Hilary Irvine's African Odyssey
Chapter 5

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Horror Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Feisty journalist investigating corruption in Africa finds herself in severe difficulties

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Spanking   Sadistic   Torture   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex  

Hilary was left alone in her cell for a couple of days. Days of dread as she waited for the Negro to come and take her off for more abuse.

Eventually when he did it was almost a relief.

He entered with a leer on his face - something that sent a chill thru

Hilary's heart. He unlocked the chain from the bedpost, attached a leash to the collar and led Hilary out. Outside the room Hilary and the Negro were joined by two of the harem girls.

Thru room after room the group went until the Negro made them pause as he knocked loudly on the great door in front of him. When he heard the permission to enter the big black stepped aside and motioned the girls forward.

As Hilary was led into the room on her leash, she found herself in a cleared, empty space. Around half of the room were arranged couches and chairs filled with several seated men. It was hard to tell their ethnicity or indeed numbers as there was so much smoke filling the room.

Before Hilary could peer thru the smoke the harem girls grabbed her arms and her plunged face down onto the floor, a process helped by the Negro who kicked the back of her knee to make her fall. All three females were now prostrating themselves before their male masters. Hilary could feel the cold stone floor as she lay down, face to one side.

There Hilary and the girls were made to wait until the meal had ended.

She tried to raise but the girls held her down with a surprisingly strong grip. Hilary could feel her heart pounding. She tried to control her breathing. Stopping herself shaking was impossible.

After what seemed like ages to the naked white woman she heard a sharp

Arab male command that made the girls pick themselves up and Hilary allowed herself to be pulled to her feet.

It was time for the entertainment to begin.

She found herself standing in front of the old Arab she'd spat at earlier. He was regarding her with utter hatred and contempt. Hilary swallowed hard and tried to stay calm. Bravely she met the monster's eyes.

The fiend himself seemed to pause for a moment, thinking and then nodded permission to the harem girls waiting on him. Hilary was turned and pulled lightly back to the centre of the room.

Behind and around her the men leaned back and began to laugh and talk quietly amongst themselves, lifting their drinks. There seemed to be some discussion and Hilary assumed that they were talking about what was planned for her. As it was all in Arabic, of course, she could not understand any of what was said. She guessed that she was about to be beaten or gang-raped. Such treatment would be par for the course judging by what else she'd endured recently. At some point she be forced to get on intimate terms with the old Arab's cock.

Hilary's suppositions were wrong. The horrific reality beyond her comprehension.

Hilary's collar was attached to a chain that ran to a heavy stone block in the centre of the room. The chain's length was set to allow her freedom to move anywhere within the cleared arena. Behind her a manservant pulled a small jar of reddish liquid from his trousers and a soft brush. Opening the jar and dipping his brush, the servant watched as two other men dived for Hilary's calves.

"What the?" Hilary demanded as her legs were seized and pulled apart.

"Oh-OHH!" she gasped as the man with the liquid scooped some out and shoved between her legs.

As Hilary's arms flailed about uselessly more liquid was shoved deeply into her cunt. The liquid tingled but Hilary was still too shocked to pay any attention to it. Too shocked and indignant to notice that two hunting dogs had been brought into the arena from opposite sides.

One dog was the pride of the old Arab's hunting pack; the other was the champion of one of his guests. They were here to compete and the sexy body of Hilary Irvine was the victor's prize!

It was as the men around her withdrew that Hilary caught sight of the dogs. Big beasts snarling and straining at the leash.

Wide-eyed in abject terror Hilary couldn't do anything beyond shaking as the male audience chuckled and jeered at her. Even now she could only imagine that these vicious beasts were here to tear her to pieces.

At a signal from the old Arab the hounds were released. Hilary shrieked in terror before realising that the hounds were going for each other. At least they were until their senses were hit by the irresistible perfume from the liquid in Hilary's snatch. This had been taken from bitches on heat and instantly overwhelmed and confused the great dogs' chemistry.

Breaking off from their attack they both moved to sniff at the human female's rear, one eye on each other, watching for a challenge.

"Get off!" Hilary jabbered, "Go away!"

She bolted.

As soon as she ran the dogs chased her, used to hunting down helpless prey.

Hilary twisted and turned, dodging from one side of the arena to the other while her audience cheered and encouraged their favorite dog. As the terrified white woman thrashed about the dogs' instinct was to close her down and capture her so that there was little competition between them. One would pounce towards her from one side, while the other would chase from the other side.


Sharp teeth closed round Hilary's arm and she froze to a halt, terrified of having it torn off. The dog holding her arm in its jaw panted and held her still, concentrating on bringing the human under control.

Immediately the other hound took his chance and pressed its cold black snout deep into Hilary's crotch.


A long tongue had reached into her and lapped into her soft insides, opening and invading her intimate region. Further down the hound's prick began to grow, excited by the heady smells of bitch on heat that soaked

Hilary's cunt.

The dog holding tight to Hilary's arm felt the aromas and chemistry too.

Unsure as to whether to let go of her and drive away his rival, for the moment he growled his warning and continued to hold on tight.

"Good God!" Hilary gasped wide-eyed as she caught sight of the throbbing doggie dick of the beast that held her.

Possibly thankfully whatever part of her brain that could still think straight assumed that the beast was been aroused by the fighting.

"Back! Back!" she yelped, bravely pushing away the head of the hound between her legs whilst being careful not to move her captured arm.

The dog on her arm suddenly let her loose, barked angrily and moved towards the other, snarling a challenge.

This started a fight between the competing hounds and that allowed

Hilary to pull herself up again and scuttle to the end of her chain.

But there was nowhere for her to hide, the length of her chain never letting move far enough away from the battling pooches.

After a good deal of growling and biting play the two dogs were again overcome by the delicious, urgent smell from between Hilary's legs and loped over to chase her.

Now working together one dog would seek to seize the shrieking Hilary's arm, while the other sniffed out her rear. Cooperation would collapse as the canine doing the holding became jealous of the one sniffing. A snarling, barking fight would ensue. Three times this pattern was repeated until it was clear to everyone that one of the dogs was beginning to dominate.

At a signal from the old Arab handlers stepped forward and held on to the collars of the hunting dogs, holding them back. Hilary fell to her knees, exhausted and tearful. She watched with bewilderment as a low bench was brought into the arena and placed just in front of the old

Arab and his guests.

"Wha-What now?" Hilary panted as she was dragged to it.

Rough hands strapped her down, belly to the bench top. Her legs were pulled forward and tied so that her peachy butt was left hanging out and exposed. Twisting her head round Hilary caught see that the dogs had been brought round behind her. Surely... "Ohhhh!" she gasped as yet another brush load of the reddish liquid was pushed into her cunt.

She wrenched her head round again.

Once again she noticed that both dogs sporting massive erections...

Hilary's shock broke as she woke up to what was planned for her.

"No! For the love of God no! You can't do this! It's inhuman!"

She was shrieking now, desperately pulling at her bonds. She tugged at the bonds round her wrists. No movement!

She tried to wrench her legs off the bench legs. No movement!

She couldn't escape!

She twisted her head round to look where the old Arab was sitting.

"Please! Please!" she begged, "let me go!"

She was sobbing now, and the old Arab loved it. This infidel bitch had spat in his face. She dared defiance. Now she begged ... Hah!

"I'll suck your cock! You can fuck me all night!"

The old boy raised his hand...

"I'm a good fuck! A great fuck! Please!"

The hand came down and the dogs were released and pounced towards the prostrate Westerner. Although they snarled and paraded at each other it was clear that one of the dogs had given way and made no real attempt to hinder the leader as it moved to claim its human prize.

"Ahhh! Nooo!" Hilary shrieked as the beast began to lick his long tongue deep into her vagina.

Hilary tried to wriggle but found that as before she was too well tied.

As the perfume worked its powerful effect on the beast at her rear its swollen, mottled meat - like a salami sausage - reared out beneath her.

Hilary felt the front paws of the hound on her bare back.

"Oh God! Someone help me!" she jabbered.

With a last growl over its shoulder at its defeated rival the triumphant hound hunched in closer and stabbed at Hilary's opening.

"No-uh-no-uh-no!" she panted as she tried forlornly to wiggle away.

Three or four attempts later the doggie his prick found her sopping hole and plunged in.


Tears exploded from Hilary's eyes. A dog had just stuck its dick into her!

Around the sweaty panting woman the audience cheered. The entertainment was about to increase a notch.

Tongue lolling out from his drooling mouth, the beast began to drive his prick into Hilary in a fast rhythm. The bench and Hilary tied firmly to it was shuddering with the strength of the great dog's urgent stabs as he forced into her again and again. In time to the beasts' efforts

Hilary sobbed and blubbered. Her inner walls were stretched wonderfully wide as they gripped around the dog's insistent meat. She panted and gasped in time to his dominant thrusts, no longer conscious of anything but the huge bestial cock fucking her.

The bulge at the lower end of the hound's prick emerged from its sheath and began to expand. It pressed deeper into Hilary and she became aware of this new, greater pressure forcing her to expand even further. Tied as she was there was nothing she could do to close herself against the invasion, even had she really wanted to.

Even if she wanted to?

Somewhere in Hilary's almost unhinged mind was the horrific realisation.

Her body was starting to enjoy this. She was been raped by a dog and liking it. Hilary despised herself. Hopefully this hound would hump her to death and end her shame.

The now-welcome cock hammered against the muscles of her inner lips on every thrust and the flesh gradually gave way. She opened and now the bulge was inside her, her cunt gaping wide.

Hilary could feel herself becoming overcome by the rising torrent of her own passion as she raced towards her climax. Her cheeks burned red with shame. Tears of utter degradation flowed freely as the dog fucked her relentlessly.

Suddenly Hilary could feel the beast begin to slow. She braced herself.

The dog pushed up on its hind legs, getting as far into Hilary's pussy as possible. She felt pre-cum leaking out, and then...

The dog blasted its mass charge of cum into the human female.

The sudden sensation of Fido cumming brought a howl of horror from helpless Hilary. It rushed in like a torrent after a dam had exploded.

The hound threw back its head as deep inside her it began to squirt powerful jets of fluid against the mouth of Hilary's womb. Hilary bit her lip as she felt herself filling up. The dog growled in proud contentment and pushed forward with all its might just to make sure it was as far inside Hilary as it could be. All the while more canine cum was shot into Hilary's womb. It spread out inside her and clung to the sides. The dog had nearly emptied itself. The impact of doggie cum had broken Hilary's own tension and spasms of passion raced through her womb and vagina. Frantically her muscles gripped the meat inside her as if to swallow it into herself even deeper.

Panting, the hound began to pull out from her as the spurts and trickles from the end of his prick wound down. But his bulge was still held tight by Hilary's instinctive needs and his prick would not slide out from her. Growling he tried again and then clambered up on her back and away.

Once her sex partner had gone Hilary suddenly felt empty, panting with exhaustion, dripping with sweat but at least relieved it was over.

Around the room the audience cheered and clapped as the dog moved off.

This was the way to treat white women! You could actually see dog cum dribbling down the dumb bitch's legs!

With a blank face Hilary asked herself what could be so evil in the world to put her thru this. She asked herself just how much further abuse she'd be forced to endure before the nightmare was over. She also enquired in her mind if a dog could fertilise. She became unbelievably depressed, almost convincing herself she would be giving birth to a litter of puppies in a few months.

Hilary was so lost that she was unaware that the second dog was released to have his turn. Spreading her legs as much as possible to accommodate a dogs cock in her cunt would have been utterly shocking and reprehensible to Hilary Irvine ten minutes earlier. But now she realised its what she should be doing. For the beast on her back was jabbing at her shit-hole...

"Nooo... ," she gasped as she felt the cock push in.

"NOOOOOOOO!" she shrieked as the dog began fucking her from behind like a jackhammer, ripping and stretching her ass while it growled in an aggressive manner right into her ear.

Gasping for air as the dog plugged up her asshole, Hilary tried to wrench her wrists free of their bonds. Sobbing with despair she couldn't get free as the dog just rode her back and continued pounding away against her ass. Nothing she did could shake the dog off of her back as its massive member stuffed her anus, gradually working all of the length of its dick inside of her.

It had to pound with relentless force just to get it inside of the tight crevice to begin with, but by now it was easily halfway inside of the human's body.

Suddenly, a sharp pain pressed against the walls of her ass and Hilary knew the reason why - it was pushing its way into her asshole. As it pushed its way past her entrance, it quickly began stretching the inside of her ass to unimaginable size. Whenever the dog would attempt to pull out, the cock would tear and pull against the inside of her ass, causing

Hilary to whimper in pain as her short breaths became more erratic. The area around her ass was getting red with irritation as the dog's disgusting prick ripped her apart. There was nothing she could do but lie there as the dog fucked her mercilessly.

The delighted audience could see blood trickling out with every pull of the dog's cock and with every thrust, Hilary cried out in agony. The dog growled in her ear, snarling and showing its teeth as it drilled up into her asshole. Suddenly, the dog thrust up inside of her ass so hard that

Hilary let out a high-pitched yelp as the dogs entire dick was shoved up into her anus, causing her ass muscle to tighten up around the dogs' cock. She gasped and panted as the dog blew its load right inside of her soft, round ass. The dog's rear end shook as it came inside of her and then it turned to leave her, but the dick inside of her was still stuck up inside of her ass.

The dog tugged and pulled, but Hilary knew that it would be awhile before the dog would be able to pull itself out of her. However, the dog did not seem to grasp the concept and continued to tug and pull to try and free itself. Whimpering every time the dog would pull to try and get away, Hilary slowly began hurting very bad. All she wanted was the dog's huge member out of her asshole. She began trying to move her butt away as the dumb dog would pull and tug, trying to match each pull with hers to free herself faster. Biting into her lower lip, she slowly began to feel it sliding out and then all of a sudden there was an audible popping sound as it came free of her butt, spraying doggie cum all over her ass cheeks.

The dog looked back at her and snarled as it turned its head away from her and left. Hilary was tired, abused, ashamed, and in considerable pain. Her bleeding ass felt high in the air after its brutal rape and her pussy leaking a mixture of juices onto the floor beneath her. She couldn't even find the energy to try to move. But for now, she simply sobbed...

When the dogs had been led away by their handlers, Hilary was left on her bench. She was left there shaking and sobbing for quite some time while around her the guests drank chatted. Chatted about the weather, the price of oil, the situation in Lebanon, the white woman who had just been ass-fucked by a dog...

Hilary was in the deepest despair. She couldn't escape. Anyone, or indeed anything, could do with her as they wished. Even death seemed beyond her, unless her tormentors desired it. If she was to be killed here could be no doubt it would be a painful, cruel demise. Around her

Hilary could hear the hubbub of banter. She was too exhausted and ashamed to raise her head and look around, but even if she had the room was too thick with smoke to see anything.

Most of the men ignored the bound, violated infidel bitch in their midst. Hilary had provided an amusing spectacle but was now an irrelevance. Those who bothered looking in her direction could note the slim legs, the rosy butt and the perky tits but they were not stimulated by her. This was partly because a woman who'd been fucked by a dog was not sexually-enticing but mostly because their taste tended towards young boys.

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