Snow Day

by storyteller36

Copyright© 2009 by storyteller36

Incest Sex Story: Two teens find love, along with the girl's mother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Daughter   .

Chapter One

I awoke to my alarm clock, promptly at 6:30 as usual, to get ready for school. I noticed a brighter-than-average glare coming in through my window; when I looked out, I noticed that we'd had a pretty heavy snowfall. Mom knocked on my door and told me that I might as well go back to sleep, that school had been cancelled.

I tossed and turned until about nine, and decided to try making a little money; we had a snow blower, and lived in a neighborhood with many elderly people who couldn't shovel an inch of snow, let alone one of this magnitude. I filled the blower with gasoline, and strapped the can to the machine.

I chuckled as I went merrily from house to house, charging twenty bucks for a driveway and sidewalk, which took me less than ten minutes apiece, while my competition struggled with a shovel and took nearly an hour to do the same. After I'd earned about a hundred and twenty bucks, I decided to go home and warm up a bit when our neighbor, Mrs. Robinson (no shit) stopped me and asked what I was charging. She was an absolute MILF, and I'd gladly paid HER for the privilege of doing her (driveway, that is). I told her twenty, and she said to do her after I warmed up.

I went in the house for a little while, and decided to go and knock out Mrs. Robinson's drive and walk. It took all of ten minutes and, when I was done, she invited me in for some hot chocolate. God, she was beautiful; long brunette hair, a robe that I'm not sure there was anything underneath, and a face-that face was to die for. She had a daughter in my class, Elaine (again, no shit), who was not home at the time.

"What do you think of Elaine?" she asked me.

"In what way?" I responded.

"As a girl, silly," she replied.

"Well, I think she's got a great personality, she's beautiful, like her mother (might as well get my brownie points), and everyone likes her," I told her.

"You know she has a crush on you, don't you, Tim?"

"N ... n ... no, I didn't know that," I replied.

"Yes, she does, and I can see why." With that, Mrs. Robinson moved closer to me, and put her hand squarely on my hard dick.

"My. My," she said. "What do we have here? Is that a snake in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?" She unzipped my fly and fished my rod out of my pants. "Oh, my," she exclaimed. "Elaine is going to love this." She then went down on me, sucking for all she was worth. When I felt my balls start to boil, I warned her that I was getting close. She kept right on going, deep-throating my eight-incher until I shot my load right down her throat. I slumped in my chair, completely drained.

"Come with me," she said sexily. I followed her to her bedroom, where she proceeded to strip me naked. She then dropped her robe, revealing her completely nude body to me. Huge tits, and narrow waist, and a shaved pussy.

As she lay down on the bed, she said, "Come on, big boy, shove that eight inches into me." I didn't have to be told twice, and I slid into her hot, wet love hole. She matched me stroke for stroke, arching her back every time I shoved in. Soon, I shot my load into her, filling her with my spunk. By now, she had her legs wrapped around my neck, and wasn't about to let go until she'd had her own orgasm.

"Ever fucked a woman in the ass?" she asked.

"No," I replied.

"Well, you're about to," she said. She rolled over onto her stomach and arched her ass up at me. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

"Wet your dick in my pussy," she said. I did as told, stroking in and out of her a few times. "OK, now stick it in my ass, slowly," she said.

I again did as told, aligning the head of my dick with her sphincter; I pushed a little, and was surprised that the head slid in rather easily. I kept the pressure on, and the rest inched in. When I'd bottomed out, I started stroking again, in and out. She lowered her head to her pillow, moaning, "Oh, Christ, you're good." I felt the blast coming, and pressed into her ass, hard, gripping her ass-cheeks. I grunted, spurted, and she screamed.

Afterward, we showered together, I got good and dry, and went out to make more money-but not without a smoldering good-bye kiss from Mrs. Robinson. I sure wasn't going to charge her after the morning we spent together.

Chapter Two

The next afternoon after school, Elaine and I were walking home together, something we did nearly every day. When we got to her house, she invited me in for a Coke. We went in, and she found a note from her mother saying she wouldn't be home until late that night. There was also a DVD lying under the note. After we got the Cokes, we were curious about the DVD, so Elaine popped it into the player, and we settled in to see what it was. It started out slowly, with two teen-agers kissing and hugging; then it picked up steam. The boy began undressing the girl and fondling her breasts.

I could tell Elaine was getting excited; she was squirming with her legs pulled under her. I saw her hand dip to her crotch a couple of times when she thought I wasn't looking, and slide under her skirt. I was feeling the effects myself, and needed to adjust my boner.

I reached over, putting my arm around her neck. She settled her head into my chest while we watched the action; she then raised her head and kissed me, open-mouthed; this was our first real kiss. Our tongues were dueling, and our hands were everywhere on each other. I began unbuttoning her blouse, and she didn't stop me. Soon, it was discarded on the floor, along with her bra and my shirt. I teased her nipples until they stood up like proud little soldiers, and then I licked them. This sent Elaine over the edge, and she screamed. I lay her back on the couch, kissed her again, and went back to her nipples, biting them lightly. Elaine was holding my head to first one nipple, then the other.

Soon, our lower clothing joined our upper clothing on the floor, and the action on the screen was getting hot. The boy was fucking the girl and, soon, Elaine was leading me to her bedroom.

"Tim," she said quietly, "I want you to fuck me like the boy was in the movie."

"Elaine, are you sure that's what you want?" I asked her.

"Yes. I'm a virgin, but I want you, here and now."

"I don't have any condoms," I told her.

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