A Very Wifey Welcome

by Dantine

Copyright© 2009 by Dantine

BDSM Sex Story: The girl has arrived, and is undressed, blindfolded, and tied up on the bed as an offering... He and his wife makes sure she gets a warm and wet welcome.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   BiSexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Cream Pie   .

"Can she hear us?" The wife asked.

"Oh yes, I thought this would be all the more delicious if the only sense she was robbed of was her sight," answered her husband.

"Where do we start?"

"No rush ... you go freshen up after work, be girly for a while and all that ... I'll keep this one safe and ready until you are done," said the husband and sent his wife off with a quick kiss and a slap on the ass.

The girl was naked apart from the blindfold, a cuff attached around each wrist and ankle and then secured with an adjustable strap to the bed poles. She was kept stretched out in a spread eagle position on her back, revealing all of herself.

He walked slowly around her, knowing she could hear every step. He raked his fingernails softly over her skin. "She is home now, pet. She has seen your naked body, and she is probably standing in the shower right now with her mind racing with ideas of what she is going to do to it. This is it. You are tied up, and you are going to be used. You can't see us, but you will hear us, you will smell us, you will feel us as we enjoy your body, and each other."

He slipped two fingers down between her legs and softly rubbed just around the moistening entrance. She groaned quietly. He had been teasing her most of the day already, from the moment they met, the hug, the kiss, the ... she blushed thinking about how he had slipped into a bathroom with her and forced her down on her knees, shoving his cock in her mouth and then while making her look him in the eyes telling her it was just to snap her out of any remaining delusions: this wasn't fantasy or hypothesis any more, it was her on her knees because he wanted her there, it was his already half hard cock stiffening rapidly in her mouth just because she overwhelmed him with desire. He hadn't even had her move, just sit there until he felt her tongue run over his cock exploring it and heard her sigh happily. Things really had shifted into perspective then. She was wanted. She was where she should be. She belonged.

He rubbed her nipples, sending tingles through her body, and then twisted them softly causing her to gasp with the slight pain. He rested his hand on her throat, giving it a soft squeeze, not enough to cause her any difficulty breathing, but enough to remind her how much she had to trust him to be in the position she was in. He kissed her and she gladly opened up her mouth to him, kissing him back with eagerness. And then the hand and kiss was gone, and he gave her a little tiny kiss on the tip of her nose. For some reason she blushed again. She felt loved.

His teasing continued until his wife came into the room, naked except for a towel which she dropped when she had closed the door behind her.

"She is very pretty," said the wife. The husband nodded and reached down between the girls legs again, this time reaching his fingers further inside of her, making her shiver in excitement ... He stepped over and let his wife taste their new pet. She sucked his fingers eagerly.

"Now, before we get started," he said with a grin, "I am going to deal with how worked up I am. Get up in bed; kneel over her head, lean over the headboard."

The wife did as he asked, awkwardly climbing around until she was in position with her already wet pussy just above the girls face. The man climbed after her, kneeling over the girls chest, and slid his cock into his wife without delay. The girl could hear and feel and smell them as they fucked, their genitals just inches from her face, but she couldn't join in, nor did anyone really touch her ... She shifted her weight, subconsciously wanting to press against something, hump something, anything ... but her bonds held her tight. He tied her up. He chose what she could do, reach, feel ... He controlled her.

She shivered as she heard the fucking above her get faster, the wife moaning her excitement. Some drops of wetness fell on her face and she reached her tongue out and licked it up. It was too little to taste, but the thought still excited her. The wife's legs tightened against the sides of her head and she heard the groans peak ... And then stillness ... Weight was shifted, and the man guided his wife with his hands to slowly sink down and back a bit ... the girl found herself smothered in wet, hot skin ... she had enough room to breathe through her nose, but just barely ... she knew what they wanted and swallowed her nervousness...

It tasted weird ... some of it had a smooth taste and slippery texture to it ... and then there was a smattering of something with a bit of tang to it. Her wonderment over the taste was however soon overshadowed by the twitching and moaning of the woman sitting on her face ... She was causing pleasure ... As all things new and exciting it was over too soon, although the girl was happy to breathe easier once the wife again awkwardly climbed over her, guided by the steady hands of the husband.

"Do you want to lead?" he asked her, and she caught her lip between her teeth letting her eyes run over the tied up girls warm body ... She shook her head softly, and looked at her husband for guidance. He smiled.

"Get between her legs, have a taste..."

The wife quickly climbed between the legs of the girl and with little hesitation planted a kiss right on her clit and then started kissing and nibbling and licking all around the area ... She was a little limited by the position, but the husband unsnapped the cuffs on the girl's ankles and connected them together behind the wife's back instead. Soon the wife switched to long swipes of the tongue, tasting the girl's quickly flowing juices as the husband kneeled behind her and taking advantage of her position slid his cock inside of her again.

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