Strange Dates
Chapter 4

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 4 - A strange tale of a manipulating school girl; use of a boyfriend to gain acceptable grades; her downfall against his rise and the ultimate revenge he seeks.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   BDSM   DomSub   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts  

The next day being Wednesday; Sam had to work whilst Gina had time to prepare herself. For Sam the day dragged and he almost gave in to his inner feelings and was sorely tempted to take an early day. However his secretary told him it would mean rescheduling two really important meetings and could affect the company standing; As usual Sam saw that what she was saying made complete sense and so he stuck it out for the meetings.

Gina meanwhile used some of the money from Sam to pamper herself; she went and had her hair done; manicure and even a sauna massage. Something only a year ago would have been unheard of for her as the money would most certainly gone on drugs instead. Now she prepared for her date; she showered making sure to closely shave her cunt; she laid out her 'Victoria's Secrets' underwear choosing a satin Basque which emphasised her cleavage even more; semi transparent lace panties which clearly showed her cunt lips and her clit; on top of this she chose to wear a button down the front dress; electing to leave the top three buttons undone to show off her cleavage; another thing the Basque held show off was an hour glass figure.

AT five pm; Sam left the office and raced home in the limousine; he then showered and dressed casually in shirt and suit trousers. He decided to indulge in one of his most enjoyable hobbies and began to prepare a meal for Gina; for he had inherited his mother's passion for cooking. At six thirty pm she sent his chauffer in the limousine to go collect Gina; knowing it was a forty five minute journey both ways and by the time she got here the meal would be ready.

Gina felt like a movie star as she rode in the back of the limousine heading away from her rundown neighbourhood; at seven thirty she noticed the housing becoming more impressive; with larger more secluded houses. At five to eight she noticed the car turn off the road and pass through an ornate gateway; it took a further five minutes to drive along the lane and come to the house, which only be described as palatial.

The chauffer got out and immediately opened the door for Gina to exit the car; whether by accident or design she showed him quite a lot of thigh flesh and he must have seen straight down her cleavage; she noticed his cock stirring and bulging in his pants. She thought that once she was Mrs Gambitt she would make good use of that cock.

Soon she was shown into the living room by a maid and was greeted by Sam; who stepped forward and kissed her on the cheek. He then turned to the maid and told her, "Tell Jake and Martha that all three of you are released for the rest of the day; If and when I need the car I will drive this young lady home!"

The maid curtsied and left the room; Gina was well impressed and quite fancied the idea of having these people at her beck and call. She imagined having the maid run her a bath and then bathe her and could imagine the maid's embarrassment when told to shave her mistress's cunt. She was lost in her fantasy world and did not hear Sam announce dinner is ready; Sam repeated his statement and led her through to the dining room where a cosy table for two was laid out; beside the table was a hostess trolley and Sam seated Gina before opening the first tureen.

"Would you care for Maryland spiced Asparagus for starters?" he asked.

Gina nodded and held out her plate; Sam placed four of the green shoots on her plate and served himself a similar portion. Gina watched as Sam took his seat and she hesitated before starting to eat the asparagus; Sam picked up a dainty two pronged fork and gently stabbed the asparagus before raising it to his mouth and biting off the top inch. Gina followed suit picking up the same type of fork and as she tried to stab the asparagus it shot across the table hitting Sam in the chest. An embarrassed Gina apologise but Sam was laughing; he picked up the offending asparagus and placed it on the trolley reaching out he took hold of another one from the tureen and placed it on her plate.

"Eat them eau natural; just use your fingers!" he suggested.

Gina now picked up an asparagus in her finger and seductively sucked on its head as if sucking a cock; an action not missed by Sam; suddenly as he watched her; he felt her foot sliding up and down his shin; she was actually playing footsie with him as they ate. He simply smiled at her and blew her a kiss.

First course finished he stood cleared the plates on to the lower shelf of the hostess trolley; now he offered her Cajun Chicken and Milwaukie Steaks; New Orleans potatoes and petite pois. Again she smiled as she nodded and seemed genuinely impressed when he explained his love of cooking.

She enjoyed the well cooked food and chose a small Baked Alaska as desert. As she broke the meringue casing and broke into the ice cream; she ended up with a smidge of ice cream on the end of her nose. Sam grabbed a spare napkin which was to his right and handed it to her. Immediately she felt it to be a little heavy for just a napkin so she unfolded it and discovered a small blue velvet box. She opened the box and her eyes flew wide open for there was a star shaped diamond and emerald brooch. She figured it was worth over $200,000 dollars; in fact it was closer to $250,000; she never had any intention of not accepting it but protested that he really should not spend his hard earned cash on her like this. Sam admitted he liked spending money on his special lady and inwardly she grinned for it was exactly what she wanted to hear.

After finishing their meal; Gina suggested they sit on the terrace and catch up on things; they were shortly sat on a swing couch overlooking the large lawn and pond. Sam explained that he really owed her a debt of thanks for her rejecting him when she did had led him to knuckle down and study even harder and as such he graduated with his master's degree with six outstanding credits.

Gina began to tell him about how she went to college; only in her version she left after the fourth year to nurse her ill mother and therefore she never qualified; she confessed she lost her mother the following year and it led her dad to begin drinking and eighteen months later he too died. So she was now all alone; at this Sam slipped his arm around her and promised her she would not be alone any more.

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