Getting It Right

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My best friend, Michelle, decided that she wanted to lose her virginity and she chose my seventeen-year old brother to do the honors. She was disappointed, he was even more inexperienced than she was. So I set out to find just the right guy for the job. Am I glad I did, our forty-year age difference made no difference. It was wonderful.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Parents and grown-ups, in general, usually think that boys are the ones obsessed with sex. We girls know that's not true, we are. I know that some boys do get into boy-boy things when they're growing up but when you can get my girlfriends to talk about it honestly, a lot of them did girl-girl stuff at sleepovers, camp, lots of other places.

I know that my best friend, Michelle, and I, starting at age eleven, did a lot of exploring and experimenting with sex and soon discovered all the exciting things we could do to our bodies and to each other's bodies. So, Michelle and I were very knowledgeable about sex, even rather relaxed about it, when, sleeping over one night, she said, "I think I'm ready for sex. You know, really doing it. Losing my cherry."

"What made you decide this?" I asked.

"Oh, I mean you and I have fun and all, I really like doing it and all, but I'm ready for a boy, a guy. I just want a penis in me. No offense."

"Sure. I can see it, I think. I agree, we've had fun but, yes, I want to get more involved with guys."

"Paula, I don't want to get involved with guys, I want to get fucked."

"Well, you make that pretty clear, but you do need a guy to do it with."

"I was wondering ... um, what do you think about your brother?"

"Tim, sex with Tim?"

"Yeah, why not? He's kinda cute. I think he likes me."

"Well, Michelle, be my guest. I'm sure you won't have to do much convincing."

So we talked about it a few times after, she was really set on losing her virginity around her fourteenth birthday which was coming up. Mine would be about six weeks later.

About three weeks later she told me that she and Tim had had sex.

"I really think I knew more about it than he did. It hurt quite a bit, he got off real quick even before I was getting warmed up. At least I had an orgasm ... after I got home," and she laughed.

"Oh, shit, that bad, huh?"

"Not really bad, just disappointing. I thought a guy three years older would be, you know, more skilled, know what he was doing. Well, that was wrong."

Hmm, well, we did talk more but it sure gave me a lot to think about. After hearing Michelle's experience, I decided that my first time was going to be with someone who I knew for sure was a lot more experienced than me. I was a virgin (Michelle's tongue and fingers don't count) and I wanted it to be exciting and wonderful when it happened.

Night after night, I would lay in bed wondering who it could be, certainly no one in my grade at school. Michelle even went three years older than she is, no luck. So, finally, I decided it was going to be a grown man. Over twenty-one, maybe thirty, forty, whatever. Mature, experienced, someone who I could be sure had had sex many times, someone accomplished in making love to a woman, well, a girl.

I went through a long list, leaving out a few people like the mail man, he seemed a bit strange. Teachers, too, I knew would be trouble. There may be a few that might but I figured that most would refuse to get involved and might even tell my parents. Some others that seemed experienced also seemed like guys that were more in love with themselves that they might be with me.

So, after several weeks of crossing names off my ever-growing mental list, even Michelle's dad I considered until I thought about how Michelle might feel if it ever came out. I wasn't about to be a home-wrecker. Especially for my best friend.

Then, walking over to Michelle's, I passed by the man's house that could be the one. He moved into the neighborhood a year or so ago, just retired from the Air Force. Pretty nice looking, nice bod, took care of himself, it looked like, but there was more.

Whenever he talked with my mom or dad, he always seemed really nice, caring, gentle but strong, just the person I was looking for. He was divorced, I knew that, so I wouldn't risk breaking up a marriage, something this fourteen-year old sure didn't want to get involved in.

I wondered how old he was, I really wasn't sure. Maybe forty or so. Well, okay, if that's the case, fine. Age didn't really matter much in my calculations, it was more gentleness, experience, intelligence, and discretion. I didn't want some guy who was going to blab and brag, I already crossed off the guys I went to school with because I didn't think they could be trusted to keep their mouths closed. So, it was Brad. Brad Wesley.

Now, how to do it, how to get Brad interested. Well, it's really buried in every female's genes, we don't learn how to seduce the male, it's built-in. Built in their make-up and built-into ours.

So, I kept an eye out and when I saw him out, I would stroll down and say hello. It was easy, I asked him about the places he had been in the service and it was many. All over the world, almost. It was actually very interesting, I didn't have to pretend to be interested.

For several days, we would talk about all those places, we got very comfortable with each other and I would tell him how interesting his life was and how dull mine was in our small, one-horse town. He did agree that our town was small and somewhat rural, that it lacked excitement for a young girl growing up and I was finally able to steer the conversation around to boys.

I waited until we had gotten to know each other better, then decided it was time to move things along, so I asked him a more personal question.

We were sitting on his porch when I asked him, "Brad, could I ask you something, something that I'm kind of embarrassed to ask my parents?"

"Um, well, sure, I guess so, Paula."

"Well, I've been thinking a lot lately about sex ... actually having sex. And, I really don't want to do it with any guys my age or even around my age. I have a good friend who did it with a guy three years older and she was really disappointed. He just didn't know much or have much experience. I just want it to be better than that with someone more mature, more experienced. What do you think I should do?"

"Gee, um, well, I don't know, Paula, I ... um. Well, maybe you should look around for a boy with more experience. Make sure first that he's had some experience."

"Yeah, but every guy I know who's got some experience is a conceited slob and probably wouldn't be interested in someone who looked like me."

"Oh, come on, Paula, you are a very pretty girl. Any guy would be interested in you."

"Even you?"

I had been waiting to ask that question and the look of surprise and, yes, I think, shock, on his face was immediate. He got the meaning of my question and asked, "Do, you mean, do I want you?"


"Oh, Paula, you're so young. I'm way too old for you. You need someone a lot younger than me."

"See, even you, Brad. You are my friend and even you aren't interested," I said as I looked down at the ground.

He was silent for a minute, then said, softly, "Paula, do you really know what you're asking?"

I sat there, not sure how to answer. Then, the perfect answer came to me.

"Brad, I'm asking for this," and slid my hand over into his lap and gently pressed down on his dick. To my surprise, he leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips, softly, lovingly, yet with some insistence and ardor.

"I guess we'd better go inside, Paula," and he took my hand and led me inside and down the hall to his bedroom.

"You're sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, yes, I want it with you, more than anything," I said as he wrapped his arms around me, leaned over and kissed me. We kissed there, standing in his bedroom, for several minutes, our hands roaming over each other, getting familiar with one another's landscape.

Then, he started to undress me. Every touch, every button undone, was thrilling, new, erotic. I could feel the warmth building between my legs, wetness forming in anticipation of our lovemaking, it was so arousing.

Soon, I was naked standing before him, my whole body quivering inside with nervousness and eager anticipation. He sat down on his bed and pulled me near him.

"Oh, Paula, you are so pretty, just beautiful. Your breasts are just perfect," and he reached out and cupped each one in his hands and rubbed then gently, then bent forward and kissed one and took its nipple between his lips and began to suck.

The feeling was wonderful. I could never, of course, suck my own breasts, I've never experienced it before except for Michelle doing it and this was way, way better. And, I learned right then that it was something that I would love having done to me the rest of my life. Every pull as he sucked send a contraction to my pussy. Heaven.

I stood there looking at him as he sucked. I raised my hand up to his cheek and gently stroked it, it was so wonderful. Then, I backed away from him and said, "Brad, could you please take your clothes off. I want to see you and feel and touch you, too," and he stood up and quickly shed his clothes.

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