Suprise Attack

by dustbuster23

Copyright© 2010 by dustbuster23

Sex Story: " I had been here before, watching her through the half closed blinds of her bedroom window..."

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Rape   .

My heart was hammering in my chest as I slipped into the bushes framing the window. The sun had set enough on the other side of the house that I was in the shadows and the partially opened blinds let me see but not be seen as the bedroom door opened. It was gymnastics day again and I watched as she came through the door tossing her gym bag on to the bed. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her leotard clung to her body covered only by the shorts she was wearing. I had watched before on these days and as she always had she went across to the bathroom turning on the light and starting the shower. I could hear the water and a moment later when she came out the steam began to follow.

She walked over to her mirror and for a moment I was sure I had been seen, her blue eyes flashing in my direction but then back to her reflection as she untwisted the bun from her hair letting the golden locks flow down her back as she bent and pushed the shorts down her firm legs. My dick throbbed at the sight of her rounded firm ass encased in the spandex material, shimmering with color and molding every curve of her skin including the dimples that formed in her cheeks when they tightened.

She slipped the shoulder straps of the garment off and taking it in her grasp began to wiggle out of the clingy material, her skin dappled with sweat from another long workout at the gym. In the mirrors reflection I could see her breasts as they became uncovered, small firm mounds yet to fully develop, capped by pink nipples that instantly crinkled when cooled by the air of her bedroom. The material put up a fight as she pushed it down her rock hard stomach, sliding over her hips and revealing the last bit of covering as they slipped down her legs. The thong was barely there and hardly more than a scrap of material. Just a last means of dignity in her form fitting costume.

Her fingers found the band of material separating her hard cheeks and tugged it free before she gripped the sides and bent pushing it down as well and baring her self to my lustful stare. At ten years old she was still on the verge of womanhood, still flexible and limber and prone to fits of giggling but slowly creeping into the realm of teen girl. My dick throbbed as her smooth lips came into view from behind, the hairless peach of her sex pushing out past her thighs like it was blowing me a kiss.

I knew it was time as she slipped across her bedroom to the shower, the door left open since there was no one else in the house. Backing out of the bushes I moved to the back door slipping the key from my pocket, so careless leaving it under that fake rock for every one to see. I slid it silently into the lock though I knew she wouldn't hear me, the music coming from her bathroom louder than the shower it self as she cleaned off the days sweat. I was in the kitchen and slipped my shoes off to be as quiet as possible. I knew her father wouldn't be home for at least another two hours giving me plenty of time to get what I wanted and then away when it was over.

I knew the layout of the house having checked it out during the day when no one was home and quickly moved through the kitchen and into the main hallway. The music drew me to her bedroom and I stayed close to the wall in the shadows of the evening sun. At her doorway I took one last furtive look into her bedroom making sure she was busy washing then I slipped in and off to one side. I reached down and grabbed the leotard in my fingers, it would make a fine gag to silence her. My eyes darting around the room for something to control her hands with. Finally I saw the scarf hanging over the spindle of the dressing mirror and grabbed it sliding it into my pocket so it was at the ready when I needed it.

The music was awful, Britney Spears howling about how she had done it again, the girls singing in the shower not much better as I found my place beside the door and slipped my hood off and brushed my hair out of the way. I was going to make sure she wouldn't see me and I wanted to breath a little easier while I waited for the moment that I knew was coming soon. Britney finished warbling her song and finally the shower stopped. My breath caught in my throat as the curtain pulled back and I heard her softly step down to the fluffy pink bath mat and pull a towel from the rack on the wall.

I was only going to have a moment and I gripped the stretchy material in my hands as I saw the shadow of her approaching the doorway. She passed over the threshold her hands to her hair drying with a separate towel, the other wrapped tightly around her body. She never noticed me as I slipped in behind her then once her hands dropped I struck. The leotard wrapped around her face covering her eyes and mouth and silencing her scream some what. She struggled but I quickly grabbed one wrist behind her back and pushed her over to her bed muscling her down on to her stomach and quickly sitting on her back as I grabbed the leotard and tied it in a knot behind her head before grabbing her arms and pulling them back as well.

The initial shock had worn off and now she was struggling trying to pull her hands free. I reached back keeping them clasped in my one hand and pulled her towel up giving her a painful stinging blow on her bare ass "Shut up or your gonna regret it bitch." She whimpered but went quiet, her breath coming in gasps as she pushed her air in huffs through the tight material clinging to her face. I carefully tied her wrists with the scarf not caring when she whimpered in pain as I pulled the knot tight. Finally I could relax the hard part over with and I rolled her over on to her back looking at her.

I smiled and slid up sitting on her hips and leaning down to whisper in her ear. " Don't give me any problems and I wont cut you into little pieces, understand me princess?" she nodded rapidly her fear having turned to self preservation. I smiled and gripped the edge of her towel feeling her body tense as I tugged it loose and peeled it back exposing her rapidly rising and falling breasts. She moaned as I traced a finger over the puckered tips, then whimpered when I gave both a severe pinch as I slipped off the bed taking her towel with me and leaving her nude and bound.

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