A Friendly Wrestling Match

by destroyerdrt

Copyright© 2009 by destroyerdrt

Sex Story: Two boys make a bet and have a froendly wrestiling match that takes them to new experiences.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Gay   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

A/N: I know nothing about wrestling other than what I have seen on TV both Pro and amateur. Also the sex in this and all of my stories are based on many things that I have done, read, heard, or seen on TV or in movies and what I feel might work or be possible!

Two Boys who are best friends make a bet on which would win if they wrestled The bet was for the loser to do any and every thing the winner wanted for a month. They both read that in the days of the Greeks that this sport was done in the nude with oil so that is how they planed to do have their match. A video camera will help them see who wins and the winner is the one who can get the other to tap out or have them on the mat for 3 seconds or more or at least that was the plan.

Jack age 10 4'9" blond hair blue eyes Matt age 10 ½ 5'0" red hair brown eyes Both are at the most 110 lbs. But more likely the best weight for their height

A radio is heard playing "That is the news for December 12, 2009. Now let's play Kung Fu Fighting by new artist John Stonehawk."

"Ok lets get started I don't want my brother or his buddies seeing use." said Jack with fear in his voice has he start to undress. Not seeing that Matt was almost done with his undressing or that he was looking at Jack's body has it was exposed.

"Should we put the oil on our selves or I you and you me?" asks Matt and Jack stops and thinks which and then says "I will oil you and you will oil me but we must get every place but the bottoms of our feet." Jack stats with a slight blush have he finishes taking off his cloths and looks at Matt.

Matt moves over with his bottle of baby oil at the same time Jack picks his up. Mat is the first to use the oil has he squirts some on Jacks chest and star rubbing it in. Jack follows suite and does the same to Matt. Has Matt is oiling Jacks shoulders Jack put some on Matt's cock.

"Oh that feels good let me do you?" Matt asks Jack and Jack says "Ok, go a head." They both oil the others cock until the both are hard and then Matt go back to the arms of Jack and tells Jack "Turn around and I will finish your back and leg then you can finish me." Hs Matt is oiling his friends back he also has Jack bend over and oils his asshole by using his fingered to apply the oil inside he tells Jack has he does so "We should put it in here so just incase we slip and our dick go in." Jack replies slightly breathlessly "Okay that is a good idea." all the wile Matt has a smile on his face for he has always wanted to try sex with a guy for a year now after see Jacks brother and his best friend doing fucking and sucking in the woods behind both of their yards. But has liked Jack for two years and has dreamt of doing all that he saw and more. Now it seemed that Jack might just like it.

Has Matt move down Jacks legs Jake realizes that he wished Matt did not stop he got hard like he dose when he see a girl that is good looking like the star of Hanna Montana on the Disney Channel. When Matt finishes Jack tells him to turn around and assume the position.

Has Jack is fingering Matt's ass he thinks 'I wonder what it would fell like to pit my dick in there.' After less than a minute Jack finishes oiling Matt's body.

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