Roberta's Toy - the Beginning

by callipigiman

Copyright© 2010 by callipigiman

Sex Story: A teen boy is caught masturbating with the panties of the woman for whom he babysits. Her reaction is not what he expects.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .

"Well. Are you having fun jacking off with my dirty wet panties, you fat pervert?"

You know, hearing those words—or just about any others—when you're whacking your meat and are just about ready to cum REALLY takes the edge off your lust. It doesn't help when you're sitting on the edge of the bed belonging to the owner of the voice with the pangtis she dropped a half hour earlier wrapped around your dick. I mean, talk about busted!

On the other hand, when the woman you're supposed to be babysitting for is standing at the foot of the bed, having shut the door when she came into the room, and is wearing a filmy dressing gown that is flopping open and showing her naked body still wet from the shower, you kind of get an inkling that she's not too upset. Especially when she's bending over you, staring at your dick and licking her lips.

"Don't stop on my account," Roberta said as she sat on the bed, still gazing at my prick, which surprisingly was still hard. Of course I had a half-naked milf not 5 feet from me, that might have something to do with it.

I stammered my way through an apology. "I'm sorry Miz Mills, I was--"

"Don't apologize, Kevy," Roberta chuckled. "I know you were all hard and horny from seeing me sunbathing nude earlier. And that's not all you saw either, is it?" She'd shifted her gaze to look at my face, smiling a little, wicked grin. "You watched me use my double dildo too, didn't you?"

I blushed furiously. She was absolutely right.

... I'd arrived at the Mills house early to babysit for the children of the Judge and his wife Roberta. When no one had answered my calls as I came in, I went upstairs to see if the kids were in the playroom. I'd heard sounds from the master bedroom and sticking my head in, had seen movement out the french doors that led to the private sundeck. I'd only meant to peek but the sight of Roberta Mills laying face down on the chaise lounge wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of panties made my jaw drop and my young teen hormones start to boil.

Roberta was 36, a true MILF with a body that she was at pains to keep fit and trim but with just enough flesh to make her incredibly sexy in my eyes. Short brown hair with red highlights, mischievous eyes, a throaty laugh, and my favorite part, an ass that wouldn't quit.

I was staring at Roberta's ass as she lay on the chaise. She was rolling her hips and her cheeks were jiggling in a most erotic way. I got an instant hard-on which got even harder as Roberta's legs slowly spread apart and I could see movement in her panties. She was playing with her pussy!

Then she had one hand fumbling under the lounger and I had to stifle a groan as she pulled up a big double-ended rubber cock. She slid it down her side, over her ass, and then pushed one end against her pussy. She didn't even seem to care about her panties which were pushed up inside her along with the thick black dildo.

But she wasn't done when she'd worked the cock into her dripping cunt. She bent it and notched the other end between her plump butt cheeks. Again I bit my lip to keep from groaning out loud as she pushed the rubber dong into her asshole. She didn't have any trouble either, which gave me visions of her welcoming cock after cock into her anal fuckhole.

For a good 15 minutes I watched Roberta slam her holes with that big double dick. I think she must have cum at least 10 times. Her panties looked like they were dripping and the cushions on the lounger were definitely soaked. I rubbed my cock through my pants and groaned.

Roberta suddenly stopped fucking herself and sat up, a move by the way that had to shove that double dildo even deeper into her holes, and the flush on her face and the lustful smile proved it, but she also called out "Who's there?" I'd quickly retreated out the bedroom door and down the stairs and pretended like I'd just arrived...

Now I was sitting on the bed next to this incredible sex goddess who was practically naked, looking at her wet panties wrapped around my dick, and telling me she'd known I was watching earlier.

"So ... do my panties feel good around your little peepee, Kevy?" she asked, her eyes glinting and her tongue wettiing her lips.

"I'm really sorry Miz Mills, I thought you were gone and I ... I couldn't help myself after I seen you on the porch and you asked me to straighten up and the panties were on the floor and I picked 'em up and they were warm and wet and I don't know what happened..." My voice trailed off as Roberta laughed.

"You picked them up and I bet you held them to your face and sniffed my wet cunt and juicy asshole didn't you, and your teeny weenie got so hard you just had to jack off, right?"

I was practically strangling now, because she was absolutely right. I'd rubbed her juicy panties all over my nose and lips. They were so soaked with Roberta's pussy and ass juices and they'd filled my head like a drug and I'd even licked them to taste her sex nectar.

Roberta smirked and leaned against me, lifting one leg onto the bed. Her robe fell away, revealing her naked body. My dick jerked up. Roberta laughed and licked my ear. "Take hold of your nasty little prick, Kevy, and stroke it for me. Fill my panties with your steamy, slimy boy-cum."

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