Strange Dates
Chapter 5

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 5 - A strange tale of a manipulating school girl; use of a boyfriend to gain acceptable grades; her downfall against his rise and the ultimate revenge he seeks.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   BDSM   DomSub   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts  

It was Friday morning when Sam called Gina; he had deliberately avoid any contact with her all day Thursday; he coyly suggested she may like to spend the weekend as his place getting to know one another again after all these years; he even hinted he would give the servants the weekend off so they would not be disturbed. She jumped at the chance; but secretly hoped to get her hands on the brooch he had given her and then needed to get repaired; for that would go a long way to clearing her debt to her pimp she thought.

She even planned to take Sam for everything she could to set herself up in business; but there was the crux of the matter the only business she really knew was the sex business and she hated that; but she reasoned that as a madam in a brothel she would not have to do the dirty sex thing as that was what she would pay the girls to take care of.

Sam arranged for Jimmy to fetch Gina around 8.00pm and they would have a late supper before the staff; would be sent packing for the weekend. Gina ever taking care of business when and bought herself some new clothes to show off her charms to their very best perspective. She finally spent the last of the thousand dollars Sam had given her in his office.

Her newest gown in shimmering chiffon was almost transparent and borderline obscene with its dipping neck line and high cut jagged hemline; but who apart from the handsome jimmy and poor wimp Sam was going to see it. She finished the ensemble of with gossamer light platform bra to support her tits and crotch-less panties of the same gossamer design. She also bought a miniscule bikini to wear over the weekend as she anticipated getting some sunbathing in on the terraced swimming pool.

Sam meanwhile made half a dozen calls to people he reluctantly knew and arrange his own surprise for Gina. The day dragged for both Sam and Gina but for different yet similar reasons; similar in that they both were itching to put their plans into operation and yet different because those plans had very different agendas.

Sam locked himself away in his office taking very few business calls; of those he did take; he then delegated the work to his colleagues and understudies; he did find it extremely hard though not to daydream about his plans for the weekend and even harder not to play with his semi hard prick. If fact at lunch time he actually took his prick out under his desk and froze when his secretary walked in. she had an urgent document that needed a signature and as usual knowing Sam was alone she simple walked in to his office. Sam hurriedly moved his chair tight to his desk but too late for Mary his secretary has caught a glimpse of his cock; she blushed slightly but never said anything handed him the paperwork and turned and slowly left the office. As she did so she thought; why play with yourself Sam when I would love to play with that for you; if only you knew how much I worship and love you.

As soon as the door closed Sam stuffed his hardened cock back in his trousers hoping his secretary had not seen anything and knew if she had she was trustworthy not to say anything. He never suspected that she had such a crush on him.

Sam busied himself with work; pushing his plans for Gina to the back of his mind; and yet the time still dragged. Unbeknown to Sam; Mary had her ear pressed to the door hoping to catch Sam wanking so she could interrupt him and tell him he need not do it alone when she had expert hands and other holes he could use whenever he wanted; but she was disappointed for she only heard the shuffling of papers and eventually her intercom buzz. She answered it, "Yes Mr. Gambitt! Right away Mr. Gambitt!" she then rose and entered his office. Her heart jumped when he asked her to go to the florist and personally select a large bouquet of flowers and either bring them back here or have them deliver them here.

Mr. Gambitt had never bought her flowers before; maybe he realised she had seen him about to have a wank and wanted to make it up to her; as she reached the door she turned and asked. "To what value should I go to; sir!" Sam shrugged his shoulders I will leave it to you something impressive but not too ornate he advised.

She smiled as she left the room thinking her personal favourites were orchids and they could be expensive so she planned on five orchids and seven roses a mixture of other flowers should suffice.

Half an hour later she returned with a dazzling display of flowers and handed them to Sam; "I am afraid I spent $125 dollars sir is that alright?" she asked.

"Absolutely fine, I could not have picked a finer bouquet myself!" "Phone the shop and have them make a similar one up for yourself; Mary!" Sam announced.

Mary turned and actually scowled; damn I thought those were for me. She almost forgot herself and nearly slammed the office door as she left.

At five pm Sam ordered his car and carrying the bouquet of flowers he left his office to be greeted by a similar bouquet sat on the sideboard facing Mary's desk; It had occurred to Sam during the afternoon that Mary may have seen more than she was letting on and she probably thought the original bunch of flowers were for her. So he stepped over to her desk and whispered, "I do not know what I would do without you to guide me Mary! I promise it will be reflected next month when we discuss your new pay rise!" and with that he did something he had never done before he kissed Mary on the cheek.

A stunned Mary; cursed under her breath; I do not want a pay rise I want you; you silly; silly man.

Once downstairs and in the back of the limousine; Sam carefully placed the flowers on the rear facing seat and instructed jimmy to take him home and then take these flowers to Gina's house and collect her; then the strangest part of the instruction was that he was to arrive back at Sam's home no earlier than eight pm. Jimmy nodded and started the car.

As soon as Sam arrived home he quickly slipped through the shower and once more images of his plans for tonight and the weekend invaded his brain; his cock rose to its full six inches and he fought the temptation to play with it so close to the start of his plan. Quickly after his shower he dressed casual in jeans and a shirt and called his kitchen maid and gave her the list of foods he wanted cooked for tonight a meal for two he stressed. The house maid was told to make sure the Guest bedroom was properly cleaned and he made a strange request; he wanted the bed stripped but not remade only a silk sheet was to be placed on the mattress; and the bed should be pulled out into the centre of the room. The maid was curious but was paid far too well to enquire why. She simply asked what colour silk sheet did he require the bed to be covered with and upon receiving an answer of black she smirked and turned walking quickly to carry out his wishes. As she did as she was told she could not help but think that the master was going to have a kinky sex session with some lucky bitch; little did she know the full extent of the planned session.

With everything now prepared; Gina about to arrive any second; Sam called his staff together and handed then each an envelope; he told them, "You have served me well since my father died and as a reward for that hard work here are tickets for you and two others to go away to Las Vegas for the weekend and at the hotel where your reservations are made you will find a five thousand dollar deposit for you to use as spending money; enjoy yourselves; you have earned it."

The kitchen maid and the house maid thanked Sam profusely and hurried to phone their families. The barely heard Sam tell them that their duties were finished as of now and he would see them Monday night. When Jimmy arrived with Gina; he was carrying a small suitcase and explained these were Gina's things. Sam told him to place then on the stairs and they would deal with them later and he again handed Jimmy a similar envelope and told him the same story. Jimmy again offered his deepest thanks and bade them farewell.

As he turned to leave Sam told him to take the limousine and park it at the airport for when they all returned. Jimmy once more thanked Sam and continued to leave. Alone at last he turned his attention to Gina; she looked stunning but he could not accept it was for him he knew it was all part of her plan. Fighting his revulsion he led her over to the dining area and the meal set out for them. They made small talk during the meal; both seeming a little on edge and Sam thought; why the bitch did not even mention the flowers, how different from Mary's reaction. It then hit him that maybe Mary had a crush on him and it had been right under his nose from the start.

After they had finished the meal; Sam cleared the table and stacked the plates and dishes in the dish washer; set it going and walked out on to the terrace; the moon shone down reflecting on the heated swimming pool and Gina suddenly touched his arm; turning slightly to her he heard her say, "Fancy a late night swim?"

Sam declined her offer and said, "I have to confess; I was hoping to show you one more of my newly acquired skills of a masseuse; and give you a full body massage with aromatherapy oils and the works."

Gina smiled and whispered, "That would be great, we can always swim tomorrow; for I feel tonight is the first day of the rest of our lives and they will be here together!"

Sam looked at his solid gold Rolex watch; and suggested they make their way to the guest bedroom. Hand in hand they climbed the stairs; Sam picking up Gina's case as they passed and he placed the case in inside the master bedroom and then led her on to the guest room.

Gina was shocked to see the double bed pulled away from the wall; but smile as she run her hand over the silky shiny black satin sheet; she beamed at Sam as she said, "Oh so sensual sheets. I can just imagine rolling around with you on these, but where are the other sheets to cover ourselves with?"

"Why would I want to cover your beautiful body up? That would be sacrilege!" Sam truthfully said; for he had to admit she had a body most men would drool over.

Gina blushed slightly but beamed a great smile; thinking to herself this will be easier than she ever thought possible. Sam sat on the lone chair placed in the middle of the window alcove and asked Gina to reveal her body to him sexily. Gina smiled again as she thought "You poor lovesick fool!"

She then stepped in front of him and swaying her hips sensually she reached behind her and began to slide the zip on her dress downwards; the straps flowed down her arms and more and more of her cleavage was being displayed. As she reached the bottom of the zip she looked down and faked horror to see her tits on full display; quickly she hid them again and sexily mouth the words naughty boy peeking at mummy's titties. Sam laughed at her choice of words for he recalled his few glimpses of his mother semi naked and he never got to see her tits however much he would have given to do so.

Then slowly and seductively Gina allowed the bodice of her dress to slide down her arms and reveal her platform bra and slender stomach. Then reaching behind her again she thrust her tits forward and located the lower zip which release the elasticised panels on her hips and allowed the lower dress to slowly slide down her legs; Sam took a sharp intake of breath as she revealed the gossamer light semi transparent panties and he actually gasped when she opened her legs to reveal they were crotch-less. Now Gina stepped out of the dress and placed it over a stool before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra; this she tossed to Sam and then in a gasping sexy voice she begged him to come to her on his knees and remove her panties with his teeth.

In a flash Sam slipped tom his knees and scurried over to her; while Gina held her waistband away from her skin; Sam gripped it in his teeth and dragged them down; of course Gina helped by lowering the rear of them until the floated towards her ankles. Now naked stand before the close head of Sam she could feel his hot breath on her cunt and she actually shivered.

Sam as he stood up almost decided to cancel his plans but the thought of her taking him for a fool brought him back to his senses. He quickly stripped off his shirt and trousers to reveal loose fitting shorts and then he turned to Gina and said; "please lay on your stomach on the bed; whilst I fetch my tray of aromatherapy oils!"

Gina slid on to the cool sexy feeling sheet; marvelling in how the quality silk made her nerves tingle sexily and how sensual the whole feel made her. Soon Sam returned with a small table on which were lots of bottles of oil; placing this beside the bed he asked if she was feeling sexy and was she in the mood for a little risqué game. The sheet had its effect on her as she dreamily answered oh yes lets.

"Reach above your head then sexy with both hands!" Sam commanded. As Gina did so; Sam reached to the bed head and took hold quietly of the prepared handcuffs, quick as a flash he snapped them on to her wrists; a startled Gina shot him a look and he smiled; "don't worry babes; I intend to tease you as I massage you and I don't want you to get away!" he lied.

Gina smiled and relaxed again; Sam stroked down her legs until her reached her feat and then quickly fastened her ankles in cuffs of velvet and leather spreading her legs to the widest he could; Gina now felt totally at risk for she now could not move her arms or legs and her only defence was her mouth; she began pleading with Sam to let her go! Sam's attitude also changed for he now snapped back at her; "so you wanted to use me to pay off your Pimp!", "You never really loved me so now it is my turn for revenge!"

Gina began to scream her innocence of his claims but was silenced when he told her he had heard every word of her conversation when she thought he was asleep and had arranged his own revenge plan which had worked so well; what was more it was worth the thirty thousand dollars it had cost to set up.

Now Gina was screaming to be let loose and she would not press sexual assault charges against Sam; he laughed and told her quite clearly, "who would fucking believe a two bit whore; especially when I have proof from you pimp that he would rather keep you as his whore! You really should have dialled a second number after your conversation because redial proved to be a really useful tool in this case!"

Gina was shock and for once speechless; she just began to scream to be released again when the heavy hand of Sam slapped her arse and told her to be quiet. Shocked that Sam actually hit her she was silent; then with fearful eyes she watched as Sam removed his shorts and approached Gina's head. Remember all those times I tried to get you to suck my cock and you always refused; well today you will suck me and swallow my load or your poor body will suffer. To prove his point he opened a vial of oil and placed it near Gina's nose. She yanked her head back as much as she could; as Sam told her it was etching acid and whilst it would not burn her skin off it would however cause a burning irritation which was enough to drive a person mad with pain. The only remedy for it was here in this second vial and oh Dear seems I have none left; so best you don't make me use this on you!

He then said, "You will suck my cock and if you even think about biting; I will pour this on your back and inject some in your arse and cunt!" he said waving the vial in her face. Gina nodded her consent. Climbing on the bed Sam placed his cock against her mouth before teasing her to open wide like the whore she was. Soon Gina was sucking on his cock while Sam belittled her by calling her a worthless whore bag and someone he could easily sell for a few dollars. Gina for her part tried hard to concentrate on sucking his cock and not listening for she thought the sooner she got this over with the better. She felt the tremble in his cock and thought here he goes it did not take long to make him cum; Sam realised as well he was about to cum and at the very last minute he pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his load all over her face; he quickly took pictures on his digital camera of her face plastered with his white streaks of spunk.

Sliding off the bed he said, "Very good my little whore, but you can swallow my spunk later but I remember you would not allow me to fuck your arse either; well tonight I will be fucking it and at the same time I will fucking your cunt too!"

"Impossible!" Gina screamed! "How can your single cock fuck both holes at the same time?"

"Oh I never said it would be with my cock did I!" Sam taunted, he then held out a large black rubber truncheon but what scared Gina was the heavy rubber spikes which protruded from its sides; it was about twelve inches long and looked almost three inches thick. "This will be up your cunt; bitch, and when turned on just watch!" he taunted her further and with that he flicked the switch on its base and the whole sides of the truncheon began to rotate and gyrate. Gina soon realised the effect this would have on her tender cunt walls and when she realised it vibrated as well it nearly blew her mind; she now began begging and whining for him to show her the love he once had for her and not to hurt like this.

"You never cared about my feelings then or now so why should I return the favour now just because you are pleading for my mercy!" he snarled.

With that she felt him climb behind her on the bed and felt the rubbery tip press against her cunt; she tried on more barrage of pleading but to no effect as Sam slowly rammed the truncheon firmly up her cunt; Gina felt the rubber stretching her cunt and felt each of the spikes scraping against her inner cunt walls but what really blew her mind was when they began spinning slowly at first and then speeding up as the vibrations started. Soon she felt like her cunt was being assaulted by an egg whisk and her cries became loud sobs of pain and tears.

Sam then began pressing his hard cock against her anal ring she screamed out loud and clear as the pressure increased both on her anal ring and inside her cunt. Sam laughed out loud as he said, "scream all you like my little whore for you know I have sent my staff away for the weekend so we will not be disturbed and this house is a quarter of a mile from the road so no one will hear your screams."

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