Coffee Break

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2010 by King Wesley

Mind Control Sex Story: Heidi decides to freeze time in order to teach a rude customer a lesson.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Lesbian   Time Travel   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   .

"One venti mochaccino, low fat with a vanilla shot hold the whipped cream please." ordered the woman in front of Heidi.

The Malaysian girl's badge read trainee and she was clearly not yet up to the task of dealing with such a specific order.

"Sorry Madam, please you say your order one more time?" she asked in the politest way her broken English could manage.

The woman repeated her order in a much slower and louder tone than before, "One venti mochaccino, low fat with a vanilla shot hold the whipped cream. It's not rocket science, but then I suppose that is why you are working in a coffee shop."

The young girl continued to try and respond to her professional best, "Sorry madam, today is my first day so I find your order little complicated for me. I just check one more time," she looked down at the notes she had written, "Venti Mochacino, low fat with vanilla and whipped cream."

"No whipped cream!" snapped the woman, "Do they not teach you English back in China or whatever shithole of a country you come from. What the hell are you doing working in a place like this if you can't even understand a simple coffee order."

The young trainee barista was starting to get upset at the abuse she was receiving, "Please Madam, I try my best but sometimes I have a trouble with my English and need to practice. Please no be angry and I give you your coffee free of charge."

The woman however seemed determined to make the poor girl feel as small as possible. "That's not good enough. As a paying customer, I have a right to a certain standard of service which you clearly did not provide." she ranted, "I want to speak with your manager this instant and find out why such an incompetent was aloud to work here. You will never work..."

"STOP!!!" screamed Heidi. She had had enough of this.

Upon Heidi's command, the woman froze mid-rant, as did the whole coffee house, nobody moved a muscle. Heidi was loath to use her power over time on trivial matters but this woman had really rubbed her up the wrong way. Listening to her hurl unwarranted abuse at the poor coffee girl made her feel sick knowing she could put a stop to it and in the end she decided that this bitch needed to be taken down a peg or two.

Luckily she always carried a few toys and gadgets on her person in case of emergency (it can be a nightmare trying to circumnavigate city streets packed with stationary traffic) so she could get to work on her patented three step punishment package.

Step One: Embarrassment.

With the world still frozen in time, Heidi carefully set about her work. She looked the angry woman up and down and couldn't help thinking how sad it was that such a pretty girl could be so vile. She absentmindedly tugged away at the woman's clothes, ripping her blouse and skirt from her body before condemning her bra and panties to a similar fate. There the girl stood, stark naked in a crowed coffee shop. It really was a sight for Heidi to behold but it didn't stop her perfectionist mind from deciding to make a couple of adjustments.

Firstly she put a hand over each of the woman's breasts, "Grow." she commanded, and on her word the woman's cleavage expanded to more than twice its original size. They had become so large in fact that they were almost spilling out of the sexy French Maid's outfit that Heidi proceeded to dress her up in. There was nothing that Heidi could do about that though as if she pulled the dress up any higher it would expose even more of the woman's naked ass and that would be far too embarrassing for her. The compromise had to do.

Now that the woman's new outfit was fitted, Heidi walked up close to her and whispered in her ear, "You will be fully aware of the changes that have occurred to you, but you will not try to run away and you will not make a scene. You will quietly apologise to the poor girl for your rudeness and then sit at table in the centre of this coffee house and drink your coffee, nice and slowly." She then added for kicks, "Oh and the more embarrassed you feel while you drink your coffee, the hornier you are going to feel also. But you can't go anywhere until you have finished slowly drinking your cup of coffee."

The woman dealt with, Heidi then walked around the counter to the Malaysian and began to whisper in her ear, "You will feel much better when you receive the apology, you will accept it and then carry on work as normal. You will be the only one to notice the change in her, but you will not mention it. Just keep it to yourself." Heidi was about to move away from the girl before she changed her mind and quickly added, "Oh and even if you weren't before, you are now a lesbian and will believe you always have been. And this girl before you, is exactly your type."

Now Heidi did move away from the girl, smiling at how much fun this was going to be.

She turned to face the customers of the coffee shop and announced to them, "Everybody, none of you are going to remember how this woman looked before this moment. As far as you are concerned she entered the coffee shop like this and nothing supernatural is going on. Anybody with children are going to immediately go to another coffee house and not return here. The men amongst all of you will find yourselves strongly attracted to this busty young bitch. All single women are now lesbians and anybody with a boyfriend is now bi-sexual and in a consensual open relationship. Every last one of you desires this woman, but you must only look and not touch. Don't even speak to her."

Satisfied that all preliminary preparations were in place, Heidi made her way back to her place in line and decided it was time for the fun to begin, "Go!" She commanded.

"in the..." the woman briefly continued the rant she had been in the middle of before the time freeze but managed to stop herself almost immediately as she suddenly felt an overwhelming rush of pity for the girl who had been the target of her rant.

"I'm so sorry," she said sincerely, "I don't know what came over me."

"That's okay." replied the girl. "Thank you for your apologising Madam."

"Please, call me Kylie," insisted the woman, now feeling much better for making amends for her rudeness.

"Thank you Kylie," smiled the girl, "My name is Shinese and I bring you coffee to table when it is ready."

"Thank you Shinese," smiled back Kylie.

"Now." whispered Heidi and like that both girls' faces filled with an expression that showed it was clear they both knew things had changed. Kylie looked down in shock to discover that her breasts had blown up to Goodyear proportions and that what's more, her smart dress suit had been replaced by the kind of outfit that could only be found and fetish stores. She wanted to scream and sprint out of site, but found herself just merrily walking to the most visible table in the shop and taking a seat.

Shinese also was in shock at the change in the previously nightmare customer. Not only had she become much more polite but she had also grown even hotter than she had been when she came in, right before the eyes. It was like a magic genie had granted her a secret wish. She couldn't act on it during her work shift though, she would have to just try and work as normal and see how things go as the shift progresses.

Heidi smiled, she knew exactly how everybody was feeling (well she had implanted it all) and it was great to see. Shinese looked so cute trying to hide her crush as she brought Kylie her coffee and most of the customers, male or female, were either stealing the odd glance at the busty maid or just full on gawking at her without even trying to hide their approval. It was a fantastic spectacle to watch.

Inside Kylie's head there was nothing but an endless screaming to run and hide. She couldn't understand anything. Why had her boobs turned to mountains? Why was she dressed like a common slut? Why was sitting so that the group of girls at table seven could stare right at her pleasure zone. None of it made any sense and what made even less sense was that she could feel herself getting more and more turned on by her predicament. The more eyes she felt on her, the redder her face flushed and the redder her face flushed the hotter her cunt burned. As every painstakingly slow minute passed by, her dilemma slowly tilted away from why she couldn't run away and more towards why she couldn't see to her needs downstairs.

Heidi was having a great time watching all this. The conflicting torments within Kylie made her feel warm inside and therefore she thought it only fair that Kylie also feel warm inside.

"Stop!" she commanded, and once again the world froze. Heidi got up from where she had been sat and made her way over to Kylie, carefully she took a frozen hand and began to guide it towards the damp and exposed pussy below. "React," she whispered to Kylie's pussy as she slowly massaged it with Kylie's hand. She started off slow at first but built up more and more speed as Kylie's cunt got wetter and wetter. Heidi had done this many times before and knew how glorious the orgasm that would hit Kylie upon reanimation was going to be. She decided to spice things up a little though by coating the frozen girl's lips with her own desire before returning her fingers back to the wetness below.

Heidi knew that the human mind goes haywire trying to piece together what cannot possibly be explained and that Kylie's mind is probably going to com up with a super fun conclusion as to why she is about to cum so violently with the taste of her own sex filling her mouth.

Heidi returned to her seat, smiled and uttered the words, "Go."

Almost immediately, Kylie's body buckled and twisted in pleasure. She had no idea where this sudden bolt of pleasure had come from but the facts were that she was coming faster than a tax returns deadline and the fingers were plunged deep into her pussy, much to the satisfaction of the watching table seven (and every other table for that matter). What further took her by surprise was that she could taste herself and if she was partly certain that she hadn't spent the last few minutes frigging her pussy, she was positive she hadn't felt the urge to taste herself. However there she was doing exactly what she was convinced she hadn't been doing so maybe she had done the other also.

Somehow, amidst all this confusion Kylie put her fingers to her mouth and tasted the tip. It was definitely her scent she had had on her lips and the fact that she'd done it then without realising meant she must have done the same before.

She didn't know what had come over her. Masturbating in public without even noticing until it was too late, tasting herself in the process. Kylie was starting to believe she had in fact worn the maid outfit out today. She felt like she was almost absent minded enough today to do such a thing without realising and she was certainly horny enough. Maybe there was nothing untoward happening at all here and it was all just her inner libido escaping for the day. In fact she remembered reading a science article about how a Japanese professor had created a ring tone sound that could increase breast size. Cell phones are buzzing off around her all the time at work, maybe she'd just had an ultra hit of that and her horny absentmindedness meant she only noticed the change this afternoon. It was all starting to make sense to her now.

Heidi had once again been sitting patiently, watching Kylie intently for that telltale change of expression which told that the mind had rationalised the situation. Now that she had accepted the events so far to have been completely of her own doing, she was ready for step two.

Step Two: The Proper Apology

Luckily for Shinese, the events at the centre table meant that nobody had been interested in trying to order any coffee so she had been free to just stand back and watch the show like everybody else. Watching the slutty French maid cum over and over again made her ache to know what wonders Kylie could do to her own petite frame. She would have given anything to be one of those fingers plunging deep inside that wonderfully slutty pussy.

Luckily for Shinese also was the fact that Step Two was going to make all of Shinese's dreams come true. Heidi had already decided that Kylie was ready and looking over towards the puppy dog eyes of the love struck Malaysian, she could tell that Shinese was ready also. Giving the crowd a few more precious seconds to enjoy the show, Heidi announced the all important command, "Stop!" once more and once again everybody was frozen in time.

This next step required a little more preparation than the first, but every step was essential to the process. Firstly, she collected up six empty chairs and arranged them two deep with fronts facing each other to form a basic platform measuring around three feet wide and five feet long. Next she walked over to two of the stronger looking guys sat at one table and whispered in each of their ear's, "Until I say otherwise you will do everything I ask without question or hesitation. You will also forget any of it ever happened the moment I release you of control." She then placed a hand on each of their shoulders and said out loud, "Join.".

On her command both men broke free of the time freeze and were now existing on Heidi's timeline. However they didn't have the free will to enjoy it due to Heidi's instructions and both just stood their motionless waiting for orders.

"Both of you will pick up Kylie and carry her over to the chairs." ordered Heidi, "Once there you will lie her face down so that she is lying along the chairs. Then you will go back to where you were before I called you."

As per their instructions both men robotically walked over to Kylie and positioned her over on the chairs as asked. Task completed, they then returned to their original positions where Heidi placed her hands on them once more, called out the word, "Leave," and once more both men were frozen in time, never to know the part they played in the changing of young Kylie.

As for Heidi, now that Kylie was properly in place she could do her work. Taking three sets of handcuff from her bag, she first cuffed Kylie's wrists and ankles together before using the third set to bind the first to sets of cuffs to each other to form a sort of chain hogtie. Next she took a few lengths of rope and proceeded to wrap them around the chairs, making sure to weave underneath the cuffs so to secure Kylies wrists and ankles in the centre of the chair platform to prevent her from rolling off centre.

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