The Doctor and the Bee

by Dave Grave

Copyright© 2010 by Dave Grave

BDSM Sex Story: An aging doctor manages to trick a teenage patient into to some nasty sex for cash

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Sadistic   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Scatology   Doctor/Nurse   Violent   .

My last patient for the day. An eighteen year old from the local school, Michelle. She was something of a queen bee - tall and confident, sadly with small tits but with great curves to make up for it. She had blonde flaxen hair, wore a little bit too much make up, yet was naturally gorgeous, with nice pouty lips and green eyes which shone in the desire to be dominated, signifying an eros of unfulfilled love. Even though I was fifty-six, I had to have her. And I'm a man who always gets what he wants.

All she needed was an malaria injection for a scheduled trip to Tunisia. She was very tanned already and I asked if it was her second holiday to which she replied it wasn't and it was the only one she was going on this summer.

Without being told, she parked her cute butt on the doctors chair and laid back for the injection. I handled her with care, and asked her another question to put her mind off the injection and in a second I'd finished.

Before she sat up, I got her to stay by continuing the conversation. I tried it on with her, my questions becoming more personal. She knew the score, but pretended not to as she wasn't sure whether she wanted it, but indulged me because she liked the attention. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she hadn't. I asked her if she'd showered and she said she hadn't. Interesting.

I locked the door.

Turning to me, she looked quite bewildered. I told her I wasn't going to do anything, and to stay calm and she seemed to obey, although only out of fear. In dead silence, I walked up behind her and slid my right hand down the front of her shirt feeling her small tits. She let out a gasp that almost turned to a scream but I put my left hand over her mouth to stop her.

I brought my mouth her ear. "I think you're really hot, and I want to fuck you" I whispered, bluntly, "I'll pay you".

She made no sound or attempt to struggle, allowing me to lecherously lick at her ear, nibbling on the lobes and then moving down to kiss her neck. This, combined with the gentle squeezing of her budding nipples was all it took, as she immediately tilted her head back to reward me with a moist and humid kiss.

As our tongues intertwined, I thought I was going to melt in my love of her. Her kisses were greater than any Woman's - more lively and rich, and pleasing to taste. Her tongue brought the flavours of mint and cigarettes into my mouth, and as my tongue flicked back, she showed even more affection by caressing my cheek stubble with her right hand, and gazing into my eyes, adoringly.

I let her undress completely and then, to her shock, picked up her up by the waist and turned her around. She kneeled on the chair so her plump butt stuck up at me, spread slightly so I could admire her pretty brown star.

"Cor blimey" I gasped, rubbing myself, "ooo, that's it"

"You like that?" she grinned.

Smack! My hand spanked her brutally, causing her to cry out. "Don't talk until I tell you to" I ordered. "This is what girls like you need, a good spanking". I continued mercilessly slapping her until her bronze butt turned to shiny pink.

I spread the ass cheeks wide apart and delved my face into it. My tongue disappeared into her anus, reveling in the appealing new taste. Mildly malodorous, but not unclean, it was a joy, I could've stayed down there for hours. I was overcome by the smell: it was so musty and fresh, however, as I began to finger it, only a very light smear of orangey brown shit appeared, so little it was almost invisible.

"How do you young girls keep your asses so clean?" I asked, slipping the finger in her mouth to be cleaned. She grinned back, lost for words.

I pulled my boxers down and pressed my bell end against her anus, trying to slide it in. At first It was difficult as my cock was so thick, and her as was so tight, I didn't think I'd get it in. I heaved and grunted in frustration until at least it plopped its self passed the sphincter and explored the depths of her insides. Each slow thrust plunged so far It felt like I was in her stomach; it felt so good I could hardly keep standing. Pulses of hot pleasure seared through my body, intensifying as her moans intensified, picking up speed as she cried my name. I tried my hardest not to cum.

She bit her lip so hard it drew blood, I could see tears in her eyes but I didn't slow down. It made me more rough and punishing, pulling back her hair and making her chant horrible degrading things like "I'm a fucking whore", and then I sunk my tongue into her mouth for nasty french kiss, killing all the romance there had been between us, and replacing it with an atmosphere of raw, sadistic lust. The room stunk of sex - ass, sweat and pussy. I carried on pounding her behind for five minutes until I knew my cock needed to be cleaned.

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