Sex Experiment: Sorority House

by Carol Popozuda

Copyright© 2009 by Carol Popozuda

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Slow,

Mind Control Sex Story: Thirteen beautiful girls from a sorority house are chosen to take part in a special training that'll turn then into the 'faces of the company' - models, spokesgirls and pets - for a good sum of money. But the company has other plans, this experiment will turn the hot coeds into its business tools - sexual dolls to offer to its associates, executives and clients. This is the story of how they change the girls.

This is fiction, meaning it never happened, and all people portrayed here are fictional too. Be sure to tell reality from fiction, please! More than that, this is ADULT FICTION, so no minors are allowed to read it.

I must thank my editor ydgaf, who did help me a lot and corrected my too many mistakes. I also thank my online friend Nikki Mounds, who is a great amateur erotic writer herself and taught me how to make the most of our role playing fun in yahoo by turning them into stories and, last but not least, my role playing partners, foremost James Taylor, who created most of this scenario with me.

Feedback is always welcome, even if just to tell me my story sucks, if you do that, at least tell me why you didn't like it and what could improve it. I also would invite every guy who reads this story to look for me in yahoo messenger, my ID is carolpopozuda.

I like to role play sex scenes in the chats and I'll turn them into next chapters of the story. If you ever want to try your hand, just read the story, think which girl you'd like to use and we can try to play a scene with her which can be later turned into a chapter for this continuing tale.

Well, there is no sex at all in the first chapter, it just sets up the scenario, but it is a good way to get the hang of things and know each girl before she starts to become a sex toy. Have fun and wait for the next chapters, where things will heat up.


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