Vicky Truman's Universe: Beginnings

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: The formation of Vicky's sexual attitude about serving, taught by her Momma, the master of a large Manor, and his young son, Lonnie

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   .

Victoria Truman was a success story. It's what people thought of her, although she didn't agree with them all the time. The 'glass ceiling' hadn't affected her rise in business life nearly at all. She was fairly young, 33 yrs old, black and certainly well educated. She was a 'go to' person in business, making sure that problems were solved and deadlines met. She was reliable, and she was fairly friendly, although if you were male and you and your ego were intent on bedding Victoria, you were surely in for a disappointment.

You see, she had never taken time for 'romance' or for sex either very much. It's not that she was a 'frigid woman' type at all. It rather just that she kept a tight reign on an area of her life that, she felt, could easily get out of control on her.

Victoria was attractive, that was certain. There were enough people, men and women, who worked with her, or around her, who felt that, due to her attitude, she was wasted--her beauty, her sensuousness, wasted. She was fairly tall, our girl was, 5'8", had a robust figure. (Secretly Victoria thought that her breasts were too small--they weren't, and that her ass was too big--it wasn't. She had super-sensitive nipples but was pretty much determined that no one was going to find that out.

Victoria thought of sex as a mine field that she'd just as soon not enter into.She played with herself regularly, certainly daily, and enjoyed that activity very much, letting her imagination run wild during those many moments of sexual release.

There were times, when she was even tempted to pursue sexual release at the office, if it was a time, when her fantasies were crowding around her. In common parlance, Victoria Truman was 'wound tight'.

She never traded on her being black to get ahead, at least never consciously. She always felt that she used her basic talent, her education and her good instincts in business, and those are the things that helped her along.

Part of Vicatoria's sexual reticence stemmed from those way-back events, memories, happenings that had crowded into her life as a girl. Those times with her Momma, when she and Momma were the staff at the Katon's big house down home in Mississippi. Those things that left a legacy of unease within her.

Those things were also the common content of the fantasies that she reviewed, and ran through her mind like movies, when her fingers stole cunningly down through and past her curly, black pubic hair to find the tingling lips of her pussy, and further on and in to reach to that nub of life, where the sensations were big and wonderful and powerful and real.

She knew, acknowledged to herself, and hid from every other soul, the fact that those long ago days, work days, sexy days in Mississippi left her with a love of--she felt that she could put it no other way for accuracy's sake--white cock.

In her passion, Victoria hounded herself with the thought of being at the mercy of a naked white man, or even--here the playing, quick fingers at her pussy entrance became more frantic--naked white men--or even, better, better, better, --when the climax was coming, naked white youths.

These were the things that she hid and never let out but she went into and through the world with an almost fearful attitude, when her passion was upon her, that she'd run into, meet a white man, or, as she'd say to herself, a white kid who would look at her and see through her; who'd see the black woman in Victoria wishing to be used, to be an ornament for white male cocks, to be a mouth, or pussy, or even--in the depths of her perversion--asshole to be taken and used, reduced to the black slut that cringed inside of Victoria and wished to get out.

Victoria was in control; black, statuesque, sensuous but severe, competent, and demanding. Victoria was in control but she hadn't always been.

When Victoria was 14 years old, and 'Vicky' to her mom and wider family, she had the opportunity, her Momma got it for her, to work at that huge local establishment known as 'Katon Manor'.The Katon's owned about everything locally, ran everything locally and were that aware of their power.

But they had been good to Vicky's Momma, who was their housekeeper and general do it all around the place. Helen, Vicky's Momma, never talked too much about her duties at Katon Manor, and she saw the possibility of Vicky's employment there as a financial boon to both of them.

They lived companionably and alone. There was never talk about a father in the background or any such figure with Vicky and Helen.

Vicky was actually looking forward to working at, being at the big house. She was nervous about it but thought positively. He Momma had told her a number of times already to 'just behave yourself and do as you're told' at the Manor. Vicky promised to do exactly that.

They arrived at Katon Manor that day at a very crucial time. Mister Lonnie, the 13 year old son of the Manor, was just home from boarding school. He was a teenager now and feeling his oats and couldn't wait to exercise the kind of authority that any Katon in that region knew was his or her given right.

A tall kid with a booming voice, even at his age, Lonnie sang out: "Helen!" as soon as he saw the housekeeper coming down the hallway.

Vicky's Momma smiled and hurried to Lonnie to give him a big hug, while Vicky hung back a little and watched. As soon as the hug began, Lonnie let his hand slip down, and, while Vicky watched, and gasped, he grabbed a hold of Helen's ass, through the fabric of her uniform dress.

"No, Master Lonnie," she chided him, "Don't you be doin' those kinds 'o things to your Helen no more; you're growd now and can't be doin' such."

Lonnie got a thunderous look on his face, as he stepped back from Helen. He said to the older woman:

"Are you telling me what to do, girl?"

The phrase seemed to have an effect on Helen, who took a step backwards and said a quick and, Vicky thought, fairly meek: "No, sir; I'm not."

"Good," he said, "Because I'm not sure that you want that much trouble so early in the day."

As he said that he walked back up to Helen and grabbed another handful of Helen's ass. This time Vicky looked on wide eyed, as Lonnie grinned at her, and her Momma said nothing at all.

"Who's this beauty?" Lonnie asked, still playing with Helen's ass, and feeling around for the rolled edges of her panties as he felt her.

Helen moved ever so slightly but enough to dislodge his hand and said, with a smile, this is my daughter "Vicky", she's coming to work here at the Manor."

"She's not wearing a uniform," Lonnie said.

"We's going to get her one now," Helen answered. (It was obvious to Vicky that Lonnie made her Momma nervous; she could see why from what had just happened. She wondered why Momma let him do that but had to admit that watching it happen to her Momma gave her a kind of deep down tingle that felt awfully good.)

"Hi, Vicky," Lonnie said to her, walking up to her, and cupping her chin in his hand.

Helen spoke up then: "Master Lonnie, now don't you go foolin' with my Vicky!"

He spun on his heels immediately; quickly enough that it made Helen take a step back.

"Are you sassin' me, girl?" he demanded to know.

"No, suh!" she said quickly with a look of shame and concern on her face.

"I think you are, and daughter or no daughter, you've just earned yourself a whippin'."

Vicky could hardly believe her ears. Her Momma got a sorrowful look on her face and said:

"Aw, Master Lonnie, you don't want to be severe wid yo' Helen now."

Lonnie grinned an awful grin at Helen and said: "The whippin' just got worse, girl."

"Yes, suh!" Helen said, subsiding.

Then he said to her: "And, yes, my Daddy talked to me about your daughter coming to work and that I was to leave her be."

"Yes, suh," Helen said quietly.

"Good," he said grinning evilly again, then come with me. He led the two women into a side library room. Turning to face Helen with a determined look on his face he said:

"Okay, girl, take off your uniform."

"Master Lonnie," she whined.

"Yes, Helen, it just went from a whippin' with my hand to a whippin' with the belt."

Vicky sat in a chair and just stared. Her breathing was coming in short gasps, and she was, just then, about as sexually excited as she ever could remember being, watching her Momma's fingers make their way to the top button on her tan uniform, and then opening it, revealing to the leering Lonnie an expanse of dark black skin. The way that Lonnie now and then cast a glance at her, knowing she was watching, and suspecting, she always thought, that it turned her on, also affected her.

Her reaction caused her little trouble at the time; she was much too excited for that. Any regrets would only come to her later. But for now, Vicky was transfixed by the fact that her Momma, her beautiful Momma was about to take her clothes off and be spanked by Lonnie Katen. Then she had the wickedest thought in the world; the thought shot across her mind, and it was certainly the first time for such a thought though not the last time by any means: "I wish it was me!" She was shocked by the thought but too transfixed to do anything but stare.

In what was almost for Vicky a slow motion spectacle, her Momma shrugged her tan uniform dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall down her arms, and sink past a brilliant red, satin bra. She was not looking at Lonnie, though he was staring a hole in Helen's tits, and now and then glancing at Vicky, wide eyed across the room.

Then Lonnie took Helen by the shoulders and moved her by 90 degrees. Both Helen and Vicky realized at once that this would let Vicky see all that Helen was about to reveal. Helen just sighed. Vicky held her breath in a moment of transfixed sensuality.

The slow motion continued and the dress slipped down to Helen's hips. She shifted her hips a bit, gave them a kind of wiggle that sent the uniform dress sliding down to her ankles, revealing now a plump ass, lovely thighs, and a pair of matching red satin panties.

"Step out," Lonnie ordered and Helen obeyed with a muted "Yes, sir."

"Continue," Lonnie said then to the groaning Helen, "You were too sassy to be able to keep your panties and bra on for this whippin'."

Helen groaned. Lonnie shot back at her: "Are you complaining on me, girl?"

"Oh, no, sir; no, Master Lonnie," Helen said quickly. "See, see, I ... I'se takin' off the rest now."

The phrase struck Vicky hard; she didn't think that she could stare any harder than she was but she marked the progress of her Momma's hand, as it raised and went back to the clasp of her bra. Vicky's throat was dry and she was panting now.

(She didn't know if it was because she was about to see her Momma naked or about to see her Momma spanked by this boy her own age. She later would realize that it was a bit of both. And it was confusing, to say the very least.) But then her Momma's hand did its work and the back of the bra came unclasped. The straps slid down her Momma's arms and she held them in place for just a few seconds before letting the bra go and putting it aside on a chair with her uniform.

Vicky stared and couldn't imagine that her Momma taking anything else off would enhance what she saw right now. The thought struck her with power, in a sexual way, in a sensual way, but in a way that made her really really happy: Her Momma was beautiful.

Lonnie spoke up then, interrupting Vicky's reverie. He said to Helen: "Now we can't have a black girl like you dressed her only in her pretty panties, can we?"

Helen was quick to answer: "No, Master Lonnie, we certainly can't." Yet she hesitated. She had not yet looked over at Vicky, and it seemed that she didn't want to do so now.

"You hesitating to obey me, girl?" Lonnie spit at her.

"No, suh," she said quickly, hooking her thumbs in the waist band of the red panties.

Vicky had a strange notion that there should be a drum roll or something like that; the kind sensual dance that the taking off of her bra was now repeated, as her thumbs first and then her hands pushed the red satin fabric down past the slope of her ass cheeks, past her thighs and calves and then off, with her Momma stepping out of the panties and depositing them on the pile of clothes.

Then the intercom phone rang.

Lonnie pointed at Helen and shouted: "Stay!"

Vicky gasped, she hoped without a sound and Helen just stood where she was.

Lonnie, obviously speaking to his father, said a lot of 'yes, sirs' then he indicated that he was about to discipline Helen for sassing him. His answer to the next question, which his father had was:

"No, sir, she's not."

Then it was: "Right now, sir?" and "As she is, sir?" Then a final "Yes, sir; her too. Yes."

Lonnie turned to Helen and said: "My father wants you in his study now."

Helen reached for her panties but he grabbed her hand:

"He said to come as you are now, girl."

Helen started at that but recovered quickly and said a quick: "Yes, Master Lonnie."

Lonnie turned to Vicky and said, "If you can get your eyes back to their right shape and size, you're to go with her; he said for you to carry your mother's clothes."

Vicky shook her head 'yes' and went to the pile of clothes, gathering them up. She never took her eyes off of her naked Momma for a second.

A thought swirled around constantly now in Vicky's head, as she walked behind her naked Momma: "She's so pretty!" It made Victoria smile.

Helen preceded Vicky, who didn't know where to go. Helen said nothing at all at first but Vicky knew instinctually that they'd talk about this later. They were, indeed, friends that way; they talked things over, and Vicky was never at a loss for a friendly ear. Halfway down the hall, Momma turned and looked at Victoria.

Victoria really had expected to see a face that showed maybe humiliation, maybe anger, she wasn't sure about that, but, when Momma turned an looked at her, the face was all love, and smiling at her, Momma winked at Victoria and said: "We'll talk about this later, honey. It's okay."

"Thank you, Momma," Victoria said.

Helen knocked on the door of the den and, when Mr. Katon asked who it was, a totally unnecessary question, to Vicky, Helen said:

"It's me, Mr. Katon, Helen and my Victoria."

"Ah, Helen, come in," he said in a pleasant voice.

The two of them entered Mr. Katon's study; Victoria loved the room and its darkish warmth immediately.

Victoria's Momma dropped an immediate curtsey, and said pleasantly:

"Mr. Katon, sir!"

She said it and acted as though she were still completely dressed in her uniform, instead of walking through the halls of this big house totally naked. Victoria was impressed. Apparently so was Mr. Katon:

"Why, Helen, look at you!" he said with obvious warmth.

Then he turned to Victoria, who stood and still held her Momma's clothes, very aware of the lovely red panties that were on the top of the pile.

"And this must be Victoria," he said, turning to her.

Victoria too dropped a curtsey and said: "Mr. Katon, I'm so pleased to meet you."

"Lovely manners, Helen, lovely manners," he said smiling.

"Thank you, Mr. Katon," Momma said.

Then Mr. Katon turned to Victoria again and said: "Victoria, your Momma is one of the most beautiful women that I know."

"Oh, yes, she is!" Victoria said with great enthusiasm, then she remembered herself and said:

"Sorry, sir; thank you for saying so, sir."

He laughed and said to Helen: "Helen, she's a definite gem but what's going on here? My guess is that you've run into Lonnie?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Katon, sir," Helen began, "I did and I asked him not to do things in front of my Victoria but he took it as sass, and says that now he must whip me."

Tom Katon, considered that and said: "Well, if it's his intention to whip you, Helen, then I won't keep you long from that; it's the kind of thing that is best to be over with."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Katon," Helen said a bit bright eyed; it is.

"And this is the way he wanted you for the whipping?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir," Helen said, "He insisted on me stripping off my clothes."

"Helen," he began patiently, "I want you to give Lonnie some leeway; he's just back, he's feeling his oats, and wants to show some authority, to throw it around. So, do that for me will you, sweet?"

Helen smiled and nodded: "Yes, sir, Mr. Katon, I'll surely do that. I'll make sure that Mr. Lonnie has what he needs."

"You're such a good girl, Helen," he said, and it apparently pleased Victoria's Momma, who smiled at him.

It pleased Victoria also. She was still feeling very warm, and, she was afraid, a bit wet between the thighs, about what Mr. Lonnie did and was planning yet to do. She was confused by that, and not sure if she should feel bad or not. She just tried to push it out of her mind.

Then Tom Katon was talking to Victoria:

"Victoria, child," he began, "What I want is for you to learn how we do things here at Katon Manor; your mother knows that very well and can help you.

"I will certainly try, sir," Victoria said.

Then Tom Katon turned to Helen and said: "Helen, did you bring a uniform for Victoria?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Katon," she answered quickly, "I have it here for her."

"Did you get it ready for her?" he wanted to know next.

"Yes, sir;" she said, "I did."

"Good," he concluded and then turned to Victoria to whom he said:

"Now take off your jeans and blouse, Victoria, and we'll have you try the uniform on."

Victoria got a bit wide eyed at that, and the thought raced through her head:

"It's my turn now!" she wasn't sure if it was good or bad. She did know that it made her a bit wetter.

With barely a movement, only from her eyes a bit, Momma told Victoria to go ahead and do as she was told.

It took very little time and Victoria stood in front of the owner of Katon Manor in only her bra and white cotton panties. She was ashamed that she'd worn them, since they had a rip at the waist band.

Chagrined, Victoria cast her eyes to the floor and said: "I'm sorry, sir, Momma that I didn't dress very nicely today."

They both knew what Victoria was talking about. Helen just reached out to touch Victoria's cheek and brush away a tear that had formed in the corner of her eye.

Tom Katon went to his desk and opening it, took out his bill fold, which he'd put there. He reached into the bill fold and gave Helen a $100 bill.

"Buy the girl some new panties and bras, Helen," he said.

Helen instinctively took his hand and kissed the back of his hand:

"You are so kind, Mr. Katon, sir," she said.

He smiled at Helen briefly but was still looking at Victoria:

"Victoria," he said, "You are a good looking woman, like your mother. Nicely built and very pleasing to look at. We're happy to have you working here at Katon Manor."

Victoria, still in her underwear, and trying to get used to it, curtseyed and thanked him sincerely.

"Now, Helen," he said, "Let's try out that uniform and then you can get back to Lonnie and his plans."

"Yes, sir," she replied and turned to the uniform for Victoria, that Victoria was carrying also.

When she tried it on, Victoria found that the uniform was okay and that the skirt was short, about three inches or four above her knees. But she liked it and the way it made her feel wearing it.

"Very nice," Tom Katon said, and he twirled his finger to indicate that Victoria should twirl around for him.

Victoria made a twirl and just barely stifled a giggle as she did.

Tom Katon smiled and her Momma smiled and winked at her.

Helen repeated what she'd said before:

"You are so kind, Mr. Katon, sir."

Tom stepped up and stroked Victoria's Momma's cheek. Then he let his hand drop, and with Victoria looking on with wide eyed attention, the hand dropped to her Momma's tit and caressed a nipple.

"Dat feel good!" Momma said, her accent thickening with the physical treatment.

Tom Katon looked at Victoria and said: "Now you sit there, girl; one of the things that you need to learn is how we do things at Katon Manor."

Then he turned his attention to Helen, as Victoria stared at the two of them, wide eyed. The heat that she began to feel down in the room where Lonnie had made her Momma strip, was returning, and was even stronger, as she watched Mr. Katon pill on, the twist, then squeeze and finally pinch her Momma's nipple. Victoria just stared as her Momma's eyes grew wide with the sensations. Victoria felt a sensation in her own nipple, as though it were her own nipples that were being teased and brought to life.

Tom Katon moved his hand then and, Victoria panted silently, as she watched her Momma take his hand and plunge his big thumb into her mouth, never taking her eyes off of him for a second.

"So, you're grateful, girl?" he asked.

"I'se so grateful, suh," she said with the thick black accent into which she'd lapsed. "Can I please show, can I?"

"Of course," He said setting down.

Victoria heard her Momma moan, as she knelt between Tom Katon's knees and reached out to unzip his pants.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Victoria moaned to herself, realizing what her Momma was about to do.

And it was true; Helen took Tom Katon's prick from inside the zipper, and began to stroke and kiss the head of the large white cock.

Tom shifted his glance for a moment from Helen to Victoria, where she was sitting and staring at him. His glance almost bore a hole in Victoria, and she knew that he wanted something from her too; she just wasn't sure at first if she knew what it was. Then she thought she knew and slowly, with a deepening blush on her face, she spread her knees so that he could now look up her skirt and see the crotch of her white cotton panties. She was really sorry right then that she didn't have pretty panties like her Momma's red ones to show off.

He nodded to her very slightly and she nodded in return, while her Momma's head was beginning to bob up and down with Mr. Katon's cock in it.

"You do that so well, Helen," he crooned to her.

She stopped sucking long enough to say: "Thank you, sir."

Then he laughed and said to Helen: "Victoria's eyes are popping out of her head."

"She's a good girl," Helen said, "She's jes' learnin'."

Helen's head moved faster and faster; Victoria was excited and surprised to see all of Mr. Katon's big cock go into her Momma's mouth and throat. She sped up with her head bobbing until finally Tom Katon grabbed the back of her Momma's head and heaved his hips up at her face. Victoria knew that he was cumming just then and she watched, receiving a new shock now as her Momma swallowed all that Tom Katon' gave her.

By the time that her Momma was finished giving him the blow job, Victoria was panting and reeling from watching such a scene. She didn't think that she'd ever been so excited. It bothered her but she pushed that away and just watched. She gradually had spread her knees a bit wider, showing Mr. Katon her pantied crotch, as he pushed his cock steadily into her Momma's mouth. It made her think in a way that she was participating, and she liked that. (She felt ashamed immediately but again tried not to dwell on it.)

"Thank you, Helen," Tom Katon said, "You do that so well, girl."

Victoria's Momma got to her feet and dropped a curtsey to Katon and smiled, offering a 'thank you' for his praise.

"You'd best go and get that whippin' over," Tom Katon said to Helen.

Victoria noticed that he had no intention to intervene in what his son had planned.

"Just remember, Helen, give the boy some room; he's growing and trying out his authority. You help him with that."

"Yes, suh, Mr. Katon," she said and glanced at her clothes, on a chair next to Victoria.

"No," he said, shaking his head, "He sent you that way; you go back to him that way. Just tell him what you've come back for, when you get there."

"Yes, suh," she said again.

When Victoria and Helen got into the hall way, on the way back to the room where Lonnie was waiting, Helen smiled at Victoria and said:

"Let's go deal with the twerp."

It made Victoria giggle but she got a serious look quickly and asked:

"Momma, are you okay?"

"I'm in the pink, sweet angel; just fine."

Helen hugged Victoria to her and kiss her forehead, and then they went to see Lonnie.

Victoria followed her Momma, struck anew at how lovely her Momma was without her clothes on.

Lonnie was waiting for them, and got a feral grin on his face, when they entered the room, and he noticed that Helen was still naked, as she had been, when she left.

"Still ready for it, bitch?" he growled at Helen, while smiling his animal grin at Victoria.

"Ready for what you wants, Master Lonnie," she said.

"Good," he said, "Then ask for the whippin'."

She glanced at him and without hesitating at all said in a mild voice:

"Master Lonnie, this black girl got snotty and needs to be whipped for it; she asks you please to do dat to correct her."

"Hand and knees," he said to her, "Ass in the air and face on the floor."

Victoria gasped, as her Momma assumed that position in front of this boy, who took his belt off in a sweeping motion. Her knuckles went to her mouth as the belt whistled through the air and came down hard against her Momma's unprotected ass cheeks. Her Momma gasped, and Lonnie chuckled.

After a few more swipes with the belt, Victoria's Momma was moaning and Victoria sat and cried on her side of the room. Lonnie was red in the face from his exertion, when he finally stopped. Victoria's Momma had remained kneeling in her position, now sighing knowing that he was done.

"Up, girl," Lonnie ordered and Helen raised herself to her knees.

Without hesitating, she said: "Thank you, Master Lonnie, for dat correction. Dis girl appreciates yo trouble."

Again Victoria noticed that her Momma's accent thickened, when dealing with the boy.

"Come here and show me how appreciative you are, girl," he said, framing a stiffened prick with his hand against the front of his running shorts.

Helen went to him on her knees and looked up at him with a smile before opening her mouth wide and framing his hard cock with her mouth.

"Do it!" he ordered.

Helen had a smile on her face, as she tugged Lonnie's running shorts down to around his ankles. He had a relatively short but very stiff cock, that now stared her in the face.

Victoria, watching it all again from the other side of the room, was simply agog about the fact that she was going to see her Momma do this again, and she noticed the smile on Momma's face as she gathered into her mouth, almost in one gulp, Lonnie's small prick. His eyes closed and his head was flung back in what looked like abandon, as Momma's lips tightened around the head and body of his cock. She started by pulling her head back slowly, moving the skin of the cock with her tightened mouth, and then she increased her speed.

Lonnie growled at her: "You cock sucker!"

Momma moved her head off of the cock long enough to reply: "Yes, suh, Master Lonnie; dat's what I am for you here and now; jes some kind o' nigger cock sucker; dat's what I am!"

"Don't take your mouth off of it, girl," he whined frantically, clawing at the back of her head trying to get her sucking again.

Victoria was in distress; she was excited, she was afraid that she was going to embarrass herself by having an orgasm just watching her Momma sucking Lonnie's cock. She hated herself right then and there for that reaction but it was overwhelming.

Lonnie was still grimacing with his eyes closed, lost to everything but the sensation of the wet mouth at his cock. But her Momma cast a glance at Victoria, sitting wide eyed and taking it in and winked broadly at her daughter. That somehow made Victoria feel better but she still fought to not let the orgasm sweep over her, as her Momma's lips clamped themselves onto Lonnie's stomach and he began to spurt into her mouth.

"Awwwwwwwwwwe fuck!" he growled.

At that moment, Victoria caught a movement at the door from the side of her eye. It was Mr. Tom standing there watching. She made a move to get up out of politeness but he held out a hand to stop her. All that she managed to do, she realized, was to spread her knees enough to allow him to see all the way up her uniform skirt to her panties. She started to tug the hem down but again he shook his head 'no', and she just stopped and kept her knees akimbo, letting him look at her barely covered pussy.

She realized that she liked doing that but all that this knowledge did was to make her even more upset about her reaction to all of what was happening.

Helen rested from her efforts and both she and Lonnie were surprised by Mr. Katon's voice from the doorway:

"Lonnie, if you're done now; these girls have work to do. Let them get to it."

"Sir!" he said, and stepped back.

Mr. Katon smiled at Victoria and left.

Lonnie looked down on her Momma, still kneeling and said:

"Next time, girl, I'm going to fuck you!"

Victoria's breath caught in her throat at his threat.

"You do dat!" her Momma said, smiling up at Lonnie, "You jes do dat, Master Lonnie; dis Helen be all ready; sure an' all ready."

Lonnie grinned at Victoria and stalked off.

Helen got to her feet and Victoria rushed to her:

"Oh, Momma," she almost wailed, "I didn't know if I should have done anything ... I didn't ... I..." at that point, she buried her head in her mother's naked breasts and sobbed.

"We're just fine, angel babe," Helen said to her. "Just fine; at home we'll have ourselves a long girl chat about it. Just fine."

"Momma," Victoria said, clinging to her, "You make me feel so good, when I'm all confused."

"Just fine," Helen repeated, kissing Victoria's forehead.

The day was really busy from that time on, and they managed to stay out of Lonnie's sights. He was only around, when they served lunch to him and his father but no one bothered them. When they finally got home, Helen opted for a bath right away: "To clean off the Lonnie," she quipped at Victoria and went to the bathroom for the tub.

Victoria had been brooding all day long on her reaction to watching her Momma engaged in sex with the two men at Katon Manor. She never denied how turned on it made her; she never denied that she was even turned on by seeing her Momma's magnificent nakedness; she also began to realize that one dimension of her confusion was the fact that she actually longed for it to be her doing the 'servicing' of the men. This confused her more than ever and by the time they were home, she was bast brooding about it and ready to burst.

She knocked timidly on the bathroom door and asked in a quiet voice: "Momma, can I come in and talk to you?"

"Sure, honey," her mother sang out, wondering if Victoria was finally ready to talk about the day's strange but exciting activities.

Victoria stood in the door way and, for her, the dam broke right then. She began to talk:

"Momma, I feel so bad about..." but then she broke down and simply began to cry.

Her Momma was up and out of the tub immediately. This was a much stronger reaction than she thought Victoria would have. As she stepped out of the tub, Victoria grabbed her big towel and helped her Momma drape it around herself. And in one motion with the draping of the towel, Victoria was in her Momma's arms.

"Sweet angel," Helen cooed to Victoria, who clung to her and simply continued to cry, "You tell me now; you tell your Momma about this."

Victoria calmed down a bit then and, though still sobbing, began to talk her way through it:

"I just feel so bad, Momma, about those things that happened today."

"Why, honey?" Helen asked her softly.

"Because they made you do those things, and ... and..."

"Yes, sweet angel?" Helen said to encourage her.

"And..." her it finally burst forth from Victoria: "And I just liked it so much; I liked watching you do it; I liked watching them make you do it; I liked watching them make you take your clothes off and keep your clothes off; I just liked it ... too much!"

"Oh, honey," her Momma cooed now into Victoria's ear.

"And, ohhhhhhhhh Momma!" she wailed anew now at a new thought.

Helen held her and rocked her and let her cry this second time, singing into her ear tiny snatches of songs that she'd often used with her as a small child. This brought a kind of broken smile to Victoria's face, and gave her courage to continue:

"And, Momma," she said more bravely now, "I really, really wanted it to be me doing those things, and being made to do those things, sucking on their things, and taking off my clothes and walking around that big house naked and all."

Victoria began to cry again, against the towel that surrounded her Momma. But she was apparently finished now, and Helen knew that. She knew that the 'worst' was spoken, and now she began to rock Victoria back and forth and calm her a bit.

"Let your Momma get dried off and then we'll go have a cup of tea and a talk, sweet angel."

"Yes, Momma," Victoria said.

"Here, you dry my back," Helen said.

Victoria did, blushing again as she looked at her Momma's wonderful ass cheeks, and rubbing the towel almost down to them but stopping short with an intake of breath. Helen put on a robe then and they went to the kitchen.

They sat for a few moments and the Victoria was in tears again; she got up and launched herself into her Momma's arms and all of it came out in a rush:

"Oh, Momma," she wailed, "I'm so ashamed. It's ... it's what happened today. I ... I just liked watching, Momma, I just liked it. I did. I like it all. I liked Lonnie telling you to take your clothes off and I liked watching you do that, taking your clothes off. And then I liked watching you go down the hall to Mr Katon's study all naked and everything and then you did that; you took his thing in your mouth, and then we went back to Mr. Lonnie's and he used his belt on you, Momma, and I liked that too; I did; I really did, and then you took his thing in your mouth, and Oh, Momma, it was so exciting and wicked and dirty and so am I, so am I. I was just there watching and watching and wishing and hoping and thinking that it'd be me that was tol' to take her clothes off and do dirty things and all, and, Momma, I feel so disgusting!"

It was out and then Victoria broke down totally and just wailed into her Momma's chest, while Helen stroked Victoria's head.

"Sweet angel, sweet angel Victoria, my baby girl; you cry now; you just cry and then you listen to your Momma for a bit; you just listen."

Victoria raised a tear stained face and said: "Yes, Momma."

Then Victoria got a shy smile on her face and she said to Helen: "And Momma, you know, uh, when you had your clothes all off and I was walking kind of behind you to Mr. Katon's study and all," then she hesitated.

"Yes, darlin' girl?" Helen said kissing Victoria's forehead.

"Momma's you're so pretty without your clothes!" She said quickly, in order to get it out.

Then she buried her head in her Momma's shoulder again and said quietly: "Is that a wicked thought?"

Helen laughed an infectious laugh and Victoria joined in with a smile of her own. Helen said with a twinkle in her eye and great glee:

"Girl, give me those pretty lips to let me pay for such a wonderful compliment."

Helen kissed Victoria softly and just before ending the kiss, ran her tongue along Victoria's lips, giggling like a girl friend.

"Isn't anything wrong with you thinkin' or sayin' that I'm pretty without my clothes, sweet angel; it's such a nice thing for me to hear you say. We're girlfriends here and we love each other and also think that each other is beautiful. And that's nice, sweet angel, that's nice. We don't need to be woman to woman lovers to see the beauty in each other, my sweet."

Victoria sighed and clung to her Momma then, and Helen went on.

"And those men, those Katon's--look at it this way: we don't have no man here for us for company or pleasure or anything at all. And we girls need a man, yes we do. So, up at that hall, I let them do their strutting and say their almighty things because I know that I'm going to get my pleasure out of them. Mr. Tom doesn't do that so much anymore but I know that, that banty rooster Lonnie surely will. He'll bring me my pleasure probably anytime, anytime at all. And if I play the wooly haired black girl to get that pleasure from them, why who's hurt by that, sweet angel?"

Victoria was wide eyed at what her Momma was telling her, telling her in fact that those feelings that she was so ashamed of were okay to have, and okay to act on.

Helen went on: "I know that Mr. Tom told that Lonnie that he couldn't put his prick in your pussy; that's not going to happen but he'll be around for other things by and by. You're much to pretty to overlook, I think."

"Do you think that I'm pretty, Momma?" Victoria asked shyly.

"Up, girl," Helen said with a laugh. "Now we both heard that you had an assessment of what I was like without my clothes on so, now we move on to you; take those things off, baby."

Victoria smiled and said a soft: "Yes, Momma." She pulled the tee shirt off over her head and smiled at her grinning Momma as she unhooked her bra and put it aside.

"Such nice titties!" Helen said, and Victoria blushed.

Then it was the running shorts and her white cotton panties that were put aside. And then Helen said:

"My, my, girl, you are such a beauty!"

Victoria hugged her and kissed her lightly on the lips, and, taking a cue from her earlier action, licked her Momma's lips with her tongue once.

"You are also a scamp," Helen said laughing.

"Tomorrow, sweet angel, we get you some new underwear, like Mr. Tom says."

Victoria got a grin on her face at the prospect, and said:

"Can I have a red satin set like yours, Momma?"

"Sure can," Helen answered. Then she turned serious and said:

"Honey, don't you go lettin' those fears and doubts bother you; you be gettin' your pleasure from men also, and that's gonna be fun. You wait and see if it ain't."

"Oh, Momma," Victoria sighed, "I love you so." She nestled in Helen's arms, as she said it.

Helen stroked her hair, and then her hand stroked down Victoria's back and finally rubbed both of her round ass cheeks.

"What a pretty angel," Helen cooed at Victoria.

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