Roberta's Toy - Dinner for a Growing Boy

by callipigiman

Copyright© 2010 by callipigiman

Sex Story: Our hero has another encounter--more kinky than the last--with the horny MILF for whom he babysits. This is the kind of "formal dinner" that you remember all your life, with the tastiest course being Roberta!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Food   Cream Pie   .

"Did you enjoy our naked fun game last month, Kevy?"

Roberta smiled at me as she drove me home from my latest evening of actually babysitting her kids Marilee, Brent and Landon Junior. Then she licked her lips in a really sexy way that had my dick rock-hard in my pants.

I stammered something and the auburn-haired MILF laughed. "You loved it and have been jacking off wondering when we'd do it again?"

Since that was exactly what I'd been doing almost every night, I nodded. Roberta just smiled more wickedly and said nothing more until we pulled up in front of my house. I reached to undo my seatbelt and her hand caught mine, pulling it up to cup her right breast. She leaned in close to me and dropped her hand onto my jeans-covered stiff prick, fondling it through the fabric.

"Oh my, is that for me? You naughty boy!" Roberta blew warm air into my ear and licked around the rim. I came in my pants, but stayed alert enough to hear her whisper, "Come over tomorrow right after school for supper. Don't wear any underpants. And get a marker and write Roberta's Toy across your chest, ok?"

With that she sat up, opened her purse and handed me a dollar. "See you tomorrow, boywhore, and ring before you come in, okay?" she said with a naughty grin as I got out of the car.

I glanced down at the bill in my hand. In the streetlight I could see it was not a dollar. It was a $50. Well that was more than babysitting was worth, so I guess I was her boywhore for hire.

When I got to the Mills house the next afternoon, I was about ready to explode. I'd had to hide a raging boner all day long, every girl I'd seen had morphed into a panting, naked Roberta in my mind, and I was just plain worn out with horniness.

I had no idea what to expect of this sex-crazy woman as I rang the doorbell. She managed to shock the hell out of me too, as she'd do a whole lot more times in the time I was her willing sex toy.

Roberta answered the door in a filmy gown or negligee or something like that. It didn't hide anything. I could see the dark stockings and garter belt under it, and the skimpy panties she was wearing. But the real shocker was while it was tied at the waist, the top part was pulled open, revealing her bare tits all shiny with wetness and hanging on each stiff nipple was something moist and slimy looking. I was glad I'd come to the back door and not the front!

"Oooooh Kevy, you're just in time for my special whore d'oeuvre's!" Roberta said with a giggle and pulled me close. "Open wide and suck my titties and enjoy the oysters!"

Fuck! That's what they were all right, little circlets of oyster meat she'd draped over the tips of her breasts. And I knew what they said about oysters. I figured Roberta had been eating them for a while, she was so wild-eyed and lustful looking.

I sucked off both nipples, not really liking the oysters but loving the way Roberta moaned as I slurped the both bits of flesh—oyster and nipple. Her hands slid up my back to hold my face against her breasts, and I licked all over the puffy brown areolae before wrapping my lips around first one nipple and giving it a few good hard hungry sucks, and then moving to the other.

"Mmmmmm what a nasty little boy you are, Kevy," Roberta purred, caressing my head. "Suck harder and maybe you'll get a special treat!" I sucked as hard as I could, feeling her nipples get even harder between my lips. Suddenly she dipped her hand into the front of my jeans and I gasped as she wrapped her long hot fingers around my throbbing dick. It surprised me and I bit the nipple on which I was slurping noisily.

Roberta shuddered with pleasure and I'm pretty sure she came right then. She held onto me tight, both her hand on my head and her hand around my prick and I just kept biting and sucking.

After a couple of minutes, she pulled away, releasing my dick and making her tits pop wetly from my lips. "What a delightful way to start dinner," Roberta said, "but the rest will be served in the dining room and not on the door step. Follow what you worship, my ass pig!" She hiked up the back of her gown to bare her jiggly buttcheeks, and oh! Did they look hot framed by the leather straps of her garter belt. OMG! LEATHER?! I swear to gawd Roberta could read my mind, or she was sneaking into my room at home and looking at my stash of porn magazines and the nasty stories I liked to write even then.

You bet I followed, damn near drooling, staring at her luscious globes, wishing I could just kneel down right then and there and bury my face between them and start eating. But Roberta had a whole lot more imaginative games for us to play.

The dining room was lit by ranks of candles on the sideboard and buffet and scattered around the room. The table was bare except for a tray apparently full of food. One chair sat at the end of the table, where Roberta led me and motioned for me to sit. I was surprised at how low the chair was in relation to the table until she backed up to me and I discovered my face was now pretty much at the level of her glorious ass.

"You know what to do, kevy," she said throatily. "Kiss me hello properly now."

Holy shit, I wanted to get my face between those fantastic cheeks, but she'd asked for proper kisses, so I lightly but firmly planted a kiss on each orb of ass flesh. "Hello, ma'am!"

I called it right, because Roberta laughed delightedly and dropped the back of her gown, then turned and leaned down to give me a long, hot kiss on the lips, with plenty of tongue. Then looking into my eyes, she backed up against the table and sat on it, letting her legs straddle me where I sat. "I hope you're hungry tonight," she said, "because I made all kinds of special treats for you. Here's the first one!"

Now Roberta pulled open the front of her gown, revealing her stocking-clad legs which she spread wide on the table. In my low chair I was gazing right up at the wet, pink lips of her shaved pussy.

Protruding from between those lips was the end of a hot dog. Roberta's wicked giggle told me all I needed to know. "It's been basting in my hot cunt for quite a while now, kevy, so I'm sure it's ready."

"Ummm, how should I--" I started, but Roberta grabbed my hand and guided it to the end of the sausage.

"Maybe stir the pot a little first," she hissed, her lip curled into a lustful sneer. So I began to work the meaty treat in and out of her pussy.

Gawd, she was wet. Every time I pushed the hot dog into her, juices squirted out, I wasn't old enough to have had much experience at the time other than fumbling in the closet with a girlfriend, but the way Roberta was soaked—and soaking me AND the hot dog—was definitely a new one. You didn't see that kind of thing in the magazines I could get hold of in my teens. She was noisy too, constantly moaning and gasping, and talking. "Fuck me with that nasty hot dog, kevy, oh yes stuff my slutty pussy! Shove it all the way in, get it nice and hot for you to eat. Ohhhh so much of my special sauce for you to enjoy!"

While I fucked her with the sausage, Roberta was also busily playing with her clit. It was hot to be driving the meat in and out of her cunt, but it was even wilder to watch this older woman frig herself, pinching her clit, twisting it, making herself shudder and shake with lust.

And the scent. I know animals use pheromones to let others know they're horny, but I'd always heard people didn't do that. Well Roberta did. The smell of her sex was driving me nuts, my dick was practically tearing out of my pants, I was panting as loudly as she was!

When Roberta came, it scared hell out of me. She screamed, pressed her hands over mine and shoved the hot dog so far into her cunt I lost hold of it. Then she squirted—a big jet of hot pussyjuices that splattered all over my face—as she damn near busted the table down with her body writhing and twisting and bucking. I did cum in my pants from all that, but I didn't have time to think about it. She was suddenly pulling my hair, pulling me down between her legs, pulling my face down to her dripping hairless mound. The very tip of the hot dog was sticking out and Roberta pushed my face against her swollen cunt lips. "Eat your fucking meat, kevy you fat sack of shit!" she demanded in a really nasty voice.

So I wrapped my lips around the end of the hot dog and started sucking it out of Roberta's gripping cunt. As I got an inch or two in my mouth I'd chew and swallow. It really did taste great, pussyjuice is a great condiment!

She looked down at me rooting and grunting and sucking on the hot dog and laughed. "I bet you'd make a great cocksucker, kevy!" I blushed, cause I didn't think I was that way at all. But the thought seemed to turn her on because she ground her pussy up against my face.

"How was it, faggot?" Roberta asked as I sat back, swallowing the last of the sausage. I blushed again, and she laughed. "Don't be embarrassed, kevy, we all have our secret lusts. You'd be surprised at some of the women I've had great sex with!"

What do you say to that, especially in your teens, especially in the 70s? "You-you're a lesbian?"

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