Amandine, an Unpopular Girl

by BadFred

Copyright© 2009 by BadFred

Erotica Sex Story: New to school, Vanessa must choose which girl she likes. There is the hot, athletic Kayla, and the small, strange, and eccentric Amandine. Who will she choose?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Spitting   School   .

We cornered Amandine under the bleachers. She looked around, not exactly afraid, but clearly wanting to escape. It was too late. There was no way out.

"Come on Kayla," I said, "I don't really give a shit if she's wearing the same skirt I am."

"The bitch has to pay!" Kayla said.

Kayla was a beautiful girl, tall and lean, with blonde hair past her shoulders. She wore a tight tee shirt and tighter jeans. Her ass was amazing. She had cold, brilliant green eyes, which stared at poor Amandine with intense hatred.

Amandine didn't say anything. She just backed away, looking back and forth between Kayla and me.

So this was Amandine. She was a small girl with thin blonde hair, almost white. I wouldn't call her pretty, exactly. She had pale skin, and dark sunken eyes. Her nose was narrow. Her arms and legs were skinny. She was wearing a small white blouse and a little tartan skirt, just like mine.

Kayla grabbed her and pushed her back.

"So why are you wearing the same skirt as my girlfriend?"

Girlfriend? She'd never called me that before, but -- yeah -- that's what I wanted to be, Kayla's girlfriend.

"I had no idea what she'd wear," muttered Amandine.

"Are you trying to turn me on? Do you want me to fuck you? Vanessa, grab her so she doesn't escape."

"Look," I said, "She can wear whatever she wants. Let's go back to the cafeteria."

"Grab her! I wanna play a little game."

I gave in, grabbing the girl from behind, gripping both her elbows, and pulling her arms behind her back. She leaned against me. Her hair was pressed against my chin.

"So, bitch, do you want pleasure or pain?"


"Pleasure or pain. Choose."

Amandine said nothing for a second, then muttered, I guess to me, "Please let me go."

Kayla advanced and reached between Amandine's legs, pressing her skirt up, rubbing.

"Then I'll choose for you, and I pick pleasure."

I bent forward, looking over the girl's shoulder, and saw Kayla kneading her crotch. Needless to say, I was surprised.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"The bitch wants to turn me on with her cute little skirt. Let's give her what she wants. Don't let go."

If she'd struggled, I would have. However, she just leaned back against me, tensing up in obvious pleasure. She moaned. I couldn't really believe it, but it was happening.

Kayla kept rubbing. Amandine squatted down a bit to spread her legs.

"Please kiss me."

"Fuck no, you slut."

I held her against me. She was writhing and pressing against my chest. My nipples were pierced, and the fabric of my shirt was pulling against them. They got real hard. Amandine started rocking her hips, pushing herself against Kayla's hand. She moaned louder.

Her rubbing against my tits felt really good. I pulled her against me tighter and moaned a little bit too. It took her only a few minutes.

"I'm gonna cum. Please kiss me while I cum."

"Just cum, bitch! Just fucking cum!"

She tensed up. She muttered, "Oh yes," then her legs gave out as her body convulsed. I held her from behind and gradually lowered her onto her knees.

"Now look what you did to yourself bitch," Kayla said, looking down at the front of Amandine's skirt. There was a huge wet spot. It was very obvious.

"Try walking through the halls in my girlfriend's skirt now, you little cum dumpster. Come on Vanessa, let's go."

Kayla turned to leave. Amandine sat there on her knees.

One last time: "Please kiss me."

I couldn't take it anymore. She looked so pathetic, but in a weird way, she was very lovely. I squatted down, turned her chin to me, and pressed my lips against hers, giving her a long deep kiss. She reached with one hand and stroked my hair.

"What the fuck, Vanessa! Don't kiss the bitch."

"I'll kiss who I want."

"But not her!"

"Amandine, wait here and I'll get my car. I'll take you to my house and you can borrow some clothes."

She looked up at me. Her eyes were wide with surprise.

"No fucking way!" Kayla shouted.

"Look, Kayla, I can't leave her like this. Let me take her home and we'll talk later, OK?"

"You're too nice, Vanessa. She's a cunt."

"I don't want to fight you, but I'm doing this. We'll talk later, OK?"

"Fine! If you fuck her, you can forget about being with me."

With that, she stormed off.

"She's your girlfriend?" Amandine asked.

"Well, sort of. I mean -- I'm still not really sure."

"Thanks. I don't know why you're helping me," Amandine said as we drove to my house.

"Yeah, well I guess I'm just too nice for this school."

"Kayla won't forgive you. She hates me."

"Yeah, that's pretty obvious. How'd you piss her off?"

"I dunno. I've done nothing to her. People just hate me 'cause everyone else does."

"Yeah, well I don't hate you. Do you like girls?"

"I don't know. I guess so. That was my first time with a girl."

She just sat there with no expression.

I went on, "Uh -- so, do you mind if I ask, are the rumors about you true? That you fuck everyone's boyfriend?"

"Yeah, I guess. It isn't my fault. I don't check who's dating who. If some guy wants to fuck me, I'll fuck him. If he was going with someone else, how's that my fault?"

"Yeah but -- I mean -- they hate you, even the boys. They say the worst shit about you."

"I know -- and look I've heard all this before. But if I didn't let them fuck me, I'd never get fucked."

I just looked her. I was surprised to hear anyone say something so -- blatant.

"You could find someone who actually likes and respects you? You're cute enough."

She turned and looked at me.

"That never happens."

It couldn't be that bad, I thought, but said nothing.

"Anyhow, I'll talk to Kayla later. I mean -- I'm pretty sure she'll forgive me. I know she wants to fuck me, and she's probably my girlfriend. So, I'll ask her to be nicer to you."

She didn't say anything. She looked out the window of the car.

We got to my house, and I took her to my room.

"Well, you're a bit smaller than me, but I have some old clothes that might fit you. Let me look. I'll go outside to let you change."

She didn't wait for me. She just undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was wearing little white cotton panties with a pink floral pattern. They were cute, but not the sort of thing I expected her to wear. Next, she pulled her panties down, and tossed them aside. She stood there, wearing nothing but her blouse.

"Uh -- Amandine. I didn't really want a show."

Her blouse didn't hang very low, and I could see her mound peeking out from below. She didn't shave, and there was a little halo of white fluffy hair. I saw a flicker of gold -- down there. A piercing? Her clit? I looked closer -- I couldn't help it. Yep, there was a little gold band.

I'd had my nipples and tongue pierced, but nothing that -- advanced.

She just looked at me, seeming unconcerned that I was staring at her cunt.

"Did that hurt?"

"Yeah, when they put it in. I like how it feels now, though."

"I can imagine. Do you have any others?"

"No, this is enough."

Nice sense of minimalism. From what I could see, her pussy looked nice.

"OK. Well, let me find you something to wear."

I pulled an old box of clothes from my closet. There were a couple cute skirts that might fit her, a few pairs of panties, and an old favorite dress. I tossed them over to her.

"Here, try these on."

She did. The little blue skirt seemed to fit her fine.

"That'll do. You can leave your other clothes here and I'll wash them for you. I don't think you wanna be walking around school with those."

"OK, thanks."

"So -- uh -- look -- Do you wanna make out? I won't fuck you -- since Kayla said not to -- but she didn't say we couldn't kiss."


"But first, I want you to try on that dress."

"Really? It isn't my style."

It was sort of a retro style dress, black and white, rather short, and with thin shoulder straps. I'd always liked the way my bra straps showed when I'd worn it.

"I think you'll look cute. I'd love to make out with you while you're wearing it."

I didn't tell her it was the first dress I'd kissed a girl in, the first dress I'd had an orgasm in -- well, with another person.

She put it on. I was right. She was very lovely. The borders were black and offset her pale flesh. She looked like a little doll.

"Your so pretty, Amandine. Come and sit by me."

She sat next to me. I leaned and kissed her. Her lips parted. We turned to each other and embraced, laying back on the bed with our mouths locked. She slipped in her tongue, rubbing around the stud of my piercing.

"I like kissing you, Amandine."

She didn't say anything. I reached down, without really planning to, and rubbed her ass.

"I love this dress so much. I had a lot of great times in it."

She kissed me again, sucking my breath from my mouth. She wrapped one of her legs around me and pressed her hips forward rubbing against my leg. I squeezed her ass again, massaging it deeply. We lay there together, kissing and petting. I pulled her closer. My eyes fluttered. I felt really good.

I tried to get control of myself.

"OK, that is enough. If we go much farther I won't be able to stop myself."

She backed away, looking at me. I kissed her again.

I got a big grin. "OK -- This is just about to go too far. Let's go back to the car before I lose it. You can keep the dress."

"I don't want it. I'd like to borrow the blue skirt if it is OK."

She stood up. I reached out and rubbed her ass.

"Look -- I won't fuck you, or eat you or anything, but will you get off for me? I have a vibrator you can use. I just wanna watch."

"That would be nice."

I ran to the bathroom and got my vibrator from the closet. It was one of those "body massage" wands they sell at the drugstore. I'd bought it a few months ago, and my parents said nothing. I mean -- they must have known what I used it for.

When I returned she was laying on the bed with the hem of the dress pulled up and her pussy exposed. I plugged in the vibrator and handed it to her.

She turned it on and pressed it to her pussy. It let out a loud buzzing sound as it touched her clit ring, but quieted to a dull hum as she pressed it tight. She lay back, closing her eyes and moaning.

It didn't take long. It was a very powerful vibrator. One moment she was laying there, passive, the next she had bucked her hips hard and was squealing. Her whole body jerked to one side, then the other. She struggled to keep the vibrator pressed to her pussy, her eyes closed, her legs curling up and shaking. Then she collapsed back, letting the wand, still buzzing, fall to the floor.

It took her a while to catch her breath. Then she grinned at me.

"This has been a good day."

How amazing, I thought. What a perfect little creature! I wrapped my arms tight around my body and kind of shivered and twitched.

Back at school, I found Kayla by her locker. She was sweaty from gym class, and her tee shirt clung to her tits. I walked up, giving her a bashful smile.

"So, did you fuck her?"

"No -- I mean -- we kissed some, and she masturbated for me, but I didn't fuck her."

She blinked.

"So you like that bitch? Seriously, what the fuck?"

"Uh, yeah a little, I guess. Look, so you need to decide. Do you want me to be your girlfriend or not?"

"After you've been with her?"

"We didn't do much, and yeah. Look, since I've been with you, you've gotten exactly one girl off, and it was her! So -- you can't exactly be jealous of me! And if she's so horrible to be with, what were you doing rubbing her pussy?"

"Ruining her skirt."

I paused.

"Uh, yeah. So look -- you have to decide. You're like the hottest girl in school. If you want me, I'm yours."

She stared at me. She paced around me, eyes fixed on me, just looking hard. I stood still. She got behind me.

I went on, "So, are you my girlfriend or not? If you are, I'll forget about her."

She got up by my ear and whispered.

"You want me to eat your pussy, don't you?"

My eyes darted around. The hall wasn't crowded, but we weren't alone.

"You want me to lick you where you pee."

She said that real quiet. It was an odd thing to say -- but yeah, it was true. That's exactly where I wanted her to lick me.

"Oh god yes."

"Then you're my girlfriend and fucking off limits to her!"

I had a huge smile on my face. She grabbed me and turned me around. I wanted to kiss her, but too many people would see.

"So, my parents are at the museum tonight. They should be pretty late. You can come by."

She leaned against me. I giggled and licked my lips. Finally!

Then she put her hands on my shoulders, and not so hard, she shoved me back.

"But wear a different skirt. That one makes me sick."

I dressed for our tryst. I wore sheer black panties and a black bra. I put on a ridiculously tiny miniskirt, red, and a white blouse that did nothing to hide the bra. My socks were long and white and went to just beneath my knees. My shoes were black, patent leather, with short heels.

I looked in the mirror. It was kind of awesome to see myself like that. I put on some lipstick, deep red, of course.

My hair was long and black. I put it up in a ponytail, leaving a few strands to fall along my face. I gazed at myself. I pursed my lips.

I looked like a total whore. I couldn't wait for Kayla to see me.

She called, saying that her parents were just leaving and to get over there. I drove quickly.

I pulled up to her house. It was one of those mansions with high ceilings, huge windows, and marble tile everywhere. The front door had a ridiculous big brass knocker that engaged the doorbell when you touched it. I rang.

She greeted me at her door wearing nothing but panties and a bra. They were blue pastel.

She looked at me. I smiled, hoping my slutty little outfit would have the right effect. She gazed up and down. She bit her bottom lip and sort of sneered.

"You look really good."

I smiled. "Hurry up and let me in."

She closed the door behind me, kissing me. We embraced. I pressed close. The fabric of my blouse was stiff, and I rubbed my chest against her, feeling my nipple piercings catch. She let me rub, a few seconds, face to face with a grin. Then her hands found my ass. She yanked up my skirt, grabbed my panties, and pulled them into the crack of my ass. Her fingers pressed in.

They pushed in and touched me -- there. They pressed harder, insistent. Just the tiniest bit, but my panties went in -- inside me, and not my pussy. My eyes shot open wide. I'd never had that done to me before. I began to wonder, was Kayla a bit kinky?

"Come into my room."

She turned, and turnabout seemed fair. I reached down grabbing her ass with one hand and wrapped the other around her neck, stopping her. She didn't struggle, but seemed surprised.

"I wanna try what you just did."

I went ahead and pushed her panties up into her crack, rubbing them, pushing, just like she'd done to me.

"Mmmmm. So you like ass?"

"I like yours."

"Let's go to my room."

We went to her room. It had a thick plush rug, a big comfy bed, a pair of dressers, a nightstand, and a desk. Everything was white. There were some clothes scattered around, but it wasn't too messy.

We kissed again.

She bent me over and shoved me onto her bed, not too hard. She pulled my up skirt and rubbed -- through my panties again. I lay forward, trying to stay relaxed.

I wondered how far she would go.

She pulled my panties down and my cheeks apart. I just lay there. My pussy felt warm.

I felt something soft and wet touching me -- there. I felt it push in, just a bit. I gasped and yanked at her sheets. I moaned hard, and never so hard with my pussy still untouched.

"Is that your tongue?"

"Yeah," she said, pulling back for a second before going back in, this time kissing.

It was magical. It was a whole different kind of amazing.

She licked more, swirling around, then kissed it again.

Then up. She lay forward next to me. We kissed. I sucked on her tongue. It was weird, but it didn't bother me, thinking where it had just been. It was lovely and wonderful.

"Now, do me."

I gazed into her eyes, overcome. I sucked on her tongue more. I was afraid, but I couldn't exactly refuse.

I sat on my knees just behind her, and rubbed her panties -- over that spot. She moaned. I pulled them down. It puckered at me. It was perfectly round and pink. Her pussy, just beneath, was neatly trimmed, and pink as well.

"It's so beautiful."

It was. I swear it was.

I reached forward with my tongue, slowly, not sure what to expect. I made contact, licking around its circumference. It tasted slightly metallic, not bad at all. I lay my tongue flat, letting my piercing push in, and wiggled it around.

She moaned -- more. I wanted to make her scream. I pushed my tongue in deep, locking my lips around her hole, probing as hard as I could.

"Oh Vanessa. That is perfect. Just fucking perfect."

At that moment I decided that I indeed liked ass.

Kayla reached over to her nightstand. She pulled out a narrow vibrator with a bulbous head and handed it to me. It was about six inches long. I grinned. It was obvious where to put it.

"Put it in my pussy first and let it get good and wet. Then spit on my ass, so it's wet too. Then push it in slowly."

I did what I was told, getting it good and wet in her pussy. I turned it on. It made a gentle hum, much softer than my massaging vibrator at home, but still, it seemed strong enough. I licked her again, letting some spit fall from my tongue. Then, I pushed in the end of the vibrator.

It went slowly, at first, as the bulbous end forced its way up. Then it entered completely, and I saw her anus close around the head.

She moaned loudly.

"Oh god that feels amazing."

I pushed it a bit deeper.

"Is that too far?"

"Oh fuck! Deeper, but slowly."

Her whole body tensed up. She moaned.

I started fucking her, slow and gentle, pulling out until I felt it tug against her anus, then pushing slowly in. Each time I pushed, she grabbed the sheets with her hands and tensed her whole body. Each time I pulled, she relaxed and cooed.

I was amazed. My pussy was dripping wet, its juices running down my leg -- literally. I pinched my own nipples through my blouse and bra, pulling on my piercings. I wanted to fucking cum so bad. I wanted her to cum even more.

I kept fucking her with the vibrator. I rubbed her pussy with my other hand, up and down, squeezing her clit each time I passed it.

She moaned louder -- was it a scream yet? Her motions became intense. I squatted down as low as I could. I pressed my face up against her pussy, sucking her juices into my mouth, and pressing my tongue in, my piercing rubbing around inside her hole, still fucking her ass.

That did it. Her whole body went stiff.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck."

She just lay there, her whole body tense. Several seconds passed. I kept licking and fucking, but slowly.

"Oh fuck!"

Then she relaxed.

"Oh god oh fuck that felt good. Kiss me. Right now!"

I leaned forward and kissed her.

The vibrator hung from her, still buzzing. I reached down, kissing her more. I pulled it out and shut it off.

We kept kissing, pressing our tongues together. I gazed into her green eyes.

"Now I want you to suck on it."

"On what?"

"The vibrator. Stick it in your mouth."

I looked at it, and then did what I was told, sucking gently on the plastic. She licked her lips.

"How does my ass taste?"

I was a little freaked out. I really couldn't believe I was doing this. I sucked harder.

It didn't really taste like anything, just plastic. But still --

"Your ass tastes great."

-- There was no reason not to play along.

She undid her bra. Her tits were firm, with a lovely tan line around them. Her nipples were pink, puffy, and slightly dimpled. I took the vibrator out of my mouth, leaned forward, and gently sucked on them.

"You have great tits."

"Thanks. Let's see yours."

She unbuttoned my blouse, and unclipped my bra, exposing my tits. They were small, but reasonably firm. She noticed my piercings.

"Oh -- so what are these?"

She leaned forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth, biting down on the piercing and pulling. I cooed.

"You didn't mention you had these. That is so fucking sexy."

"Yeah. I like them. They feel great."

"Oh god you're a delicious little slut."

It was true. There was no denying it. She pushed me onto my back.

"I have another surprise for you."

She reached back over to her nightstand and pulled out a strap-on dildo. It was black, thick, about nine inches long, and slightly tapered coming to a rounded tip. It was soft latex, and drooped slightly.

"How'd you like to get properly fucked?"

I smiled. "I'd like to get fucked very much."

She got up and put the dildo on, strapping it tight. I lay back, pulling my skirt up around my tummy, spreading my legs. She climbed on top of me, and the dildo pressed up against my pussy.

I arched my hips up, pressing and squirming, trying to get it lined up with my hole. It took a few tries, but it slipped in. She pushed her hips tight against mine, the dildo full in to its hilt.

I felt filled up.

She began to rock her hips, pushing and pulling the dildo inside my cunt. Little shock of pleasure went up my body. I pinched my own nipples hard, moaning and squirming. I closed my eyes and let the sensation of the fuck wash over me.

"Open your mouth."

I did, with my eyes still closed. I felt something wet drip into it. I looked, and Kayla's face was above mine, with a stream of spit dripping from her tongue into my mouth. I swallowed it down.

She kissed me deeply and kept fucking me.

It went on. It felt amazing. I squirmed and squealed. However, I didn't cum.

A long time passed like that.

"Are you going to fucking cum already?"

"Eventually, I hope. It feels great."

"I'm getting tired."

She stopped fucking me and sat back pulling the dildo out.

"Maybe we can do something different? I could do you again, or maybe you could, you know, do to me what I did to you?"

"Fuck your ass?"

"Yeah, with the vibrator."

"Alright. Turn over."

"OK. Wait! Go slowly. I've never done this before."

"Just turn over."

I rolled over onto my stomach. I felt her spread my cheeks again. I was so nervous and excited. I couldn't believe I was going to do this, but I wanted to cum for her so bad. I think I would have tried anything.

She leaned down and licked me while slipping the vibrator into my pussy, getting it wet, then back out. She spat -- there, rubbing it with her finger.

I heard the vibrator turn on. A wave of excitement passed over me. My pussy tingled, untouched.

The vibrator pressed against my asshole. She pushed the head in. It was ... buzzing.

Oh my god it fucking felt good! I stiffened my entire body, my mouth open in a wide gasping moan. I couldn't form words.

It slipped all the way in, and she fucked me with it. Slowly, it built -- something. I was overwhelmed. I was almost cumming. It was like -- I was trapped in a long, lingering almost-orgasm. This was a level of pleasure beyond my experience.

"Get up on your knees."

I complied as best I could. My legs felt like rubber. My whole pussy tickled from the vibrations radiating from my ass. Then she got to her knees, lining her hips up behind mine. She pushed the dildo into my pussy again.

She was fucking me in both holes.

I came. I came so fucking hard. I'm sure I screamed out. My eyes rolled up in my head. I saw blackness. All thought ceased.

I have no idea how long I was like that, just quivering. I mean -- I was semi-conscious, tingling, breathing, feeling pure bliss.

My first conscious thought was that she was still fucking me.

I came again, gasping for air, my chest heaving. I came one more time, a wave of pleasure spreading from my pussy across my body, all of me tensing up.

It was too much.

"Stop. Oh god please stop!"

She kept rocking her hips, thrusting into me.

"Fuck yeah! Take that fuck!"

I felt her pull the vibrator from my ass, but she kept fucking my pussy.

"Please! No more!"

I pulled away from her, pushing back with my arm. The dildo slipped free. I grabbed my pussy with both hand, protecting it, but even that was too much sensation. I rolled over onto my back, closing my legs tight.

"Fuck yeah! I fucked you good!"

I laughed. I tried to calm down, but my body kept twitching. I sat up, leaning forward, kissing her, licking her face, spitting into her mouth. She pinched my nipples hard.

She had indeed fucked me good. Very, very good.

"Now, my little slut. I want you to make me cum again!"

I lay back for a bit, catching my breath, just smiling, and smiling so much. I sat up and grabbed her.

Later, I lay in bed, thinking about what just happened. We hadn't stopped there, of course. I had put on the dildo and fucked both her holes from behind, just like she had me. Then she fucked me again, just in the pussy. It didn't take so long this time. I came, hard and wonderful.

Then it was late, and her parents were due home, so she made me get dressed and kicked me out, with one final kiss and a hard smack on the ass.

It was the most amazing fuck of my life -- simply beyond words.

There was only one problem, I still wanted more, just to calm down, just to help me sleep.

I lay in my bed, naked, slowly stroking my pussy with one hand. My mind was racing, swirling around with thoughts of ass, pussy, spit, and tits. I was desperate to cum again.

I got my vibrator from the bathroom. My parents slept on the other side of the house, so unless I was real unlucky, they wouldn't hear it.

I plugged it in, turned it on, and held it against my pussy. The sensation spread up across my body, soothing and gentle. My toes curled up.

However, it wasn't happening. I wasn't going to cum.

I tried thinking of Kayla, her fucking me hard, spitting on me, spanking me, pulling on my nipples, but it didn't help. Then I thought of her eyes, a gentle kiss. There was a slight tingle of pleasure, but it passed.

Then I thought of her! The other one! Amandine!

Her soiled skirt and panties were still in my hamper. I went and got them. I pressed them to my face, taking a deep breath. I could still smell the faint odor of her cunt on them.

I lay back down. I took her panties and rubbed them against my pussy, balling them up, and pushing them into my hole.

I squirmed a little. I let out a deep moan.

Then I took the skirt, the cute little tartan skirt that was just like mine, and folded it over once, and laid it over my pussy, so the spot that had been wet was just over my hole. Then I turned the vibrator on and pressed it firmly.

My eyes fluttered. I cooed. I thought of her under the bleachers, leaning back against me as Kayla made her cum. I thought of her, lying in this same spot, cumming all over this vibrator. I thought of her little pierced clit, her dark eyes, my dress, and her sweet little mouth pressed against mine.

The orgasm came. It was soft, lingering, spreading slowly from my pussy across my body. I lay still -- nothing -- I just breathed.

I turned the vibrator off.

I had a problem. I'd just had the best sex of my life with the hottest girl at school, sex so good I didn't even really understand it, but Kayla -- she was an awful bitch. I mean, I knew that. Any sane person would hate her guts.

Amandine, on the other hand...

I don't know if love is a substance, something that can move around on its own, but I imagined my feelings reaching across the night and touching her. I imagined her, laying on her side, one hand rubbing her pussy, with a sweet, mischievous smile on her face. I imagined that, at that moment, just as I felt so much for her, she might be thinking of me.

Kayla was beautiful, popular, and she was an amazing fuck -- oh god she was amazing -- but I'd fallen -- love, could it be? -- for strange little Amandine.


Next morning, she was waiting for me at my locker. She was wearing a tiny black dress and leather shoes. Her hair hung down straight, but a little messy, like she hadn't washed it. She was holding a brown sack.

"Hi Amandine. Your dress is very pretty."

"I have your clothes."

She handed me the sack.

"Oh, thanks. I hope you didn't bother washing them. I still haven't cleaned yours, but I'll get them back to you soon."

"No problem."

She turned to walk away.

Did I really want this? If Kayla found out I was even talking to her she would freak out.

I looked at her tiny ass, her pale skinny legs jutting out from the hem of her dress. I thought again, that she looked like a little doll, fragile, but lovely.

Yes. Yes -- I wanted it.

"Amandine, don't go yet."

She turned back.

"I liked kissing you yesterday. I wanna do it again. Maybe we can meet after school."

I smiled at her. I thought she would say yes.

"You're going out with Kayla now. I heard from Megan. You two fucked last night."

Well -- I guess Kayla was the sort to kiss and tell.

"Uh, yeah, we did. Then I got home and masturbated all over your skirt because I couldn't stop thinking about you. Look, I'm a little slutty. I admit. But I like you, and Kayla doesn't have to know."

She just looked at me.

"Didn't you tell me I should stop fucking other girl's boyfriends? Isn't this sorta the same thing?"

"Well, I guess, more or less. Do you have to start following my advice now?"

"You also told me to find someone who really cares about me. Do you care about me?"

I looked at her carefully. She actually looked sad, like she was holding back a real emotion.


Yeah -- I cared about her, but I didn't want to say that now. I wasn't quite ready to give up on Kayla.

Her face got really sad. She turned and hurried away. I knew she was crying.

Fuck! Fuck!

I hurried after her.

"Stop, Amandine!"

I grabbed her shoulder and turned her to me. I was right. There were tears on her face.

People were noticing us now, which meant Kayla would hear about this, which meant I was in a fuck-load of trouble.

"Look, please don't cry. What's wrong? I said I like you. If you like me, then we're cool. What are you sad about?"


"Please tell me, Amandine. I think it's important."

The words all spilled out of her real fast.

"You told me to find someone who cares about me, for real. I thought you might have meant yourself. But then you fucked Kayla and you're her girlfriend. And now you come up to me wanting to make out with me again, but you won't say you care about me, like you didn't really think what you said yesterday."

She almost sobbed. Some girl laughed at us. I ignored her.

"Holy shit, Amandine, I'm sorry. I meant what I said yesterday, but I didn't know you'd listen, and I do want to kiss you. It's just that, Kayla would fucking freak out if she knew. She'll hurt me. I mean, she's going to hear about this. I'm already fucked."

Amandine stared past me, out into space. Her whole body tensed up. Her arms hung straight down.

"So you want me. Fine. But do you really like me at all?"

Sometime you answer without thinking. This was one of those times.

"Oh Amandine. You're an angel. You're just the sweetest little angel. I like you a lot. I like you so much I can't stand it."

She looked right at me. "So why are you with Kayla?"

Because she was hot, popular, and fucked like a tornado, but that didn't seem so convincing at this moment. I didn't say anything.

"Fine," she said, when I didn't answer, "My mom is out tonight. You can come over if you want. You can do whatever you want to me, but if you want to pretend you care about me, dump that bitch."

Kayla found me in the cafeteria during lunch. I had tried to avoid her, to put this off, but Kayla could not be avoided.

"So what the fuck! I heard you were getting all 'you're an angel' and shit with that slut this morning!"

Of course, she looked amazing. Her fucking green eyes!

"Hi Kayla, sweetie."

"Don't 'Hi Kayla' me! I told you to stay away from her."

"Yeah, look, I guess I'm kind of not a real faithful girlfriend. I mean, I like you. I wanna keep fucking you, but I wanna fool around with her too."

She just looked at me. The look on her face was -- well -- it was actually sort of funny, in an insane way.

She was a delightful psychopath. It took a few seconds for her brain to catch up.

"Fuck that shit!"

"Look, can we talk about this later when you're less pissed off?"

"There isn't going to be a later for you. The rest of your brief, pointless life will be nothing but pain."

"Nice. So ... I'm going to go now. Can I swing by your house after school? We can talk about this then?"

"Fuck you! Slut!"

At this point some of the teachers noticed us, and Kayla backed off. I just walked away.

A plan formed in my mind. I was indeed going to her house after school, but not while she was there.

I rushed home after school and grabbed Amandine's skirt and panties. They were pretty sticky after after last night, so I put them in a plastic bag. I also grabbed my old favorite dress.

Then I rushed over to Kayla's house. Her mom answered the door, wearing a tennis outfit. She was an older version of Kayla, except her ridiculously large tits were obviously fake, and her eyes -- well -- they weren't the same.

"Hi Mrs. Ness, I'm Kayla's friend Vanessa. Maybe she's talked about me?"

I thought it very unlikely that Kayla's mom knew we were fighting. I was correct.

"Oh hi, Vanessa. Yes, she's mentioned you a few times. She should be at volleyball practice now, but she'll be home in a couple hours. You should come back then, or you could call her cell if it's important."

"Yeah. Actually I just saw her. She says she left her extra cell phone battery in her room, and she needs it 'cause someone is supposed to call her and her phone is going dead. Anyhow, I said I'd swing by and pick it up for her."

"Oh, OK. Do you know where her room is?"


It worked perfectly.

As soon as I was alone in her room I went straight for her nightstand, and cleaned out her stash of toys. In addition to the strap-on and the vibrator, there was another little tiny vibrator, clit sized.

I left it behind. I'm not merciless. However, the other two toys were now mine.

"Thanks Mrs. Ness!"

I dashed out the door.

I had some time to kill before Amandine's mom would leave, so I went to a diner near her house and had a small meal.

My phone rang. It was Kayla.

"What the fuck were you doing in my room?"

"Hi Kayla. I took some things from your drawer. Hope you don't mind."

I heard her shuffle around in the background. Clearly she was in her room and checking the nightstand.

"You fucking bitch! I want those back!"

I didn't say anything. I gave her time to form the thought.

"You're going to fuck her with those! You're going to fuck that wretched little slut with my dildo!"

"If she'll let me."

"You fucking bitch!"

"Look Kayla, we're broken up now, right? Amandine will want to know."

"Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!"

I hung up. It was pretty clear that Kayla wasn't going to say anything worth listening to. Clearly we we were broken up. That was all I cared about.

She called back three times, but I didn't answer. I wasn't sure what she'd do. I expected she'd kick my ass tomorrow at school.

I hoped this would be worth it.

I parked down the street from Amandine's house. It was a tiny, cheap looking bungalow at the end of a street with cracked cement sidewalks and beat up cars. Some greasy old man stared at me from his porch.

I saw Amandine's mom leave the house, get into her car, and drive away.

My phone rang. It was her.

"Hi sweetie," I answered.

"Hi. Look, my mom just left. You can come over if you want. Do you know where I live?"

"Yeah. Your address is -- um -- not a big secret. Look, I'm actually waiting down the street. I'll be there in about a minute. Is that cool?"


She met me at the door. She was wearing a long blue t-shirt and another pair of the white-pink floral panties. She was barefoot, and there was chipped blue nail polish on her toes.

"Come in."

The room was warm and humid, with that damp smell of dingy houses. There was a beat up old air conditioner in the window, clattering and struggling to keep things cool. There were a couple old couches and chairs, arranged haphazardly, all with different upholstery. Clothes lay all over the place.

Amandine closed the door behind me and just stood there.

I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She held onto my hand and looked deeply at me, but said nothing.

I felt awkward. I wanted to say things to her, but it all seemed stupid.

"I have your clothes."

I drew them out of my bag. They were still wrapped in a plastic bag. She took them.

"Did you really masturbate on them?"

"Yeah. It was a crazy thing to do. But -- uh -- I sorta wanted you there with me, and it was the closest I could come."

"This was right after you fucked Kayla, right?"

"Uh yeah. So look -- Kayla and I are totally broken up now. I'm pretty sure she's going to kick my ass tomorrow. Actually, she's probably going to kick your ass too. Sorry about that."

"I'm used to it."

"But I don't really wanna think about that right now. I really just wanna -- be with you."

"OK. So, what do you wanna do?"

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