the clearing full of vulgar women, even if it meant being with Brett's Wolfpack. At least six bikers were better then seventy. So she settled herself on the back of the Harley behind an excited Freddy while the gang went to fetch their own motorcycles. If they managed to make this just a quick ride, Ashley mused, she might even get home early enough to review her last three lessons for the Spanish exam.

Her thoughts were drowned out in a roar of noise when the wolves returned with their motorcycles. Ashley couldn't hear anything until Brett turned off his foreign model and the pack followed his lead. She sighed in relief as her ears stopped ringing from the terrible noise from the engines. However, her relief turned to shock as she listened to what the leader had to say.

"You takin' your girl behind you?" Brett asked Freddy. "Don't you want to show us what this hog can really do? Come on, I'll take her behind me, so you can show us how fast she is. Girl, hop over here, we want to see him let loose!"

Ashley was speechless, and even more so when Freddy readily agreed. What was he thinking? How could he leave her alone with this animal?

"Freddy!" she started in on him angrily, but Brett interrupted immediately.

"Don't worry, baby, we'll stay together. Besides, I'm a more experienced biker, so you'll be safer with me."

Brett smiled at Ashley and offered her the jug yet again. Ashley looked at Freddy, who looked at her apologizing with his sky-blue eyes. Ashley couldn't believe it. She took the bottle to her lips, taking a whole mouthful this time. Then she coughed again and sighed. If it would make her boyfriend happy, she'd ride with Brett. But she'd never ever go with Freddy to a biker festival again, that was for sure.

Sighing again Ashley dismounted and climbed onto Brett's machine. One of the gang, Jimmy, assisted her on it, but despite that she felt uncomfortable immediately. This seat was much shorter than the Harley's, and she felt dangerously close to Brett. She opened her mouth to point out her objections, but before she could say anything the roaring noise was back as the machines started. Freddy never even looked in Ashley's direction, his determination to prove himself and his machine clearly written on his face. Jimmy ran to his own bike in a hurry, already a bit behind the starting pack of wolves. To Ashley it felt like she was being dragged away, suddenly alone in a thundering wave of blackness. Where was her brother? Couldn't he be with her, protecting her, instead of attending the wedding of his fiancé's sister?

Soon they were all riding on the small forest path at a pace that Ashley felt was much too fast as she was bumped around on the backseat of the foreign model. She wanted to point out to Brett that she had no helmet, thanks to Freddy wanting her to be a 'rebel' like himself for today, and that the gangleader should drive carefully. But she knew that the leader of the pack, like every other Wolf without a helmet himself, wouldn't understand and beside that wouldn't even hear her above all the noise. Ashley had no choice but to hold on tightly to Brett so she didn't fall off; her arms were around his leather clad chest, her small breasts squished against his broad back. She hoped fervently that Brett didn't feel this bold touch through his thick leather jacket. No man before Freddy had ever shown interest at her small breasts, let alone felt them. When Freddy had tried once she had been adamant about it not happening, this was a thing between husband and wife only. He hadn't dared to try again, as was proper. Though sometimes she had wondered...

Now the pack had reached the edge of the forest and entered the highway. Immediately the bumping stopped, but the speed went up considerably, soon reaching a breakneck pace. Ashley grabbed Brett even tighter, her knuckles white in her terror. She had wanted this ride to end quickly, but not because they broke the sonic barrier and got themselves killed in the process. And her without a helmet, what would her mother think?

Ashley's eyes were wide with fear after a few miles and it took her some time before she noticed that the group was splitting. Brett and two other wolves were slowing down considerably, and consequently, the other four men, along with Freddy were leaving them behind. Finally Brett stopped at the edge of the highway and turned toward Ashley.

"You can let go of me now, baby. It's a bit hard to breathe in your bear hug, you know," he said, smiling at Ashley, who let him go immediately, her face flushing. Brett laughed. Two of his gang, Jimmy and Paul, who looked enough alike to be brothers, came to their leader's side, and asked why they were stopping. Ashley got off the bike quickly and swiped the back of her hand across her forehead. Jimmy handed her the bottle again, and she took two mouthfuls - this time she barely coughed as the fire made its way down her throat. The clear liquid felt good on her unhappy stomach, nice and warm.

Brett watched Ashley drinking in silence, like a scientist watching a watered seedling in his laboratory. Finally, he addressed the girl again.

"Feeling better now, baby?" the leader of the pack asked. Before she had a chance to answer, he continued. "You'll feel safer if you sit in front of me. Jimmy, help her," Brett ordered. Ashley wasn't sure what the pack leader was talking about. Was she supposed to drive this huge machine? But Brett was already mounting his bike, sitting just a bit more towards the back than before. He opened his leather jacket, waiting for her. Jimmy guided the speechless Ashley to the front of the foreign bike and gave her the bottle again. She gulped down another mouthful then shook her head. She was finding it increasingly difficult to think clearly.

Ashley tried to climb onto the bike between Brett and the handle bars, but was stopped by a grinning Jimmy. He indicated that she should sit with her face toward Brett, not her back. Ashley nodded absentmindedly and followed his instructions, which made the three bikers grin even more. She found herself face to face with the mustached leader of the pack, which sobered her a bit. But it was too late; he had already started his machine and taken off.

The increasing speed pressed Ashley against Brett, and now she realized that his leather jacket was open, which meant that if she leaned forward there would be nothing but their thin shirts separating her breasts from his chest. Ashley tried to scoot back on the seat and distance herself from the leader of the Wolfpack, even an inch or two would make her feel more comfortable, but he just put his hand on her bottom and pulled her closer to himself. Ashley squeaked, but the increasing speed of the bike forced her to grab Brett tightly again. She was now not only clinging to the leader of the pack, but her small breasts were touching Brett's chest. She could feel the muscles of his chest through the thin material of his t-shirt. Even their pelvises were touching, and Brett still had his hand on Ashley's bottom, where no man had been allowed to touch her ever before! Ashley blushed, but there was no escape from the close contact unless she wished to jump from the fast bike, which was vibrating under her spread legs. Vibrating in a strange way.

Ashley was still trying to think of a way out of her impossible situation when the bike slowed down once more. She couldn't see much more than Brett's chest in her current situation, but soon the bike stopped and she could finally dismount it, but not without a parting squeeze on her bottom from her crude driver. She literally jumped to the dirt at the side of the road. Luckily, Jimmy was at her side again with the mandatory bottle.

"Why did we stop?" Ashley asked the bikers after two quick mouthfuls.

"We can't catch up to the others anymore. You held us up too much already cause you made us stop." Brett shrugged, laying all the blame on Ashley in a casual way. Before Ashley could deny the unfair accusation, the pack leader added: "Anyway, Paul had to water the bushes." He pointed at the nearby shrubs, were Paul was indeed busy fighting a drought. He had his pants down and Ashley got a view of his bare ass. She quickly looked away, feeling her face burn. Were all bikers so lewd? Brett laughed again.

"What? Don't tell me you've never seen a man's bare ass before?" he asked incredulously, still grinning.

Ashley blushed even more at having been caught peeking. Naturally she hadn't seen one before. But she had seen Freddy's, well, other side. By mistake, of course. She had gone to visit him and was going to stick her head into the bathroom to tell him she was there. She hadn't been aware that he was taking a shower, so had peeked into the bathroom to see him with his head buried in a towel, but the rest of his body on display. She had of course backed out quickly, but she had already seen his most intimate part. Her girlfriends had speculated a lot about the size of this specific anatomical region, adding inches each time, so Ashley had been relieved to see that Freddy wasn't built that big by far, his manhood hung just barely below his balls after his cold shower and didn't seem intimidating at all. She had had fears of her first time before that sight, but afterwards was much more relaxed around her boyfriend, which he noted without comprehending.

Brett laughed again after Ashley's pronounced silence, calling her back from her reverie. Then he addressed his black wolf:

"Hey, Paul, Ashley doesn't like the sight of your hairy ass. Do something about it!"

Paul answered something unrepeatable and Ashley's averted face turned an even brighter shade of red, which made Brett laugh even louder. He was out of breath when he finally told Ashley that she wouldn't have to look at anyone's ass anymore. Relieved, she automatically looked in Paul's direction, expecting to see the man fully dressed again. But the sheltered girl was in for a surprise. Brett was right that she couldn't see Paul's ass any longer, but not because he had his pants pulled up. Paul had simply turned around, so that now she looked at his private part, which Paul didn't try to cover in any way! Not only was Paul naked from the waist down, but compared to Freddy, he was huge!

Ashley was mesmerized as she saw the first semi-erect penis of her life. At this point Paul joined the other bikers in laughing at Ashley's naiveté.

"Is my cock bigger than Freddy's?" he asked smiling, not really expecting an answer. Then he reached for it and Ashley thought he was finally going to hide his penis. However, instead of covering it up, Paul started stroking it. Ashley's eyes widened as she watched it get even bigger!

"Do you like what you see, baby?" Brett whispered into her ear. The innocent girl blushed again, but was still unable to remove her eyes from the other biker's manhood. Paul's cock was erect now, pointing toward her, and still the big man stroked it. Ashley gulped as her mouth was suddenly dry. Something started to stir, deep inside of her, like a seedling does when its time is coming. Ashley felt Brett's hands on her shoulders, heard him whispering some more, but didn't understand anything, so just nodded reflexively. Immediately she felt hands on her breasts, gently caressing them. And her nipples reacted at once.

Ashley felt her heart dropping into her stomach. She had always been shy about how small her breasts were. She had been told they would still grow, because she was only eighteen, but she wished they would hurry it up. Even more shameful, to Ashley, was that whatever her breasts lacked in size, her nipples more than made up for. Whenever she remembered the sight of Freddy's private parts, her nipples grew embarrassingly long. They could reach at least half an inch, if not more!

From the day she had discovered just how long her nipples could become, she had worn bras that hid them and held them flat. She had also tried to avoid any thoughts that might let them grow, but it was becoming harder and harder to do that. Freddy's understanding of her sexual reluctance had luckily eased matters a bit, but now, with Paul's cock pointed in her direction and Brett's hands on her breasts it was impossible for Ashley to think at all. And now Jimmy was also dropping his leather pants!

As Ashley had feared, her nipples started growing and getting harder under the assault of the pack leader's hands and by the sight of the stripping men. Ashley simply couldn't control them any longer; on the contrary, she felt little electrical surges radiating from her still growing nipples through her entire body. A moan escaped her full lips, and she closed her eyes instinctively - only to open them wide a moment later. Her buttons were being undone! Someone was busy with her white shirt, and someone else was wrestling with her jeans!

Sobering quickly, Ashley wriggled away from the groping hands and took a step sideways, freeing herself from her attackers. She hastened to hide her aching breasts behind her hands. Luckily her assailants had only managed to open two buttons on her shirt and the one on her jeans. Shivering she wanted to yell at the men for their audacity, but words seemed to fail her. Her thoughts went to Freddy, and just now she realized the full impact of him having her left alone with the bikers, just to show off his motorcycle. Was he interested in her at all? Or was she just another toy, to be replaced at leisure like his old motorcycle when he had gotten the Harley? What had the only boyfriend she ever had had been thinking?

Ashley's mouth shut as those thoughts tumbled in her head, and instead of her Brett spoke, wearing his fake smile again.

"Hey, baby!" he said soothingly, laying his hand on Ashley's shoulder for reassurance. "You're a fair girl, right? A just one?"

Ashley nodded with furrowed brows, insecure about where the leader of the pack was heading. Brett kept smiling at her.

"Look, baby, you've seen Paul's cock, right?"

Ashley nodded reluctantly again, the memories and foul word making her feel the heat of her returned blush.

"And there is Jimmy, his brother, see?" Brett pointed the girl in the direction of the other wolf. Instinctively Ashley followed the direction of his hand, then closed her eyes immediately, her blush deepened even more. But it was too late; she had already seen that Jimmy was now completely naked as well! The sheltered girl's heart pounded in her chest, but she couldn't resist risking another peek through her almost closed eyes to see the part he should have hidden. Jimmy's manhood was also longer then Freddy's, and on top of that, it was thicker than his brother's! Her eyes went wide in shock, and she heard Brett chuckling next to her.

"See, baby?" The leader of the pack asked, still grinning.

"You've seen Jimmy and Paul, right? They showed you what they've got. But you haven't shown anything in return. At least show 'em your tits. It's only fair."

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