Blue Moon

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Jack goes on a very interesting road trip during a Blue Moon.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Paranormal   .

Ever since I was a young teen-age kid, I had dreamed of going on a long cross-country drive. Kids and their dreams I suppose. And though I'd imagined doing it, even planned it at one stage, time and money had prevented me from ever doing so.

Until now.

Now, here I was, divorced two years, still in my early thirties, and made a fairly decent living with plenty of money. Enough so at least to have finally completed a project I'd been working on for the past two years after my divorce. I had just recently refurbished and remodeled an old Volkswagen Bus. It looked brand new, and ran like a top. Unlike the original versions however, I'd made several sweet modifications to it. Behind the driver and passenger area, the back was outfitted for camping. I'd installed a customized bed for comfortable sleeping, still had enough room for a small pull down table and a miniature refrigerator as well as several other modern conveniences. Now, with two week's vacation coming to me, I was bound and determined to live out my lifelong dream.

The only thing that was a little different was that I had no desire to actually travel across the country. What I did want to do however was take in most if not all of the Western States. From what I'd been reading and looking up, there was plenty to see and do, and I didn't want to rush through any of them without spending the time sight-seeing and enjoying myself. For the most part, there were plenty of KOA's, or similar places I could pull into and spend the night. When I couldn't, or when I preferred not to, my refurbished van would prove more than adequate for pulling off the road into some cozy remote area and spending the night that way.

So it was that I headed out of Salt Lake City on a bright and early Saturday morning to begin my two-week adventure. First stop was Jackson Hole Wyoming. It wasn't even a full day's drive away either. But I figured it was just far enough to break "Becky" in, the name I had given the bus, and had actually painted on the rear end. Fitting, as it had been "Becky" my first true love, who I'd lost my virginity to in a van similar to the one I was now driving. And though I had been through Jackson Hole before while heading up to spend a few days at Yellowstone National Park, I had never really spent any time there seeing the sights. Which I now planned on doing.

I had also made one other conscious decision, whenever I could, I planned on taking the more scenic routes, staying off the freeway as much as possible. Part of this desire to travel this way was in seeing the rural countryside, going back in time just a little if you will, as Becky and I cruised along together. There were still enough back country roads to make it feasible, even if it meant it would take me a lot longer to actually get where I was going. The nice thing was, I wasn't in any hurry. I had no time frame, no deadlines to meet, and no real agenda except to drive, see what sights I had always wanted to see, and go from there.

I had been on the road for a little over two hours is all when I came around a bend on the two-lane road I was driving on. Up ahead I spotted what appeared to be a young woman hitchhiking. Now normally I wouldn't have considered stopping, especially this day and age, and especially since the last thing I was looking for was any company. I'd been enjoying my drive, just me and myself. And besides, it wasn't the way it used to be when a lot of young kids traveled around doing just that. Picking up hitchhikers these days just wasn't safe. However, she was obviously alone, didn't appear to me as being some sort of a serial killer, though I suppose she could have been as I pulled up alongside, stopping. Though I did notice she was reasonably cute too, though she herself looked a bit like a throwback to earlier times. Dressed almost like a hippy, it seemed very fitting under the circumstances that I should stop and offer her a lift. When I spotted her up ahead, I noticed she was walking with her thumb stuck out, turning to face me as I came around the bend in the road. She was wearing very tight faded and somewhat worn out bell-bottom blue jeans, a pair of open-toed sandals, which couldn't have been all that comfortable walking in for any distance, and a yes she was, a tie-died tee shirt. I noticed she had taken the tail of it, tying it in a knot just below her breasts, exposing her midriff. But more importantly, accentuating her very obvious braless breasts, which were neither too big or certainly too small. Especially for her five and a half foot frame over what couldn't have been more than a hundred pounds. Another reason I wasn't too terribly concerned about pulling over and offering her a ride. Unless this hippy had a gun hidden on her person somewhere, she didn't look all that scary.

She wore her light brown hair long, in a ponytail, carried a small rucksack over one shoulder which obviously contained all of her worldly possessions. And like I said, plain-faced as she wore little if any makeup, she was nevertheless very pretty in a plain-Jane sort of a way. But it was obvious just looking at her, she couldn't have been much older than eighteen or nineteen even then.

And she actually didn't even wait for me to offer her a ride either. The moment I pulled over she came running up, turned the handle on the Bus and jumped in without asking me where I was headed, or even if I was willing to give her a ride. All she did do was smile, say thanks, and then asked me where we were going.

"Jackson Hole," I informed her, to which she smiled. "Where are you headed?"

"I've got a friend who's working in Yellow Stone during the summer," she informed me. "Going there to see her for a few days."

"Well, figured I might head up that way myself, but am still planning on spending the night and the following day in Jackson Hole. You're welcome to travel with me from there to Yellowstone, unless you're in a big hurry."

The young woman glanced over towards the back taking in the accommodations which included my already made up cozy little bed.

"Nice," she said simply. "Sure, why not? Sounds like fun."

I couldn't believe my good-fortune, and though she was at least ten years junior to me, she looked like she'd been around for a while so was obviously able to take care of herself. And she obviously didn't appear to have any misgivings towards me, or in perhaps sharing a fairly small bed not really meant to sleep two people, though it could easily do so. Even then, I didn't automatically assume she'd be sharing the bed with me either.

"By the way, my names Jack, and this here is Becky," I said introducing her to myself along with the VW. She burst out laughing. "What?"

"So's my name," she informed me. "Well actually it's Rebecca. But I've always gone by Becky."

"You're kidding me!"

"No I'm not ... seriously, it is. I can show you if you don't believe me," she said preparing to rustle through her tote bag.

"I believe you," I told her. "Just funny is all ... and maybe a fitting sign as old Becky and I here are making this first real trip together. And then you come along. Another Becky."

"Yeah, maybe it's fate ... Karma," She said smiling back. And then once again looking over the back seat towards the small little sitting nook I had in the back, she asked me. "You have anything I could use to wash up with? I've been on the road for the better part of three days now. I'd like to see about scrubbing off some of this dust and dirt I've managed to pick up."

"Sure, there's fresh water inside the refrigerator, you're welcome to use that. Plus there's some clean towels and such in one of the drawers next to it. Sorry I don't have any real private accommodations for you to be able to use." Once again she smiled, and then reached down pulling her tie-died shirt up and over her head before I even realized it.

I sat staring at her pert young breasts, though quickly glancing forward towards the road again seconds after she'd done that.

"I'm sure I don't have anything you haven't already seen before," she told me, and then wormed herself through the seats separating us and into the back. I glanced up in the rear view mirror watching her.

"Maybe not," I thought to myself. "But it's been a while since I've seen any on this young of a woman." I watched her as she sat down and likewise pulled off her bell-bottom jeans. Somewhat surprised she was even wearing panties, though those she kept on for the moment as she opened a couple of drawers, soon finding the towels I had told her about. She held one up looking up front towards me.

"One of these?" she asked.

Once again I was forced to look up into the rearview mirror as she stood there. Obviously she had no problem with me looking at her breasts as she stood there holding up the small hand towel. As I'd surmised in the beginning, they were neither too large, nor too small either. A nice good-sized handful, though I now did notice of course, her rather large dark-tan areolas, twin nipples that stood proudly up and off each, two hard little rocks capping each breast.

"Yep! That's them," I responded looking back at the road as she leaned over opening the fridge, taking out a bottle of water. Once again I stole another glance, enjoying the way they hung there for a moment swinging about as I hit a couple of rough spots in the road. She had to reach out, steadying herself and then stood up again.

"If you want to watch, I'd rather you pulled over to do so," she informed me. "I'd rather not end up down in a ditch," she added though she was again smiling.

"Sorry ... wasn't me, it really was the road," I said feeling a bit sheepish, though I did inform her I'd just then spotted a road sign indicating there was a rest-stop up ahead. "I'll stop there, need to pee anyway."

"Go right ahead, already did just before you showed up, so I'm good for a bit," she said making me realize she must have simply squatted somewhere off the side of the road just before I had come by. And even as I took the exit leading up to the rest area, Becky continued to stand there washing herself up, dampening the towel and then running it over and around her firm breasts. At least the place was nearly empty, though I pulled into a spot well away from where anyone else was currently parked. She was still washing herself up as I opened the door before stepping out.

"Be right back," I told her. "You ah ... need anything?"

"Not unless they have any clean panties in a vending machine," she stated. "These were my last pair ... guess I'll be going commando until we reach Jackson Hole." She stood sliding those down her shapely legs as I sat there. I took another long second looking at her, and then stepped out closing the door. I looked down, already sensing as well as seeing what was a very obvious and unwanted erection.

"Get a grip Jack," I told myself. "She's half your age!"

The one thing I had immediately noticed of course was the small light brown patch of hair covering her mound. Something I hadn't expected to actually see either as the style or trend these days seemed to be a bare pussy, or very little hair at all. And though it certainly didn't look unruly, as she obviously kept it well trimmed, it was odd seeing so much hair between a woman's legs again ... especially for such a young woman as Becky obviously was.

It took a while for me to be able to finally pee, standing there at the urinal waiting for my erection to go down just enough so that I could. By the time I made it back to the Van, Becky was again sitting in the front seat. Naked.

"Feel better?" she asked.

"Ah yeah ... you?" I said glancing over towards her somewhat nervously. And though I knew no one could currently see her, anyone passing us by in a vehicle taller than we were certainly could.

"Much ... thank you," she said grinning. "I really needed that."

"Obviously, you need some clothes too," I offered. "I'm sure I've got something you could wear if you'd like." I couldn't believe I'd just heard myself say that, a sexy sweet young ... naked young woman sitting there next to me, but I had.

"Only if my sitting here like this makes you uncomfortable," she informed me. "I'd actually like to sort of "air out" for a bit if you don't mind. I do have one more change of clothes I can put on after I do for a bit. Unless you'd rather I don't."

"Doesn't bother me, but you might want to keep an eye out for any big rigs, or cops..." I said pausing. Once again she laughed. "Yeah, guess I'd better do that since I'm sure you'll be looking elsewhere," she continued to giggle.

We soon after pulled back out onto the road, and I was careful to pretty much keep my eye on the road, as well as the traffic. But as Becky eventually drifted off to sleep hugging the door, it was hard not steeling glances her way for the next two hours. Just outside of Jackson Hole I stopped, waking her up.

"We're almost there. You might want to think about putting something on now."

I'd pulled over at a spot in the road that afforded us a little privacy around a small stand of trees. Seeing where we were, Becky smiled opening her door, stepping out. "Cool, as now I do need to pee," she informed me, and walked over a few feet next to the trees though I could still see her from where I was sitting. She hunched down balancing herself, and then peed. I looked away, wondering if she'd look over, but then looked back. Sure enough, she was ... and waved, but continued to pee anyway. And now ... I had to pee. I got out, walked around the opposite side of the tree stand and began doing so. As I did, I then heard footsteps as she came up to stand beside me, watching me as I did.

"Almost makes me wish I had one of those," she said looking down as I nearly pissed all over my foot. "Almost..." she giggled as she saw me do a quick two-step before I did.

I zipped up, followed her back to the van and then stood there watching her dress.

"My last semi-clean outfit," she informed me, throwing on what was a pair of very short cut-off Levi jeans and an almost too tight light blue tank top.

"We'll stop for the night at a KOA, a lot of those have laundry facilities, perhaps you can wash your clothes up there."

"That would be great," she told me, though she looked somewhat worried and hesitated. "One other thing."

"What's that?"

"I don't exactly have unlimited funds, so would it be ok with you if we maybe we stopped and just got a Big Mac or something for dinner?"

"Don't worry about that," I assured her. "We'll do better than McDonalds, though nothing too fancy either. Neither one of us will be dressed for that. But it's on me."



"Just because you're offering to buy me dinner, and giving me a ride an all? It doesn't mean I'm willing to fuck you for doing it." I opened my mouth in an attempt to assure her I hadn't even remotely thought of that ... though for the briefest of moments, I actually had yeah. "Breakfast maybe..." she then added before I could respond.

"Better make that one a nicer café' then," I said grinning at her as we headed on in to Jackson Hole.

After we had in fact gotten ourselves something to eat, we pulled into a KOA, one with laundry facilities. After checking in and getting our spot, Becky headed over towards the showers and laundry area. I was in need of a shower myself, and followed her over. It was late, and no one else was inside as she dumped everything she owned into one of the washers. "Getting this girl to wear clothes is becoming nearly impossible!" I thought. "Here, maybe you should at least wrap yourself up in this," I said handing her a large towel. "And besides, you can probably use it to shower," I added informing her I was about to do the same. "You're clothes should be ready by the time we get done doing that, then you can thrown them into a dryer. We can come back for them later before hitting the sack."

I started to head into the men's side shower area, and noticed her following. "Ah ... the ladies are on that side."

"Yeah, I know. But I've also learned, even places like this aren't all that safe, especially late at night. So if you don't mind ... think I'll stay with you," she informed me. "And besides Jack ... not like you haven't already seen it."

Which was true of course, but she hadn't really seen me, which was something else entirely. Not to mention the fact that I hadn't really taken her teased indication all that serious either, and hadn't expected to end up sleeping with her. Well ... sleeping maybe, but fucking her no. And I'd actually hoped to have a few minutes to myself in order to take care of the urge that had been nagging me for most of the day. Still, I saw her point, so led her into the men's area after first ensuring we'd be alone. Even then I thought for sure she'd step into her own shower, but there again, she surprised me as she stepped into the one I'd chosen.

"I'll wash your back, and you can wash mine," she informed me, and then proceeded to begin doing so.

Needless to say, as she did, I became aroused. Standing in as close of quarters as we were, it was a little hard not to. Something she quickly discovered too, though by now I was fairly confident that had been her intent the entire time. Within moments she had given me a thorough washing, if not an outright blatant stroking, just short of making me come. I soon stood washing her back, and then turned her around where I likewise gave her feminine bits as thorough a cleansing as she had given mine. Actually fondling her breasts, soaping them and teasing them, we were both soon hornier than hell.

"Ah, maybe we should go and see about your wash now," I reminded her. "And especially before anyone else decides to take a late night shower."

As the van was parked fairly close by the shower/laundry facility, neither one of us bothered getting dressed, simply throwing towels on around us. After we'd stuck what clothing we had in the dryer, we headed back to the van.

Seconds after we had slipped into bed, I had slipped into her. It had been a long time since I had made love to a woman. Too long. The feel of that exceptionally tight, yet liquid pussy was nearly too much to withstand. It took every ounce of willpower that I had to keep from pouring my seed into her, seconds after I had entered her from behind. We fucked in a slow, easy going rhythm there in my tiny little bed, that now proved more than adequate as I spooned her from behind. Reaching around, fondling those exquisite breasts of hers, her hard stiff little nipples, as my cock slowly eased in and out of her was far more delicious than anything I could even remember. After what seemed and felt like an eternity, hearing Becky as she began to climax, thus triggering my own, we came together simultaneously. The intensity of my own orgasm spinning me off into space, thousands of little stars filling my head, shooting about as I somewhat vaguely remember her rolling over to kiss me, sweetly even as the ebb of ecstasy washed over me.

"I'll go check on the laundry ... be right back," I heard her saying. And then succumbed to the blackness that consumed me.

It was the brightness of the morning light coming in through the window that woke me. I slowly opened my eyes, reached out, and then sat up. Becky wasn't in bed. I half expected her to be sitting there looking at me, but what I found was a hand written note sitting on the table instead.

"Dear Jack, I met a guy in the Laundromat who said he could take me on into Yellow Stone first thing this morning. I know you said you wanted to spend another day in Jackson Hole before moving on again, so I didn't wake you. I didn't want you to feel obligated to me, or change your plans on my account. So I hope you'll understand. I needed to get going again. Thank you for everything. It was really nice spending what time I had with you, I will always remember it. Becky."

It felt strange, I was hurt in a way, surprised, and knew that I would miss seeing her and her strange little way. But perhaps it was for the best after all. I hadn't really planned on having company in the first place. And I would indeed have felt obligated in getting her to her destination as soon as possible, outside of my own plans. And yet, I couldn't help but be worried about her too. I could only hope that her "sixth sense" about things, which she'd told me about in the van as we drove along, would continue to serve her. The thought of hooking up with some sort of a pervert out on the road was now a worry to me. But there was little I could do about it now. Becky was on the road again. And then as I sat there thinking about it, I knew I would be too.

There wasn't a lot I wanted to actually see in Jackson Hole, not really anyway. Though I now could have kicked myself for having said that. I drove, wondering if I might catch up, or run into her somewhere along the way. Perhaps even running into her in Yellow Stone, though I had no idea where she was going when she got there, or whom she was even meeting up with so I could ask to ensure that she got there ok. I drove a bit quicker than I had intended reaching the park only a few short hours later.

Reaching the Park, I drove around for a bit hoping she might see me and recognize the Van. But I never saw anyone matching her description or waving me down. After an hour or so of driving aimlessly about, I gave up and pulled into one of the visitor centers for a bite to eat and directions for a nearby available camping area.

I had ordered myself a burger and was just starting to eat it when I looked out the window and saw a young woman just then coming in. I nearly bit my tongue. It looked like Becky, and I felt a sense of relief suddenly wash over me. The door opened and she walked in. But it wasn't her. It was another young woman that looked a little like her, same hair style at least, pony tail, a bit darker perhaps, and perhaps a bit taller too. She also appeared to be well into her twenties, and though still young, not nearly as young as Becky had been. I found I'd been holding my breath, letting it out and turned back around at the counter. Seconds later the young woman took a seat next to me and began flipping through a menu. I found myself staring at her again, which she of course noticed.

"Do I know you?" She asked.

"Sorry, no. Didn't mean to stare, but you remind me of someone I knew," I told her. "You look a little alike," I added as though that would explain everything. She smiled at that.

"What's good?"

"I don't know really ... but the burger is, it's Buffalo."

"Hmm, might have to try that," she smiled. It was a little uncanny, even her mannerisms reminded me a little of Becky.

"By the way ... my names Jack," I said introducing myself.

"Brenda," she offered back accepting my hand. "You staying here at the Inn?"

"Oh ... no, in fact, after I leave here I'm going to go and find some sort of camp ground to spend the night in."

"There's one not too far away from here, I can show you," she told me.

"You staying there too?" I asked.

"Well no ... I guess not. I was hoping to get a room someplace, but they're all booked for the night. I'm headed up to Montana in the morning, hoping to catch a ride as I'm on my way up to Glacier National Park. I have a summer job waiting for me there. Guess I'll see if I can hitch a ride from someone after I show you were the camping ground is," she told me.

I felt chills running up and down my spine. It was de'ja'vu. Or something similar to it anyway. "I'm headed up there myself day after tomorrow," I told her. "You're more than welcome to catch a ride with me."

"Really? You would? That would be great!" She beamed, and then ordered a Buffalo burger.

After we had eaten she took me to where the campgrounds were. Luckily for both of us, they still had a few available spots, so we took one. After that, we drove around taking in the sights, spending the day together getting to know one another. As we did, I came to think of her less and less as being like Becky. Though she reminded me of her a little, eventually I began to enjoy her company, and found myself pleased to have run into her, strange, as it seemed.

We had parked the van taking a little used hiking trail up into the woods. Not many ventured up this way, as it didn't go by any of the hot springs or geysers more common throughout the park. But Brenda seemed familiar with the area, telling me she had been here before, and that there was a breath-taking view if I was willing to take the two and a half mile hike in order to reach it.

She soon after led the way with me following, admiring the view of her tight little ass as we climbed up through a few narrow passages, just wide enough for one person at a time to slip through. I felt I was in pretty good shape for my age all things considered, but Brenda proved herself to be far more agile than I was, once again several years younger, often having to stand there and wait for me to catch up.

"Come on slow-poke," she said standing several feet above, waiting for me. "You don't want to miss the view now do you? And we really do have to head back before the sun goes down, or it will really be a bitch trying to make it back in the dark."

"Maybe ... this wasn't such a good idea after all," I thought to myself. "What if it does get dark and we can't see what we're doing? Or where we're going? I was just about to tell her that, when she decided to give me some incentive to try catching up to her. Looking up, she stood there and began unbuttoning the blouse she was wearing.

"Like I said, if you want to see the view," she teased removing her blouse, baring her chest briefly before turning and disappearing around an outcropping of rocks. For a brief moment I had glimpsed her tits, beautiful too I might add. And suddenly felt ten years younger again with a sudden burst of energy.

Within moments I had managed to climb up through the steep tight narrow passage, reaching her where she now sat waiting for me. Only now, she had also removed the rest of her clothing, sitting on a shelf of rock that looked precariously dangerous, jutting out some thousand feet or so from the canyon below us.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she asked looking out. Though I was at the moment looking at her when I answered.

"Yes it is."

She turned facing me, patting the area next to her, though I was leery about stepping out over the small natural bridge leading to it. "Just don't look down, you'll be fine," she said simply. "This place is called lovers leap, with good reason," she giggled.

"Well I don't know I'd call it "with good reason", but I can certainly see why it would be called that. Especially if someone was dumb enough to actually jump off it from here," I said reaching her. Though I then asked. "But would you mind telling me why you're naked?"

"Superstition," she said, "For one. Anyone who sits here with their clothes on is said to eventually get injured in a fall. Not always a bad one mind you ... but why run the risk? So ... whenever I come up here, I naturally take my clothes off."

"Naturally," I said still eying her, though she turned to me.

"I take it you're not superstitious?"

"Until recently I wasn't," I said and then began removing my clothes.

I sat down next to her there on the rock, glancing sideways from time to time admiring her well toned, muscled tight little body. Her breasts were far smaller than Becky's had been, taut little rounded mounds, a bit pointed at the tip with light pink nipples. Though it was a warm day, the air here was a bit cooler as we sat out on the outcropping of rock looking over the gorge below us. Nervously I kept my hands down in my crotch as I sat next to her. Already the telltale signs of arousal were making it difficult to continue sitting here this way without being noticed.

"There's another thing about this place too," she began.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" I ventured. "And what is that?"

"Well, they say that those who have made love here on this rock are granted a really good Mo Jo."

"Mo Jo?"

"Yeah, Mo Jo, or luck. Especially when it comes to relationships, things like that."

"I see. And have you ever made love here?" I asked her. She smiled, actually blushing a little.

"No, but I've always wanted to. Those that have, have left a marker, a tribute to that effect. Sort of a shrine if you will. It would be fun to be able to add to that as well while we're up here."

I'd never been a fan of leaving some sort of graffiti, or sign or indication that I'd been at a particular place, but as I asked her more about what she meant, she then walked over around the side of the ledge we were standing on.

"It's over here," she stood pointing at what I realized only then was a carefully almost hand sculpted tribute to those who had ventured up here ... and who had obviously made love out on that shelf outcropping where we'd been sitting only moments ago. Small little bits of shale had been carefully stacked, each piece supporting the rest, slowly forming what appeared to be a miniature pyramid.

"Wow, if each one of those tiny little pieces represent..."

"Yeah, which means, a lot of people have fucked out there on that rock. And I'd like to be one of them," she told me hopefully now looking down at my semi-hard cock. "What do you think, care to join me and add our own pieces of shale to the pile?"

It was obvious from where we stood that we could see clearly down the trail heading back. A moment's observation told me there was no one else on the trail heading up here. We were for the time being, totally and completely all alone.

"I'm game," I said grinning feeling my cock rapidly stiffen the rest of the way. In seconds I stood there next to her with a full-blown erection. She laughed.

"I can see that," she continued to chuckle, and then turned making her way back across the narrow natural little bridge out onto the what appeared to me, to be a precariously balanced though obviously stable slab of almost perfectly flat rock.

Spreading what little clothing we had, fashioning a bed of sorts out of it, I lay down with Brenda positioning herself above me, straddling my waist. She was in no hurry to simply impale herself on my member, which was fine with me. I was enjoying the view. Not the one all around us, but the one I was looking at as my hands came up to capture those cute pointed little breasts of hers.

"God that feels so good," she purred still sliding against me, not quite slipping me inside. For the moment, she was content to simply caress my prick with her pussy, which was fine with me. I too was enjoying the sensation, especially playing and fondling her tits as she sat upon me. "Not to hard is it?" She asked, and then giggled. "The ground I mean."

"No, the rock's fine, as long as I don't move around too much anyway. Might suffer a bit of a burn if we do that, but as long as you're content to sit on me the way you are, everything's good down here."

She began rubbing her pussy with my cock, teasing her clit with the head, occasionally just tucking the tip barely inside her. "Fuck I love doing that," she murmured pleasurably.

"Yeah, me too," I admitted freely, enjoying the sensation of her now very wet, very juicy split as she continued teasing herself and me. And then just as I was getting used to that, she suddenly slipped me deeply inside her. In the next instant the heat of her sex was bathing me in its warmth. The tightness of that yet slippery fuck tunnel gripping the entire length of my shaft as she fully impaled herself upon me, momentarily holding still.

"God, can you feel the Mo Jo?" She asked tossing her head back slightly, pressing the palms of her hands down on my shoulders for support, and then grinding herself against me.

"Is that what you're calling it?" I said half gritting my teeth, enjoying the exquisite pleasure of this young woman's pussy as she all but milked the juice from my balls simply sitting there the way that she was.

Once again she giggled, rising up slightly, and then down again effortlessly. Slowly, ever so slowly, gradually increasing the tempo of our coupling. I began to arch my back, meeting her downward thrust, driving into her from below as she engulfed my hard steel shaft. Our lovemaking was wild, passionate and exciting. Twice now with two different women, I'd experienced sex the way I'd always thought it should be. Uninhibited, abandoned, almost animalistic in a way. It was far beyond anything I felt I'd actually experience myself ... and twice now, I had.

We soon after gathered up our things, added two small slivers of shale to the pile being careful not to topple it, and then began making our way back down the trail to where we'd parked the van. Now famished, we pulled into nice truck stop near the campground where we were staying for a bite to eat. Although it wasn't that late yet, I was getting sleepy, though Brenda appeared almost too energetic in a way. After we had finished our meals and where waiting for the waitress to give us our check, Brenda excused herself and headed off towards the restrooms.

"Be right back," she said smiling and scooted off as I turned looking for the waitress who was still busy taking another couples order. Several minutes passed and I'd finally gotten the check, though I sat waiting anxiously for Brenda's return. Moments later, now worried, I stood up and made my way over to the register in order to pay.

"Excuse me, miss?" I asked. "Did you happen by chance to see a young woman with light brown hair in a pony tail, dressed in cut-off jeans and a yellow print shirt come by here?"

"Matter of fact, I did ... a few minutes ago," she told me. "She told me to give you this," the waitress said handing me a slip of paper. I unfolded it and began reading as the waitress took my money for the bill.

"Dear Jack, please don't hate me ... but I ran into a guy I knew who said he was leaving for Glacier in a few moments, told me if I wanted a ride, I needed to leave now. As much as I enjoyed being with you, I knew if I came back to tell you this in person, I'd end up staying. And I know that what we shared and enjoyed was just one of those special moments and wouldn't end up going anywhere anyway. So I'd much rather keep it like that, as a fond fun memory. Enjoy your cross-country trip, and again ... thank you for everything." Brenda.

I couldn't believe my luck. Fucked twice by two very cute young women, and dumped twice too. With the situation now completely out of my hands, I soon after headed back to the campsite in order to get some sleep. Though I found myself laying there staring out into the night for a long time afterwards.

"No more hitch-hikers," I told myself. Though it was still a long while yet before I finally did fall asleep.

I woke up, headed back to the same café that Brenda and I had eaten at for a light breakfast, and then headed out to take in a few of the more normal touristy sights. As I did that, I found myself thinking about her ... and then about Becky again. And suddenly I felt alone. The whole point of this trip was to get away, enjoy myself ... being alone. And now, here I was feeling sad and miserable, and missing the company of a female companion.

"Shit!" I spat, scaring the older lady who'd been standing next to me as we stood there waiting for Old Faithful to erupt. "Sorry," I said sheepishly, and then wandered away without waiting for this famous geyser to go off.

Not too surprisingly, I made my way back to "Becky", though even that reminded me of her immediately. I soon checked out of my camping spot, and was once again on the road long before noon. I had no compulsion in trying to "catch up", or run into Brenda however. What was done was done. We had indeed shared something magnificent together, but so had I with Becky too. And now both women were out of my life again. And she was right anyway, there really wasn't a future to be considered here either. At best, we'd have had perhaps another night together is about all. Even then, I found myself missing them both as I slowly drove along headed towards Montana.

Taking the back roads I had chosen, it was a long drive and I'd just barely reached the Wyoming - Montana border when the sun began to set. I still had a good days drive ahead of me before even reaching Glacier National Park. I was also out in the middle of nowhere, so this was one of those times when I knew I'd need to start looking for someplace to camp for the night. I soon after spotted a place just off the side of the road beneath a group of trees and pulled in for the night. As I had plenty of bread and cold-cuts, I decided on a quick-easy dinner, only turning on my little stove in order to make coffee. I had just finished cleaning everything up and was on my second cup when I was suddenly startled out of my wits.

"Hello! Anyone home?" I heard a voice calling out just a short distance away.

I stepped out of the van. There was just enough light from the moon to be able to see by as a woman just then left the road walking towards where I was parked.

"Thank god!" she added as she neared where I was standing. "I broke down a few miles back," she informed me. "Didn't think I'd run into anyone out here, not this time of night anyway."

"Are you injured?" I first asked as she stepped near enough into the light that I could get my first really good look at her. She appeared to be in her late thirties perhaps, a bit older than I was myself, though not by much. And in damn fine looking shape by the looks of it too.

"No, no ... I'm fine. Just a little tired is all," she informed me, though she didn't really look like it. "I wasn't looking forward to another fifteen miles though," she said smiling smelling the coffee as she stood there. "Is that what I think it is?" she then asked. "Can I have one?"

"Sure ... come on in, and then we'll see what we can do about your car. Do you have a phone?" I didn't. Didn't see the need to have one, and never had even though perhaps I should have traveling alone.

"No, not much good out here anyway," she told me. "We're out in the middle of nowhere in case you hadn't already guessed that. Cell phones don't work too well in these parts. Guess the phone companies didn't see the need to set up any transmitter stations, so don't even own one myself."

I poured her a cup of coffee, invited her to sit down and catch her breath, though again she didn't appear winded from her long walk. She had light brown hair, shoulder length, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans that hugged her bottom nicely from what I could see. That and a lightweight pullover sweatshirt. And though it wasn't hot outside even now, it was still just cool enough that I saw her greedily accept the cup of coffee, warming herself as she sipped from it.

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