Mom Stops Teasing

by emgeee

Copyright© 2010 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: Mother stops teasing her son and takes it to the next level.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son   .

Tracy stood in the shower thinking about her son Robert and how fast things were moving. She wanted it to last, she was enjoying the tease, but her body couldn't wait to have her son fuck her.

Not make love, not to touch her or hold her, but hard pounding fucking.

Robert was in his shower, he knew he could not hold back any longer, he was going to just grab his mother and fuck her. No questions, no asking, just take her and fuck her.

They left their bathrooms and met in the hall.

Robert walked up to his mother and pulled her robe off her naked body. He had seen it before but each time he saw her naked it was like the first time.

She looked like a dream, wet hair, no make up, her body warm and pink from her shower.

Small orange freckles across her cheeks and tits. Hard pink nipples. Her lips so soft and kissable. Flat stomach. Shaved pussy. Long legs. And the worlds perfect ass, small firm, and round. You just wanted to grab it.

He took her by the hand and led her into his room, pushing his shorts off as walked.

He pushed his mother down on his bed. He lay on top of her; she spread her legs and lifted her hips. He gave his cock a small push and he was sliding his cock into his mother pussy.

He pushed until he was all the way in, his mother hooked her legs over his and they pushed against each other as hard as they could. Trying to make contact with as much naked skin as possible.

They kissed lips to lips, slowly Tracy opened her mouth and Robert pushed his tongue into her, Tracy made way for him. As Robert took a breath Tracy pushed her tongue into his mouth.

As they kissed, Robert was running his hands over her back touching and feeling her warm skin. Tracy held him as tight as he could. Over whelmed by his kisses and touch.

She felt him move slowly out of her only to feel him push back into her. She picked up on his rhythm.

His slow short strokes slowly grew to a little longer and harder.

His kiss harder and firmer, his touch went form soft caresses to firm grip.

They were kissing harder, their tongues waging battle in each other mouths; their thrusts were longer and harder.

As Robert pulled his cock nearly out of his mother pussy, he slammed himself back into her; his mother gripped him deep into her pussy. Fighting to keep him in her only to relax at the last moment to feel him with draw and then slam his cock deep into her pussy.

Their kisses became wetter and harder, Tracy's pussy was wetter, she could feel her wetness on her thighs.

She couldn't get enough of his body against her, she could not suck on his tongue harder, she could not grip his hips into her, she met her son's pounding stroke for stroke, harder and faster until at the last moment when her son's cock had reached the bottom of her pussy she could feel his body stiffen and his cum boiling down the length of his cock into her pussy, at the last twitch of his cock she let her self go.

Her body matching her son's in stiffness she came with such force that if she had not locked her legs around her son she felt she would pushed him out of her.

When Robert shot the last of his cum deep into his mother pussy he collapsed on her letting his body turn to dead weight. Tracy went limp.

Tracy slowly pushed her son off to the side and they lay next to each other both trying to catch their breath.

Smiling, Tracy thought to herself, "So much for teasing"

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