Tracy Teases Her Son

by emgeee

Copyright┬ę 2009 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: She needs to show off her new body.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Exhibitionism   .


Naked, nude, and shaved, Tracy loved it.

In the last couple of months she had gone through a weird change.

She dropped 10 pounds without trying; she felt a rush of energy.

She seemed to tingle from every pore of her body.

She started going to gym, not to tone her body, but to get rid of the energy building in her body. It was at the gym, she noticed most women either trimmed or shaved their pussies. She liked the look, she did not know why she did not try it sooner.

Tracy also started dressing differently. Her clothes were not tight or super short but she started wearing clothes that were cut to fit her body. Pants and shorts hugged her curves.

They were lower on her hips, her blouses were a little shorter, so when she moved her flat belly would be exposed.

Her weight loss was in her hips and her toning helped her chest, she did not have to wear a bra for support and if her tops were thick enough she went without. Buttons would be undone so more of her chest would be exposed.

For some reason she felt like her body was an object that she loved to tease. She like the feeling of her hard nipples rubbing on her shirts. She liked the look and feel of her shaved pussy. She enjoyed being naked and touching herself. Just being naked was a turn on.

When she was home alone she would strip naked, for no other reason than to be naked. She would do her chores around the house naked. After showering she would remain naked.

She loved to touch her body and play with her nipples and run her hands over her ass.

She would finger her pussy to orgasm. In the past she would only masturbate while on her bed. Now she found a thrill to masturbate in the kitchen, living room, family room.

She also started using other things besides her toys to arouse herself. Candles, small containers. She got off when her son or husband was home and she could see a candle she had just used in the same room as they were.

One day when she came home from shopping she drove into the garage and as the garage door started close she started to tingle. She stripped naked in the car even before the door was fully closed. She sat naked in the car and teased herself, she tried to hold off on her climax but it came to fast and hard. She gathered up her clothes and walked naked into her bedroom. She wanted to be naughty but didn't know what to do next.

One afternoon Robert, her son, came into the kitchen and saw his mother working; he stopped and stared at her ass. It was pure perfection. Not a young girl's ass but a mature woman with a great ass. The swell of her hips tapering into very nice toned legs. The waist of the shorts was cut low. Her ass cheeks showed through the shorts as two beautiful globes.

He sucked in his breath a little too loud.

His mother turned around and leaned against the counter, her hips pushed out and her shirt pulled tight against her body. Her nipples were hard and showed through her shirt.

It pulled up a little and showed off her flat tight belly. Her shorts not supper tight, but low enough on her hips that the start of her pubic mound showed. Her pussy bulged against the material of her shorts.

His mother moved her legs apart a little so he could see her legs from toes to her pussy.

She did not move, a rush of naughtiness pasted through her body, as Robert's eyes traveled from her toes, up her legs, stopping at her pussy, then over her flat stomach. They danced from nipple to nipple. Tracy's nipples got harder under her son's gaze.

His eyes finally met her eyes, she smiled at him and asked if he liked what he saw.

Robert said "mom you are smokin hot. I am sorry but I cannot help it, you are beautiful.

I noticed a change in you the last couple of months and I cannot get enough of watching you."

She stood a little longer and went up on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks I don't mind if you look, in fact I like it. Just don't let your father catch you".

When Robert got to his room he went over what had just happened. He felt his cock get aroused thinking how hot his mom looked. He thought about what she said "don't let your father catch you"

He felt like jacking off but thought it was weird to be turned on by his mother.

Tracy could not believe how turned on she was having someone just openly ogle her body, even if was her son. It was like she was showing someone else her figure and not her body. It turned her on so much that she went to her bedroom and stripped naked and gave herself a fast climax before her husband came home from work. Her climax came fast when she thought of someone looking at her body, the image was not of her son but when she thought of it, her climax came quickly.

After the 'incident' Robert was more aware of how his mother looked and dressed, Tracy on the other hand was aware of what she wore and how she wore it. She wanted Robert to look at her, well not her, but her body; she liked it when Robert looked at her.

She found ways to expose herself; she broke her ward robe into two when she was alone with Robert and when her husband was home. Well there were a few outfits that she wore when girlfriends where over.

Her outfits for Robert were short shorts that rode low on her hips and small tops, she like tops with small straps, lots of buttons on the front and were too short to reach the tops of her shorts. So she could show off her belly and so she could show off the sides of her tits but keep her nipples covered.

She would do turns and let him look at her from head to toe. She would flex and ask what he thought of her legs, were her shorts too short, or should she button up her blouse.

As the days went on Robert became more comfortable with his mother and how she dressed. He looked forward to coming home from school to see what his mother was wearing.

He came home one day and his mother was wearing a short skirt that hung low on her hips and a thin button top on. She had unbuttoned most of the buttons and lots of her chest was exposed. As Robert's mother walked in the room her skirt flipped as she walked. It did not show her ass but close, so close it was hotter than if it had showed her ass.

Tracy did a quick turn and the skirt rose up and showed off her panties exposing her ass to Robert's gaze. She landed on her feet and put her arms on her hips. What do you think of your old mom now? Robert stood in shock. His mother was more than hot.

He could not talk, he just stared at her.

Finally he told her she was hotter than if she was naked. She smiled and said that could be arranged. Robert swallowed and without thinking he squeezed his cock.

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