Strange Dates
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A strange tale of a manipulating school girl; use of a boyfriend to gain acceptable grades; her downfall against his rise and the ultimate revenge he seeks.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   BDSM   DomSub   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts  

Two days after the funeral; Gina approached the office block and entered the grand foyer; pausing the marble reception desk she asked for Sam. She was told he only saw people by appointment but she asked to use the phone to call to make an appointment. The receptionist passed the phone over and gave her the number to dial; by chance she got Sam and not his personal secretary who was out of the office at that moment; she mentioned her name and instantly he remembered her.

She was told to pass the phone back to the receptionist; the receptionist then informed Gina to take the elevator to the fifth floor and then along the corridor to Gambitt and Gambitt. At the end of that corridor she would find Mr S Gambitt's office and in that office she would find Sam. Gina had already formed a plan of what she was going to say to Sam even before the elevator doors opened and she stepped out on to the fifth floor.

She thought to herself; "Wow how tastefully as this place been decorated! This company must be worth an absolute fortune!" she was even more determined to cut herself a piece of this wealth; all she had to do was play on Sam's feelings for her; she surmised that as his first girlfriend it should be a really special relationship and as the old song goes; the first cut is the deepest.

She approached the end of the corridor and directly opposite each other were two enormous heavy oaked doors; each with a brass name plate beside. The first one she looked at read 'Mr. Benjamin Gambitt. C.E.O.' while the one opposite read 'Mr. Samuel Gambitt. Vice C.E.O.'

Gina knocked on the door and waited; instead of someone calling out for her to enter as she expected; the door swung open and there was Sam ushering her into the outer office; he then escorted her through to his own private office and she was once more very impressed for everything was solid mahogany and leather; in the centre of the room was a huge mahogany desk which was most imposing and she could imagine many a client feeling at a disadvantage talking to Sam as he sat behind such a desk; for this reason she steered him over to the large leather sofa by the window.

She meekly thanking him for agreeing to see her and no sooner had she sat down she began to sob uncontrollably; Sam naïve in his dealings with women fell for it and soon had his arm around her shoulder consoling her. She managed to mumble she was sorry for she had promised herself to be strong and now realising what she had messed up and seeing him again was just too much.

She laid it on with a shovel; how she had been wrong to had walked away from their relationship but it was because she felt too young to commit to a steady commitment and marriage; she told him that she had deeply loved him and not wanted to lose him but had lied to him about not loving him because of fear to commit to him fully. She swore on her mother's life that she had constantly blamed herself for her own misery at losing him and would give anything to have the chance to restart over.

Sam reassured her that there had been no one else for him since they had split up and if she was willing to try again then so was he; he got up and walked over to the desk taking a box of tissues from the top drawer and handing them to Gina; she modestly dried her eyes. Then he took from his wallet a thousand dollars and told her to go buy herself something nice and he would call her later to arrange to go out for a meal and see where they went from then. After making a half hearted noise about taking the money she accepted it and promised to buy something new to wear just for him and even hinted at luxury underwear for his approval. She knew she had him when he blushed at this comment.

Drying her eyes as she left the office she was almost laughing by the time she stepped into the elevator to go down to the ground floor. She was actually whistling a happy tune as she left the reception area and called hail a cab before disappearing. Sat in the back of the cab she saw the black cab driver giving her the once over; she knew she looked good and felt good so one quick fuck instead of paying for the cab would not hurt matters. Besides she had no intention of staying faithful to Sam so why start something now which was not meant to be for good.

She asked the driver to stop and then moved up front beside him; now as he drove; she slid her hand on to his thigh and stroked lightly up to his now hardening bulge; He turned slightly to her and said "Yeah go on suck it bitch; you know you want to!"

In a flash Gina had his cock out of his trousers and was happily sucking on it like her life depended on doing so; suddenly the driver took a left turn and parked up on a lonely deserted car park in part of the industrial area of town. Now turning to Gina he demanded she slip out of her clothes and as she reached up to unbutton her blouse he stopped her. He told her to get out the car and follow him; he led her through a door and into a disused basement; on the floor was an old mattress with shit and piss stains on it from the winos; now he commanded her to unbutton her blouse from the bottom up. As she undid each button he made her tell him what a black cock loving white bitch she was; he also made her tell him where she wanted his black mamba baby making hose pushed.

By the time she had her blouse fully unbuttoned her cunt was running like a river and that was just from his verbal assault. He ordered her to toss her blouse towards him and as she did so he asked her hat size her fucking tits were; an almost out of breath Gina answered; "44 DDD"

"Big enough to wrap around my fuck stick then, bitch!" he answered. Gina nodded as she reached behind her and unclasped the clip that held her bra closed; without being told she tossed that to towards the driver and held her hands behind her back thrusting her tits further forward. "Remove your skirt; Slag!" the driver demanded and once more she obeyed tossing this in his direction too. Now she stood naked apart from her panties, self supporting stockings and bright red shoes. Eagerly now she awaited his command to remove her panties; for since she had gone into rehab for the drugs and it had been recognised that she had traded sex for drugs; she had abstained from any form of sex and now; here she was going to get fucked by a monster black cock because she wanted too and not to obtain drugs.

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