Three Girls Together

by Moon Goddess

Copyright© 2010 by Moon Goddess

Erotica Sex Story: My cousin, Kim, and my friend, Sara, and I have been friends forever. Then, we became lovers and have been ever since.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Incest   Cousins   First   Oral Sex   .

My cousin, Kim, my friend three doors down, Sara, and I always played together growing up. We often slept over at each others houses and, as I turned eleven, then, twelve, then thirteen, I realized that I was attracted to girls as much as I was boys. At eleven, I didn't have a name for it, just a feeling.

One particular night, when we were all sixteen and spending the night at my house, my parents went out to dinner; we were all set to shower, then watch a movie.

I showered first, then my cousin, then Sara. I slipped on my terry robe and went back to my room to set up the video. I had snuck a porn movie out of my brother's stash that he had well concealtd which I had recently found during a recon of all his secret hiding places. I hadn't seen it yet but was eager to see what was on the DVD.

So, we all got on the floor leaning back on my bed, I hit 'play' and it was a poolside scene with three girls sunning themselves in bikinis. They all decided to tan topless, then each girl started putting sun tan lotion on each other's breasts. It soon became a naked tanning session which quickly became a naked lesbian lick and suck feast.

Well, I'm sitting there with my hand inside my robe, pinching my nipples and feeling myself get wetter and wetter between my legs. Sara had her robe open at the waist, her hand in her panties, rubbing her clit while Kim was moaning and was obviously fingering herself in and out under her robe.

I leaned over to Kim, sitting next to me, and asked, "Would you want to do some of that with me? Have sex together?"

"Oh, yes, Shannon," she said without a moment's hesitation and we both got up on my bed and I dropped my robe on the floor as did Kim. We embraced each other, kissing, as we slipped into a horizontal position, me naked, Kim in panties, and we tongued each others mouths and fondled each others breasts.

Kim was soon sucking my nipples while she fingered me as I wriggled in pleasure. I got down between her legs, pulled her panties off and began licking and tonguing her. She pulled my leg up over her and we started doing oral on each other, one up over the other.

Oh, it was hot, oh, it was passionate. I just loved the taste of her juices. I was able to get my tongue into her slit and she moaned over and over as I probed her pussy lips. Her fingers pulled my labia apart and she was licking hard up and down across the entrance to my vagina. I had never, ever felt anything that good before. Just wonderful, so sexy, so erotic.

We soon got each other off and were back to hugging and kissing, then we started rubbing our clits against each other, one over the other. We kept that up for five or ten minutes just pushing and sliding and humping our wet clits against the other's. It felt delicious.

"God, I'm all sweaty and wet, my pussy is so wet. I need another shower. Come on, Shannon," Kim said, "You, too Sara, come on with is."

Now Sara had sat there watching the porn movie as Kim and I had sex on the bed right behind her, there's not much she could have missed, I do know that she turned and watched us at times. She sat there rather shyly as Kim took her hand and we all three went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

When it was nice and warm, Kim and I got in and then Sara. She seemed a bit reluctant, at first, but as Kim and I soaped each other, we also both soaped her, rubbing her breasts, her back, up under her between her legs, down her front and up underneath her again and by then, she was soaping us as well.

Kim was the one to really make the first move with a kiss that lingered as the water cascaded down over them. Sara didn't back away, she didn't break it off. She kissed Kim back as Kim rubbed her breasts, then slipped one hand down between Sara's legs and rubbed back and forth.

I put my arms around Sara from behind, one hand rubbing a breast, my other along her clit moving back and forth. Sara had her legs spread and I ran my hand up under her ass and felt Kim's hand finger-fucking her so I began rubbing the sides of her pussy up underneath her as she was being pleasured by my cousin.

"Oh, oh, omigod..." Sara moaned as she shook and trembled as we hugged and pleasured her as the water rained down on us.

"Oh, oh, that is wonderful, oh, I feel so good, so wonderful, oh, thank you, both of you, thank you so much. Oh, I just can't stay in here any more, I've got to get out and go lay down."

So, I turned off the water and we got out and dried each other off and led Sara, all nice and naked, back to bed.

"Oh, I can't tell you how wonderful that was. I'd never done anything like this before, you know, with a girl, or girls," she said as she laughed softly, "and it was wonderful. Oh, I want to do more, a lot more. I really want to have lots of sex with the two of you."

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