The Teenage Bridegroom

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2010 by Sirdar

Sex Story: A young boy is seduced by a friend of his mothers and they enter into a fantasised marriage

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Pregnancy   .

I was fifteen when my life took a whole new meaning for me. From the age of fourteen when I had started having wet dreams and I started learned all about sex through reading about sex and watching porno films. I had dreamed about getting some young girl to have sex with me, but it just did not happen As a young boy I had always been well endowed so much so, that the kids at school called me "Donkey Dick." after seeing me dress and undress in the gym. I was seen by many boys not as well endowed as me as a freak

Both my parents worked and my older sister Megan and I spent a lot of time together. In many ways we became very close. One day Megan my sister had been peeping into my bedroom when I had been reading a porno story on the internet and she saw what nature had endowed me with. "Oh gosh" bruv she said. "That's one hell of a porker you have there. I wish you were my boyfriend instead of my brother"

I tried to chase her out of my bedroom but she said insisted on staying and she got a measuring tape and measured me hard at 61/2 inches. "I know a few girls who would love that up them." She said. But she did nothing to introduce me to on of those girls.

Like most boys I worked doing a lot of odd jobs for neighbours for pocket money, and Penny Adams who quickly became a close friend of my mothers who had recently moved into the street was my absolute favourite. She was a fairly tall sexy blonde widow of about 32 years of age who knew how to dress, and she had a lovely personality. I started to notice after a while that she always seemed to come to our house when I was alone at home, on some excuse or another. She occasionally gave me pocket money and given the chance she would sit and talk with me as long as possible. I quickly developed a crush on her and even sitting next to her would give me a massive erection.

At first we talked about all sorts of things but gradually she cleverly led our chats on to more intimate things. She was a very tactile person and she would frequently give me and a kiss when she thought it was appropriate she talked she also liked to touch. It was not unusual for her to sit holding my hand when she was talking, or when leaning over for some reason she would rest her hand on my leg. I must admit I liked her touching me.

At that time I was still a virgin, not having yet got the nerve to go any farther than a few passionate kisses with girls on dates. She often asked me whether I had any girl friends, and occasionally she would ask me what I did when I went out on dates with girls, and one day she came right out and asked me.

"Do you know what having sex is all about Tony."

I assured her that I did, and I told her that I knew how babies were made, and one day when I married I hoped that I would marry a pretty lady just like her, and we would have lots of children.

She blushed and seemed quite pleased with me.

Then she said "So you think I am pretty Tony."

And in my teenage honesty I said. "I think that you are very lovely, and I don't understand why you are not married, although I might get jealous if you did marry someone."

To my surprise and delight at the time she put her arms round me and hugged me close to her breasts and said. "Oh thank you Tony you do my ego the world of good. Perhaps honey I am waiting for you.?""

She kissed me on the side of my face just missing my lips. But her hand rested momentarily in my groin as though by accident as she seemed to lose her balance.

I had to admit that at the time my cock was as extremely hard when she was around. At first she looked slightly embarrassed. Then she said I am so sorry Tony, but was that your cock I just touched, or have you got something in your pocket?"

I laughed and I said that everything there was all me. But then she said "I bet you are popular with the girls."

"I wish." I said boldly. "I don't have a girl friend and I think my sister keeps putting them off, but then as I said I want them to be as pretty and as nice as you."

One weekend shortly after that conversation my parents and my sister went to a family wedding. I made it clear that I was not going, and eventually my mother asked Penny if she would look after me. Penny suggested that I went and stayed with her to keep her company. I was quite happy to do so, and I must admit that my fantasies ran riot and I dreamed about a weekend with Penny all the previous night, although when I awoke common sense told me that no attractive woman like her would be interested in a young boy like me.

My parents went away on the Friday evening and penny seemed very nervous. At first I thought I had offended her. But after she had helped herself to a few drinks and allowed me to have a glass of wine with dinner Penny suddenly said.

"Why don't we have a shower and get ready for bed Tony. We can watch TV afterwards or perhaps you might like a video."

I had just got in the shower and started to wash myself, when I was suddenly joined by a very naked Penny, wearing a shower cap, who boldly said.

"Move over Tony let me wash you." and she started to wash me just like my mother had used to when I was younger. I was a bit embarrassed and gave a little protest, but then I realised that Penny seemed to spend a lot more time washing my groin and my now very erect cock, which without much trouble she had succeeded in getting quite hard. Then she placed one arm around my shoulder and at the same she pulled me close against her ample breasts and started kissed me on the mouth.

"Ooh. darling" She said. You are very big for your age. I hope you don't mind me making a fuss of you like this"

And then she put her hand down and slipped my cock between her legs where it rubbed very sensuously against her shaven pussy. Then she started kissing me again on the mouth. I did not mind in fact this was my dream coming true and I started to respond. I responded as I took her in my arms, and then she said. "Lets dry ourselves honey and go and watch some TV."

I must admit that I was a little disappointed, and soon we were sitting on the couch with her wearing a thin house coat and me with just my dressing gown. However, the TV she decided we should watch was some porn films and they all seemed to be about boys my age having sex with slightly older women and girls.

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