Right Place on a Rainy Night

by Carlos LaRosa

Copyright© 2009 by Carlos LaRosa

Romantic Story: Sometimes, you can't tell how things will eventually work themselves out. For Don and Helen, that was true.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

If it hadn't been raining so hard, I'd have never thought to seek shelter from the wet beneath the highway overpass. Riding my small Cushman scooter in the rain wasn't the brightest decision I'd ever made. It was dark, and I was huddling over on the far edge of the dry concrete embankment. I'd been there for almost half an hour already, but the rain gave no indication of being ready to let up anytime soon.

Suddenly, a car coming up to the overpass, slammed on its brakes and skidded to a sliding stop. The passenger side door opened and a figure stepped out quickly, turned back to the car before spewing out projectile vomit against the car's window and door she'd just exited from. I heard angry sounding shouts coming from inside the car, then the driver put the car back in gear and hit the accelerator. What I saw next was the car moving back into the slow lane, as the door got shut with the force of the car's forward momentum. I couldn't believe that someone was really driving off, leaving an ill person out there in the rain like that.

I was just about to go make sure that the now stranded girl was okay, and to tell her she'd be better off under the shelter of the overpass. It made no sense at all for her to be standing out there in the rain like she was. The need for my doing that disappeared, as she turned to face in my direction, finally noticing the overpass on her own. She walked unsteadily towards where I was sheltering. That was the first I recognized the girl coming towards me.

Helen Gambel was in my grade at the high school, a junior. I didn't actually know her. What I mean was I knew her, but we didn't move around in the same social circles. She was extremely cute, and popular, and usually only associated with the "in" crowd. I, on the other hand, was neither cute, popular, nor someone who the "in" crowd would ever take any notice of, at least not in a positive way.

I was used to my lack of social standing at the school. For me, it was enough that they ignored me. This was far preferable to the other attentions some of my other classmates were occasionally treated to. I wasn't small, and I didn't appear weak or physically vulnerable. The few times I'd been tested, I'd fought back, either with my fists, or with words. I'd noticed that they didn't like it when anyone stood up to them, or gave them back some of what they were dishing out.

Helen had moved underneath the overpass, but only far enough to be out of the rain. She had seen me leaning back against the embankment and that had been enough to stop her from coming any closer. In the dark, I was sure she hadn't recognized who I was. Even if she had recognized me, I'm fairly sure she'd have stopped in any case.

We stayed separated by about forty feet of distance. I kept my eyes on her, warily wondering why she had been let out and abandoned on the side of the road like she'd been. It wasn't something you'd expect to happen to a girl like Helen. The rain continued on, showing absolutely no signs of slackening any time soon. When she yelled at me, it took me by surprise. I had been thinking about something else, and had taken my attention off her as I did.

"Why are you waiting here and staring at me?"

"I'm not staring at you. I'm just waiting for the rain to let up, so I can get back on the road and finish going home."

I noticed she was now walking towards me, taking tentative steps in my direction.

"You go to Henderson High, right? Your name is Dennis something."

"My name is Don, but I do go to Henderson. I've seen you there too. I can't remember your name, but I'm pretty sure it begins with an R. Maybe Ruth?"

I could see it pissed her off, my pretending not to know her name. It was petty of me, but, I'd been stuck out in the rain for close to an hour, and I really wasn't in any mood to be the butt of any of her condescending comments. She'd been trying to put me at some disadvantage by not knowing my name, when she was so certain I'd know hers.

"Its Helen. You should know that too, because we've been in the same classes together. You were in Miss Perry's Spanish class with me, two years ago."

"If I was, I don't remember you being there. Where did you sit in that class?"

"Up front, by the door. That's where I always sit. You really don't remember me?" She had stopped before, when she was about ten feet away from me, but now she started coming closer again. I watched her face as she came closer.

"I'm not too good remembering names of people I don't know. I remember your face though. You were that girl that Red Connor dumped when school let out last year, weren't you? I remember hearing some of those things he was telling people that you and he had done. That was harsh, him telling people all those private things."

"He didn't dump me. I dumped him because he was such a jerk. I hope you didn't believe any of those lies he was spreading? I only let him kiss me about ten times, and that was spread out over the five or six dates we went on. Anything more he might have claimed, was just his imagination working overtime."

"Didn't matter to me anyway. I agree he's a real jerk, but a lot of the girls seem to like him. He sure went to a lot of trouble, telling all those lies about you. Whenever he talked about those things, he usually furnished quite a few details. If he was just making it all up, he must really have one inventive imagination. He told us about this one time, over at Pleasant Point, but two other guys were there who both said they saw the two of you doing what Red was telling us you did. I remember hearing stories about something like that happening out there too, from other people who were at that party. Are you really certain that you want to keep claiming that he made everything up?"

"Of course I'm certain. People always go around making up things. They're mostly just jealous that they don't get invited to come to any of our parties. Usually, that's all it is."

"Well, I guess you should know whether any of those things people claim they've done with you are true or not. Joe Davis has said some things about you too. Probably that was all stuff he was making up?"

"I don't believe Joe ever said anything bad about me. We're friends, and we've never dated."

I didn't say anything. She was standing about three feet away from me. I saw she was looking at my scooter.

"Does that scooter run? It isn't broken or anything, is it?"

"It runs great. I just don't like riding around in the rain with it. As soon as this rain eases up, I'll start it up and head back home."

"Can you ride with a passenger?"

"I think so, but I've never tried doing it. I wouldn't want to try it when the roads were wet and slippery though. Give me a number of someone to call, and I'll call them for you right after I get home."

"You plan to leave me out here? All alone?"

I didn't respond to her. For one thing, I didn't like her trying to guilt trip me like she was doing. If I was stuck out here, with no scooter, and she had a car, I knew there was no way she'd have offered me a ride. It was only about five miles to my house, and I'd offered to call someone for her. I looked past her, and could see that the rain wasn't coming down as hard anymore.

"The rain is letting up. I could drive home in less than ten minutes, then make that phone call for you."

"Let me ride behind you. You can drive slow, if you're so worried about wet roads."

"You have puke on your shirt, and you don't smell very good. I'm taking off, just as soon as the rain lets up a little bit more. Better give me a number to call for you."

"I don't want anyone I know to see me looking like this. Give me a ride, and I'll pay you ten dollars, next time I see you again."

"I already told you I wasn't going to do that. I'm leaving pretty soon. Last chance to give me a number to call for you."

I was already on my scooter now, and was just about to start it. In the fifteen or twenty minutes we'd been talking, not a single car had come by in either direction.

"If you drive me to my house, I'll suck you, after we get there." Not even waiting for an answer, she tried climbing on the back of my scooter. When I moved forward, because she hadn't been expecting that, she lost her balance, sitting down hard on the shoulder of the road. "Why did you do that?" She screamed at me when she asked me that. I'm sure it never entered her mind that I wouldn't agree to what she'd just offered. We both knew she didn't ever intend to pay up, not after I'd already completed my part of the bargain.

"I'll do it for that, but you have to pay me up front, before I give you the ride."

"I'd rather walk."

"Better that way anyhow." I started moving forward, perfectly happy to leave her standing there. I'd called her bluff, and she'd confirmed what I'd already suspected. She'd never had any intention of blowing me after I gave her the ride.

"Wait! Come back. Let me think about this." She was starting to sound worried that I really did intend to drive off and leave her stuck out there alone. She was right too. That was exactly what I'd been intending. She had done nothing at all to change my opinion of her. If even half the rumors about her were true, giving one more blow job shouldn't matter that much to her. She'd been the one to offer. I hadn't asked her for anything. She had offered me some money, and when I hadn't accepted her offer, she had proposed giving me the blow job. "If I do it, you have to promise me first not to blow off in my mouth, all right?"

I shut the scooter back down and started backing up to where she was standing. I dropped the stand beneath the rear tire, then swung my outer leg back over the seat. I reached down and lowered the zipper on my jeans, opening the fly button to make sure she'd have room to move things around, and arrange me however she wanted to. I had never even gotten close to getting blown before. Until then, the best I'd managed was to get one of my hands up Jennifer Coleman's shirt and under one of the cups on her bra. My boobs had been at least as big as Jennifer's. When I mentioned that to her, she quickly decided that we'd experimented quite enough by then.

Helen didn't want to get down on her knees, so she bent over and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I was excited, in my head, but, for some reason, that excitement hadn't traveled down to my dick yet. I was still not fully hard. I was about half to three quarters hard though. Once she started moving her tongue around on me, that condition quickly rectified itself. I was getting my first blow job, and it was coming from Helen Gambel!

"I can't keep on doing this, Don. I'm going to be sick again if I stay bent over like this. I tried, but I'm just too sick right now. Give me the ride anyway, and I really promise I'll finish you off later, sometime when I'm feeling better."

She really didn't look well. I could smell the vomit on her, and also the smell of stale alcohol. Vomit and stale alcohol are not the most attractive scents, even outside, in the fresh air.

"Let me play with your pussy for a minute, and then I'll take you home. Red told us you kept all your pussy hairs shaved off down there. I want to feel what that's like."

"I won't let you do that, but I'll tell you myself that I am shaved down there."

"You'll need to finish the blow job right now then. I was curious about that other thing, but I still don't trust your word that you'll finish me off later."

"I already told you it was getting me sick again. How about if I just show you that I don't have any hair between my legs? Would that be enough, if I did that?"

"I can go buy a Hustler magazine and see all the bare pussy I'd ever want to see. I wanted to touch it, to see what it would feel like. Let me play with it for one minute, and you won't even owe me the rest of that blow job."

Feeling as badly as she did, and thinking about being stuck five miles out of town, at night, feeling like she did, was apparently more than Helen thought she could stand. With a grimace on her face, she undid her pants and pulled the waistband below her ass. I couldn't see her that well, but, my hand easily felt the absence of any hair on her pussy. When I started moving my fingers around, I was surprised to find out that she was already very moist, both in her pussy, and around her pussy lips. I got a finger inside her very quickly. Her reaction to my intrusion was to open her legs wider and lean forward a bit more. My first time with a finger inside a girl, and it was a pretty girl, one who was showing signs of enjoying what I was doing to her.

"Does it feel good, Helen?"

"Are you almost done? It must be a minute by now?"

My finger had gone from inside her pussy to up where I knew her clit had to be. My wet finger found her little button, and I moved it lightly all around there. Again, she leaned closer in, this time putting both hands up on my shoulders, like she needed to do that to keep her balance or something. I diddled her, moving my finger back inside her juicy pussy, then back out to rub softly around her sensitive clit. I must have spent three or four minutes doing this, and when I stopped, suddenly, and pulled my hand back, she groaned, and pushed in closer to me, bumping her mound against my leg as she did so.

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