by Maureen Louise Reardon

Copyright© 2010 by Maureen Louise Reardon

True Sex Story: Woman to woman, Delight in each other

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   .

The air of the bathroom wrapped around Stevie, as her arms wrapped around Lisa. Lisa had just gotten out of the shower, her nakedness drew Stevie like a magnet. The warmth of her body, the addiction being within her consumed every thought of her being. As Stevie would gaze into her eyes, falling into a new lust.

The softness of kisses would gather us deeper into our wanting. Fresh and inviting we wanted each other right then. Lisa has felt Stevie's desire as she pulled Stevie's hand to her belly, slowly dragging Stevie's hand downward.

Lisa asked "Please, I want you to take me. I want us to go back to that place only you can take me."

Stevie replied "My hunger, my love, for you can bring us to that place" "The place of the ultimate state of oneness"

"Here Stevie" she said as she pulled her hand down into her crotch, holding Stevie's hand open to her, placing her already wet clit in the palm of her hand. Stevie slightly closed her fingers dragging her hand upward, middle two fingers sliding into her folds, spreading her wetness upward, rubbing against her hard awaiting throbbing clit.

Lisa shuddered as Stevie kissed her open mouth stifling a moan, smothering her passion with her mouth. Lisa held her head in her hands pulling Stevie to her, kissing her back deeply, wanting her right then. Her hand slipped into the loose folds of her robe. Searching, wanting to feel her wetness, wanting to feel the power responsible for taking her on this journey.

Lisa had felt her heat even before she felt her desires. As she caressed her breasts lightly she moaned with her, into her open mouth, tongues slippery, sliding. Holding her close Stevie pulled upward, her fingers sliding in and out. Feeling the urgency of her kiss deepened along with Stevie's probing tongue.

Stevie pulled the blankets off the bed. Lisa was left alone, separated from Stevie by a thin sheet. Standing at the foot of the bed. Stevie leaned down and placed her hands on the tops of Lisa's feet and slid slowly upward. Massaging the shapely muscled calves that she liked so very much.

At Stevie's first touch Lisa's arm rose slowly over her head, a gesture she knew, a permission a silent request for her passion. As part of her was opening to her like a flower being touched by the warmth of a morning sun. Her head rolled slightly to one side and the left corner of her mouth pulled up into the crooked little grin she loved, a grin validating her confidence in her delivery of Stevie's pleasing her.

Smooth touch on her lower legs was soothing and exciting as Lisa inched upward to her knees. Touching the insides of both through the sheet. Fingertips dragging lightly along the surface, energy flowing, passion growing. Lisa loved Stevie's touch. She felt gentleness penetrating the cotton percale, imagination magical as if in direct contact with her soft skin. Lisa started becoming intensely sensitive, goose bumps rising all over, forcing the tiny hairs on her body to stand up hard, pressing the sheet that held them. The slightest movement of the sheet was like pure electricity.

Stevie's hand continued to move upward against the muscles in her lower thighs. Fingers traced alternately over the sheet, touching lightly, then firmly. Fingers rolling under her hands slowly as she grabbed handfuls of her desire. Stevie's nail lightly scratched against her softness. Stevie was within her entranced, as Lisa's reacted to her touch. A symphony of ecstasy; her body was the choir, the strings, the combined beating of their hearts offering an increasing rhythm of synchronized percussion. Each of Stevie's finger played a different note on Lisa's thighs. Stevie moving slowly toward the softness of Lisa's center. Teasing and taunting Lisa was filled with sensory perceptions of what was next.

Her response was recognized, a silent wanting. Her knees slowly rose upward and outward, arms stretching over her head, back arching. As her feet spread apart Stevie knelt on the foot of the bed, bending closer, slowly caressing the sweetness of Lisa's inner thighs, as the sheet persisted in hiding Stevie's true touch from her.

Her breathing was becoming shallow as attention approached her center. Fingertips raced quickly up the insides of her thighs along her flowing She shook as Stevie's rapid action surprised and thrilled her with pleasure. Stevie's finger curled under again as she dug her fingertips and into her skin and drew them downward, slowly, holding the perfect chord as the symphony continued, again crossing her clit, downward, slowly downward into the sweetness of her thighs once more. The breath that Lisa sucked in moments earlier came out.

Lisa's hand worked lightly and slowly on her thighs massaging and stroking alternately with a firm strength followed by a light fingertip dance, teasing, pleasing her once more. In one slow deliberate motion Stevie moved both hands up her thighs, thumbs extended downward, fingers above her center.

Lisa moaned again softly as her firmness and gentleness sent the message of Stevie's passion. It coursed throughout Lisa's body, radiating from her center. Stevie's hands held her in her loving grasp.

The sensations of Stevie touching her through the sheet was incredible. Lisa had wanted her to rip the sheet away and take her. Bury Stevie's face in her wetness. Lisa had remembered the throbbing waves of orgasm, remembered their earlier journey, the rhythm, the slow vibrations now returning to her center. Her knees closed upward attempting to guide Stevie's hand to her wetness, wanting her touch, wanting her to feel the rhythm.

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